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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 13 – A New Normal. 

Noah and I hurried when getting ready the next morning, and then I fixed our breakfast and packed our lunch for later.  After we ate and cleaned up quickly, we got in the car and headed into the city.  I dropped Noah off at the trailer first, and Cheryl came out to speak with me when she saw the car pull up. 

“I don”t want to keep you long, since I know you”re heading into work, but there”s something I want to tell you.  Debbie, that”s the woman who caused the big scene at work a few weeks ago, came into the 7-Eleven again on Saturday.  This time, she told me she was sorry for how she”d acted previously and said she hoped we might become friends.  She had another woman with her named Monica, and they told me that they”d allowed their sons to go with you so you could teach them how to swim too.” 

“Yes, I had three boys with me yesterday, although the other two didn”t spend the night.  I”m glad this has all been cleared up now, and her son explained to me why she”d reacted the way she had.  I”m also pleased that she apologized to you, and the situation is better now.” 

“Yes.  Me too.”

After saying goodbye, I headed into work.  I was glad that Debbie had kept her word about apologizing to Cheryl, and who knows, the three women may become friends now.  Debbie and Monica were already friends, and since all of their sons were friends too, this might work out quite well. 

Unfortunately, the good feelings I was enjoying didn”t last for very long, because when I got into work I discovered there was a problem that I had to deal with.  For some unknown reason the accounting software wasn”t booting up correctly this morning and we were getting multiple error codes, so I called the I.T. department and got them involved.  Within the hour they had the system functioning again, and it turned out the problems we were experiencing were related to an update they”d done over the weekend.  When I first informed the supervisor about the current problem, he immediately assumed it might be connected to the update, so they focused their attention upon that aspect first.  It didn”t take long before they found the lines of code that had created the problem and made the appropriate changes, and that”s why we were up and running so quickly again. 

I spent the rest of the morning taking care of various other matters and trying to make up for lost time that I nearly forgot about going to lunch at my usual time.  In fact, I wouldn”t have gotten to the park to see Noah that day if my assistant hadn”t asked me if I was staying in for lunch. 

“No, I just completely lost track of the time.”

I quickly grabbed my cooler and headed out the door so I could meet up with my little buddy.  However, as soon as I spotted him sitting on “our” bench, I noticed he wasn”t alone.  Gus and Sam were with him. 

“Hi, guys.  I didn”t expect to see all of you here today.” 

“Yeah, but we can”t stay long, cuz we gotta go home for lunch,” Gus replied.  “Our mom”s just wanted us to make sure we thanked you again for yesterday.” 

“Yeah, they said it was really nice of you to take us out for lunch and to teach us how to swim,” Sam added. 

“I”m just glad you enjoyed yourselves and that you”re doing so well swimming already.” 

“Yeah, our moms said they”re surprised about that too,” Gus admitted. 

“Like I said, this is only the beginning and you have a lot more to learn.” 

“Yeah, we know,” Sam agreed.  “We won”t do nothin” unless you”re there with us.” 

“Good, I”m glad to hear that.” 

Those two then said goodbye and took off for the apartments to have lunch with their moms, so I turned toward Noah and let out a sigh of relief.  “I was worried they were going to stay with us, cuz I didn”t bring enough lunch for all of us.” 

“Nah, they just wanted to thank you.  They told me their moms are really happy that you”re teachin” them to swim, but Gus said his mom asked if you touched him, or any of us, where you shouldn”t.  He said she also wanted to know if you asked us to do anything like that to you.”

“I guess I must have passed the test then.” 

“Yeah, and they”re excited about going with us next Sunday too.”

Noah and I spent the time talking about other things while we ate, including the movie, “The Princess Bride”.  I asked him what he thought about me building an adventure around that story, and he liked the idea, so I told him I”d try to work something out by Saturday. 

When my lunch hour came to an end, I said goodbye to Noah and walked back to work, and my mind was already trying to figure out how I could keep my promise.  I put it aside while I finished the rest of the work day, even staying a little later to make up for the time I”d lost earlier.  However, I started thinking about it again on the drive home, while I was eating, and throughout the rest of the night. 

