Violet’s Summer, Pt. 01Violet’s Summer, Pt. 01


Hi all! This is part 1 of the Violet’s Summer story. I hope you all enjoy, please let me know if you would like part 2!



Violet sat across the table from her mother and father, both of whom were red with anger. They had been here for the last half hour or so, and the yelling had not ceased. They had chased her boyfriend out of the house and her mom had to stop her dad from running after him.

“What the hell has gotten into you?!” Her dad continued, “youve been eighteen for all of five days and on summer break for two and now youre bringing guys into our house to have sex?”

Violet sat up straight and raised her voice back, “We werent having sex!” she insisted.

Her mom turned from her pacing and retorted, “Don’t play specifics with us! Oral leads to sex every time!”

Violet crossed her arms and sighed, she technically hadnt been having sex, but that was on its way. She had invited her boyfriend over to mess around since her parents were supposed to be at a dinner with friends. They had come home early due to the hosts coming down with something, and walked in on their newly adult daughter giving head to her boyfriend in the living room. They had sex a few days ago for their first time, and her first time ever, and she was hooked. Every day since, she had been at his place nearly constantly having sex. She had hidden her boyfriend from her parents for a while since he was older than her by a few years. They hadnt done anything sexual until she became an adult, but she knew her parents would still reject him.

Now, they would never allow her to see him again. Neither he nor Violet heard her parents come in the door. Both loved to watch porn and put it on whenever they were getting sexual, and the volume hid the sound of the front door and the footsteps of soon to be furious parents. When her parents arrived in the living room, she was half naked giving him head as he sat on the couch, a video of two guys banging one girl playing on the living room tv. He ran the moment he saw her parents, he went straight out the backdoor and hopped the fence, her dad not quite catching him before he vanished.

“Say goodbye to your summer!” her dad was saying, “consider yourself grounded until your senior year starts.”

Her mom chimed in, “And there’s no way you’re coming with us on the family vacation, you don’t deserve that.”

Violet’s mouth opened in protest, “That’s not fair! I have friends there that I only see during the vacation!”

“Friends you would probably just end up hooking up with!” her mom shot back.

Her dad pulled out his phone to make a call and stepped away from the table into another room as Violet responded, “I’m not like that! Just because I do stuff with my boyfriend doesnt make me a whore!”

“Doing what you were doing, while watching what you were watching, while in your parents house makes you an untrustworthy daughter,” Her mom said solemnly.

Violet knew she wasn’t going to win this, she wouldn’t be going on vacation this summer. But, she thought wryly, if she was home alone that meant her boyfriend could come over as much as she wanted.

As that thought was completing in her head, her father returned to the room. “I just got off the phone with your uncle Aaron. You’ll be staying with him while we are gone.”

Her mom turned to her dad, “How did you convince my brother of that? I’m sure he has summer plans of his own, I don’t want to inconvenience him for six weeks.”

“He said it wasn’t a big deal, I explained to him that Violet is grounded and can’t come on the trip and we would have to cancel unless she had a place to go. He said she could sleep on his couch and since he works from home, he can keep an eye on her.”

Violet’s heart was sinking further and further, she loved her uncle Aaron and liked hanging out with him, but to be constantly watched by her mom’s brother for 6 weeks while they were off having fun sounded terrible. She opened her mouth to protest, but the look she got from both her parents let her know this wasn’t up for negotiation.

“Pack your bags right now, we are taking you over in the morning.” Her dad said, with a tone that indicated there was no more discussion to be had.

Violet walked to her room and began throwing clothes in her bag. Her uncle lived near the ocean, so she made sure to pack swimsuits, regular clothes, and a few nicer outfits in case she convinced him to let her go out. She checked her phone for the first time and saw a few texts from her boyfriend telling her to video call him. She locked her bedroom door, put on headphones, and called. When he answered, it was clear he was in his room at home getting ready for work.

He smiled as he said, “Hey babe, I wasn’t sure if I was going to need to call the police the way your dad ran at me, how did things turn out?”

She sighed and recounted the yelling match with her parents. She told him about what they had said bursa escort to her, and finally about them not letting her go on the vacation.

