Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 38 Welcome to Gayberry � 38 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 38 The doctor woke up a few hours later. It was still dark outside. For a few seconds, he couldn’t remember where he was but it came back to him that he had gone to bed in the attic bedroom by himself with Mark and Jimmy in their beds nearby. Doctor Foster realized there was a warm boy up against him. He felt a warm hand stroking his hard, cut cock and fingering his thick pubes. It felt so good, the doc thought for a minute he must be dreaming. As his eyes adjusted to the very dim light provided by a nightlight across the room. The doc saw that both of the other beds were empty. He then saw that Mark had joined him in his bed and was now playing with his hard cock which was already dripping pre-cum. “Hey, kiddo” he said softly. “I’ll give you six hours to stop that” the man chuckled. “I hope you don’t mind” Mark whispered. “I woke up and I really wanted to touch your body. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while and never had the chance. I hope you don’t mind.” “I’d be a fool not to appreciate having a handsome young man in my bed playing with my dripping cock. Your hand feels very nice.” Mark lowered his head to the man’s furry chest, covered in thick graying hair and began to gently suck on one of his nipples. Mark felt the nipple harden in his mouth. “Fuck, kid,” he whispered, that feels amazing.” The doctor put his arm around the boy and pulled his warm body even closer. He could feel the cock cage on the boy’s cock pressing into his hip. “I really like this and your mouth is so hot” the doctor said. “But I can’t let you please me with you in that cage. It just wouldn’t be right. If you didn’t have that thing on, I’d jump at the chance to make love to you.” “We can do that when I get the cage off” Mark said. “I really like feeling and tasting your body. I really do like this” “I certainly am not going to turn down a boy as cute as you are with a hot wet mouth” the older man said. He pulled the boy’s face to his and kissed him. Mark returned the doctor’s kiss. The boy was a very good kisser, teasing the doc’s tongue with his own Both were breathing faster as Mark returned his mouth to the doctor’s nipple and began making circular motions in the thick hair covering his belly. “Fuuuck, kid” the doc moaned, that feels so good. Then he felt the boy’s hot hand return to his cock. Doc was rock hard, with plenty of pre-cum. Mark threw back the covers and headed for his cock. He moved down between the doctor’s hairy legs, spreading his legs apart and beginning to lick his full nuts.Doc just moaned, rubbing the boy’s fine, soft hair and enjoying the feel of Mark’s tongue on his balls and his finger lightly teasing his taint. From time to time, the boy would go higher and engulf the doctor’s cock in his throat, only to then return to licking his nuts. Then the doctor felt the boy applying more pressure to his legs, trying to spread them further apart. The doctor allowed him to do that as he felt Mark licking down below his nuts now to that sensitive area between his nut sack and his hole. The doc opened himself to the boy completely determined to let Mark have his way. It felt fucking amazing and the doc just closed his eyes and moaned. The doc felt his tongue lapping at his hole. He would tease it with the tip of his tongue and thrust it as if he were trying to fuck the hole with his hot tongue. He had a hand on each of the man’s butt cheeks, spreading them apart and totally exposing the hairy hole. Mark lapped at the hole like a kitten wanting milk and the doctor enjoyed the sensations. His hole had never felt like this and he hadn’t known it could give him so much pleasure. His mind flashed back to the sounds William had made earlier that day when the young black boy was thrusting his hard, thick meat into him. Doc realized he was making the same kinds of sounds as young Mark licked his hole and he knew that if Mark weren’t in that contraption, he’d be begging the boy to take his man cherry. The he felt a slick finger enter him just a fraction of an inch. It felt good. “Don’t stop, kid, please don’t stop” the doctor whispered even as he felt the boy’s slick finger slide all the way into him. It felt amazing as the boy slowly withdrew his finger all the way and then slid it back in. The doctor heard himself making low sounds as he just experienced this pleasure for the first time. Mark had found his secret spot now and was massaging it with his wet finger. Doc could tell he was pouring his pre-cum but he felt too paralyzed to move any part of his body. It was as if his brain were totally focused on that tiny spot in his hole right now. Then he felt the boy’s mouth back on his hard cock, sucking hard, obviously wanting his cream. The doctor wanted to hold off as long as he could but he was totally at the mercy of the boy, who continued to suck his dick and fingerfuck him. Then he felt it. He knew he was toor far gone to stop so he just gave in to the total pleasure the boy was providing. `OH, motherfuuuuck” he said as he felt the boy putting a hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t wake the house. Then he felt his body go limp. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of the boy’s finger in his manhole and his mouth holding his cock completely engulfed. As his cock softened and desensitized, he gently took the boy’s head off his cock and pulled him up beside him. He kissed the boy, tasting his own sweet cum. Mark shared the residual cum with the older man and began to again run his hand through the thick chest fur. “Son” the doctor said. “I haven’t had that many blow jobs in my many years on this earth, but I know I have never had any other person make my body feel that good.” Mark gave him a beautiful smile and moved as close as he could get. Doc could feel the boy’s cage against his hip. “Son, I know some people are just born with natural gifts, but you must have learned to do that” he said. “You know exactly where to put your mouth and your fingers and your hands. I’ve never felt anything even close.” “Thank you, doc,” he said. “I actually like doing that even if I can’t get off myself. