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As I parked my car at the airport, I was on edge — excited yet nervous. Steve had no clue about this side of me but, as I walked toward arrivals, it was too late to worry about that.Inside the terminal, I found Charlie’s flight number. I was now bubbling with excitement. Hell, who am I trying to kid? I was so excited my panties were soaked.What happened between us was possibly just one of those schoolgirl phases but we’d been the best of friends from junior high right until we graduated and left for college. Then we never saw each other again. Yes, we kept in touch through emails and occasional phone calls, but over the years they became less and less frequent.Eventually, we both married. Looking back, it’s rather strange that we didn’t invite each other to our big days. Whatever, we started new chapters in our lives and, eventually, all contact ceased.That was until Charlie phoned out of the blue and said she’d split from her hubby. She told me she felt lost, had nobody to turn to and nowhere to go. I’d heard something in her voice that alarmed me and I immediately told her she could stay with Steve and I. We had room and I was sure he wouldn’t object.That evening, I told Steve that an old school friend needed a place to stay for a while and I’d offered her the apartment over the garage. We didn’t use it and it would be perfect for Charlie to stay while she got her mind straight and her life back on track.It was the first time I’d made such an important decision without discussing it with Steve. But I felt this was different. This was Charlie. Anyway, Steve seemed fine with the idea.“Tess!”I looked around — and finally I saw her. Charlie was still as beautiful as she’d been in school. Absolutely stunning. She rushed to me and we embraced. It felt good… well, magical actually, like it had back in the day.In the car, Charlie told me that her husband had a serious drinking problem and she’d become his punching bag. She’d taken all the physical abuse she could and was planning to leave him when she suffered the final horrendous beating.Charlie was admitted to hospital where she miscarried and Phil was later arrested. Thankfully, she would be able to carry another child but, mentally, she was a wreck. She needed a safe place, somewhere far away from him.As tears trickled down our faces, I reached over and held her hand. “Nothing like that will ever happen to you again. Steve and I will protect you. You’re safe here.”“I’m sorry we lost contact, Tess, and I’m sorry for calling you out of the blue.” She snuffled and wiped tears from her eyes. ”I’ve been so ashamed… I couldn’t let anyone know what my life had turned into. Please, forgive me, Tess.”Stopping in a parking lot, I pulled her close. I wanted to hold her, let her know she was safe. “Charlie, you were my very best friend. I’m sorry I failed you along the way. I should have kept in contact, should have made sure you knew I would always be here for you.”I brushed strands of hair out of her eyes. “Now, let’s get home and get you settled in.“After I introduced Steve and Charlie for the first time, Steve gathered Charlie’s luggage and we went to her apartment. It would be her home for as long as she needed it.“Charlie, make this place yours,” I said. “Accessorize it in any way that makes it comfortable for you. I’m sure you’ll want to add things. Please, feel free. You’ll find the kitchen is fully equipped.”Charlie hugged me. ”Thank you, Tess, I knew I could count on you. But don’t worry, I will get myself together and be out of your hair as soon as I can.”“No,” I said, shaking my head. “There’s no hurry to move on, really there isn’t. We don’t use this place at all and, believe me, I’m looking forward to spending time with you. I’m really so glad to see you again. But, right now I’ll let you put your things away. Come into the house when you’re ready. I’ll be cooking dinner.”