The remainder of the week went pretty much the same, and then on Friday Noah asked a question.  “Did you come up with somethin” we can do usin” “The Princess Bride” tomorrow?” 

“Yes, I think I have.” 

“Good.  That should be fun then.” 

He didn”t say anything else about it as we ate, and I assumed it was due to the fact that I usually told him to wait and see, but I could still tell he was excited about doing this.  When it was time for me to head back to the office, he made one final comment before I left. 

“Bye, Brian, and thanks.  I won”t tell Gus and Sam what we”re gonna do, cuz they”ll just have to wait and see.” 

That made me smile and confirmed my suspicion about why he hadn”t asked any more questions about what I had planned for the following day.  My assistant even wanted to know why I was still smiling when I got back to the office, so I merely responded, “It was just something someone said to me while I was out.  I just found it humorous.”

My assistant didn”t pursue the topic izmit rus escort further, and we both got busy.  I worked hard throughout the rest of the afternoon, and I was thrilled when it was finally time to go home.  I was definitely looking forward to the weekend and spending time with the boys again, and I couldn”t believe how much my life has changed in just a few weeks.  It had only been a couple of months since Noah first came over to speak with me the first time, but somehow he”s managed to turn my life upside down since then, although mostly for the good. 

Since I hadn”t been able to go out for my nightly jog when Noah was with me, I”d planned out a longer route to use during the week.  I had been using it all week and was eagerly looking forward to doing it again this evening.  I had a lot of nervous energy built up thinking about the weekend, and this was a good way to work it out so I”d be able to sleep. 

As soon as I woke up the next morning, my mind was consumed with  several different thoughts.  I wasn”t merely thinking about today”s little adventure, because I was also thinking ahead.  I knew the boys” summer vacation would soon be coming to an end and they”d be returning to school in a week and a half, so I wondered how that was going to change things.  I felt Noah would still want to spend time with me on the weekend, but what about the other two?  Would they still want to continue our adventures, or would they have other things to do? 

While I was eating, I decided it might be best if I found out a little more about each of them, so I was planning on using some of the time to ask questions.  After glancing at the clock, I hurried through the rest of my breakfast and got ready to leave, and the three boys were waiting for me when I arrived at the park. 

“Hi, guys.  You all beat me here today.” 

“Yeah, we”re excited about doing this,” Gus replied.  “I missed doin” it with you for a few weeks, so I wanted to make sure I was here on time today.” 

“Yeah, and since we walk together, Gus stopped to see if I was ready, so I came too, but Noah was already here when we got to the park.” 

“I”m always here early, cuz I can”t wait to see what you”re gonna do for the next adventure,” Noah confirmed. 

“Well, I”m glad you”re all here already, because it will give us time to do a few other things before we start.  School will be starting soon, so we”ll probably only be able to do this for a couple more weeks.” 

“Can”t we do it during school too?” Sam whined. 

“We might, at least until it gets too cold, although we might do other things instead, as long as your moms don”t mind, but you”ll also have to concentrate on your studies.  I”ll only do these things with you as long as you”re getting good grades, and if you are, then I”ll continue spending time with you for as long as I can.” 

“Does that mean swimmin” too?” Gus followed. 

“That might be a little tougher, because most pools close after Labor Day, including the state park.  They do that because it will soon be getting colder and most of the lifeguards will have gone back to school.” 

“Oh,” he responded, looking dejected. 

“We”ll still have three or four more weekends to swim, if you boys still want to do that?” 

“Yeah, and the adventures too,” Noah followed. 

“I”ll do it on one day with you, either Saturday or Sunday, but not both days.  How about we do both on Saturday once school starts, and then you can spend Sunday doing your homework and studying?

“Ok, but we don”t usually have very much homework.”

“That may change, since you”ll be moving up to the next grade, but even if you don”t have a lot of homework, I want you to use the extra time studying.  It”s important to me that you boys are getting good grades.  In fact, I”m going to need to see your report cards so I can determine if I”m going to continue doing these things with you.” 

“Really?  Can”t we just tell you how we did?” Sam asked, looking concerned. 

“No, I”ll need to see your report cards to verify how you did.  I”ll stop doing these things with you if you don”t show me your report cards.” 