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have loved shooting my load when you did, but I really do enjoying pleasing another person. I did it for my dad several times. It was mostly when he would have a few beers but I’d have done it every day if I could. I guess I really like the feeling of having a cock in my mouth.” “Do you think you’re totally gay or are you interested in girls too?” the doctor asked. “I like girls too, doc,” the boys aid. “I had sex with my own sister. That’s the only girl I’ve fucked but I enjoyed it. I think now it was her way of manipulating my dad and me but I enjoyed it and I’d do it again. That’s why I ended up in this cock cage. I was more interested in flirting with pussy than in the job I was doing.” “Sounds like you learned a pretty valuable lesson” the doctor said. “Thank you for doing that for me and I hope you know I’d love to pay you back when you’re out of that cage.” “Thank you for letting me do that” he said. “I really have wanted to touch you and taste you since I met you” he said. “I just wasn’t sure you were interested. I wasn’t even sure you’d want me in your bed tonight but I’m glad you let me stay.” “Son, you can share my bed any time” the doctor said. “I hope you will consider coming to my house for a visit sometime. I have a pool there. I am usually the only one who uses it except for the ranch hands. You can come by yourself or bring a friend but I’d really love to have you visit. And you can spend the night in my bed any time. I mean that!” They kissed again and the doc put his arm around the boy. Mark laid his head on doc’s furry chest and they went back to sleep. A few hours later the doctor woke. The sun was now pouring through the large windows in the attic bedroom. Mark’s head was still on his chest and the doc’s arm still around the boy. As he watched the boy, his eyes opened and a smile broke his lips. “Kid, I’m surprised you’re here in my bed” the doc said. The boy had a puzzled look. “I thought what happened last night was just a dream’ he said. “A very, very nice, sexy dream” he said. Mark kissed him and nuzzled. They lay like that for a few minutes quietly. “You know, I haven’t been much use around here” the doctor said. “I think I’ll head downstairs and rustle up some breakfast for the whole gang” “Would you like some help?” the boy asked, jumping up from the bed and pulling the covers off, leaving the doctor lying naked in the bed. “You little rascal!” the doctor said. “You are being a bad boy and you should know what happens to bad boys!” The doctor grabbed the boys arm and playfully pulled him onto the bed. They wrestled for just a short time and the doctor manipulated the boy into a position across his legs, his creamy butt readily available for spanking. Instead of spanking, the doctor started to rub the boy’s smooth, white butt cheeks. Then he leaned down and began to kiss his buttocks.” “That feels great, doc” the boy said. “But I gotta tell you I’m getting hard really fast and getting hard in this cage isn’t very comfortable.” “Okay, okay” the doctor said pushing him off and then putting the boy on his back and getting on top of him. They were crotch to crotch, chest to chest and face to face. The doctor kissed the boy passionately. Mark returned the kiss. “Umm, if this keeps up, I’ll never get started on breakfast” the doctor said. Mark jumped out of the bed and reached for the doctor’s arm, pulling him to his feet. They faced each other and exchanged another kiss. Mark led the doc into the shower where they showered together, each exploring the other’s body. They helped each other dry off and they dressed quickly. As they were leaving the room, Mark pulled the doc against him. “Were you serious about wanting to get together when I’m not wearing this cage?” the boy asked. “I’ve never been more serious in my life, kid.” After one more kiss, they quietly headed down the stairs to the kitchen. The house was still quiet as it was about an hour before wake-up time. William woke up with sun coming through his window. He immediately sensed someone was in bed with him and he very clearly remembered having gone to bed alone. He was surprised to find Jimmy in his bed. He found the boy very attractive and he turned over to watch the boy sleep. Jimmy was lying on his back, one hand beside him and one on his smooth chest. William took in the sexiness of the boy. He smelled as fresh as if he had just stepped out of a shower. The sheet covered him from the waist down, but William could see a very light blonde treasure trail just beginning above his navel and disappearing under the sheet. The hair darkened and became thicker as it disappeared below the sheet. He lowered the sheets to the boys thighs, revealing his pretty very light brown bush and his cock cage. The cage was stuffed with the boy’s very fat dick. William thought he might have the biggest cock he’d ever seen on a boy his age. It was damn near as big as Randy’s and the boy was barely sixteen. William gently ran his fingers through the boy’s full bush, combing the pubic hairs with his fingers. Jimmy’s eyes fluttered open. “God morning, sleepyhead” William said softly. “Good morning” the boy said with a smile. “Am I being molested while I sleep?” “You probably would’ve been if you’d just slept a few minutes longer” the man chuckled. “Would that have bothered you?” “Not in the least” Jimmy said. “But I thought you were a straight boy” William said. “I thought so too” Jimmy said. “But maybe I need to think about that a little more. I’m wondering if my puss chasing may have been partially to cover up my mersin escort curiosity about boys and men.” “You really are?” William asked. “I’m fairly sure” Jimmy said as he pulled the