Waiting on “Daddy”Waiting on “Daddy”


It was 4pm and her honey would be home any minute. She couldn’t wait for him to see what she had in store for their night. Dressed to kill in a plaid mini skirt with black fish net stockings, white button down shirt with a to kill for black bra from Lane Bryant to fully enclose her supple size H breasts, make up done up just right with dark eye shadow and bright red lips. When applying the makeup she thought to herself how nice her lip prints would look around his amazing cock. She even had her hair professionally done to look like a sex kitten.

Already today while showering and shaving every part of her body..ass included of course..she had been thinking about how he would enjoy the surprise she had in store for him. His study had been done up to reflect his classroom and she knew just what he wanted.

Right at 4:15 she heard the garage door go up and the car door shut, she ran to his study and sat down in the student seat she had placed there. “Honey I’m home, where are you, you sex y thing?”

“In here sir.”

The look on his face went from one of tired to lust in mere seconds. “What have we here young lady?”

“I was wondering if you could help me out with this after school project Doctor Hottie?” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse to expose even more cleavage. “It’s really hard” she said as she london escorts moved toward him and led him by his growing cock to his desk.

“Really now? I think I can help you with your problem, you just need to take this off.” He says as he finished unbuttoning her blouse and slides it off her, and unclasps her bra too letting those giant breasts free.

He sat her on top of his desk “You realize young lady, this is quite the dilemma here. Me a teacher, considering sexual relations with his student.”

“But daddy, wouldn’t boinking your own daughter be an even greater dilemma?” she knew pretending to be his daughter and student would make him even more horny, and she was right. He was on her mouth kissing her hard as his tongue danced around in her mouth, his hands reached up and started grabbing her breast rough causing her pussy to be drenched in mere seconds.

“Please please just fuck me daddy. Abuse your little girl’s tight sweet pussy”

He lets out a primal growl and lifts her skirt as he falls to his knees in front of her, his face just inches from her snatch. He takes a deep breath in and can’t believe how good she smells.

A tentative lick along the entire length of her snatch running his tongue around her clit a few times before standing and grabbing her by the hair forcing Escort Girl Dubai his massive 10 inch cock into her mouth “That’s right baby, suck daddy’s cock. Take it all like the good little cock sucking whore you are”

With those words she started bobbing her head up and down trying to get all of it in her mouth with a vengeance.

“God baby, that feels so fucking good. Daddy’s little girl looks soo sexy sucking his cock”

He pulls her back up and spins her around to where her ass is facing him, he lines his cock up with her pussy entrance and shoves it in making her scream out as he fills her completely.

” That’s right daddy fuck my pussy hard. Make me your little slut”

He pistons in and out of her hard and slow. Making her jump with each thrust. Biting her shoulders and pulling her head back making her back arch and those tits stick out.

“Oh, fuck daddy, Yes. Oh fuck fuck fuck. You make my pussy feel so fucking good. OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!”

“That’s right baby cum all over daddy’s cock. I want you to coat my dick in your juices because you. Wanna. Know. Something?” he says putting emphasis on the last with each thrust into her tight snatch. “Daddy’s going to fuck that tiny asshole of yours in just a min” as he inserts one then two fingers into her ass as he’s pounding that tiny pussy.

“Get independent escort dubai ready baby” He slides out of her pussy and pushes into her ass

“Oh. My. GOD. DDDDAAAAAADDDDDYYYYY!!!!!!” She squeals as he starts fucking her hard and fast.

“God baby, your ass is even tighter than your pus! NNNNGGGGHHHHH! I’m not going to last long!”

“Cum in my ass daddy! I want to feel it leak out of my gaping asshole! Your dirty little girl loves the way…nnngh…her daddy is fucking her ass!!”

He fucks her long hard and fast coming all the way out each thrust and then back in. Her screams get louder as she cums again just by him fucking her ass. She starts gripping his cock as he thrusts in and it makes it tighter on his cock.

“I’m going to cum soon…..I’m going to fill that pretty little ass with a shit ton of cum baby….Daddy is going to make you feel so good!”

“Do it Daddy….Fill me with your hot seed”


With that she orgasms again knowing that all that cum is leaking out of her ass. He then surprises her as he licks her asshole clean. She orgasms again that night as he does.

A night of firsts. Anal virginity taken, and he ate his own cum. More wild thoughts are running thru her mind as they both fall on the floor in a heap wore out.

She leans over to kiss him still tasting his salty cum on his lips when he grabs her hand and pulls it down to encase his growing cock…

“Already Daddy?”

“Oh yes sweetheart….Daddy is ready for more”

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