“That’s not cool at all, I was going to drive out there while you were there so we could see each other while you were there. Where does your uncle live?”

She grimaced, “About three hours further away from the vacation site.”

“Damn,” he said, shaking his head, “There’s no way I would be able to do that with work, and I’m about to head there now. Does that mean I don’t get to see you for the whole time?”

She nodded her head sadly, “I think so, but I can see you the first thing when I get back!”

He appeared to be thinking for a moment, then looked at her and smiled, “Absolutely! Hey I have to go to work, I’ll be working until after you’re asleep so this will be the last I talk to you before you leave.”

Her face dropped, “Alright babe, I understand.”

He gave her a sly grin, “Mind showing me a little something to remember you by?”

She sighed in mock resignation, threw a glance at the door, and pulled down her shirt, revealing her perfectly sculpted C cups. She hefted one in each hand and looked at the camera seductively, “Something like this?” she asked coyley.

“Perfect,” he said playfully, “I’m going to miss those. I have to go babe, try to have fun.”

She blew him a kiss as he ended the call. She flopped back onto her bed. She was angry, frustrated, and now horny. Earlier she had been moments away from having sex, and now she had just shown her boyfriend her boobs, and his look got her going again. She made sure the door was locked and used her phone to find the video that they had been watching while she blew him. She watched as the two men ravaged the woman, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. Violet slid her hand into her pants, beneath her panties and slowly rubbed. She sighed heavily, thinking about what had almost happened that night. She rubbed faster and faster and timed her orgasm with the one of the actress in the video. She flopped back onto the bed, breathing fast and slightly light headed. She crawled under the covers and closed her eyes, her mind drifting to the coming weeks. It had been a year or two since she had seen her uncle Aaron. She remembered him always being the classic fun uncle: a little overweight and always making dumb jokes. She wondered how she would survive six weeks with no boyfriend, sex, or freedom. With those thoughts, she drifted off to sleep.


Violet sat in the back seat of her parents car as they made the long drive to her uncle Aaron’s house. They were driving past the summer vacation spot to drop her off, then would turn back to start their vacation. Violet sat staring at her phone, reading the message from her boyfriend that she had woken up to that morning. He told her that he decided that since six weeks was pretty much half the time they had been together, he wasn’t going to wait. He told her that he went home with his coworker that night and maybe they would talk again in a few months. Violet tried to call him, but she was sent straight to voicemail each time. She had cried when she read the message that morning, and silently cried again in the car as she had read it again and again.

“Violet, are you awake back there?” her mom called from the passenger’s seat, “we are about five minutes away.”

“Yea I’m awake,” she mumbled back. She looked out the window for the first time in a long time, and was surprised at her surroundings. Last she had remembered, her uncle had lived in a more modest part of town, about 30 minutes inland from the ocean. The houses here were stunningly sleek, and she could see the vast blue water in between the passing houses. They continued on for a few minutes before pulling the car into the driveway of one of the nicest houses Violet had ever seen. It was a large house, with a four car garage, sleek modern architecture, and Violet could make out the pavilion of a rooftop pool area.

‘Maybe this summer won’t be so bad,’ Violet thought to herself as she stepped out of the car. She went around to the back and grabbed her two suitcases and then headed to the driver’s side window.

“Say hi to your uncle for us,” her dad said, “we have burned a lot of time already and have to hurry to make the check in time so we won’t be coming in.”

She smiled fakely and nodded, he smiled back and rolled up the window as she saw the last of them for the next six weeks.

She rolled her bags up the ornate driveway and rang the doorbell.

“Violet is that you?” called a voice. She spun around looking for the source, recognizing the voice as her uncle.

She called back, “Hi uncle Aaron, yea Im at the front door. Where are you?”

“I’m at the pool on the roof!” He replied, “I wasn’t expecting you for another hour! Come on up! Go through the house to the backyard bursa escort bayan and take the steps up here.”

