Vegas VacationVegas Vacation


I sauntered towards the long bar, noticing that I was getting appreciative stares from all the people I passed. Two days in the Vegas sun had left my skin golden and sun-kissed, making my long blond hair seem brighter as it bounced around my bare shoulders. I was wearing a short white strapless dress that hugged my tight little curves in all the right places. I immediately caught the attention of the bartender. And asked “another margarita and please make it a double”. As I rummaged in my purse for a 20 bill, I sensed someone lean in behind me. I felt warm breath against the skin of my neck and a voice near my ear. “You’re doing that all wrong, you know.” I turned to look to my side and caught a flash of a mischievous smile and startling brown eyes as the man beside me took a seat at the barstool beside me. For a moment, I was caught off guard. “Excuse me?” He turned from me and signaled the bartender. “Two shots of Petrone,” he ordered brazenly, and then turned to me to me and winked. “Double margaritas will have you water logged before you’ll ever catch the buzz you’re after.” “And what makes you think I’m looking to catch a buzz,” I asked, still unnerved by the way he was looking at me. “Well, you’re in a Vegas. A double margarita is an admirable attempt at escape, but I think I can put a smile on your face a little faster.” I couldn’t help but laugh at his audacity, but something about him had me disarmed almost immediately. I studied his features. He had the kind of eyes that I just couldn’t seem to turn away from. They were lively and playful and I sensed a quick intelligence about him that had me intrigued. His smile was confident, if just a little bit devious, and he had dark black hair that matched his dark black skin. My eyes quickly flicked downward and I noticed his lean muscular frame, the definition of his physique still obvious beneath his white shirt and dark jeans. “So am I right?” he asked when I hadn’t said anything yet. “About?”…. My voice trailed off, and I realized he had me noticeably distracted already. He had an easy laugh in gaziantep rus escort response, and I realized with a flush that my attraction to him was probably already apparent. I cleared my throat and looked away, embarrassed. “I mean, I’m not looked to get drunk, if that’s what you mean,” I stammered. I turned back to him and smiled, trying to relax. I don’t know why this stranger had me so nervous. It had been a long time since I’d had that kind of physical reaction to someone I didn’t even know. The shot glasses of Petrone were placed on the bar in front of us, crossed with a bright green slice of lime and a saltshaker and I looked at them with some measure of trepidation. “Oh I don’t think I should…” I said, shaking my head with distaste. “It’s one thing in a margarita but…” “Come on,” he goaded. “It’s Vegas. It’s the law. When someone buys you a tequila shot, you’re obliged to drink it.” “The law?” He shrugged. “Yeah, I’m sure I read it in a guidebook somewhere.” I laughed, and finally conceded defeat. “Ok then… we don’t want to break the rules.” He cocked an eyebrow and grinned. “Are you sure about that?” I shook my head and laughed nervously. “Is that the city motto or something?” Well, when in Vegas… why not? These getaways are all about suspending the rules of life aren’t they? It’s like a week of fantasy with no ties to the real world. There’s nothing wrong with taking a vacation from the rulebook every once in a while.” I smirked, and picked up my shot of Petrone. “Want to make things interesting?” He asked with a mischievous grin. I shrugged, while unconsciously turning my body so that it was facing him directly. I realized I had taken a step towards him, all the while silently berating myself for indulging this flirtatious stranger. “What would make it interesting?” He boldly reached across the space between us, and gently drew his fingers across my collarbone, brushing my hair back over my shoulder, exposing the line of my neck. He smiled, and ran his fingers down the sloping curve and I shivered with his touch, my mouth slightly agape at how daring he was in touching me when we’d just barely met. “How about body shots. A lick of salt… off this spot right here.” His fingers were resting in the small space where the curve of my neck met my shoulder, and I felt my pulse quickly race in response. He had unwittingly hit one of my most sensitive erogenous zones, and the idea of this stranger putting his lips and tongue on me had me suddenly wet with arousal. For a moment, our eyes locked and I felt a deep blush stain my cheeks before I forced myself to look away. “I… can’t,” I said, struggling to speak. “You can’t…. or you won’t?” “I can’t.” “OK, you can’t. But what about me? What if I take full responsibility for breaking the rules on my own?” His gaze held mine for several moments, and my heart started to hammer unexpectedly, partially in shock that I hadn’t shut him down immediately. What was I thinking? Before I could say another word, he leaned in, and my eyes widened, unable to find the willpower to move while he brought his lips to the curve of my neck. I felt his warm tongue move slowly over my skin, while I held my breath, my panties soaking in response to his mouth. Gently he pressed my head to the side and I instinctively arched my neck as he loosely shook salt over the wetness, before moving in again to suck the salt from my skin. I inwardly stepped towards him; the combination of his mouth on me and the scent of him had me instantly craving more. I felt in a daze watching him pull away and down the shot of tequila quickly before biting into the slice of lime. He set it down and smiled at me. “Now that was definitely the way they recommend doing it in Vegas.” I didn’t know what to say, other than to just stand there, still in a heady daze of shock at what had happened. I suddenly had an uncontrollable desire to hand him my shot so that he could repeat the entire process. “Are you sure you don’t want to bend those rules… just a little?” he asked teasingly. “I can make some suggestions to guide your tongue and find the perfect place for you to lick”. My face flamed with embarrassment and I let out a low laugh, trying to shake myself out of the succession of dirty thoughts my mind immediately conjured. “I… have to play by the rules here,” I said, clearing my throat, trying to get my mind back on track. He flashed me a smile and winked. “I understand… ” He stood there and watched me expectantly while I nervously licked the inside of my wrist and shook salt onto it. My hands were almost trembling under the intensity of his gaze as I drank the shot of tequila and sucked hard on the slice of lime, unable to stop myself from making a face at the potency of the hard liquor. “Ugh” I moaned while setting down the slice of lime. “I haven’t had tequila in a long time.” He grinned. “Well vacations are good for all kinds of explorations that way. You end up doing things you never really thought you would.” We both paused and a moment passed between us. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but by the look in his eyes, I knew exactly what was going through his mind. After we do a few more shots, we hold each other’s’ gazes for a moment, until he bends his head towards me and opens his mouth slightly over my bottom lip, sucking it in gently before running his tongue along it. He pulls back (entirely too soon) and smiles at me while he guides me to the dance area. His lips are plump and every bit as soft as they look. I turn my back to him, pressing against his chest as he wraps his arm around my belly and guides me in an intimate rhythm. I can feel something long and hard, nudging the base of my spine. He turned me around and brushed his lips along my neck. I threw my head back and let out a little moan. He pressed in to me; I could feel him swelling behind his zipper. I hitched my leg up around his hip. He grabbed my ass rocking us both back and forth with the music. The music stopped breaking apart our slow grinding and scattering dancers off of the floor. We headed towards the bar, grasping hands and giggling at each other, our cheeks flushed red. He runs the palm of his hand along my waist to the small of my back, gently but firmly pulling me into him until I can smell the tequila on his tongue.

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