man’s face to his and kissed him. “That was a nice surprise” William said. “I liked it” Jimmy said. “You know I’ve been spending a lot of time with Mark lately. We’ve been kissing some. I like kissing a guy. I like that guys don’t feel as fragile as girls. With Jenny I was always nervous that I might kiss too hard or do something she might not like. With Mark it just feels good and I feel like I can tell him what feels good and what doesn’t.” “So tell me what doesn’t feel good about kissing Mark” the older man said. “I ain’t found nothing that don’t feel good yet” the boy said as the two began to wrestle playfully. As they wrestled they heard a tap on the door. The door was pushed open and William saw his son, Billy Paul The boy was naked and gave his father a wide smile when he saw he was wrestling in the bed with Jimmy. “Come on up here, son” William said, inviting the boy into bed and putting him right smack in the center of the bed, between himself and Jimmy. Both of the older guys turned to the center. William was rubbing the boy’s bare thigh as Jimmy brushed his hair from his forehead. “You look wide awake” William said. `I am” Billy Paul said. “I’m all excited cause tomorrow is the track events and the parade. And tonight is the party we’re all goin’ to.” “It’s going to be a very busy weekend” William said. “It would probably be a real good idea if we could all get back here and grab naps before we head over to Mr. Blount’s house.” He then noticed the boy was fingering his little cock which was almost completely hard. The boy began to finger his foreskin which covered his little cockhead although the boy was fully erect. Jimmy and William both watched the boy as he slid his foreskin all the back, revealing his little pink cockhead. The boy smiled unashamedly as they watched him manipulate his boy pecker. “What got you so hard, son? William asked. “I’m not sure, dad” he answered. “I think it may have been seeing you and Jimmy wrestling. I remember w hen you used to wrestle with Johnny before he went off to college. We used to have some good times, didn’t we.” “We sure did, son,” William said. “I don’t think Jimmy knows who Johnny is. Why don’t you tell Jimmy about him?” “He’s my brother who’s off at college” the boy said. “Before he went to college we used to have a lot of fun. I miss him but he’s got to get an education. You’re almost as handsome as he is” the boy said to Jimmy. “Whoa, that’s quite a compliment” William said. “Johnny is a handsome boy and his little brother thinks he’s pretty much a god.” Jimmy was staring at Billy Paul’s little hard dick. William noticed and Jimmy blushed. “It’ all right, Jimmy” William said. “It’s a beautiful little cock and I’ve never touched a boy’s pubes as soft as his. Go ahead and touch it. He likes being touched.” Jimmy hesitated. “Are you sure?” he asked William. “Just ask the boy” William said. Before he could ask, Billy Paul took his hand and guided it over his flat little tummy and down into his small patch of soft brownish blonde pubes. They both heard the boy gasp softly as he touched the boy. “He’s like Mark” William said. “I promise you he won’t break. Little boys may look fragile but they’re as sturdy s they can be.” Jimmy touched the boy’s hard little spike. Billy Paul moaned softly. Jimmy again ran his hands over thes oft little boy bush and began to examine the boy’s tiny nuts. “His skin is so soft” Jimmy said. William reached across Billy Paul and kissed Jimmy. “Son, don’t be afraid” William said. “It’s just us. Do what you want to do. Don’t hold back.” “My dad would beat the living hell out of me if he even thought I was thinking about doing something like this” Jimmy said quietly. “Well you’re paw is an ignorant old cuss and he isn’t here, is he? You do what you feel like doing. I know you want it. I know Billy Paul wants it and I really want to see it. So fuck your dad and his outdated ideas about what boys should do together.” Jimmy began to slide the boy’s foreskin back and forth, exposing the boy’s bright pink cockhead. The boy moaned and Jimmy smiled at William, now gaining confidence. William felt his own dick hardening and began to stroke himself. Jimmy had now leaned into the boy, his face just inches from the little hard cock he was pleasuring. Billy Paul was obviously enjoying the boy’s hands as he lay back with his eyes closed with one of his dad’s arms around him. “You want to taste that boycock don’t you?” William asked softly. “don’t know about this” Jimmy said, almost as if hypnotized as he watched his own hand give the boy pleasure. “My paw would…” “Like I said, your father isn’t here, son” William said. “There’s always a first time to taste a boycock and you’ll never forget it. if it’s something you want you should do it.” Jimmy leaned in even closer, sniffing the boy’s pubes. His face was less than an inch away from the boy’s cock now. “Do it if you want it, son” William said. Jimmy stuck out his tongue and touched it to the boy’s cock. Billy Paul felt the wetness and warmth of the older boy’s tongue and gasped. William smiled at Jimmy. “Go ahead and please my little boy, Jimmy.” He said. “I know you want to do it.” Jimmy opened his mouth and engulfed Billy Paul’s cock in his mouth to the root. The boy moaned now, the feeling just amazing. “Oh, that’s good” the boy said softly. “Do it, son,” William said. “You know what to do. And I can see how much you want to do it. Suck that cock, Jimmy. Suck my boy.”” Jimmy began sucking the boy’s little cock in earnest, then lapping at the boy’s wrinkled pink nut sac. He even dipped his tongue down to the boy’s sweet tiny hole and went back to sucking the cock. He gained confidence as he went along, now rubbing the boy’s legs and kneading his balls as he sucked on the dick. Within minutes, Billy Paul grabbed Jimmy’s hair with one hand and his dad’s hairy chest with the other. He gripped both as he let out a low, long guttural moan. His legs went completely rigid and his breathing became a