“Ok, we will.  We promise, don”t we guys?” Noah quickly answered. 

“Yeah, we”ll show ya, cuz we don”t want to stop doin” this stuff with you,” Gus added. 

“I”m glad to hear that.  Now, I want to know when you”re birthdays are, since I already know when Noah”s is.” 

“Mine”s January twelfth,” Gus answered first. 

“So that makes you a couple of months older than Noah.” 

“And mine”s April twenty-seventh,” Sam added. 

“So you”re a month younger than Noah.” 

“When”s your birthday?” Noah followed. 

“Mine”s September seventh, so that makes me a few years older than you guys.” 

“Yeah, just a few,” Gus responded with a laugh. 

“Ok, now on to today”s adventure.  Noah wanted me to base it on the movie “The Princess Bride”.  Have you two seen that movie before?” 

“Yeah, it”s one of my favorites,” Sam answered. 

“Mine too,” Gus agreed.  “It”s pretty funny, especially when the one guy keeps sayin”, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die,” over and over again to the man with six fingers.” 

“Yes, that was pretty funny, and it will be easier to explain this to you, since you have all seen the movie.  For this adventure, Prince Humperdinck has kidnapped Buttercup while she was living with Westley, because he”s claiming she”s still legally his wife.  We”re going to join Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik to get her back.  Make sure you have your swords, along with a knife or two, because we”ll probably have to fight the Prince”s men, and possibly some other things before we get to her.” 

“Ok, we”re ready,” Sam responded as he puffed out his chest and pretended to put his sword in its scabbard, along with tucking a couple of knives into his belt. 

“Me too,” Gus agreed as he did the same. 

“And I”m ready too,” Noah said, as he pretend to wave his sword about in the air as if he was battling an invisible foe.

“Good, then follow me, men.  We”re positive that Humperdinck didn”t take her to his castle, and we believe he”s taking her through the Fire Swamp to a location on the other side.  I hope you”re ready to journey through that accursed place.” 

“Yeah, we are,” they all confirmed. 

I izmit escort then led them around the building with the toilets and then we headed toward the bushes, because the Fire Swamp was on the other side.  As we started through that area, I yelled out a warning, but too late.  “Noah, watch out for the sand pit.” 

Noah caught on to what I was doing and pretended to fall into it, so I had to make a quick plan.  “Sam and Gus, take the other end of this rope, and I”ll tie this end around my waist so I can jump in to save Noah.  I”ll need you to help pull us out when I tug on the rope.” 

They nodded and pretended to do as I asked, while I made it look like I”d jumped in to save Noah.  I wrapped my arm around his waist and made a couple of jerks with my arm, as if I was tugging on the rope, and Sam and Gus began pulling on it, dragging us out.  I slowly pulled Noah with me as we crawled toward the other pair, and then I made sure Noah was breathing again before we all fell exhausted on the ground.  After taking a couple of minutes to catch our breath, I was finally able to say something. 

“Thanks, men.  You did a great job and saved our lives,” I stated after I”d recuperated. 

“Yeah, thanks for savin” me,” Noah added. 

“Ok, let”s move on, but be careful of the fire traps.” 

Every once in a while one of the boys would make a whooshing sound and then say he nearly got burned or just missed catching fire as we made our way through the swamp.  And then, something else happened. 

“It”s the giant rats,” I screamed.  “There are several of them and they look really hungry.” 

We pulled out our swords and were battling them, and from time to time one of the boys would fall on the ground, to show he”d just been knocked down by one of the rats.  Whenever that happened, one or more of us would jump to his aid and stab the rat until it was dead, and then I finally announced that the remaining rats had taken off.

“That was close, but we don”t have time to rest.  We have to move on.  Keep up with me, boys, because we have to save Buttercup.” 

After we got to the other side of the bushes, I looked toward the play set and made my announcement.  “That”s probably where Prince Humperdinck is keeping her.  Let”s try to get there without being spotted.” 

The boys followed me as we crouched low to keep from being seen, and when we got a little closer, we made a plan.   “Fezzik and Noah will come with me, and we”ll investigate the main entrance.  Fezzik is large enough to scare most of the soldiers off, and he”ll carry Noah on his back while I walk behind him, so it looks like it”s just him.  He will wrap his robes around all of us to keep Noah and me hidden, and since his robes reach the ground, no one will be able to see our feet either.  I want the rest of you to go look for another entrance to this place, and then I want you to sneak inside while his soldiers are focused on us.” 

