Vegas with Gail and KatieVegas with Gail and Katie


Katie was a friend from three projects ago who I’d met in New York. She was a great laugher, and smarter than a whip. She’d flirted with me, and suggested that she & her husband occasionally had sex with other couples – she suggested I bring my wife Gail out and we all spend a weekend.

I’d been tempted, I’ll admit it. I’d even discussed it with my wife Gail who’d been looking for an opportunity to have sex with a woman again. But before we could make it happen, her life exploded and she showed up at our house in the Bay Area of California looking for a place to stay for a bit while she decided whether to leave her husband.

I took off for a three-day business trip the next day, and when I came home on Thursday night, they met me at the airport and told me we were all going to Las Vegas for the weekend.

We drove to Vegas in a mild haze of lust and laughter.

Checked into the Bellagio and followed the bellman with our bags through the lobby and casino to the elevators and up to our floor. Opened the door to our room, and after the bellman dropped our bags and we tipped him and he closed the door, we all stood for a second and looked at each other. Then Katie and I took Gail and began to undress her. Sweater, t-shirt, sandals, jeans, underwear. She stood nude in front of us, shyly covering her pussy with both hands.

Gail is Japanese, tiny, with muscular runner’s legs and arms and a tiny waist that somehow turns to a slightly rounded belly. At the bottom is her silky pubic hair, trimmed to a neat triangle ending just at the fold, with her full dark labia sticking out just a tiny bit and disappearing between her legs.

I started to kiss her and press her to me while Katie stepped behind her and sandwiched her neatly. Then Gail turned to Katie and began to undress her. Cardigan, camisole, brassiere and her large conical breasts were free, the right slightly bigger and lower than the left, her nipples and aureoles a bright pink to go with her pale skin. Gail knelt and undid her shoes and pulled them off, and then unclasped Katie’s belt and the button of her jeans and pulled them down halfway while Katie folded her arms over her breasts.

She was wearing a thong, and Gail pulled it down into the jeans, and pulled them off. Katie had a thin waist over hips that were just wider than narrow. Her belly sagged slightly over her pubic bone, and her pubic hair was a reddish brown bristly bush trimmed in a neat triangle over slit. She had a strong smelling pussy, and the moment Gail pulled down her pants we smelled her musk.

The two of them stood nude and clasped each other, and then turned to me. I’d been rapt, watching them and caught in a haze of lust and affection.

They quickly pulled off my polo shirt and dropped my pants, leaving my erection trapped in my underwear as they removed my shoes and my pants. They didn’t talk, but had common purpose as they rubbed my cock through my underwear until it stood completely erect, and only then did they strip me bare.

Gail knelt and took me in her mouth while Katie leaned in, pressed herself to me and kissed me. Then Katie knelt down and shared my cock with Gail. The two of them began to kiss each other and caress each other’s breasts, ignoring me.

I pulled Katie up and began to push her onto the bed, but she pushed me away and said “Gail first.”

Gail knelt at the edge of the bed and offered her ass to me. I reached down and cupped her pussy, feeling the heat of it. I slipped my fingers between her lips and brought the wetness out and rubbed it over her lips.

Gail’s pussy always displays her inner lips, which change from a medium pink to a dark red-purple at the outer edges when she becomes aroused. She was very aroused, so her lips were dark, prominent and glistening.

Katie reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock and gently rubbed it, then pulled me forward and rubbed the head of it up and down Gail’s slit, covering my head in Gail’s wetness. Then she pushed my head into Gail and pulled her hand away as I slowly slipped into my wife’s tight wetness.

…I lost track of things from there.

What do I remember?

Laying on my back, with Katie straddling me. When she leaned slightly forward, I’d bump her cervix and she’s make a short, sharp squeal. If she hit a rhythm like that, she’d squeal on each stroke, until she drove herself Kemankeş Escort down onto me and the outer mouth of her pussy clenched strongly around me as she lowered her reddened face and looked at me from under her brow and grimaced. I reached up her sides, and felt the trickles of sweat running down her sides, and traced my wet fingers out to her stiff pink nipples.

Then Gail straddled my face, rocking her hips as my tongue and lips swept back and forth over her swollen and reddish pussy lips and sipped her sweet thick juices. She leaned forward and held Katie, who was still breathing hard from coming.

I held Gail by the waist, my fingers pressing down on the swelling of her ass as I softened my tongue, swept it over her clit, and then did it again with a firm tongue. Then I ran my tongue over the back edge of her pussy, and then as deep into it.

Katie reached up and held Gail’s face and kissed her, and then ran her hands down to her breasts, cupping them as her thumbs rolled over her erect dark nipples. Gail hung from Katie’s neck with one arm, the other reaching from breast to breast, and then down to where my now stiffening cock entered her.

As Gail gets more excited, she begins to mutter.

“Jesus. Oh Jesus. “


“Jesus, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

…pretty much every time. She usually comes with my tongue on her pussy, and like often when she does, this time, I feel her labia stiffen and then throb closed and open and closed and open.