rapid panting. As the boy finished, William stood up beside the bed, rapidly jerking his hard meat. He began to shoot his cream all over Billy Paul’s chest and onto Jimmy’s face. He spewed several ropes of thick, white cum as he went to his knees on the bed beside his son. Jimmy edged his way around and began to lick semen from William’s cock. It was covered in his cream and Jimmy seemed to like it. “Clean up that dick, boy” he said. When Jimmy had cleaned all the cum from William’s cock, Billy Paul was revived. “Oh yeah” he said. “The reason I came up here was to tell you two that the doctor and Mark said to tell you that breakfast would be ready in about thirty minutes.” “Uh-oh, we better get downstairs or they’ll have eaten all the food!” William said. Billy Paul took off for downstairs, still naked as the day he was born. William and Jimmy jumped in the shower to rinse off, then dressed quickly and headed downstairs. They met Randy in the hallway, wearing only his boxer shorts and a tee shirt. “Where’s Kurt?” Jimmy asked. “The boy’s still sleeping” Randy said. “I think that boy may have had the best night’s sleep he’s had in years after unburdening himself. They say confession is good for the soul. I guess he proves that. I lay there for over an hour just watching the boy sleep. I’ll take him some breakfast upstairs after we eat but I just couldn’t wake him up.” They went to the kitchen to find Mark and the doctor finishing the eggs and the bacon. Ben was pouring juice and milk and Coach was sitting at the bar having coffee. The boys were all finishing setting the table, all of them still naked. Jimmy had pitched in to help with the cooking and Ben was making sure all the men had coffee. “Is everything good for tomorrow?” Ben asked. “I’ll be available all day to do anything you guys need me to do.” “It would be great if you could find someone to do that sign-in of athletes in the field house in the morning” William said. “It will just be a matter of checking folks in. They all have their information and should even have their numbers to put on their clothing. It should be an easy gig.” “That sounds like something I could do” the coach said. “I really can’t wait to see the kids again. Doc, don’t you think it would be okay for me to help out? All I’d have to do is sit at a table.” “If you’ll promise to just be careful, I think it will be okay” the doctor said. “Thanks, doc,” Marv said. “You have my promise on that.” The phone rang and it was Arney at the courthouse. He said the governor’s assistant had called and left a number for a callback. When the sheriff returned the call, he reached Abe Levin, the governor’s top assistant. He said the governor had heard about the fire at the colony and would like to tour the area before attending the reception. He also said they would be driving in and stopping in Statesville to pick up the warden. He estimated an arrival time at around 2:30 or 3:00 and said they would come directly to the court house. Randy informed the entire group of the plans. “That’s great” William said. “I’m glad he wants to see the scene of the fire. I’ve heard that he’s very concerned about that kind of thing and simply will not tolerate it. My father in law’s business depends entirely on state contracts and he despises our new governor. The old governor was his crony but he hates Governor North. Any man my father-in-law hates that much must be a helluva nice guy.” They all laughed at that. “Great” Randy said. “And getting back to tomorrow, Ben, if you will arrange for all the medals to get to the dais on the field, that would be really helpful. The governor has agreed to award the medals so if you will just make sure the information gets to him, it will work out fine. We’ll be taking the governor to lunch. That had been planned at Mrs. Bedford’s home but that has been moved to Blount Plantation, where we will be this evening for the reception. The deputy will be meeting the car dealers to receive all the convertibles for the parade at the staging site at the park at the city limits. Floats are supposed to be there by six tonight so that should all fall into place. William and I can be at the beginning of the parade to see that things stay in order and all the contestants and the former queens get into their convertibles. Ben, if you will just make sure our boys are taken care of during and after the parade, that will be wonderful.” “I can do that” he said. “The best place to see a parade in this town is from the second floor windows at the Gayberry Hotel. I’ll give Gerome and Greg a call and see if we can’t form a little viewing party there.” The idea of the whole day excited the boys, who were now clearing the table. “You guys better wash up and finish getting dressed” William said. “Ben has offered to take you guys to school. If the car’s too crowded, maybe Jimmy can take some of you since he and Mark are returning to classes this morning.” Everyone left the table to finish getting ready to leave for school. Mark and Jimmy volunteered to take some breakfast up to Kurt. Everyone had left the room except Randy, William and Doc. “Okay, guys” Randy said in a lowered voice. “We have a busy day. I’d like for us to head to the Print home first to see if there’s a hundred dollar bill under the kid’s mattress. If it’s there, it pretty much nails that Bedford bitch for paying the kid to kill Kurt, along with Will Barrow. I didn’t sleep much last night. I kept waking up thinking about those Smith brothers holding that sweet kid down and cutting his foreskin off with no anesthesia.” “No punishment is too extreme for those assholes” Doc said. “I feel the same about that Barrow asshole and the Bedford bitch” William said. And let’s not forget that little Charlie Print was the one who went into that house with a escort mersin shotgun. If he hadn’t been such a coward and that car hadn’t backfired, that sweet Kurt might not be with us. And let’s not forget, he was going to kill Mr. Lee as well, with no