“Ok, good plan,” Gus replied, looking impressed. 

I then put Noah on my shoulders to make it look as if he was riding on Fezzik”s back as I was walking behind them.  While we were doing that, the other boys made their way around the play set to the other side, as they followed Westley and Inigo.  Before long, I saw them crawling around, under, and over the play set, while I set Noah on the ground so we could fight off the Prince”s soldiers.  While we were still engaged with them, I saw the other two running away from the play set, and they looked over at us and shouted.  “We”ve got Buttercup.”  

Noah and I continued fighting as we backed away to join them, and when we finally met up again a minute later, and I spoke.  “Great job, men.  I”m sure Westley is very grateful.” 

“Yeah, he is, and he and Buttercup have already left for their home,” Sam told me. 

“And Fezzik and Inigo left together too,” Noah added.  “They said they had to find the treasure that the man with six fingers hid after he stole it from Inigo”s father.” 

“Then I guess we”ve completed another successful mission,” I said, as I looked at the three boys. 

“Yeah, we did,” Noah added. 

“And that was a lot of fun,” Sam chimed in. 

“They”re all fun, but this one was really great, cuz it was based on a movie we all like,” Gus followed. 

“I”m glad you boys enjoyed doing this.” 

“So what are we gonna do tomorrow?” Sam asked next. 

“I”m not sure.  I”ll have to think of something, I just don”t know what it”s going to be.” 

“K, but I can”t wait to see what it is,” he responded. 

“I guess that puts a little more pressure on me to come up with something good then.” 

“And we”re goin” swimmin” too.  Right?” Gus asked to make sure. 

“Yes, as long as your moms are ok with that.” 

“They are,” Sam quickly agreed.  “They think you”re a really nice guy for doin” this for us.”  

“I”m just glad I can teach you, because then we won”t have to worry so much about any of you drowning.” 

“Yeah, that would be awful,” Noah concurred.

Once Gus and Sam left to go home for lunch, Noah and I hopped into my car and took off for my place.  “I picked up some egg salad at the grocery store on my way home last night, so how do egg salad sandwiches sound for lunch?”  I”d bought the egg salad because it was easier than having to boil the eggs, chop them up, and make it myself. 

“Yeah, that sounds good, cuz I like egg salad.  Can we have some tater tots too?” 

“Sure.  There”s some in the freezer from last time, so I”ll toss them in the toaster oven and we can have them with the sandwiches.” 

We talked as I made the sandwiches and waited for the tater tots to bake.  “Can we play with the car when we”re done eatin”?” Noah asked, looking hopeful. 

“Yes.  I made sure to charge the batteries again, so we”re all set.”

“Good, cuz I like doin” that.”

“I know you do, and that”s what I was hoping would happen when I bought it.  I wanted something else we”d enjoy doing together when you were here.” 

“Thanks, cuz I like playin” with that a lot.” 

When the tater tots were ready, I scooped some onto each plate and put them next to the sandwiches.  I had Noah grab the ketchup while I got us both a drink, and then we sat down to eat. 

“When we only do stuff at the park and go swimmin” on Saturday, does it mean I can only stay here on Saturday night, and not Sunday kocaeli escort too?” 

“We”ll have to ask your mom about that, but if she”ll let you stay over Sunday night as well, then I want you to bring your school books and homework with you so you can do it during the day.” 

“Ok.  And will you help me if I get stuck?” 

“Of course I will.”

“Good, cuz my mom couldn”t help me last year.  When she wasn”t workin”, she”d say she didn”t know nuttin bout the stuff I was workin” on.” 

“I can”t promise that I”ll know everything either, but I”m sure we can look it up online if I get stuck.” 

“K.  That will prolly help me do better in school then.”

“And that”s important, because I want you to get good grades.” 

“I”ll do the best I can.” 

“That”s all I ask.” 