Violet pushed the door open and stepped into her home for the next several weeks. The inside was more impressive than the outside, everything was shiny and sleek. The house was the nicest she had ever been in. As she made her way towards the back, she passed the largest kitchen she had ever witnessed, beautiful art, and a massive TV in the living room that looked bigger than any she had seen in the store. She left her bags by the back door and made her way up the stairs to the pool.

As she looked around, she heard the voice of her uncle, “Hi there hun!”

She turned and saw her uncle as he was walking towards her from a lounge chair. As she saw him, she swore softly. This was not the uncle she knew from a few years ago, it couldn’t be. Her uncle Aaron was a little overweight, slightly unkempt hair with pale skin. The man walking towards her couldn’t be more different. He was fit, really fit. He was about six foot as he always was, but his body was more tanned, and definitely more toned. His arms showed well defined muscles, his shirtless body was adorned with well maintained abs, and his hair was so on fashion it looked like a magazine. As he walked towards her, a debonair smile on his face, Violet froze.

“Hey Vi, how are you?” he said as he stooped over to wrap her five foot six frame up in a hug. She tried to break from her trance and slowly wrapped her arms around him to hug back, her hands landing on a well muscled back.

He squeezed one more and broke off the hug, and noticed her slightly shocked. “What’s wrong?” he asked, “do you not like ‘Vi’ anymore?”

She shook her head, “No that’s not it at all,” she stammered. She had actually forgotten about the nickname he had always called her as she had grown up. “It’s just been so long since I’ve seen you, and you look so different!”

Her uncle laughed softly and looked down at his own body, “yea I have changed a lot over the last few years, but look at you!” he exclaimed, gesturing up and down towards her, “you’ve grown into a proper woman! And if my math is right, you just turned eighteen last week right?”

She nodded at him while still taking in his body, “Yup, eighteen just a few days ago.”

He shook his head in mock despair, “You’re making me feel quite old at 37, young lady!” He suddenly looked as if he had had a realization. “I’m so sorry here I stand talking and you just had a long trip, are you hungry?”

Violet nodded slightly, she hadn’t eaten that morning due to being upset about her breakup, and she was all of a sudden quite hungry.

“Come on, let’s go inside.” He said, raising his hand in a gesture for her to go down the stairs, “We can catch up while I get you something to eat.”

They made their way inside and Violet sat one one of the barstools that sat by the large island in the kitchen as her uncle donned the shirt that he had left on the counter before going outside. Uncle Aaron asked her if she had anything that sounded good. She didn’t, so he began rummaging in the fridge and pantry for ingredients and started cooking.

While he cooked, Violet asked, “Last time I came to visit you, you were living in a place that was…” she paused, not wanting to insult how he had used to live.

“Less fancy?” He finished for her, turning slightly to add a smile.

“Sure,” she replied with a laugh.

“Well,” he started as he continued cooking something that smelled delicious, “When you saw me last I was pretty down on my luck. Things weren’t looking good, then a friend approached me and asked if I wanted to invest in his startup. I looked over his numbers and thought he had something awesome going. I sold everything that I had and invested every last dollar into his company. Two months later, the company went public and I started getting monthly checks.”

“How much were those checks?” she asked, quickly adding, “if that’s not too personal.”

He turned to give her a smile that made her heart flutter, her mind was racing and she was trying to reason with herself, ‘Violet pull yourself together, this is your uncle! Your hot, muscular, built…’ her thoughts trailed off and she realized that her uncle had answered her question and she had missed it. She tuned back in as he was saying “.. I had never seen so many zeros in one place in my life. Now, I get paid to sit at home and take a weekly meeting with the other members of the board.”

He turned around with a plate of amazing looking seared steak and some pan roasted vegetables. Her mouth dropped, “So you can cook too!”

He laughed modestly, “only steak and cereal,” he joked.

As she began to eat, he pulled a stool near her and asked, “So why is it you’re missing out on a family vacation for the first time and stuck with your uncle for six weeks?”

She paused mid bite, not sure how to respond. She didn’t want him to think badly of her. ‘On the other hand,’ she considered, escort bursa ‘what was so bad about her uncle knowing?’

She signed and said, “My parents.. uh.. caught me with my boyfriend.”