~~~~~”Can I help you with something?” Charlie asked, walking into my kitchen.Handing Charlie plates, I saw sadness in her beautiful brown eyes. She’d been the prettiest girl in school and she still had flickering long lashes, flawless olive skin, and long straight brown hair — but her stunning smile was missing. Now all I could see was sadness. Trying to imagine what it must be like for her, I wanted to hold her tight, protect her from further harm.I tried making jokes and cheerful small talk but, right then, she was just too torn to chat. Charlie needed healing time. Time to know she was safe, time to grieve the loss of her unborn child.Having put the plates on the table, she turned to me. “I’m sorry, Tess, but do you mind if I go back to my room. I’m just not in the right mindset to be around people.”I hugged her tight. “Sure,” I said, “we understand.”But how could we? Neither Steve nor I had ever been through what she’d experienced: being physically attacked, losing an unborn child because of that dreadful abuse. How could we truly understand?As days went by, her sadness slowly gave way to the occasional smile. Charlie had a long way to go. Yet she was a strong woman; she would get through it.We started to rebuild the relationship we had in school, reminiscing about the days of being silly and how close we were. “You know, Charlie, seeing you again lets me know I’ve never lost those feelings I had for you. Perhaps it’s wrong to bring it up now, but I’ve often thought about those days and what might have been had we followed our dreams instead of what our parents wanted. They didn’t like our relationship, they didn’t understand.”Charlie looked up at me and I saw something new in her eyes. The sadness she’d had when she arrived had gone and a beautiful shine was back in her deep brown eyes.“Tess, you have no idea how many times I’ve thought about our relationship and regretted not fighting our parents. We should have fought them, Tess. We should have left together, stayed together. But we didn’t, we listened to them.”She sighed.“When we lost contact, I was crushed. I knew somehow, someway, as long as we kept in touch, we would make it back together. Yet we didn’t. We both married and lost contact.”Charlie looked down, sad again.“But, don’t you see, Charlie? Here you are, here we are. Is it too late? Okay, I am married — but I think Steve knows there’s something missing in my life. That’s you, Charlie. We can’t just forget what we had. Least, I haven’t — and, by the sounds of it, neither have you.”We stood and walked towards each other. Embracing, we held on for dear life, like we didn’t want to lose each other again. Our cheeks brushed, then our eyes met. That’s when I knew.Our lips met in a kiss so amazingly fresh. Her lips felt like silk.“Charlie, I’ve never stopped loving you. I’ve always hoped that one day I would have you in my life again.” I smiled. ”And here you are. I do love you, Charlie. Always have. I don’t want to lose you again.”“What about Steve? What will you tell him? Or will you?”“Yes, I will tell him; I can’t hide my feelings for you.”We kissed again. I wanted to hold her all night. I needed to feel close to her.~~~~~During the next few days, we talked a lot about our lives and what we’d been through. We had a lot of catching up to do. Charlie talked about losing her baby and said she still wanted a child but didn’t want to marry again — or even be with a man. Phil had clearly done a number on her.I told her that Steve and I didn’t have children because I couldn’t conceive. So, any chance of having a family had been dismissed, forgotten, and was never discussed.~~~~~Steve frequently traveled on his job and the following weekend he was scheduled to be out of town from Friday till sometime Monday. I planned a surprise for Charlie.We weren’t kids anymore and that meant stolen kisses and secretive touches could be a thing of the long-ago past. We could now realize our dreams. That said, I was still very nervous because I’d never been with a almanbahis şikayet woman, not properly. After all, as schoolgirls, Charlie and I were never really together. I wanted this to be a special weekend.Friday afternoon, when Steve drove to the airport, Charlie was running errands while I got things ready for our first time. I muttered the phrase — Our first time — and it sounded strange. At my age! But I said it again, louder, and it brought a smile to my face.Excitement rose in me: it had been a while since I’d felt anything like it.By the time Charlie returned, I had dinner cooked and the table set with candles burning and champagne on ice. I wanted everything to be perfect. The lights were dimmed as she walked into the dining room. I wore a short silk dress that hugged my curves and my blonde hair tumbled over my shoulders. My eyes lit up when I saw her.She was beautiful, ravishing. Her hair was pulled back and I gazed at her wonderful features. God, how I still loved her. As I walked toward her, a flash image of our schooldays swept through me: it was like the years in between had not happened.Removing the clip to free her hair, I pulled Charlie to me and our lips meshed. I kissed