Waterbury Hills High School – Part I- Kim and Jan, the foreign exchange students arrive. SURPRISE!Waterbury Hills High School – Part I- Kim and Jan, the foreign exchange students arrive. SURPRISE!


Three weeks before school started, Kim and Jan, identical twins from Germany, were scheduled to arrive.  Carol and Bill Baker offered to host the twins, believing that it would give their daughter, Melody, a chance to learn about another culture and to share the spotlight before going off to college next year.  As an only child, Melody was always the center of attention.  Sharing the house with a couple girls would teach her some good skills about the real world of dorm life at college.While Carol and Bill went to the airport to meet the twins, Melody organized a swim party at home with her closest girlfriends.  These girls, she thought, would become a nice circle of friends for the twins as they entered a new school in a new country for their senior year.Carol and Bill waited at the arrivals area of the airport holding a sign that said, “WELCOME TO THE USA KIM AND JAN!”  Since this was a last minute family assignment, they hadn’t even exchanged photos.“Guten Tag!  Hello Mom and Dad,” said a very handsome, tall, muscular blond boy with a German accent.  “I am Kim!”“Hello Mother and Father,” said the other equally striking boy.  “And I am Jan.”“You’re boys!” said Carol.“Uh yes they are indeed,” Bill said.  “Welcome guys!  I guess we are all going to be in for an adjustment.”“What do you mean?” asked Kim.“Well, you see Kim and Jan are generally girls’ names.  We thought…” Carol tried to explain.“That is funny, Mom,” Jan said.  “Our parents thought that they were having girls and picked the names.  But when I came out first and then Kim came after, they were just as surprised as you.  And since Kim and Jan can be male or female names, they kept their original choices.  But I assure you, we are boys.”“I clearly see that,” Carol gasped in disbelief.“Well, boys, almanbahis şikayet let’s grab your luggage and get you to your new home.  Your American sister has planned a little welcome party with your new best friends,” Bill said.  “And you won’t have any trouble communicating.  Your English is perfect!”“Thank you, Dad.  We had an American girl as a nanny, and she taught us English from the time we were babies.When they got to the house, Bill and Carol walked out the back screen door to the pool.  The girls saw them, and all jumped out of the pool to meet the new friends.“Girls, let me introduce Kim and Jan!”As the twins walked out of the house, the girls’ giggling was replaced with stunned silence.Melody walked up to them dripping wet in her bright pink bikini.  “Hi, I’m Melody, welcome!”Jan came forward and gave her a big hug getting his clothes wet.  “I am Jan!”“And I am Kim,” Kim said flashing his million dollar smile.  He gave her a big hug too.“Imagine our surprise at the airport, girls!” Carol laughed.“Well one thing about an intercultural experience is that we learn to be adaptable,” Bill said.Sally extended her hand.  “Hi, Kim?  I forget which one is Kim and which one is Jan.  You look so much like each other.”“Yes, I am Kim.  We have some birthmarks that are different, but we always fool our teachers.”All the girls came up to meet Jan and Kim, and they gave them a warm welcome.“Girls, go on with the party.  Boys, Carol will show you your room.  You can change for swimming, and I will get the barbecue going,” Bill said.Carol escorted the boys to the guest room, which was next to Melody’s room and across from the bathroom.  “Boys come down to the pool when you’re ready.”Carol returned to the kitchen and was making potato salad when she heard almanbahis canlı casino footsteps coming down the stairs.  “I’m in the kitchen boys.  Come get a cold drink on your way to the pool.”Carol stopped in her tracks as she faced two nude German boys.  They both stood six feet two inches.  Both had strong legs from years of playing soccer and swimming.  Blond hair, blue eyes, and a hint of chest hair that led down to nicely trimmed blond pubic hair.  And just below that pubic hair, hung the most delightful six inch of soft, meaty, uncircumcised penis with large man-sized balls hanging below.Carol was so flustered by the sight of the naked Germans that she dropped a potato on the floor.  Before either boy had a chance to pick it up, Carol was on the ground chasing the potato that rolled between Jan’s legs.  As she reached for it, her head grazed Jan’s balls, for which she quickly apologized.Jan and Kim both laughed.  “It’s OK, Mom, we’re sorry if we scared you,” Jan said.“No, I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t expect to see you naked.”“But you said to get ready to go swimming,” Kim tried to explain.“Well go on and get your swimming suits on,” Carol laughed nervously.“Swimming suits?” Kim asked.“We don’t own any,” Jan said.  “We never have!  In our country, no one swims with clothes on.  That doesn’t seem to make any sense to us. Why would anyone do that?”“Well, OK.  I suppose as my husband said, we are going to learn to be adaptable,” Carol said.  In her mind, Carol thought, “And I can certainly adapt to this!”“Boys, go out to the pool and have fun!”  Carol tried to refocus her attention on the potato salad, but she could only watch those boys turn and walk out.  She was drooling at the sight of their tight asses covered by the slightest almanbahis casino traces of blond hair extending down their legs.As Kim and Jan walked outside, everyone became silent again.“How come everyone stops talking whenever we walk out?” Jan asked.“Well, guys,” Bill stepped up to say, “you’re naked.  And you are boys.  And they are girls.”Kim and Jan both laughed.  “It’s OK, Mom explained,” Jan said.“Carol already saw you two naked?” Bill asked.“In our country, we don’t take our clothes off and then put other clothes on to get them wet. That is silly.  No one wears clothes to swim.  It is our bodies.  Everyone should be proud of them,” Kim said.  “It’s just like taking a bath or shower.  Do you put clothes on to take a shower?”“Well that is perfectly logical, Jan,” Melody said not wanting them to be uncomfortable.“No, I am Kim, see the difference?”Kim bent his right leg outward and pointed to his little birthmark on his inner thigh just to the right of his penis.All eyes focused on the birthmark,  and on his penis.“And I have a little butterfly tattoo on my left cheek,” Jan said as he turned around nearly hitting Melody’s leg with his penis.  Melody took this opportunity to touch Jan’s bubble butt by rubbing her finger over the tattoo.“That’s so cute!” Melody said.“The only teacher we cannot trick is our gym teacher who sees us naked in the pool!” Jan joked.The other girls all saw this opportunity to touch Jan’s very firm ass by rubbing his tattoo.“Hey girls, doesn’t anyone think my birthmark is cute?” Kim joked.Melody looked over to see her father preoccupied with the barbecue.“I think your birthmark is cute,” Melody said as she extended her right hand to massage the birthmark on his inner thigh. As she rubbed his birthmark, her hand also rubbed against his growing cock.  As his cock inched upwards, she had greater access to his balls.  Her hand moved from the birthmark to cupping his testicles in her hand and then to stroking his now eight and a half inch cock who’s head was peering out from his foreskin.

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