Double Penetration

Subject: Weekend at the Cabin (Gay adult-youth) WARNING: This story contains a graphic and fictional depiction of sex between young boy and adult man. If sexual activity between consenting males is illegal where you are, or you find this material offensive or if you are under legal age, do not go any further and do not read this story. The characters are fictional and do not represent any real person, living or dead or any real events or happenings. The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except to the website to which it has been posted, without consent of the author. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. Please direct them to tor. All of us enjoy the stories posted here so please support fty/donate.html Story codes; Mb, (dad-son 10 yo) inc, cons, oral, anal. – Synopsis: Dad and son goes to the lakeside cabin. However, an ordinary father-son outing becomes a memorable one. Dad 40y, son 10y. Weekend at the cabin by Carcamel tor Chapter 1 I have a friend who owns a cottage on a secluded pond. One day he asked if I would be willing to spend the weekend there, looking at the cabin after the winter and lifting the boats out of the shed. I thought it sounded like a funny idea, so I agreed, without hesitation, that I would leave on Friday and come back on Sunday, or Saturday if I didn’t feel comfortable. I did not hesitate for a moment to not feel comfortable. I talked to my wife, she wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea, but she said I could go on a trip with the kids. We have two children, Hanna, eight, and Tom, ten I made excursions with Hanna because she enjoys nature trails, but with Tom, I had not had much time together, because he was more interested in PC games. I suggested to my wife that I could go to the cottage with Tom because we had very little father-son time and that would certainly bring us closer. The next day, as the whole family sat down for breakfast, I told Tom we were going on a trip together, Tom was really excited about the idea. Hanna would have liked it too, but when her mother explained why it was important for us boys to go two she accepted the thing and did not get angry. “Next Friday, Tom, just you and me and a secluded log cabin, what does it sound like?” “Absolutely great, Dad, I’m going to pack right away” Tom was enthusiastic even though it was still Tuesday and they wouldn’t leave until many days later. Friday came quickly. We packed the car and started the weekend trip. When we got there, Tom was really impressed with what he was seeing. The cabin wasn’t big, but it was gorgeous by the eyes of the little one. It was a warm spring day and the lake was sparkling, even calling for a swim. Tom rushed backpack and collapsed on his own. “What’s the problem with the boy” I asked and pulled on my swimwear. “I guess I forget to pack my swimwear, damn it!”. Tom complained. “No one can see us here, it’s okay to swim naked,” I said, and took off my swimwear to make it more comfortable for Tom. Tom started to take off hes clothes and looked around looking for people who could see him naked. The water was cool. We spit on each other and fooled around in the water. We swam for a while until the water started to feel really cold. We hit the pier and I started digging my bag. “Oh shit, I forgot the towels,” I said irritated. “How do we then dry?” I dug a blanket out of the bag and spread it on the lawn. “A piece of cake. We lie on the blanket, the sun dries us all by itself â??. Tom sat down on his blanket on his stomach and let the sun dry on his back. I landed next to him. After a while it became quiet. I looked at Tom, he had fallen asleep. Tom may have slept for a quarter until he woke up to a pee. “I have to go to the bathroom,” Tom said painfully. ankara grup escort “Yeah, well we’re in a bit of trouble,” I said. “I tried to pull the toilet, but it didn’t work, apparently there would be no water in the whole cottage, luckily we brought some bottled water to drink.” “Uhh, where are we peeing then?”. “Well maybe in the bush, it’s not that harder.” “Don’t tease me, really, where can I pee?” “The good thing about peeing in the bush is that it keeps predators away” I cheated on the child. “Ok, let’s go together, I’ll show you.” We walked a few steps deeper into the forest and stopped. I took my dick in my hand and started urinating. Tom still couldn’t, but he stared at my manhood as if he were curious. The evening came quickly. We were doing all kinds of little things, and it was almost time for bed time. “Are we going to sleep now?” Tom asked. â??We are in no hurry and we can sleep as long as we want in the morning. I want to watch the sunset. â??I told Tom while I was making the only bed in the cabin. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and gave Tom a coke. We sat on the porch looking at the lake. The air had started to cool. Tom looked at the nature and was overwhelmed by the scenery from the cabin. Chapter 2 Tom woke up to the sun alone and was scared because he was in a strange place. “Daddy” he shouted. â??Here, outside, I answered. It’s eight o’clock and you’re just snoring, you villain, “I laughed. After breakfast Tom was playing on the beach, In the meantime I was cleaning the cabin. We went on an adventure trip in the woods until afternoon. We saw a bear that Tom was really scared of. I said we don’t have to worry if we don’t let it see us. I told you we were under the wind, so the bear wouldn’t smell us. We returned to the cottage, made some food and moved to the porch to digest the food. We sat in an old rocking chair dressed in underpants, the rocking chair creaking as it moved. “Dad, you’re my hero,” Tom said. “How so?” I asked. “You know everything about everything, like bears and stuff, Mom is lucky when she has you.” â??Hehe, I don’t know everything, but it’s nice if you consider me your hero. Tom sat in my lap and leaned his back against me. I put my hand around him and squeezed it. He reached for my face and kissed me on the cheek. “My hero,” he sighed. The boy felt light as a feather in my lap, and no wonder he was less than 140 cm (4.4 feet) and barely weighed 30 kg (66 lb). It felt good to be together, me, a big man in his forties and my son, who will move on to third grade after the summer. Tom sat quietly in my arms and I squeezed him against myself. I wondered how much I had lost because I had not spent more time with Tom. He reached out to kiss again, this time he gave a kiss to my temple. “I know about kissing,” Tom said almost whispering. “Yeah, okay,” I replied. “No, I really mean it” “Show me again,” I asked. My son pressed hes lips against my lips. Our wet lips touched each other and moved against each other. I was able to breathe his youth. I shook the boy’s lips with my tongue and gently glanced at the lower lip. Tom’s mouth opened and our tongues touched each other. We moved our lips against each other and our tongues joined to a wild play. I lifted my hand to the boyâ??s shoulder and slowly to his neck. Our lips pressed harder against each other. I drained my hand through his lower shoulder to his side and slowly to his chest. Our naked torso pressed against each other. Tom lifted both his hands behind my neck and pulled our bodies tight together, I caressed hes lower back and hes delicate body above hes buttocks. I was completely intoxicated, and even though I knew this was wrong, I still enjoyed being in a whole new way with my child. When our lips finally gümüşhane escort parted, I pressed Tom’s head against my chest. I wondered what I had done, how many boundaries had I crossed? “You know a lot about kissing,” I said with a hoarse voice. Tom laughed with a happy and liberated voice, it made it easier for me too. The day continued into the evening without thinking or doing much, just fishing together. Finally we retreated to the cabin and under the blanket. I turned off the light, but the outside light gave a little distraction inside and I saw Tom’s silhouette. I lay on my back and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t help but think of the strangest episode of the day. With that in mind, my dick started to harden and my breathing became heavier. I listened to Tom, he didn’t sound like he was asleep. I swallowed and whispered quietly; “Tom, do you sleep?” â??No, Dad. What happened during the day in the rocking chair spins at my head â??. “Does it feel bad?” “No, it’s nice to think about and it tickles under my stomach.” Oh my god, I thought. The boy apparently saw what happened as sexually as I did. “Would you like to kiss again?” I asked fearfully. “Uh-huh” was the short answer. I turned to my side and gently lowered my hand hes bare belly, then I reached for his face. I kissed his forehead, temple, cheeks and landed to kiss his delicate neck. He sighed. I kissed his chin and then his lovely mouth. Our lips merged again and our tongues started a fierce battle. The watery sounds of our kiss made me so excited that my dick was about to explode. I caressed Tom’s stomach and chest. I thumbed his little nipples. Tom’s hands were adventuring through my body until he hit a spot that desperately needed attention. “Dad, you’re really hard down here,” Tom said. “You have a really huge penis.” Tom’s curious fingers were examining my dick in front of my panties. It was incredibly stimulating. I, too, lowered my hand toward his boyhood and when my fingers got to the right place I noticed that he had a hard erection and the fabric of the panties had been soaked where the little glans touched the fabric. â??You’re relly hard too. How do you feel? â??I asked. â??I can’t explain, this is just fun. My wee-wee is just ridiculously small when you compare it to yours. â?? â??Now that we’re in this big boys game, we can say things by their real names. Pee-pee can be called dick or cock. â?? “Hehe,” Tom laughed. I pushed my hand under the elastic band of Tom’s panties and pulled out his little cock. In the dim light I could distinguish that bouncing erection, I was dizzy. I reached down and began to lick his nipples, which hardened in the blink of an eye. Tom’s small hand squeezed around my dick, with my free hand