her softly and she opened her mouth to receive my tongue. The kiss was heavenly. Wrapping arms around each other, we were like perfectly fitting gloves. We couldn’t stop there, not after all this time. Grabbing the champagne, we headed upstairs.At the foot of the bed, I carefully and slowly began undressing Charlie. Her olive skin was silky smooth and soft. Undoing each button, watching her eyes, I finally got to the last one. Her breasts were still partly covered by her shirt but I slid it off her shoulders, down her arms, and let it slither to the floor. Her glossy dark hair cascaded around her face and onto her bare chest. Hmm, she never did like wearing a bra.I swept her hair back over her shoulders, wanting to see her in all her glory. Unzipping her skirt, that also dropped to the floor and only her panties covered her precious prize.In return, Charlie unzipped and removed my dress before walking behind me to unhook and discard my bra. Her arms around me, I felt her face on my back, lips kissing my spine, and hands on my waist. She turned me to look at her. Gorgeous.I reached out, fingers softly tracing her frame, the delicate frame that I’d always adored. Her breasts still stood amazingly proud. Gently sliding my fingers over her lavish globes, I heard her inhale deeply as I teased her hard nipples. Her areolae wrinkled in response.Closing her eyes, head slumping backward, she took another deep breath. Caressing down to her hips, I gave a small tug on her panties — but she was so wet, they stuck to her juicy cunt. Slipping a hand inside, I eased them free, yet careful not to touch her delightful womanhood.Charlie stepped out of the panties while I stroked up and down her smooth legs. Reaching the upper part of her thighs, I gently nudged them and Charlie obligingly spread them wide. I worked my fingers between her soft velvet lips, slowly opening her slit, seeking to penetrate her silky channel.Probing inside, I felt her tighten around my finger and I withdrew. Sitting her on the foot of the bed, I eased Charlie onto her back and raised her legs until her feet rested on the bed, knees spread wide. Her bewitching pussy glistened with her juices.Again, I gently inserted a finger. She was now open, unfurled like a blossoming flower, her clit standing tall. I was eager to indulge in her sweet honey pot. Licking, sucking, chewing on her desirable pussy, I felt Charlie’s hips moving in all directions as she grasped the sheets, her knuckles turning white.“Yes, Tess… yes,” she gasped. “Right there. Oh yes, that’s it…”Charlie clutched the back of my head and furiously bucked her hips, almost out of control. Wanting so much to please her, I sucked harder, licked faster, while she ground her soaked pussy into my face.Tearing at the bedsheets, she yelled, “Oh fuck, I’m cuming.”She jerked and spasmed, her orgasm washing through her body, wave after relentless wave of electrifying sensations. Her taut thighs clamped my arm, urging me to continue finger-fucking her dripping pussy. Eventually, she calmed, freed my hand, and I wriggled to lay beside her, holding her tight.Looking at me with a radiant smile, she said nothing but we kissed, a brief but satisfying merging of lips before she rolled over on top of me. Charlie went straight for my breasts, teeth nipping and sucking my swollen nipples. They were hard as pebbles.Soon she was kissing her way down my body. Her fingers still pinched and tweaked my nipples while she left a trail of kisses leading to my pussy. I was weak and tremulous when her finger slid in and headed for home. She knew exactly where my soft spongy cushion was hiding. Curling the finger, she hit the perfect spot while her mouth engulfed my clit, licking and chewing that sensitive bud.“Oh my god, Charlie… oh my god, oh yes, here I cummm…”Charlie quickly pulled away as I sprayed, a torrent that soaked both of us and left me trembling. As I began to relax, we lay in each other’s arms, kissing and tongues dancing for several minutes. Then, eyes closed and bodies sated, we slept.