Katie pulled Gail to her and kissed her, as Gail caught her breath.

I began to rock back and forth, gently in and out of Katie who drove herself down onto me and then lifted herself off, leaving me overstimulated and hard as a rock. Gail knelt down and licked me, savoring Katie’s strong taste. I began to rock up and down, and Katie leaned in and began licking the base of my cock. Gail opened her jaw and slid her lips up and down and then just kissed the tip as Katie gently pushed her aside and took me into her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip. Gail took my balls into her mouth and gently sucked them, and suddenly I was coming – without the usual preliminary feeling of fullness and tension. Katie sucked it all in and then licked my shaft, and Gail brought her mouth up to catch the come tricking down. She lifted her head and she and Katie kissed, slurping come back and forth and then embraced.

Gail lay Katie back and kissed her while caressing her breasts. She moved down and began kissing them as I moved up and held Katie’s face and kissed her mouth. I held her head while watching Gail kiss her way down Katie’s body to her crotch. She opened her legs and gazed at her pussy with a transfixed look for a moment and then slowly brought her head down toward her bush and buried her face.

I saw her move her face up and down over Katie’s pussy, with her eyes on fire as Katie closed hers and threw her head back. I held Katie’s head as Gail ate her. My attention went back and forth between the curve of Katie’s belly and edge of her bush where I saw Gail’s forehead and her intent eyes looking down – and Katie’s rapt face slowly turning red from the neck up.

Katie bit her lip and groaned, and I leaned down and kissed her throat while I kneaded her breasts. She rocked her hips into Gail’s face and then lay still panting.

Gail kept her face there, and made slow rotating movements. Katie breathed deeply and then moaned. Gail began to lick her again.

I kissed my way down Katie’s body and kissed Gail on the back of her head. I slowly kissed my way down her back and when I reached the small of her back, I reached down and caressed her vulva and felt her wetness.

I moved behind her and rubbed my stiffening cock against her warmth. I slipped in slowly while Gail strained against me and kept her face working against Katie. As I slid into her she moved her head up, and then as I pulled out, she moved it down. Katie began to moan again, and Gail moved her finger unto her pussy as Katie came again. Hearing that started my orgasm building, and then as it burst, I drove into Gail so hard she fell forward onto Katie’s belly. She buried her face between her breasts, and I drove in, came, pulled out, drove in again, and again…until I was completely spent and collapsed across Gail’s back. When my breathing Escort Kemankeş slowed down, I licked the small drops of sweat that beaded down the crease of her back.

We went to dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel – and expensive Cajun fish place. And we walked through the hotel laughing and holding hands, the rest of the people there invisible to us. We ate and drank, heads down toward each other at the table like it was a first date, which I guess it kind of was. We shared each other’s food, and then split an immense cobbler, dusted with spicy chili & chocolate powder, and dashed back to our room.

Gail was laying on her back, legs open as Katie made moaning sounds between the wet smacking sounds as she licked her. I was kissing Gail’s breasts, and pulling her hard nipples into my mouth. Gail was bright red, her mouth open and eyes closed. She was too excited to talk, so she just made panting noises that got shorter and louder until she arched her back and bit her lip and grabbed Katie’s head and pulled it into her crotch. I moved up to kiss her lips and feel her deep shuddering breaths as she made an unintelligible groan that rose and rose in volume until it became a hoarse scream.

She threw her hips up and down as Katie tried to hang on and managed to keep screaming for what seemed like a minute. It’s still the most intense orgasm I’ve ever seen her have.

Katie and I were spooned, my hands playing with her bright red nipples while I slid in and out of her. Gail knelt between her legs, licking her clit and reaching between us and fingering her ass. Katie had a gentle orgasm …not as strong as the ones she usually has…just grabbing me with the mouth of her pussy…and I began to feel the feeling of thickness as I got ready to come, and began pushing harder and harder into Katie. Gail sensed this, and grabbed my balls and then pulled my cock out of Katie and took me in her mouth.

The contrast between the wet smoothness of Katie’s pussy and Gail’s active tongue sent me immediately over the edge. I immediately felt myself spasm and an immense, continuous stream of come jetted into Gail’s mouth. I crushed Katie to me and thrust, rubbing the back of my cock against the warm wetness of Katie’s pussy, just feeling the stiff hair at the bottom of her bush. Gail brought herself up to look at me, her lips wet and pursed and a look of uncontained glee on her face.

Gail lay on her back, Katie straddling her face with her back to me as I fucked Gail. Gail had Katie’s hips gripped so tightly you could see white flesh around her fingers and kept her pulled down firmly onto her mouth.

Katie narrated.

“Oh, my clit, the clit…oh…lick me harder…harder, yes, please…”

And I glimpsed her busy mouth between Katie’s legs and slowly got harder and harder and somehow – I don’t know from where – I had an immense orgasm and felt streams and streams of come jet into Gail as I grunted and groaned for what seemed like 15 minutes. I rolled off her to catch my breath, looked down, and the base of my cock was completely covered in white come. Gail’s pussy was streaming white rivulets. She reached down and touched herself and brought up a finger with a long droplet. Katie looked back and pulled herself off her and came down and began licking her. First she started licking her from kneeling above and then brought herself around and knelt between her legs. Gail responded immediately, reaching up and clutching the edges of the pillows.

