Waking Up Tiefling Ch. 03Waking Up Tiefling Ch. 03


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Chapter 3: New Job

There are a great many things that can happen after several intense rounds of sex. The most common is sleeping, however, since neither me or Ritska were very tired that was out. The other is cuddling, which we had already done, Ritska being a very aggressive cuddler. It was nice. The other options included leaving, getting food, various pillow talk, etc, etc.

Getting my hair braided wasn’t one that I had ever thought of.

Ritska had insisted on it after our delightful romp and so I had sat patiently on the side of the bed as I cleaned myself, and the parts of her I could reach from that position, with a rag. I hadn’t bothered to pay much attention to my hair, but it did seem to be as long as what I was used too, so about down to my shoulder blades. I normally had it tied back, but that was just a ponytail, nothing fancy like this long single dutch braid.

“You’ve got such wonderful hair. I swear there isn’t a part of you that isn’t wonderful.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the compliments she had occasionally given me. It was nice to hear.

“You’re just saying that because you love my dick”

For my smartassery, I got a short sharp tug on my hair and a sharp finger poke to the back.

“While that is true, I very much appreciate the rest of you, even that sharp tongue of yours.”

“I would say so. I think half the town heard you. Ow!”

And there was another tug but I could hear the suppressed chuckle from her as she finished.

“There you are, a nice braid to keep it out of the way.”

“Thanks, Ritska. You’re divine.”

She gave me a hug from behind, resting her chin on my back. I could feel her breasts press into me, but I wasn’t up for another round just yet. She could really take it out of a person. She pulled away after a bit and patted my back as she got up off the bed and took the rag. She rinsed it out in a bucket of water before she motioned for me to stand up.

“But I already got myself?”

“I’m going to be a bit more thorough than you darling.” She chuckled as I stood up. She was soft and gentle as she rubbed me down, getting all the sweat and various sex juices off me. She spent more time than was strictly necessary on my dick, but I wasn’t gonna complain. She crouched down and got in between my legs and I heard a sharp intake of breath.

“Well, well, well, you were hiding something from me.”

I looked over my shoulder at her grinning face.

“What are you talking about.”

In response, she reached in between otele gelen escort my legs and ran her finger just under my balls. I nearly fell over and had to grab onto the bed to keep from crashing to the floor as an electric jolt shot up through my body. I looked back at her as she peaked around me, her chuckle frozen in place as she looked at me.

“Anna, are you ok?”

“What did you do?”

“I just rubbed your pussy”

“My what?!”

She just blinked at me a few times before hse pointed back between my legs.

“Your pussy darling. Did…did you not know you had one?”

I sat back down on the bed and spread my legs before grabbing my balls and shifting them out of the way. Sure enough, right there under my balls was a vagina. It looked kinda small, then again there was a giant dick above it so I doubted that helped my sense of perspective. Ritska set a gentle hand on my thigh as I just sort of stared.

“Anna…are you ok?”

“Just…just gimme a second ok?”

“You really didn’t know?”

I shook my head as I took a few deep breaths. It was fine, this was fine it was just another addition to the list of crazy. I had already adjusted to being a piece of erotic art, this was just another change, right? Then why was this freaking me out?

“My…my memory starts a few hours ago. Well, my personal memory. I know my name, what I am, what you are, that this is an Inn, that’s a bed. Stuff like that. But when I woke up that was the first time I actually got a look at my body, at least according to my memory. I’ve got some other bits stuffed up there but that’s pretty much it.”

Ritska didn’t say anything. What do you say after someone tells you that? She just gave me a tight hug, squeezing me harder than was strictly necessary.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Um…it’s fine? I mean, can’t really be sad about what you don’t remember right?”

She just pulled away and gave me a sad smile and a pat on the cheek.

“That’s a good girl. Now, go off with your friends.”

“But I need to clean you.”

“It’s all right Anna. I need to be a bit more thorough than I was with you, besides, you should probably go buy some proper clothes and I’m not sure if the market is still open.”

I smiled as I gave her a kiss on the forehead as I got up.

“Thanks, Ritska. Really. It was a ton of fun.”

That cheeky smirk was back as she gave me a wink.

“You’re always welcome for another romp.”

“I’ll look you up again”

And with that, I got dressed and headed downstairs.


Casandra rode back from the church alongside Ryn and Ned in the cart feeling just a bit better about this whole mess. They had been late in arriving türkmen escort to the area and as such, they hadn’t been able to stop the gnolls from abducting a merchant caravan, the poor souls being the ones she had just left under the watchful eye of her Order.

She wasn’t happy about returning to the Inn, but she knew that if she didn’t Lucille would have herself properly drunk and would be miserable all of the next day. She also wanted to keep an eye on Anna.