After we finished eating, we took our dishes into the kitchen, rinsed them off, and put them in the dishwasher, and then I grabbed the RC car and we headed outside.  When I set it down on the driveway, I handed the controls to Noah and the car immediately went zipping down the pavement.  After it turned around, it came racing back at us, and Noah stopped it just before it crashed into my foot. 

“Did I scare ya?” he asked, grinning broadly. 

“Yes, I was just about ready to jump over it, so I”m glad you stopped it when you did.  Otherwise, I might have landed on it by mistake.” 

“I”m glad you didn”t do that, cuz then I wouldn”t be able to play with it no more.” 

“Yes, I”m glad that didn”t happen either.” 

“Can I drive it in the street now?” 

“As long as there isn”t any traffic.  If you hear or see a car coming, just pull it off the street and onto the grass.” 

“Yeah, I know.” 

I then watched as Noah raced the car up and down the street and listened to him squeal with joy as it went whizzing by us.  Luckily, there was no other traffic on the street and none of my neighbors left to run an errand.  Like I said, this is a pretty quiet neighborhood. 

Noah offered me a chance to drive the car for a while too, before the batteries died out.  When that happened, I explained what we were going to do next. 

“I thought we could go for our walk now, if you still want to do that?” 

“Yeah, let”s go.” 

When planning out the longer jogging route, I made sure to keep the five mile route I”d used before, and then added a two mile segment going in the other direction.  When using the first route, I would jog down my street and then turn right at the end, eventually winding my way around some of the adjoining neighborhoods.  Instead of turning down my street when I got back to it, I would continue on in the other direction and wind my way through the neighborhoods on the other side of where I lived.  This meant there were now two loops, and I took Noah and turned left at the end of the street this time, and we walked the two mile loop.  I felt that would give us a decent workout without overtaxing Noah, although I felt it would still be slightly tough on him. 

I was surprised to discover that Noah was able to keep up and didn”t complain, and when we got back to the house, we went inside for the rest of the night.  I told Noah he could watch TV while I went out and started fixing dinner, and then I joined him in the living room while the food was cooking.  When the timer went off, we stopped to eat, and after we finished our meal, I looked at Noah and asked a question.   

“What do you want to do now, champ?” 

“Ummm, can we find a movie to watch?”

“Probably.  Let”s look at the cable guide and see what”s on.”

I happened to find “Cars 2” playing on one of the channels we hardly ever watched, and since he”d already seen “Cars”, I asked if he wanted to watch this one too. 

“Yeah, cuz I liked the other one.” 

“Ok, then “Cars 2″ it is.” 

He cuddled against me as we watched it for the next couple of hours, and when it ended I told him what we were going to do next.  “Let”s go take our shower and get ready for bed, because we”ve got a full day ahead of us tomorrow.” 

“Do you have somethin” for us to do at the park then?” 

“Yes, I have an idea that we can try.” 

“K, I hope it”s fun.” 

“Me too.” 

We then went to the bathroom, stripped down, and jumped in the shower.  After we washed each other thoroughly and rinsed off, I turned off the water and we got out to dry off.  We then brushed our teeth and used the toilet before heading to the bedroom.  After putting on clean underwear, we hopped into bed.  

“I”m glad I”ll still be able to do this with you when school starts again, cuz I really like sleepin” with you.” 

“And I like sleeping with you too.” 

“Sometimes I have trouble fallin” asleep at home now, cuz I miss bein” here with you.” 

“Awww, I don”t want you to have problems like that.” 

“I just asked Mom to give me another pillow, and now I hug it and pretend it”s you.” 

“Awww, that”s so sweet.” 

“It”s cuz I love you as much as I love my mom,” he added, as he hopped up on all fours, bent over my head, and gave me a kiss on the lips.  It wasn”t a quick kiss either, and I was very touched. 

“And I love you just a much,” I said after his lips left mine, and then I lifted my head and gave him another kiss before he laid down beside me again.  After he put his head on my chest, he draped an arm over my belly and extended his upper leg over mine.  I then snaked my arm under him and wrapped it around his back, as I gave him a squeeze and we settled in for the night. 

“Sweet dreams, little buddy, and I”ll see you in the morning.”

“Yeah, and I love you, Brian.” 

“And I love you back.”

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