I showed him how to move his hand up and down along my dick. I pulled Tom’s panties to his knees where he kicked them off completely. I took off mine too. Here we lay, father and son, a man in his forties and a ten-year-old boy naked and caressing each other’s genitals. I reached for the bedside table and lit the reading light. I asked Tom if it’s okay if it’s a little brighter. Tom didn’t bother. I turned to my back and pulled him over. I lifted him to sit on my thighs and moved him forward so that our dicks touched each other. Tom sat on top of me with hes sweet little thingy resting on my dick. With a free hand, I caressed her silky cheek and flat chest. The touch of our cocks was glamorous, and oh my goodness no matter how small the boy’s dick was, although I can’t boast with my 15 cent (6 inch) cock, it looked huge alongside to his. I asked Tom to move forward and sit by my side. Tom’s knees were under my armpits and his lovely mini-cock stood in front of my eyes. I grabbed the small round buttocks and pulled her hips halkalı escort towards my face. Tom Dick pulsated, and its knob glistened in the night light as I sucked it in my mouth. The boy screamed with delight as my tongue swirled around his small glans while my cheeks sucked the small cock tightly into my mouth. “Daddyhhh, don’t stop!” Tom sighed as I fucked his underdeveloped dick in my mouth. Soon the little boy’s cock started to beat and his body trembled and shivered. Little Wiener pumped in my mouth as the child got his first orgasm of his life. I continued sucking and the boy moaned and almost screamed in ecstasy. Her orgasm seemed endless. If he had cum, I’d be suffocated. Soon Tom’s body stopped pulsing and the boy collapsed in my lap half dead. After a moment of silence, he asked: â??Can I do the same for you?â?? Before I could say anything, he turned to his knees over my hips and began to lick my slick dickhead. Mmm mmm he hummed as he kissed my dick. I warned against using teeth and then he swallowed it in his small mouth. With his left hand, he gripped my stiff dick and sucked it back and forth slowly. I caressed his neck and light short hair. I was hanging on the verge of orgasm all the time, but I didn’t want to achieve it yet, it was all too great for a quick orgasm. I got out of bed and looked for sunscreen in my bag and went back to bed. “I’d like to do one special thing that feels good, even though it doesn’t seem like it at first.” “Tell me?” â??I would love to. Fuck you. â?? “How? What does it mean?” “Well, I will grease my dick with this lotion and then I will push it into your butt.” “To my butt?” Tom screamed and looked at me with disbelief. “That’s the way the men fuck each other” I explained “Of course you don’t have to, I don’t want to force you to anythting, but I wish would you like to try?” “To my butt?” Tom screamed and looked at me with disbelief. “That’s the way the men fuck each other” I explained “Of course you don’t have to, I don’t want to force you anywhere, but would you like to try?” “I guess I want to,” Tom replied a little thoughtfully. I turned Tom to his side. Then I came down behind him and took a handful of cream to grease my dick and Tom’s anus. With one hand I caressed the hes dick, which stood hard again, and with the other hand I began to guide my glans into his anus. â??Relaxâ?? I said and asked not to be tense. I kissed Tom’s shoulder and neck as I wanked his little cock and slowly pushed mine into him. I could feel my glans slipping inside the boy. I’ve never pushed my dick to anything as tight as I did that night. I kissed the child’s ear and whispered: “Does it hurt? Do you feel bad? ” â??Not terribly. It feels like I should go poop. â?? â??It will soon pass, believe me. Tom took it calmly as I came inside him bit by bit. Finally, I was already about 8 cm (3,1 inches) when he said he liked it. Slowly I pulled my dick out and when my glans was coming out of his ass I pushed it in again. I increased the pace. It was something totally inexplicable, no words to describe that pleasure when I finally fucked my son’s ass wildly and forcefully. I pulled my dick out of the boy and turned him on his back. I placed a couple of pillows under her butt and came inside her from the front. Now I began to make love to him, moving my hips against his hips, and he responded to my moves. I lowered and kissed Tom. Our lips met fiercely and his claws pierced my back. Soon I felt a familiar itch in the lower abdomen and pushed my swollen cock completely into the boy. He sighed. Four quick thrusts and my dick started to shoot cum into my son’s anus. My cock beat in the boy’s rectum, filling it with a juices of love. The same juices he was made of. My orgasm continued and continued, pumping and pumping until it slowly began to subside, becoming perfect harmony with the universe. After this trip, I and Tom spent a great deal of father-son time cruising, camping, and so on, when the others couldn’t see. It was the best sex of my life. The End Feel free to send comments and ideas, tor

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