Veronica’s WagerVeronica’s Wager


*Author’s Note – This is my first submission and I would like to give a very special THANK YOU to serephina265 for her editorial assistance. She is a tremendous asset to Literotica. Thank you!*

Veronica was a petite twenty-something with dark hair that was long and wavy. She had a contagious smile and a laugh that could brighten up even the rainiest of days. She looked amazing in her tank top and shorts, her perky breasts jutting out ever so enticingly. Several times throughout the day we had been talking when someone would push past us, and I had to believe that she made every attempt to graze her breasts against my arm whenever the opportunity presented itself. It was the fourth of July, and this was my first big outing since coming home from the Army. I had agreed to go out with my sister that day, figuring a day spent at Sylvan beach would be a great chance to relax and enjoy the holiday. Veronica was a friend of a one of my sister’s friends, and we ended up carpooling to the beach. The forty-five minute car ride was a great icebreaker as seating worked out, Veronica sat next to me and before we knew it, we were chatting like old friends. After spending the day drinking at the beach and just hanging out, things seemed to be moving along nicely. At one point she started talking about her career running cross-country back in high school. I had mentioned my own running past; to which she threw down the gauntlet “I bet I could beat you in a race!”

I looked at her surprised, but feeling the excitement responded, “That’s some pretty big talk… are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?” I looked at her and gave her a challenging smile. Knowing that she was all talk, I didn’t expect her to back it up. But she surprised me…

“Sure!” She said with a touch of excitement in her voice. “Winner gets to make the loser do whatever they want.” She looked up and gave me a sheepish grin. I liked where this was heading.

“You’re really willing to put that on the line? I do have quite a good mind for coming up with things losers can do.” I was giving her one final chance to back down. Perhaps it was her pride that made her agree, or maybe the alcohol was giving her an inflated sense of confidence… or maybe she just really wanted me to have that control over her.

“Oh I have no doubt, but you’ll never win, so it won’t matter. Plus I have a lot of yard-work that needs doing, and having an army-boy on call would be perfect!” She was adding fuel to the fire, so I had to play along.

“Alright” I responded. “Shall we have one of our friends here give the signal to go?”

The sun was just starting to set against the water, making for a spectacular beachfront view. I pointed it out and as Veronica turned to look, I got a nice glimpse down her shirt. She had on this light pink bra that made her breasts look exquisite. I couldn’t wait to get this race on…

We both walked up the beach and removed our shoes. We stood next to each other, identified the start and finish lines, and waited for my sister to give us a starting signal. She called us up to the start line then gave us a countdown, “On your mark, get set…. GO!” I watched Veronica race a few steps and knew right away she could never beat me. I gave her a head start of a few seconds then started to catch up. She heard me coming up behind and tried to speed up faster, but I kept gaining on her. We both saw the finish line creeping up and as we neared it, I caught up to her. She had a focused look of determination and for a brief second she matched me, stride for stride. But as the finish line loomed I pulled away, beating her by just a couple seconds. Placing my hands on my head I turned around and smiled, knowing what my prize would be.

Veronica had her hands on her knees and looked over at me. “So…” She panted, breathlessly. “You won. I am a woman of my word, what did you want me to do?” Finally having caught her breath, she walked over to stand close to me. I could see small beads of sweat on her brow, and it seemed like our little race had really gotten her blood pumping.

I looked around at the darkening beach and realized that our little race had taken us father away from the party than we had anticipated. While there were still some folks on the beach, none were within earshot of us. Still though, I wanted a little more privacy. Seeing a bend in the beach and a bit of foliage, I decided to make my move.

“I will tell you, but not here. Follow me.” I turned and headed into the brush line, seeing a walking path before me. I looked back and saw her following with a quizzical look on her face. After walking a little ways into the wooded area I stopped. There was this beautiful rocky bluff overlooking the water, with a natural rock formation blocking two sides and the tree line behind us, this was a perfectly secluded location. I turned to Veronica as she walked up.

“Yes?” she said, in a voice laced with anticipation.