~~~~~Waking in her arms the next morning was amazing. We kissed and then realized we were hungry. We hadn’t eaten the night before — the champagne stood unopened on the bedside table — and, dressed in robes, we headed for the kitchen and ate eggs and toast.We drank coffee by the pool and had a quick reviving swim. We had the weekend to ourselves and we laughed about staying naked. We went upstairs and showered together in the master bathroom ensuite. Actually, we made love till the water ran cold.It seemed we were in a continuous stage of arousal for the rest of the day but we decided to go out for dinner that evening. And I wanted to show Charlie our quaint town. We had a great time before heading home.Cuddling in bed, we were tired but simply had to tease and touch each other, hands roaming over all the delicious hills and hollows. Yet, we fell asleep quite quickly.Next morning, I woke with Charlie between my legs. My thighs were apart and it didn’t take long before she brought me to another amazing orgasm. When she came up the bed, I kissed her, tasting myself on her lips. I got on top and kissed her hard, pressing my tongue into her mouth.I put a leg between hers, prying them apart, and we began rocking back and forth, pussy to pussy. The friction of our clits rubbing against each other led to an orgasm like I’d never experienced.“That was amazing, Tess. I’ve never experienced lovemaking like I have with you.”We smiled, kissed again, and lay in contented silence. If only life could stay like this.“Tess,” Charlie suddenly said, “what’s gonna happen to us when Steve gets home? Will we pretend this has never happened? I’m not sure I can do that.“ Tears rolled down her cheeks. “I’ve loved you all my life and wondered if I would ever see you again. Now that I have, I don’t want to lose you. Yet I know you’re married.”“Shush, shush, Charlie.” I wiped her tears. “No… there is no way it can end. We will figure it out. I’ll have to explain it to Steve. Course, I’m not sure what his reaction will be. But, we will work it out.” I kissed the top of her head. “But let’s enjoy the time we have before he comes back.”We spent a wonderful day by the pool, enjoying a few drinks and the Jacuzzi. In the evening, we ate take out food by the pool before showering and climbing into bed. It would be our last night together for a while, at least till we figured something out. Lying in each other’s arms, Charlie said she needed to file for divorce and find somewhere to live, even though she knew she could stay as long as she wanted.We made love and again drifted off to sleep snuggled together. I didn’t seem to have been almanbahis canlı casino sleeping much when a light came on. Then I heard Steve yelling, “What in the hell is going on here?”My husband was standing in the middle of the bedroom. “Would either of you care to explain to me?” he rasped.“Steve, please, calm down. I can explain,” I said, getting out of bed and suddenly aware of my nakedness.“Can you, Tess? I really think I have all the explanation I need.”“No Steve, you have no idea. I will explain,” I said, putting on my robe. “It’s not as it seems.”“Oh, it’s not?” Steve snorted. “I come home from a business trip and my wife is naked in bed — in our bed — in another woman’s arms. What the fuck is there to explain?”“Steve, please, let’s talk about it in the morning. ““Morning?” he screamed. “It’s already morning. A little early maybe, but it is morning. And what’s to talk about, Tess? You’ve been fucking a woman or whatever it is you do.”Swiftly turning around, Steve stomped out of the room, slamming the door.“Holy hell, Tess, I’m so sorry.” Charlie sat up in the bed. “What do we do? Oh, god… I think I should leave.”“No, you stay right here. We knew we would be facing this, just didn’t expect it would be this way.” I looked at her, concern etched on her face. ”I’ll be back. I’m gonna try talking to him. Stay here, Charlie.”In the kitchen, Steve was pacing, rubbing a hand through his hair. He was upset, and I understood.“Steve, can we talk? Please?”He turned to face me, a look in his eyes that I’d never seen before, somewhere between hurt and anger.“I have nothing to say to you. I don’t know what has happened or why it has happened, and at this moment, I don’t give a damn. Stay away from me right now but get that woman out of our house and out of our lives.”“Steve, please calm down. You don’t mean what you’re saying. And Charlie isn’t going anywhere.” I took a quick breath. Here we go. “I love you, but I also love her. I have for a very long time.”Steve seemed stunned. He blinked, stopped rubbing his hair, and a frown creased his brow. I plunged on, “Charlie and I were involved in high school but we got separated because of our parents. We tried to keep in touch but through the years it drifted to nothing. We both married but it doesn’t mean our feelings for each other stopped.”Steve regained his voice. “Why Tess? I mean, why have you never told me you were in a lesbian relationship?”“Would it have made a difference to the way you feel about me?”