The hell- tiefling had surprised her with her violent outburst at the gnolls. Other than being imprisoned she looked untouched and so Casandra had been suspicious. However, her launching herself at the foul gnoll shamans had shifted Casandra’s opinion somewhat. That was an incredibly dangerous thing to do, foolish as well, but it had earned her respect.

She stabled her horse as well as the cart horse and began combing her steed down as Ryn and Ned walked into the Inn. She liked to be alone, which was good because she had spent a great deal of her life alone.

After combing down Torna, she double-checked all of the tack, made sure the cart was secure and headed inside. She could use some food. Once inside she made for the table Lucille and Ryn were at. Ned seemed to have gone elsewhere as he tended to do and so that left them alone. She sat down next to the Dwarf who was already in her cups.

“Where is the tiefling?”

“Eh? Anna? Oh, an Orc lass made some real nice eyes on her and the two of them ducked off awhile ago to go have a romp. Guess they’re still goin at it.”

Casandra let out a sigh of frustration. And there it was. She knew that the tiefling would be trouble. She had probably worked her charms on that woman and seduced her upstairs to do Lady knew what to her. Casandra got up causing Ryn and Lucille to give her odd looks.

“Where you headed blondie?”

“To go and rescue the Orc maiden from our…associate.”

“I..uh…don’t think she wants any rescuing.”

Of course, Lucille would think that. She hadn’t seen how the hellspawn’s face barely showed any expressions. No flush on her cheeks at her outbursts, no look of fear at what was around her, nothing. She was clearly an experienced liar and swindler and had just used them to escape.

“I doubt she was aware of what the hellspawn was doing. I’m sure she is a silver-tongued devil.”

“Think what ya want blondie, but the Orc was the one chasing Anna.” Lucille muttered into her cup. Casandra gave Lucille a look, then she looked to Ryn. The Drow just shrugged before she pulled out her spellbook and began to read. Looked like she was on her own.

“Oh, you’re back. How did it go?”

And there the hellspawn was. Casandra turned to the creature that evi olan escort stood before her, her face devoid of expression as she looked at her. Her hair had been braided at some point, but otherwise, she was wearing what she had been the last time she had laid eyes on her. She was jutting her chest out in an attempt to seduce any who looked upon her, but thankfully the gambeson reduced the effect. It was the same with her rear. It stuck out and she walked with such a swagger that it constantly drew attention to her hips.

Casandra should have known she was a seductress.

“Where is the Orc maiden you have seduced hellspawn.”

She just blinked at Casandra for a few seconds before she held up a single finger.

“Oh, uh, Ritska is upstairs getting cleaned up. She wanted privacy. She braided my hair for me, does it look good?”

Did it- What was this treacherous whore talking about??

“Looks great hun!”

Casandra couldn’t stop the eye roll. Of course Lucille would say that and miss the entire point! Anna’s only reaction was a small grin, so smug.

“Oh, that reminds me, is the market open? I should probably get a proper shirt or something so I don’t get gambeson chafe.”

The market? What was her angle? She didn’t have money? She was a pickpocket! Apparently Lucille and Ryn both had that cross their mind as they gave her a look.

“Did you get paid to-“

Even that didn’t cause her to blush! She had no shame!

“What? Oh no, no, no. I honestly didn’t even think about it. Can’t really go shopping without money right?” the hellspawn said with a small smile and a shrug. The nerve of this creature.

“It’s all right love, Have some of this as an advance on your share.”

At that Casandra finally turned and stared at Lucille.

“Her share.”

“Aye, she did help us out so she’s entitled to at least a small share. Don’t worry Anna, I’ll just take that out of your’s when we split it up.”

The hellspawn just took the small pouch she had been handed and put it in a belt pouch.

“Thanks Lu, I owe ya for that.”

“Ah, no trouble love, go get some decent clothes.”

“Ok, I’ll be back shortly. I hope.”

And with that, the seductress walked away, her hips and tail swaying lewdly as she headed off with Lucille’s money.

“Blondie, you all right? You’re staring.”

Casandra shook her head as she looked down at Lucille.

“She is using you. Using us. I can’t believe I was so blind.”

Lucille raised an eyebrow before she chuckled into her cup.

“Never thought I’d see you talk down a bit of charity blondie.”

“Yes Casandra, I’m rather surprised myself.”

Casandra just shook her head as she turned towards the stairs, seeing an Orc maiden walk in, her cheeks still flushed. Her nostrils flared as her fists clenched.

“She is a manipulative hellspawn. She’s trouble, just as I said back in the dungeon. I take it we have a room?”

Lucille nodded.

“Good. I’m going to bed.”

With that, she stomped off up to their room. She needed to get out of her armor.

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