I eyed her hungrily and reached out, one hand going behind her back and the other Artvin Escort behind her head. I pulled her against my body, feeling my pelvis grind against hers. She tilted her head and I leaned in, kissing her with excited abandon. She responded with equal force, crushing her breasts into my chest and stroking her fingers along my back.

We broke the kiss after several moments and she looked up at me, I could see the fire smoldering in her eyes. “You still haven’t told me what you want me to do…”

I held her gaze for a moment before responding, my voice barely more than a whisper. “I want you to cum while my cock is inside you.”

Almost before I finished saying the words, she knelt down, unzipped my pants and reached inside to pull out my rapidly growing member. She took it into her mouth and started to gently suck, adding a rocking motion as her lips slid up and down my shaft. She looked up at me while sucking, gently stroking with her hand as her mouth continued bobbing up and down. I watched as she popped my cock out of her mouth then looked up at me as her hand continued stroking. I could see her smile excitedly as she moved lower, her tongue and lips finding my balls. In an instant I was rock hard, my hips unconsciously rocking in motion with her strokes. She licked my balls playfully, then sucked them into her mouth, first one, letting her tongue caress all around it; then moving to the other and repeating the motion. I felt unbelievable waves of pleasure as she worked me to brink of orgasm. As if she sensed my pending eruption, she slowed down, returning my cock to her mouth. She removed her hand and slowly started to move her mouth down the shaft. I could feel her tongue caressing the underside of my shaft, as she slowly, ever so slowly worked her way down. After several moments, her nose was buried in my pubic region and my entire length was in her mouth. She backed all the way and repeated the motion, deep throating my cock several times. I could her hear make soft moaning noises, and I knew she was enjoying this almost as much as I was. She kept going, and before I knew it I was back on the brink of orgasm.

Again she seemed to sense it, but instead of backing off like I expected, she continued sucking me off. She looked up and me and nodded slightly, acknowledging what was about to happen. I sighed and relaxed, allowing her to take me over the edge. With a primal grunt, my cock exploded in her mouth. One of the most powerful orgasms of my life took over, and she continued to slide her mouth up and down my length. As the first jet sprayed into her mouth, I could feel her throat constrict as she swallowed my seed. She continued to stroke my cock as I deposited load after load into her mouth. Without losing a single drop she milked my cock, finally backing off after my orgasm ceased.

Veronica stood up, looked me straight in the eye and smiled. “You taste wonderful,” she said with a passionate tone. “I hope you don’t mind, but sometimes I need a nice long fuck, and I didn’t want you to finish before I was ready to cum.”

“I don’t mind at all” I responded, knowing that I would enjoy bring to orgasm just as much as she did me. “But I think you’re definitely wearing too many clothes…” I reached over and hooked a finger through one of the belt loops on her pants. I pulled her close again, bending my head down to kiss her gently. Letting our lips meet, we shared a soft, tender kiss. Then my lips moved down tracing light kisses along the sensitive skin of her neck. She shivered lightly and I could see goose bumps forming on along her arms and legs. I knew I was in the right area. I tilted her head to the side and slowly worked my lips up to her left ear, gently nibbling on the lobe and sucking it into my mouth. She gasped and moaned, her hands grabbing and pulling me closer.

While my lips were sending chills up and down her body, my hands had successfully found the button on her shorts and undone it, along with the zipper. With a gentle push her shorts fell to the ground, leaving her standing there with just a tank top and thong. She kicked her shorts to the side as my hands moved to the bottom of her shirt and slowly started lifting. I broke away from kissing her only long enough to lift her shirt over her head.

I threw her shirt to the side and looked down. Standing there in just her bra and thong, Veronica looked stunning. Her long, black hair fell past her shoulders, and her pink bra and matching thong offset her tan skin wonderfully. I was speechless, looking at one of the most beautiful women I’d ever encountered.

“Like what you see?” She asked provocatively. I was in awe as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. With very slow and deliberate motions, she pulled first one strap, then the other down her arms, all the while holding the cups in place. She paused; looking at me to make sure she had my full attention.

