Wanting What I Can’t Have (Chapter 1)Wanting What I Can’t Have (Chapter 1)


I got out of my car and I saw her waving at me from the front porch. I sighed as I started walking towards her. My name’s Anna. I’m twenty years old, 5’7″ tall, with green eyes, long straight black hair with brown highlights. I have a very nice body since I’m a dancer and an athlete. I have 34C cup tits. I bet you’re wondering who’s the girl standing on the porch. Well, that’s my cousin Lisa. She’s twenty-three years old, 5’7″ tall, with brown eyes, long curly dark brown hair, a thin body, and 36B cup tits. I never really had any sort of friendly relationship with Lisa. In fact, I secretly disliked her. We were cousins, only that. She was having her engagement party almanbahis şikayet that day. I never met the guy, but I was guessing that he was a nerd with glasses, shorter than her with bad teeth and braces. Don’t blame me, but that’s the kind of man I imagined my cousin with. They decided to have the party at the guy’s house. It was huge, like the dream house each one of us wants to have. I finally got to my cousin. She was wearing a strapless long blue dress with a split and white high heels. “Anna!” she said with her huge fake smile, hugging me. “Finally, you’re here! I love your dress!” I was wearing a red short dress with a short tail behind and black almanbahis canlı casino Louboutins. “Hey Lisa. Thank you, I like yours too,” I said, faking a smile back. “Come inside! Someone wants to meet you!” “Oh great,” I thought to myself, “I’m dying to meet the nerdy nerd.” “Baby, my cousin came,” she said while she hugged someone from behind. And then he turned around and faced me. I swear, I thought I was melting when our eyes met. Oh my God, forget the short ugly guy with bad teeth and braces. He was tall, probably 6’1″ tall with short curly, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and totally kissable lips. I could tell from his tight shirt, that almanbahis casino he had the best muscles ever. Do you know Alex Pettyfer? Liam Hemsworth? Well, hotter than them. He offered me his hand. “Hello, I’m Nick,” he said, with the best smile I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I took his hand and shook it. “Hello, Nick. I’m Anna,” I said, smiling like an idiot. “So, did you bring your stuff?” Lisa asked. “Yeah, my bag’s in the car,” I answered, still looking at Nick. Lisa invited me and our other three cousins to stay here for the weekend. At first I thought that it would suck, but after I met Nick I actually thought I was going to like it. The party was amazing. Basically, it sucked, but with Nick there it was perfect. I was sitting on the couch next to my best friend, Josephine. Lisa only invited her because she doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends. She noticed me staring at something and turned to the something I was staring.

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