“No, of course not, Tess. You know I’m not like that.”“I understand why you’re upset Steve, I really do. You’re obviously shocked but I didn’t want you to find out this way. I wanted to explain it to you but you’ve come home early and… well, you caught us, I suppose.”I held his hands. “It doesn’t mean I love you any less, Steve. I’ve loved Charlie for many years; she never left my heart. And seeing her again… well, it put that missing piece back together again. Please, try to understand.”Steve inhaled and sighed loudly. “Tess, do you know what you’re asking? You’re asking me to share you with another lover. How do I do that, Tess? Damn it, tell me, how?”“Look, I know this is hard to grasp right now. But I know it can work. I know we could all become very close and —”“I think you two are already pretty damn close,” he snarled.”As I was saying Steve, I think we could…”Steve abruptly released my hands and glared at me before picking up his bag and walking away.I went after him but he put up his hand. ”Not now… I need time to think. You’re asking a lot from me. All I’m asking from you is some time. I’ll let you know where I’m staying.”Then he went.Back in the bedroom, Charlie was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Tess, I’m so sorry. I’ll get my things from the apartment and leave. I will not tear your marriage apart.”“No, Charlie, I don’t want you to leave. Steve is a reasonable man. He’s in shock right now. I should have told him about you and our relationship a long time ago. Give him time to calm and digest all of this. He and I will talk again soon. I know we will.” Looking into Charlie’s eyes, I managed a smile. “Our love is strong enough to survive this but I’m feeling exhausted right now. Let’s try to get back to sleep.”In fact, when Charlie was asleep, I went to the kitchen for hot tea. As I sat drinking, I questioned everything in my head. Am I asking too much of Steve? Can I give Charlie up again? Can our marriage survive? Can we have a life together, all three of us?I had no answers. Yet, in my heart, I believed it could work.In the living room, I curled up in Steve’s favorite chair. I needed this to work out. Was I being unreasonable?Later, I heard noises in the kitchen and I raced there thinking Steve had returned.“I’m sorry, Tess, I didn’t mean to wake you.”“No, no, it’s okay, Charlie. I was sitting in there hoping Steve would change his mind and come home.”“What? Wait a moment, come home you say? Where is Steve? What do you mean, Tess?”“Steve said he needs some time. Says I should have told him long ago and I guess he’s right. I should have told him about us, about how I’ve always loved you.”“Oh my god, Tess, I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to cause all this.”“You didn’t, don’t blame yourself. It’s my fault. I should have been honest about my past.” I offered another weak smile. “Okay, c’mon, let’s have lunch. I think we’ve slept most of the day away. I think we need to carry on and pray for the best. Let’s hope Steve can get to grips with this and can share in our happiness. We could all be a family. If he can’t, then decisions will have to be made. But, for now, let’s enjoy what’s left of the day.”My heart was heavy, but I couldn’t let Charlie see that. She would probably leave and she hadn’t yet recovered from what happened in her marriage. I had to be strong for her while hoping Steve would come round. I did love him. Why couldn’t I have them both?~~~~Weeks turned into months and I definitely missed Steve — but I wasn’t willing to give up Charlie. Oh no, not again, if I can help it.A couple of days before the three-month mark, Steve called and asked if I would meet him. We arranged to meet over dinner at the weekend and I prayed he wanted to come home. I was very excited. I missed him and needed him in my life.Dressing to meet my husband, I put on his favorite dress and jewels. I wanted to look my best. With all the stress, I’d lost weight — good pounds to lose, just a bad way of doing it. In front of the floor-length mirror, I liked what I saw. Yes I’d made a mistake but I was happy with Charlie and, if Steve could give it a chance, I was convinced we all could be happy.Obviously, I’d thought about the possible relationship between Steve and Charlie. That was something to work on and, hopefully, they would come to love each other like family members.Steve was waiting in the restaurant. He was handsome but his face was drawn and I could see he was unhappy. I had to fix this or I would lose my marriage.I hugged him, but there was little response. Disappointing, yet I should have expected it. He was hurting.After being shown to our table, we swiftly ordered and, as the server retreated, I said, “I’ve missed you, Steve. I’m so glad you called. How are you now?”