regard for his pregnant wife and that house full of kids.” “None of them deserve consideration as far as I’m concerned” Randy said. “I’m just wondering how much we should tell the governor. I know full well t hat the way we’re holding them men ain’t exactly legal. I also know that as white men and fairly prominent citizens, no jury would convict them of burning down a black school. Too damn many people would consider them heroes, especially all them back-woods Pentecostals like them attendin’ Preacher Smith’s church.” “It’s a hard call” William said. “I recommend we play it by ear with the governor. See how he responds to what he sees. I will trust your judgment in what you decide to tell him and how much you choose not to divulge.” “I’m good with that” Doc said. “100%.” The men gripped hands as their boys headed up from downstairs, their book bags ready to go. Kurt came downstairs with Mark and Jimmy with Ben right behind him. “Young Kurt has agreed to stay here today with Marv to make sure he doesn’t overdo” Ben said. . Doc told him he could get in the pool if he’d like I have a feeling he and Kurt will be doing some hot tub time. Kurt, if he tries to overdo, you have my permission to put him across your knee and whip that pretty ginger ass. He’d normally be too strong but he’s still in a slightly weakened condition.” That got a laugh from t he group and Kurt blushed at the thought of utting the handsome coach across his knee.” “Will you be seeing Mr. Lee today?” Kurt asked Randy. “I very likely will” Randy said. “Will you tell him for me that I’m really glad his wife is doing better and that I’m looking forward to getting back to work on Monday?” “I will certainly relay that message, son,” Randy told him. “Thanks” he said as Randy hugged him. Randy, Doc and William headed directly for the Print home. Randy figured he would have to break into the home but when they reached the front porch, they heard a vacuum cleaner running from within the house. They rang the bell and it was answered by a slight forty-something black woman. Randy explained that he was the sheriff and she explained that she cleaned for Mr. Print and his son twice weekly and had done so since Mrs. Print had left. She went back to her vacuuming and the men went up the stairs. The bedroom on the right was larger so they figured it was the father’s room. They went into the smaller bedroom which was quite a mess. There were clothes and underwear thrown everywhere. Randy pulled back the covers on the bed and found two crusty white socks. “Looks like Junior doesn’t bother to hide his cumrags” William said. Randy and William slid the mattress off the springs, dumping it on the floor. The first thing they saw was a crisp hundred dollar bill, just as Junior had said. They also found several pornographic magazines with women being beaten with straps and whips. Randy took the tweezers he had brought with him and put the bill into a plastic evidence bag. He then had William run downstairs to find a bag to put the pornographic magazines in. He then opened the top drawer of the bedside table and found nothing significant. There was a box of unopened condoms. The second drawer in the table was filled with photographs that the boy had taken. Most were of women in the town in various stages of undress. The inescapable conclusion was that little Charlie was a peeping tom. As Randy flipped through the photos, he realized that he recognized every one of the women. Most were older. The youngest women he had peeped on were Velma Sue and Nelly Walker. There were were far more pictures of the old woman who rented the room to Arney, the two old ladies who ran the florist, Aunt Flea and Tara Bedford. There were more photographs of Tara Bedford than any of the other women and Randy could see they were taken from the balcony right outside her bedroom. There were over thirty of Mrs. Bedford. Randy felt slightly nauseated to realize that the boy had to have hidden in the big oak tree outside Flea’s bedroom to have gotten these pictures. He had always assumed the woman had lowered the shades in her room when she was dressing or undressing, but she must have become careless, thinking the tree shielded her from anyone wanting to see in. The photos were very revealing and, in the case of Tara Bedford, very erotic. She clearly enjoyed being nude in her own home and several pictures showed the woman on the bed, naked with her legs spread, fingering herself and pulling on her oversized clitoris. There were also photos of Mrs. Bedford teasing her anus with a large black dildo although none of them showed actual insertion of the object. He handed each photo to the Doc who looked a little big green in the gills by the time they finished. William came back. “Hold your nose and take a look, if you dare” Randy said, handing him the stack of photographs. “Oh my fucking Jesus!” William exclaimed at about the fifth or sixth photo. “This kid is fixated on old, decrepit pussy. What a sick little fuck!” “Somethin’ in my gut tells me his paw may have been the one takin’ the pictures and then sharin’ `em with his kid. If you look loosely, it kind of looks like the feller takin’ the shots was taller than young Charlie. There’s no telling what’s in his paw’s bedroom but we need to get goin’ right now” Randy said. “We can come back later and check that out. I’m really curious now about what happened to Mr. Print’s wife. But for now we have to go get Eliza from Mrs. Bedford’s house.” The men got back into the car and headed for Tara Bedford’s version of downtown Tara. Eliza answered the door immediately. She had her bags all packed and waiting by the door. “You seem in a much better frame of mind today, Eliza,” William said. “I am indeed, Mr. William,” she responded. “I started thinking after y’all left last night how that racist old hussy treated me for all these years. There was never a kinder man than Mr. Bedford and he always was kind to me and everbody else. But she treated him about as