I slid behind Katie and began fingering her pussy, running my fingers in and out and rubbing them over her clit each time as they came out. She moaned and pulled herself down so her face was more firmly in Gail’s crotch as she licked her.

I was half hard again by this time – hard enough to enter her, so I knelt behind her and slipped in. She was swollen and slick and hot and I was quickly fully hard again, keeping myself moving in and out of her very slowly and with the full length of my cock.

Time extended. I kept moving into Katie, and soon Gail arched her back and began chanting hoarsely. “Jesus. Oh Jesus. Yes! Yes!” and came. As soon as she stopped moving, Katie puckered her lips and gently kissed her clit. She lifted her head and said, her words coming out in bursts as I entered her. “Your come. She Kemankeş Escort Bayan was so full of come.” And then she rammed herself back into me and grunted so loudly I was startled. I felt her cervix on the head of my cock, and then her ribs tensed under my hands as her muscles locked throughout her midbody. She began to come and looked back at me as her pussy grabbed my cock and sent me over the edge to another orgasm and when I was done, she was still coming. We collapsed on top of Gail, who reached up and put her arms around both of us and all three of us cuddled, breathing deeply together.

Katie wanted Gail to come with me in her. Gail spooned me. Katie sat at her waist, and reached between her legs and pulled my cock forward. She rubbed my cock against Gail’s pussy until it was thoroughly wet, and then pushed my cock into her.

I felt Katie rub her fingers around the base of my cock, rubbing Gail’s pussy as she did. Then I felt her fingers at the base of my cock as she made slow up and down motions against Gail’s clit. She talked about how good it looked to watch me slide in and out of Gail’s pussy; how her lips became darker red and stretched and pulled around me.

I kissed Gail’s neck and cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers, and looked up at Katie who was looking down at Gail’s face with such focus that I might not have existed. She kept rubbing …a slow rhythm that mirrored my rhythm of sliding in and out. I felt Gail’s pussy tensing around me and soon she was whispering.

“Jesus. Coming. Jesus! Now! Now!” – As I felt her pussy clenching – different soft rhythms in different parts up and down my cock.

Gail pivoted her head and we kissed. She pushed out her tongue and licked my lips in a slow sensual circle.

I pulled her hips back and pulled her up onto her knees. I began driving into her from behind, enjoying the feeling of her pussy after she comes. It’s soft and swollen and slippery wet. And the size – it’s just the right size to tightly wrap my cock without being so tight that it’s uncomfortable. It felt so good, and watching Gail bury her face in the pillow and moan as I pushed into her.

As I pushed harder and harder, Gail’s knees collapsed and she lay on the bed, her legs spread and ass tipped up to let me push into her harder. By this time it was hard for me to come, so the orgasm was agonizingly slow to trigger. But once it started it took over my whole body and I jerked over Gail’s body as I lost control of myself. But my balls were empty by now and I felt just a little bit of come dribble from my cock into her.

I lay collapsed over her, trying to get my breath.

Katie giggled softly behind us.

I rolled off Gail, and turned to look at Katie. She was sitting crosslegged, her elbows on her knees, looking at Gail and I and smiling. I pulled myself over to her and kissed her. I pushed her down on the bed, and ran my lips down from her mouth over her chin to her neck and to her breast. I licked the sweat and brought my mouth to her nipple and ran my tongue over it. Katie made an appreciative sound. I felt Gail next to me and saw her take the other breast and nibble at the nipple.

We spent some time working on her breasts, until she was squirming and we felt her reach down and touch herself. Then I stared kissing my way down from her breast along her ribs to her belly. There was a trickle of sweat at the edge of her belly and I ran my tongue through it down to the crease at the top of her thigh. I looked up at Gail, and she began the same motion. I watched her bright pink tongue running down the lower curve of Katie’s breast.

I licked my way past Katie’s bristly bush to her clean-shaven lips. Gail joined me.

Unlike Gail, whose pussy smelled barely of musk, Katie’s pussy was darkly musky…almost unpleasantly, but really the smell was amazingly sexy. I opened her lips, and looked at her tiny inner lips. Her outer lips were swollen and red, the inner lips were barely darker and her clit was bright pink and swollen and shiny. Gail came down and began to lick. I licked the left lip as Gail licked the right, Our tongues met at her clit and Katie reached down and grabbed out heads. We licked and licked, and felt Katie’s legs and belly tensing and relax and then tense more and her legs locked around us and stayed locked as she bucked her hips and a flood of her musky juice flooded our lips. I had my thumb just below her opening, and felt the muscles become full and firm and then spasm. I turned to Gail as she softly licked Katie’s clit one last time, and she turned her face to me and kissed me, looking at me with a mixture of love and absolute lust.

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