Wagner Park Ch. 06: MarriedWagner Park Ch. 06: Married

Big Tits

One of the best days I ever had with my wife Barbara, sexually that is, was when she watched me suck a cock for the first time. At the time we’d been married about fifteen years and from the very beginning she’d always said to me that she’d like to see me with another guy. Little did she know that I actually craved to have sex with another man. As a senior in high school, long before being married, I’d experimented with gay sex with my high school buddies. Actually I spent almost every Friday night at the Drive-In in the back of James’s van sucking his, Dwayne and Mitchel’s cocks. I must have swallowed a gallon of their cum that year. But when we graduated my Dad got a job transfer to another state. Since it was the 60s and gay sex was still illegal back in those days I was afraid to pursue it so my sucking days were over.

Life went on. . Barb and I started dating and eventually got married.

As it so happened, my wife Barb and I were returning home from a late movie one night. It was about 1:00am and she wanted to go park somewhere and give me a blow job like we use to do before we were married. I guess the movie had gotten to her, whatever it was I didn’t mind a bit. We went to a little park a little out of our neighborhood..

We pulled to a dark spot back behind the baseball field parking lot and started to neck with some heavy petting. Hey, I was with my wife, I figured that I had no worries like if I were with another woman. After a short time, I say about 10-minutes, my cock was in Barb’s hand. She stroked it a few times, then lowering her face to my lap, she started sucking me.

I laid back in the seat, decidedly enjoying myself. Suddenly, I felt a presence to my left and to my surprise there was a guy standing next to my door. He had his cock in his hand jacking off.

To ofise gelen escort be safe, I stopped Barb immediately and told her that we needed to leave the park. To my surprise, Barb called out to this guy asked, “Would you like to join us?”

At first I was a little reluctant figuring not only that Barb wanted a second guy, but this guy could be a serial killer. Well, at her urging and I guess thinking with the wrong head I decided to let the guy sit in the back seat with us in the front.

To my surprise and without any hesitation, this guy hopped into the back seat. Then Barb asked me to do what she’d dreamed of for years, wanting to see me suck a man’s cock and right now this guy’s cock. Truthfully, I was so hot by then that I would have sucked a dozen cocks.

I was surprised again and dumbstruck when this guy eagerly accepted Barb’s fantasy. Unknown to both of us this park was a popular cruising spot for gays so the guy was in the park that night looking for gay sex anyway.

Nervously, I climbed out of the car and moved into the back seat. This guy, I never even got his name, already had his pants open, his dick out and was eagerly leaning sideways against the far door with one foot up on the seat and his leg spread with his other foot on the floor waiting for my drooling mouth to do its nasty work. Kneeling between his out stretched legs, I lowered my face to his lap and engulfed his cock with my salivating mouth.

Sucking cock was like riding a bicycle. You never forget how. Within moments, this guy was moaning, “Ooooh yeah man suck it, suck my cock,” as he thrust his hips upward off the seat trying to get every inch of his hard cock into my hungry mouth.

All this while Barb was peering over the front seat watching otele gelen escort us. At that same time she had her finger inside her pussy fingering herself while she yelled and encouraged me to, “suck harder and harder.” And believe me, I did.

Suddenly this guy’s thrusting and quivering stopped. He grabbed hold of my head, held it in place and then moaned, “Oh god, I’m cummmmmming…I’m cumming,” as he erupted spurting huge gobs of white sticky cum in my mouth and on my face. Knowing exactly what I wanted and craved, I didn’t hesitate for a moment; I started to swallow. Several more bursts of cum flowed in quick succession. I almost chocked on the first blast but quickly adjusted and wolfed it down, slurping as much cum as his balls had to offer.

Once he finished shooting his load into my mouth, the stranger closed up his pants and was out our car so fast that I was left there still on my knees.

With my anonymous lover gone and Barb hotter than a pizza oven, she jumped over into the back seat and literally attacked me. Fucking and kissing me wildly like she hasn’t done in years. As we kissed and fucked, she told me that she could taste cum in my mouth and that she knew it was from the guy that I’d just sucked off. When she said that, I got so hot and bothered that I couldn’t even speak. It made me so hot that after shooting my load of cum into her pussy, I helped myself to a cream-pie snack.

Since then, we’ve started frequenting the local adult bookstore with viewing boots and a porno theater where in both places I’ve sucked off other guys with Barb there watching and sometimes without her there, but either way I always enjoyed the juicy load of hot cum each time. As she grew more confident Barb started bringing anonymous guys home. I never rus escort knew when she was going to run to the store for milk and bread and return with a hard cock for me to suck as well.

The last time I gave a blowjob to anyone was a guy we met in a mall parking lot one night. As we were going to our car he park a few spaces down from us. As he got out of his van Barb told me to wait by the car and walked over and talked to him. They were too far away for me to hear but in a few minutes she motioned him over. By the time I got there he had the side door open and he was back inside his van.

When I walked up Barb said, “I told him that you’d suck his cock.”

With Barb sitting sideways on the driver’s seat so she could see I sucked him off in his van. He’d removed a seat so there was more than enough space for me to kneel and do my thing. As I kneeled between his spread legs with her as an audience really excited me. The guy was tall and not physically attractive but he had a great looking cock and it was really big, a good eight inches.

The musky male smell was almost intoxicating as I lowered my face to his lap. The guy placed his hands on my head as soon as I took his cock in my mouth. It was moist and salty, with a light scent of piss, sweat and dried cum. Not enough to make it repulsive, just enough to make it smell and taste like a cock.

I held his balls in my hand as I bobbed my mouth up and down on his thick shaft. All I could think about was that I was the star of the hour, sucking the one of the biggest cock I ever seen while my wife watched.

I felt that thick tube or vein on the bottom side of his cock swell up. The one that the cum flows through before it spews into my mouth. Feeling the cum flowing through his vein, gave me ample warning to pull away enough so that I could feel the blast of his warm cum on my tongue.

He made so much noise when he erupted in my mouth that I was afraid other mall shoppers that were walking by would hear it.

When he sighed, relieved and satisfied that his balls had been emptied Barb started clapping.

The end…

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