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Ada is simply stunning. 180cm tall, 63kg, gorgeous, long legs, flat stomach, perky breasts, strong back, long, sensual arms, a beautiful smile, blue eyes, blonde hair… Oh, and did I mention how amazing in bed she is. Or out of bed. In the shower. At the beach. In the ocean.

I can’t keep my hands off of her. In the car, in the restaurant. Stroking her calves, knees, neck, back. Once I found out she enjoyed it as much as I did, it only encouraged me. She’s one of the most blunt people I know, but she can’t talk about the physical part of our relationship directly. She’s not aroused, she’s excited. She’s not erotic, but sensual. It’s not having sex, but making love. But making love to a sensual, excited woman is fucking out of this world.

Our most recent encounter was her return from Europe. We went for a short walk at the end of our evening. There was a low wall near a cricket field, down a short hill from the road, full moon, but relatively dark.

I sat down so she could sit on my lap. We kissed, my fingers running over her legs, her back, her neck. My fingers roamed over her legs and between her thighs. I stroked the inside of her thighs while we kissed, greeted by gentle ‘mmmmms’ and ‘uhhhhhs’. She did nothing to push my hand away as it roamed over her panties and up to her hip under her dress. The lace felt erotic under my finger tips as I wedged my finger under the elastic.

As the kisses became more passionate, my fingers became more inquisitive. My thumb pressed against her labia through her panties, eliciting a delightful moan and no attempt at keeping my hand away. In fact, just the opposite as she slightly spread her legs to give me better access.

Sensing that she was just as horny as I was, my emboldened fingers reached inside her panties to touch her skin directly. My finger slid up and down her labia, pressing against her clit at the top of each stroke.

Her moans and ‘ahhhs’ continued Pursaklar Escort as I stroked her most sensitive parts. Our tongues danced together while my fingers continued their ministrations on her labia and clit. Her legs spread wider to give me better access and my fingers sped up to meet her needs. Her body started to stiffen and her kisses became distracted. Her breathing deepened while I pushed her ever closer.

My fingers dipped down to her entrance to pick up some lubrication and she pressed against my hand as I pressed her lips inwards. My fingers returned back up to her clit, sufficiently slippery to start stroking her clit directly, rather than pressing on her outer lips. Direct contact had the desired effect, as her body went rigid, pressing her mound against my fingers as I rapidly stroked her to orgasm.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal as her fingers worked her way to my belt and zipper to free my rock-hard cock. Finding what she was after, she commenced sliding her hand up and down my shaft, smearing the precum across the head of my cock.

Her fingers felt marvelous stroking my shaft, but I was after something more. My fingers continued to stroke her thighs and pussy through her very wet panties. She spread her legs to give me better access to her wet cunt.

I suggested she stand up and take her panties off. Surprisingly, she agreed! She wiggled them over her hips, down her legs and over her heels. I told her I’d hold onto them for her and stuffed them in my pocket.

Ada sat back down on my lap and we resumed our manual manipulation of one another’s sexual organs. Her hand stroked my hard cock while my fingers stroked the lips of her cunt and teased her clit. Soon she was on her way towards another orgasm, as her stroking became haphazard, her pussy started to ooze cum, she pressed her hips up to force my fingers to press harder on Rus Escort her clit. My fingers flicked back and forth across her hard, wet clit, while her breathing shortened and back stiffened before she let out a groan as she came for a second time.

As we kissed on her way back down from her orgasm, her hand job picked back up. I asked her to stand up and face away from me before sitting back down on my lap. My cock was stiff as a board as she reached back between her legs to grab my prick and guide it towards her wet pussy. She rubbed the head against her puffy wet lips, smearing my cock with her cum and her pussy with my pre-cum.

She started to sit down while holding my cock against her entrance and I could feel the heat from her cunt before I even entered. Her hand remained on my cock as she wiggled her butt in front of me trying to get my cock to spread her cunt lips. In no time at all, the head of my cock found her entrance and spread her slick cunt lips and I felt her pussy engulf the tip of my cock.

With my cock at the entrance, she slowly pushed her hips down as her cunt swallowed my cock. The feeling of her slick cunt wrapped around my cock is indescribable. She bent her knees as she rode my stiff cock in and out of her pussy. Her cum ran down my shaft and across my balls.

My hands were roaming across her back and over her hips while she took control and road my cock. She leaned forward to get it where she wanted and started to fuck me with a purpose in mind. Seeing her fully dressed in front of me, her hips across mine, my cock hidden underneath her dress had my balls boiling.

She had other ideas, however. Bent over like that, the head if my cock was pressed up against the top of her pussy. She was fucking me for her own pleasure, aiming my cock where she wanted it. She moaned again as she pushed me deeper inside, before sitting all the way down with Sincan Escort a deep groan as she came again. I stroked her ass, back and hips as I felt her cum drip down my cock.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and began to slowly slide her up and down my dick. Her ass felt soft, yet firm in my hands and her cunt was out of this world. I quickly started to control the motion of my cock moving in and out of her for my pleasure. She put her hands on her knees, allowing me to control the motion and the depth of my dick. Fortunately it was giving her pleasure as well, as her head dropped down and she started fucking me back.

As we both growled ‘yes’, I could feel my balls start to boil. I could tell she was close as well, as her ass was slamming into my hips with each stroke.

And just like that, my balls erupted and started spraying their load. I could feel my cock pulse inside her pussy as the first stream of cum showered her pussy walls. Just as the first stream left the tip of my cock, I could feel her cunt clamp down on my shaft as she started into her third orgasm of the night.

As I continued to pull her hips back and forth, my cock continued to spray its load inside her and her pussy continued its contractions, milking my shaft. The second and third streams came out as she buried her cunt all the way down on my cock as deep as it would go. Her body shuddered as my cock shot further loads of cum deep inside her pussy.

I wrapped my arms around her as my cock finished unleashing its load inside her and her pussy continued gripping my cock as her orgasm subsided. My hands rubbed her stomach and breasts through her dress as we both came down from our pleasure heights. I gently kissed her neck, enjoying feeling my cock buried inside her warm cunt.

She started to stand and I grabbed my still hard and now very slippery cock to prevent making more of a mess on her dress. As my cock popped out, I could see my cum dripping from her lips down on to the grass.

Ada straightened her skirt as I put my cock back in my pants and zipped them back up. This of course, just made my pants sticky and wet.

“Welcome home, love”, I smiled.

We straightened our clothes and headed back the way we came. Both satisfied.

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