I could feel my pulse racing. Gazing at her lovely body I watched as she slowly lowered her hands. Her breasts bounced Artvin Escort Bayan lightly as their covering was removed, and I could see two of the most impressive breasts ever created. They were full and round, natural breasts with just the slightest ounce of sag to them. I reached forward and cupped them in my hands, running my thumbs over her nipples. She shivered as I bent down to take one into my mouth, sucking gently and flicking it with my tongue. Her hands went behind my head, pulling me closer as she moaned in pleasure. My fingers tweaked her other nipple, as my mouth was a motion of activity. I finally moved over, leaving a trail of kisses between her breasts. I began to repeat my oral ministrations on her other breast, feeling this one harden in my mouth.

She was panting in excitement as her fingers combed through my hair. She was in ecstasy as I let my hands begin traveling down her body. With just the lightest touch, my fingertips descended down from her breasts, along her rib cage and past her navel. She squirmed as my right hand began to slowly work down along the front of her thong, gently adding pressure as it moved along her sensitive area. Her legs parted slightly as my hand moved, allowing me to continue unobstructed. I could feel her wetness begin soaking into her thong, and she gasped as my fingers found their way underneath the cloth. With an urgent motion she pushed my head away from her breast and stepped back, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. In one swift motion she removed her last article of clothing, finally standing before me completely nude. I marveled at how gorgeous she was, standing there in the middle of this clearing. She had an athletic body, tone muscles, perky breasts and a very small tuft of hair above her labia. The fire in my eyes was apparent as I notice how well manicured she kept her pubic region.

She looked at me with a passionate eagerness as she said, “Your turn.” Realizing that I was still fully clothed, I reached down to lift my shirt over my head. Veronica admired my toned upper body as I loosed my shorts and dropped them to the ground. She whistled as I lowered my boxers, finally removing the last of my clothing. I reached down to pick up our discarded clothing, laying them down to form a makeshift blanket. I reached back for Veronica and guided her down onto her back, ensuring she was comfortable before I joined her. We lay next to each other, kissing with a fiery passion as our hands continued exploring the others bodies. After several moments I shifted, swinging my leg over her waist so I could sit up and straddle her. I bent down and started kissing my way down her body. My lips left her neck and made their way down to her nipples, giving them each a moment of attention before leaving to kiss their way down her flat stomach. I reached down behind her left knee and lifted her leg, letting my lips move up to meet the tender flesh inside her thigh. I gazed down at her as my lips began to move up the inside of her thigh…

She was writhing in anticipation, as my lips grew nearer to her most intimate of places. As I hovered above her, I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. Her eyes were closed and her breasts rose and fell with each gasp of air. I could hear her whispering softly under her breath, panting, “please, oh please, oh mmmm”. I stuck my tongue out and lightly dragged it across her skin, from the uppermost part of her inner thigh right until I met the valley between her leg and labia. “Oh God!” she gasped loudly, as I neared her moistness. I lifted her left knee in similar fashion, and spread her legs as wide as I could. She lay there exposed before me, pleading with me to end the anticipation.

I placed her left calf over my shoulder as I settled down before her. Blowing a soft breath across her mound, I gazed at what could only be perfection. She was completely hairless, with the exception of a very small patch above her clitoris. There was a moist dampness glistening from her labia and dripping down the cleft between her legs. I stayed there for a moment, hearing her pant and watching her gyrate her hips in eager anticipation. With the sweet smell of her arousal filling my nose, I leaned forward, gently placing my tongue between her labia and began to run it up her slit. When I reached her clitoris, I opened my mouth and sucked it between my lips, lightly running my tongue around it. Her whole body quivered as I applied a gentle sucking motion. I continued repeated the motion again, running my tongue from the bottom of her labia to her clit, then sucking her back into my mouth. After several passes I brought my right hand down between her legs. Continuing to suck and lightly nibble on her clit, I used my index finger to continue stroking her labia. I could instantly feel the arousal from her body radiating from between her legs, so I slowly started to push my finger into her tightness.

Her eyes opened and her back arched, feeling the gentle penetration of her most intimate Escort Artvin region. With a gasp for air, I felt her hips begin to rock back and forth, trying to get more of my finger inside her. “More… oh please more… yessss!” she cried out as my finger finally reached as far as it could go. As I began pulling my finger back out, I started adding a circular motion, pressing up against her g-spot. From the rapid increase in her panting to the sudden flood of moisture coating my hand, I could tell she was lost in ecstasy. I continued massaging the inside of her walls with my finger, stroking her g-spot slowly and rhythmically.