“Hurt,” he said and, getting straight to the point, added, “I still don’t understand why you didn’t you tell me about Charlie years ago?”“I really don’t know the answer to that. I’ve thought about it a lot. In truth, Charlie had been out of my life for some time when we met and I suppose I just didn’t think it was important. Guess I was wrong.”I tried a small smile but Steve didn’t even blink. I sipped water, then carried on. “Back then, I didn’t think I would ever see her again and I knew I had to put her out of my mind and get on with my life. I met you and we married and life was wonderful. Then, my heart was broken again when I couldn’t give you a almanbahis casino child. You said you were fine with it but, deep down, I knew it was something you would always miss and —“Steve cut in, “But, that’s not—“I put a hand to his lips. “Please, Steve, listen… let me finish.” I withdrew my hand and he sat back in his seat.“So, when Charlie called and sounded so distraught, my heart opened up for her. My love was still there, I’d simply hidden it while I got on with life. When she mentioned the abuse and losing her child, I just had to bring her home. Can you understand that?”Steve stared into my face for a moment. Then he leaned forward, forearms on the table. “What you’re asking of me,” he said slowly, “is to live with you and your lover. How on earth do you expect me to do that? How do you think it would actually work?”“Steve, I would be — and always will be — your wife. I would still be in your bed, still making love to you. Still be everything I am now. Yes, Charlie would be there and, yes, we love each other, too. But I’d hope that, in time, you and Charlie would come to love each other.”“So, what would you and Charlie be? I mean, would you continue having sex with her? Would you sleep with her? I don’t understand how this would work.” He glanced away, then back again. “Tess, really, how would it work? For god’s sake, explain it to me.”“Okay, Charlie and I would continue having sex, but so would we Steve. What is wrong with me loving two people?”Steve sat back in his seat again. He didn’t speak.“Please don’t go silent on me, Steve. We came here to talk. Let’s do it. We knew it was gonna be a tough conversation, but let’s get it out in the open. I truly hope that you can love her and welcome her as part of our family.“Are you serious, Tess? Family? She’s wrecked our family.”“No, Steve, she hasn’t.” I shook my head. “If Charlie and I hadn’t listened to our parents, you and I would never have met, never been together. So, stop laying blame and let’s try to work this out. I love you both… please don’t make me choose. I’m not saying I love her more than you, but I won’t lose her again.”I guess I gave Steve a lot to chew over because we finished our dinner in virtual silence. He didn’t show any signs of responding.“Well, Steve, if you aren’t gonna talk anymore, I might as well leave.” Standing and buttoning my jacket, I looked at him. “I love you and I hope we can work this out. You’re welcome to come home at any time.“~~~~~Charlie had moved into the master bedroom with me some weeks after Steve walked out and there wasn’t any reason to alter that arrangement after my meeting with him. I told Charlie everything that had been said and even that I missed him tremendously. She’d nodded, understood my position.But all went quiet again, no communication with Steve, no hint of a change on his part. The decision about coming home or not was his to make. My one stipulation was that Charlie would be staying and I wouldn’t waver. We all knew that but the situation was especially maddening for me because I strongly believed that Charlie and Steve could love each other. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be the so-called normal life — but who said it had to be?