awful as she did me. Why, she’d throw things and more than once, she beat me with a belt. I shoulda left here after Mr. B. died but she told me I’d never find another job in this town. She said she’d badmouth me so bad I couldn’t never find another position.” “You’ll find something where you’ll be much happier” the sheriff said. “I hope this will turn out to be a great blessing and I will make sure that you are paid what you are owed” the sheriff said. “I am taking you to my house. We currently have two bedrooms that are not in use. Colonel Watkins is also a guest there right now and my Aunt Flea will be preparing all your meals. I hope that you will just take it easy for at least a few days then we can get things sorted out.” “I’ll be glad to help with the cleaning and the cooking” Eliza said. “Absolutely not” the sheriff said. “You are a guest and you will be treated as a guest. If I hear otherwise, I will not be happy.” Before they left the house, Randy excused himself for a couple of minutes, then returned, ready to depart and head for his own home. They got to the front porch, each of them carrying one of Eliza’s bags. They were greeted by Mr. Lee who arrived just as they did. Randy relayed the message from Kurt. Mr. Lee thanked him and said how he looked forward to having Kurt back with him. As they went into the house, they could hear Aunt Flea in the kitchen. Randy led the way upstairs to Dopie’s bedroom. “I’m sorry, but my bedroom is currently being renovated” Randy said as they put her bags onto Dopie’s bed. “I think you should be quite comfortable here. If you’d like to put your things away, I’m sure breakfast will be ready in just a few minutes. Just join us at your convenience.” “Thank you, sheriff” she said. In the hallway he ran into the Colonel, who was still a guest in their home. He greeted the men warmly and they all made their way downstairs. Randy went in to tell Aunt Flea that he and William and Doc had already had breakfast but the Colonel was having breakfast and there would be one additional guest. “My goodness, Randy,” she said. “You’re turning our home into a regular boarding house.” She returned to the kitchen and the men too seats in the living room. “William, my friend,” the colonel said, “I tried to catch up to you last night but with all the excitement I was unable to do so. I wanted to tell you that the mission has been accomplished with regard to your wife. I could smell her hormones yesterday afternoon. If you don’t object, I may visit one last time this afternoon to be absolutely sure and to begin the breakoff. I am sure you will have a bouncing baby boy in about nine months.” William hugged the man heartily. “I’m not sure I can ever thank you enough” William said, “but know that I am at your service if there’s ever anything I can do for you.” “She’s a nasty piece of work” the Colonel said. “One of the foulest mouthed women I’ve ever met. I certainly don’t envy you with her and her father in the house this weekend.” “What do you mean?” Wiilliam asked. “Are you saying my father in law is in town?” “Oh I assumed you knew.” The man said. “He’s not here yet but he is to arrive later tonight or very early in the morning. I overheard them talking and he had heard the governor is in town. He is coming to do a little glad handing in hopes of making his business more secure. Your wife told me how his company is totally dependent on keeping the favor of the governor and how things had been rocky between them. I think he’s coming in hopes of buttering up the governor.” “Oh fuck!” William said. “That man is the bane of my existence. I know it’s hard to believe but he’s worse than she is. I kind of think of her as her old man except with a pussy.” Aunt Flea called the Colonel to the table. “Is our other guest coming to breakfast?” she asked, just as Eliza came down the stairs. “Why, Miss Flea, how are you” Eliza asked sweetly. “It was so very kind of your nephew to invite me to stay here.” Flea’s spine straightened as Eliza sat at her table. “Why aren’t you taking care of Mrs. Bedford, Eliza?” she asked in a pinched voice. “Mrs. Bedford fired me, Miss Flea” she said. “She told me to get out of her house by this mornin’ and never to darken the door again.” “Why, you and I both know she didn’t mean that, Eliza,” Flea said. “You know Miss Tara can be a little tiny bit high-strung but she loves you and she’d never let you leave.” “Oh yeah, she loves her” Randy said, the anger in his voice rising.”Tara Bedford has abused this sweet woman for years. She has beaten her with canes and straps and has cursed at her and abused her in every way. She kept here there by threatening to ruin her in the town so she could never get another job in this town. That bitch is vile, Aunt Flea. Vile! If I had my way, her name would never be spoken in this house again. And Eliza is to be treated in this house as an honred guest. She is not to lift a finger to make a bed or cook a meal or fix a cup of coffee. Do you understand that?” he asked. “Language, Randy” she said. “I understand.” “You goddamn well better” he said. “Now y’all have a good day. We got work to do.” “I guess we better go feed and water our assholes” Randy said as they headed for the plantation. They arrived and entered as silently as possible. The men inside could obviously hear the door open and close but they had no idea who had come in or how many people there might be. Their hoods permitted no light whatsoever. Randy turned on the overhead lights. The men were all looking pretty shaggy, as none had shaved or done any kind of grooming since arriving there. As they had planned before they went in, Doc spoke. “Okay fellas,” he said in a loud voice. “We’re gonna give you some food and water as long as mersin escort bayan you all behave. Then we’re gonna get you cleaned up. We have some visitors comin’ to look you over. You better behave cause these men take no shit off anybody. They might wanna buy one or two or maybe the whole gang of you. I