Uncle Aaron looked at her inquisitively, “What do you mean? They found out you had a boyfriend?”

She bit her lip and shook her head in a way to say, ‘sort of’. “They didn’t know I was seeing someone, but it wasnt that I was seeing someone. It was more so… what we were doing.”

Understanding dawned in her uncle’s eyes, with a level of severity he said, “And what was it you were doing?”

She blushed and turned her head at his solemness. When she looked up, the serious look had faded and was replaced with a knowing and boyish grin, “Or is that too personal?” he joked, calling back to her question earlier.

She laughed slightly, and decided to tell him the truth. “Well, my parents came home to see me with no shirt on blowing him on the couch,” she declared, adding on, “with porn on the TV.”

Her uncle’s eyes widened and his mouth opened in disbelief. He laughed slightly and said, “well I never thought I would hear my niece say that to me! What happened next?”

“No more fun details im afraid,” she responded, finishing up her plate. “Other than he dumped me this morning since I was going to be gone for six weeks,” she added. It was only as she said that that she realized that she hadn’t thought of him since she had been there, and that she was hardly sad anymore.

Uncle Aaron gave her a sad look, “I’m sorry Vi, it doesn’t sound like you’ve had a good few days.” He cleared her plate and added, “I’m surprised your mom came down so hard on you, especially after all her shenanigans in the past.”

Violet shook her head confused, “What do you mean? Mom always said she was a pretty good kid when she was my age.”

Her uncle scoffed, “Well, she was definitely good at some things. Wait here I will be right back.”

He quickly went upstairs and came back down a minute later with an old yearbook in his hand. He went to put it in front of her, but pulled it away, saying, “Your mom would kill me if she knew I showed you this, you promise you wont tell her anything?”

She shook her head vigorously, “I’m not a huge fan of my parents right now, whatever you say or do is a secret.”

He nodded in satisfaction and put the yearbook down on the counter, flipping to a page showing a collage of photos. He pointed to one that had a gorgeous blonde that she recognized as her mom. She was standing in the middle of a basketball court, surrounded by twelve guys dressed in jerseys. All were smiling big, with the scoreboard in the back showing their team had barely taken the win.

“This photo was taken in her senior year, and the story behind it made your mom a legend at the school. This was the championship game for the year, and at halftime, the team was down by a lot. During halftime, after the coach gave his speech and left, your mom snuck into the locker room. She told the players that if they promised her they could win, she would flash her boobs for them right then”

She looked up at her uncle and caught his eye. Violet’s heart quickened and she looked back down to the photo as he continued the story. “Of course, as any guys would, they all said yes, and your mom let the whole team feel her up in the locker room. As they went to go back to the court, she added that she would suck the dick of every player that scored in the second half, as long as they won. “

Violet’s head snapped up and looked at her uncle, “There’s no way! My mom said that?!”

He nodded, “and the story isn’t done there. She also said that she would let whoever the coach said was the MVP have sex with her however he wanted. Do you want all the details”

Violet shook her head yes, the buildup was driving her crazy, and she could feel herself getting wet. She tried to compose herself, ” If my mom did it, I want to know everything. So I see that they won, did she follow through with it? And If she did, which one did she do?”

Her uncle Aaron pointed to one of the guys in the photo, then another, then another, until he had pointed to every player on the team. “This was the biggest comeback in the school’s history, and in the coach’s speech after the game, he said that every player was the MVP. This was taken right after the game. They all took a few cars to one of the players’ houses whose parents were out of town. The way your mom told me the story is-“, before he could continue, Violet interrupted.

“Wait wait wait, she told you this story herself? Weren’t you in like eighth grade at the time?”

He nodded, “Yes and yes, but she told me the story when I was in high school and I heard the rumors. As I was saying, what your mom told me is this. She stripped in front of all of them, and then they all undressed and stood around her and she kept her promise to blow every one of them. Then, it was time for the other promise. The first guy picked her up, pulled her legs open, and slid her down onto his cock. He did that for a few minutes and passed her on to the next guy, your mom never touching the ground. As the second guy began thrusting, the first went behind her, and began to fuck her in her ass.”

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