I could feel her body move in symphony with the attention I was giving it. Like a conductor guiding an orchestra, I had her body rising and falling with each of my directed movements. Suddenly her body shook with a spasm and her legs locked around my head. I started sucking on her clitoris with a little more force and added more pressure to her g-spot. She had a very far off look in her eyes as she cried out, “Oh God! Oh God! I’m close… I’m… cumming!” Her whole body shook violently as spasm after spasm shot through her. My lips were caressing her clitoris and I continued to stroke my finger across her g-spot until she finally settled down.

After a while her legs unclenched and I was able to glance up, seeing her smile down at me. “That was amazing,” she said, panting to catch her breath. I shifted to move up her body, kissing my way up her quivering stomach, up to her sensitive breasts, again giving special attention to her nipples, and then finally kissing my way up her neck back to her lips. We shared a very long and tender kiss, her hands coming up to caress my cheeks. I felt her body relax after a few moments and we just held each other, content with the feeling of skin against skin.

After a short rest I felt my hardness returned, and slowly started to run the tip against her soft labia. Veronica gasped at me and moaned, “Don’t tease me, please just don’t tease me…” her voice trailed off as I adjusted my angle and started pushing forward. I could feel her resistance to the size of my member, but with a slow and steady push I was able to gain a slight entrance. She was still incredibly wet from her orgasm, and the lubrication aided my attempt to penetrate her.

With a determined push, the head of my cock gained access to her most intimate of places. Her eyes instantly widened at the intrusion, but her legs wrapped around my waist and her body encouraged me to go deeper. I slowly pushed forward, allowing her time to adjust to me before going further. Her arms wrapped around my back and I could feel her nails drag across my skin. I continued to push into her, feeling her tightness grip my shaft every inch along the way. She was panting heavily and rocking her hips, trying to get me to speed up.

“Fuck me. Please, fuck me hard” she whispered in my ear.

I shifted my weight onto my left arm and knees, leaving my right hand free to move up and caress her breasts. I teased one nipple, pinching lightly as I buried my hardness completely inside her. As I slowly began to withdraw, I also began pulling on her nipple, matching the rhythm I had started. With each thrust in I would pinch her nipple, and pull it as I withdrew. She was moaning into my ear, “Harder, oh please harder!”

I ignored her pleas and continued my assault on her intimacy with a slow and steady pace. I could tell it was driving her crazy, as her hips continued bucking and her legs squeezed around my waist. She gazed up at me, fire in her eyes and panted, “Please, make me cum again… I want to cum on you so badly”.

I leaned back, putting all my weight on my knees. From this position I was able to pull both of her legs up against my chest, freeing up my hands. As I continued to rock in and out of her moistness, I moved my hand down and began to stroke her clitoris with my thumb, matching each of my thrusts. She gasped and I could see her toes clenching in time to my movements. I knew from this position I could not get as deep as we would both like, so after a bit I stopped thrusting and started shifting. She felt me stop moving and looked up, giving me a very pouty expression.

“Don’t worry, we’re not done yet.” I said with a devilish grin, “Roll over for me”. She complied without question, and I reached down to pull her up by her hips. She pulled her knees up under herself but kept her shoulders and head resting on the ground. She began to wave her ass in the air as she glanced back at me. She smiled at me with lust-filled eyes, “I love it this way,” she said.

I knelt behind her, reaching forward to grab her hips and guide myself up to her. She reached back between her legs and found my hard cock. She gripped it firmly and rubbed my head against the slit of her moistness, moaning with pleasure. She then placed it against her entrance and slowly began arching her back. She held my rod steady as she rocked her hips backwards, pushing my cock inside her wetness in a smooth and rhythmic motion. When I was completely buried inside her, she removed her hand and folded her arms under her head. She began to rock her hips forward and back, fucking herself against my cock. She was breathing deeply and moaning heavily, getting lost in the sensation.

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