know they’ll want the young one. Men in Saudi Arabia pay top dollar for young, tender, teenage boypussy.” They heard young Charlie as he attempted to talk and sob through his gag. Randy walked over to where he was tied to the wall. “Go ahead and untie that one” Doc said. “But I’m warning you, Charlie, if you try anything you’ll be in trouble. Just make sure you keep his hands tied. ” Randy rolled up the hood just enough to expose the boy’s mouth but his eyes were still covered. Randy unbuckled the leather strap around his head which held the ball in place in his mouth. The kid began to open and close his mouth, which was painful after having the ball in the orifice for so long. “Are you thirsty, Charlie boy?” “Yes, the boy said quickly. “I’m thirsty. Please give me some water. ” Randy dipped a sponge into a bucket of water and put it to the boy’s mouth. “I know you’d rather have a cock in that mouth but this’ll have to do for now” the doctor said. The boy sucked the water from the sponge as fast as he could. Then he begged for more. When his thirst was sated, he turned into an asshole again. “And you better not say no more about me suckin’ cocks!” the boy said. “I ain’t no faggot and my paw and all these men here know it. I ain’t a cocksucker like you stinkin’ homo Jew fags!” “You sure do have a dirty mouth on you, boy” the doc said. “I was going to give you a big old piece of apple pie but now all you get is this day-old white bread. Sorry it’s a little bit dried out.” Randy opened his mouth and stuffed a piece of bread into the boy’s mouth. He chewed it quickly and started to swallow. “I need some more water” he said.” “Nah, I think you had enough” the doc said. “Please” the boy begged. “This bread feels like it’s stuck right in my throat. Just a little bit more.” ” I think probably not” Doc said. “Unless you have a little tidbit of information to give us.” “What kind of information? The boy asked. “I really need some water. I gave you information before and you still cut my nuts off.” “What are you talking about, son?” Doc asked. “Your nuts are still there, boy” “I thought you cut my nuts off” the boy whined. “The whole area’s numb and I can’t feel nothin'” “I didn’t cut the nuts off you, boy” the doctor said. “That’s the good news. There’s bad news too.” “What do you mean?” the boy asked. Doc undid one of his hands, leaving the cuff and rope in place. “Feel down there, boy” he said. “Your nuts are there.” “They are” the boy said happily. “But somethin’ don’t feel right.” “That’s the bad news, boy” doc said with a chuckle. “You thought I cut them little nuts off but what I did was to band your balls. I used an elastrator like we use on bulls to put a tiny little band around them. It’s been on for several hours now. After ten or twelve hours, your balls will start to wither away because they’re not getting any blood. It’s a lot less painful than just getting’ `em cut right off but the end effect is the same. If that band stays on just a few more hours, the blood supply to your nuts will be cut off and they will eventually just disappear.” “You fuckin’ bastard!” he spat. “Either way I end up with no nuts.” “Maybe not, boy” the doc said. “It would take me about five seconds to cut that band right off of you. The blood would start flowing back and they’d be good as new after the soreness leaves. But it’s only a few hours before it’ll be too late. If you can come up with some new information on the others involved in this scheme, I might save your nuts.” “Oh please, sir” he begged. “Please let me keep my nuts. I’m my paw’s only son and I’m the only hope to continue our family name. Oh, please” His father and Will Barrow were stirring now, muttering loudly. The men assumed they were eager to threaten the boy not to talk. “Okay, okay” the boy said. “My paw knew what was goin’ on. It was his shotgun I was usin’ and he knew I had it.” “Hell, boy, you think we’re idiots?” the doc asked in an angry voice. “You better come up with some better shit than that or them balls is just gonna wither away.” “Okay, okay, okay” the boy said. “Mrs. Bedford kept a secret account.” Barrow and the boy’s father were both struggling to get free now and trying to speak. “She kept all the money for the klan” the boy said. “We all pay dues and it ain’t cheap. As a matter of fact, some of them have had to steal things to pay their dues and if you missed a month, bad things could happen to you or your family. Well, Mrs. Bedford did all the controllin’ of the money. She’d even be at the meetings, usually sitting up front with my paw and Mr. Barrow as the men brought their money. Mrs. Bedford would check off their names and put it in a brown burlap bag. Then she’d take the money home. She has a big safe in her bedroom and I’ve seen her writing checks in a big checkbook in a tall dresser.” The men knew this was probably truthful as they had all seen the tall secretary in the woman’s bedroom. “She handled all the money for the group” the boy said. “The night we burned the school, why, two days before, she came by the hotel and gave my paw all the money for the lumber to build the cross and the gasoline and everthing. Now, will you please cut this fuckin’ band off of my nuts, please?” “Charlie, I hate to tell you but this ain’t gonna save your nuts, boy,” Doc said. “You know we got that bitch in the jail and she’s spillin’ her guts. You don’t think we already searched her place and found all them lists of men who paid their dues . You think we didn’t find that checkbook? You really think we didn’t know about that?” Charlie was crying now. His sobs got louder as he realized he would be living the rest of his life without his balls. “You better come up with somethin’ good, Charlie, cause that gag’s about to go back in your mouth and it will be too late.” “No, please, please, please, please don’t do this. I’m just a boy” he begged. Randy stepped up and gave him a hard fist to the gut. “You’re a boy who hunted down another boy with a fuckin’ shotgun and who burned down a school and a whole goddamend community, boy” the doctor said. “You ain’t gonna need them balls where you’re goin’. They’d probably just get in the way of all them big black dicks you’re gonna be takin’ in your hole. You’ll be so full of cum, they probably won’t even need to feed you. And we seen all them nasty pictures you took of the good women in this town. Why there was pictures of my own aunt with her pussy as bare as could be. And a couple of the women in this town I’ve kept time with. Why, one of them could’ve been my wife and you had naked pictures of em. What kind of fuckin’ pervert are you?” “No, I ain’t a pervert!” the boy said. “I didn’t take them pictures. It was my paw. Him and Mr. Barrow went sneakin’ around town takin’ pictures of all them women. They was plannin’ to use the pictures to make the women pay them money. They said none of them women would want pussy pictures getting’ out all over town so they did it. I just took a few so I’d have some stuff to beat my meat with. Paw and Mr. Barrow didn’t even miss the ones I took. They had hundreds.” He was sobbing loudly. It seemed as if he had given up. Then he went completely quiet. “There may be one more thing I know” the boy said quietly, almost as if he didn’t want the others to hear him. The boy’s father went off the rails, He began fighting against his restraints and making loud noises, muffled by the gag. “You better speak up , Charlie, cause we’re about to leave” the doc said. “If we leave this building and your nuts are still banded, it’s all over.” He just sobbed for a bit. They waited him out. “There is one more thing” the boy said quietly. “The boy’s father really went wild. William walked over and got the remote control for his father’s shock collar. He zapped the man with a long jolt of electricity and he went silent. “It’s my mama” the boy said. “I don’t think things happened like my paw has always said they happened. He told me and everybody that she just left and he didn’t know where she was. What I know is that they had been fightin’ bad all night before the day she left. He had hit her several times and she had come at him with a knife. I didn’t sleep at all they was goin’ at it so hard. They was still at it when I left for school. She had said she was leavin’ and my paw told her he’d never let her leave that house alive. Then when I got home from school, he told me she’d just left. He had a big fire goin’ in the back yard. I think he was burnin’ the stuff he’d used to clean up the mess. I asked him if he had hurt my maw and he backhanded me. He told me I better not ever say another word about her to him or anybody else or I’d get the same thing she did. I think he probably killed her and buried her someplace on our property.” William was removing the gag from the boy’s father. “I guess it’s only fair to let the boy’s father respond to what he just told us.” The minute the gag was out of the man’s mouth, he went off on his son. “Why you wormy little motherfucking faggot!” the man screamed at his own son. “You goddamn little perv cocksucker! I knew I shoul’ve killed you too. You’re just like her. She was a sick bitch who loved her some black cocks. You’re just fucking like her. You gonna blame all them sick pussy pictures on me and Barrow too? You know you took ever’ one of them damn nasty things. You think I ain’t found your cumrags in your bed. I’ve fed you and clothed you and sent you to school and this is what I get in return, you little prick?” William got the ball back in his mouth and the strap secured around his head. “Yeah, Mr. Print,” the doc said. “You certainly taught your boy well and took care of him and educated him. You taught him to hate and to burn down buildings and homes and to hunt down innocent people who are just trying to make their way in this fucking world. I doubt you’ll be getting a nomination for father of the year this year, motherfucker.” “I’m sorry, paw” the boys said. “I just wanted to keep my nuts.” The doctor walked over and knelt in front of the boy. As his hand touched the blood-engorged sac, the boy gasped and tried to pull away from the hand. “You better stand stock still, boy, or this scalpel may take those nuts right off of you.” Doc cut the band and the boy began to dance and cry as the blood and the feeling came back into his tortured sac. They fed each of the others some white bread and let them suck water from a sponge, then used the high pressure hose to clean them all up, using soap and the cold water. They even shampooed them. They took extra time washing their privates and made sure that soapy fingers went up all their holes. Barrow reacted most violently to that treatment. Randy motioned to the others to help him move a brown mattress onto the floor. Then they untied Barrow’s ropes and, keeping him in the ankle and wrist cuffs. He moved his shoulders painfully at first and before he regained full motion, they had pushed him face down onto the mattress and had all of his limbs secured with his legs spread. “That’s a very nice, hairy ass you have, Barrow,” the doctor said. “I think our guests will enjoy playing with that. I hope it’s not too loose from taking all your buddies’ dicks up in it.” He began to struggle and trying to speak but a shock from the collar silenced him. “Look at the hairy hole on Barrow!” the doc said. “Somebody’s gonna get some real pleasure out of that thing. I can’t wait to see all that hole hair matted up with cum.” The men were about to leave. “Oh, one more thing” the doctor said. “Charlie, we found all them nasty pictures in your bedroom. We’ll be sending copies back to Gayberry. I think Mrs. Bedford is going to love the shots of her with the big black dildo and I’m sure the sheriff is going to enjoy the ones of his Aunt Flea rubbing them big pink nipples. You’ll be the most popular boy in Gayberry. No doubt about it.” They heard Charlie’s sobs as they left the building.

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