~~~~~~Nine months after Steve left, Charlie and I had adjusted very well to being together. It was, indeed, a good life and to celebrate her birthday, we invited friends over. We cooked on the grill, swam in the pool, relaxed in the Jacuzzi, and generally partied well into late evening before the crowd started thinning and saying their farewells.Charlie and I cleaned up the patio before calling it a night. We’d showered and were in bed when I kissed Charlie goodnight and snuggled up close. But Charlie had other things than sleeping on her mind. She made that clear by kissing my neck and behind my ear. Charlie knew how to get me started and I moaned softly.She rolled me onto my back and kissed my breasts. Fondling them, she kissed my nipples before nibbling, creating a mixture of pain and pleasure. She knew I loved that and I whimpered, feeling my juices stirring in my needy pussy.Charlie felt between my legs and confirmed that I was seeping between my full lips. “Sopping,” she said and gently parted those petals while I raised one leg to give her easy access to my cunt.“Yes, baby, yes… I need you so badly.”“I know what you need, my darling Tess.”She slid down my body until her mouth was at my drenched pussy. She licked up and down and slid fingers into my gaping hole. I rocked and rolled my hips, fucking her fingers hard and fast.“Yes, that’s it, right here. Oh my, fuck me,” I screamed.Charlie clamped down on my swollen clit, sucking it till I began yelling while she poked fingers in and out of my dark depths. I was hit by an amazing orgasm and I shook, trembled, quivered, and panted.Suddenly, Charlie got on top of me. Our pussies slapped together as juices mingled and the back and forth motion provided a fabulous friction to our swollen clits. Fingers intertwined, the tips turned white when we felt the heat rising toward a mutual massive climax. We screamed loudly, flooded each other, and collapsed, embracing as we struggled for breath, bodies heaving.“I’ve never felt anything like that,” Charlie gasped.I opened my eyes to look at my sweet love — and saw Steve standing at the foot of the bed.“Fuck,” I shrieked and Charlie’s eyes popped open.“Wha —“ she began, then spotted Steve.“I’m sorry, I… I should’ve left,” he mumbled. “I’m really sorry. I came round to talk and… well, I saw you two and… oh dear… I shouldn’t have watched but I guess I wanted to see how two women… hmm, well, satisfy each other.”With one more “Sorry” he turned — but I didn’t want him to leave.“Steve, don’t go,” I said. “Please, come here.”He stopped and turned as Charlie chimed in, “Yes, Steve, please join us.”Steve was motionless, staring at us. Clearly, he was debating what to do. He seemed hypnotized by what he’d seen. He’d never watched two women having sex, let alone one of them being his wife.“I don’t know, Tess,” he eventually said. “How… oh god… how do you think we would do this? All of us in a bed together? No time alone with you… Tess always sharing you.” He shook his head. “I don’t know if I can do that.”I sat upright, my still-erect nipples pointing at him. “I’m sure it’ll be confusing at first. But I think we can work it out. Honestly, Steve, I believe with everything in me that it can work. We can be a family.““I still don’t know,” he said. “I mean, what about you, Charlie? How do you feel? After what you went through with your husband and losing a baby, could you bear for me to be around, to touch you? Could you?”Charlie was now sitting, and her glorious globes jiggled on a deep intake of breath. “Steve, you are not Phil,” she said softly. “Thankfully, not all men are like him. It’s been over a year since that horrible night and I’ll never forget losing my child. But I won’t let it dictate my life either.”She wriggled beside me and stroked my arm. “I know how much Tess loves you. She’s told me a lot about you and I don’t forget that you were there for me when I was… well, when I was lost. You showed me kindness and I do care about you. I don’t wish you or your marriage any harm. Far from it.”Charlie looked at me and smiled. Her deep brown eyes were sparkling when she turned to face Steve again. “I agree with Tess. I think I could love you. Not as a husband, but as someone I care deeply for, an awesome friend. No, more than that… like a family member. I’m sure you know what I’m saying.”The room fell silent. We both smiled at Steve, my heart beating faster as I prayed he wouldn’t turn away. I felt a warm hand on my thigh and Charlie said, “I think he needs a little encouragement,” and she slipped out of bed.“Please, Steve, come and join us. In the middle, if you like.”I studied my husband as he looked at me, then at Charlie, and back again. “Don’t hang about anymore, darling,” I said. “Get your clothes off and come here.” I patted the bed.A smile gradually spread across Steve’s face. He was my handsome husband again.”Okay,” he said, raising the shirt over his head. “Who am I to refuse two beautiful woman?”

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