Vanessa the UndresserVanessa the Undresser


My laptop has been having conniptions and I fear is on the way out! I have had generous offers to beta read for me, but I am out of time and just wanted to save this file and a few stories I’m working on and am submitting this short story as a bit of something different. I may write a further chapter as I realise it isn’t really complete, but please don’t hold me to that 😉


When I envisaged my college years, I never would have imagined I would be in a dark and dingy bar, getting ready to take my clothes off as I danced. How far I had come from Miss Vanessa’s Dance Academy as a 6-year-old.

I had always been a dancer. Even though my father was a padre in the army and we moved around a lot, I always found a dance school and indulged in my love of the art. I was meant to be an assistant at a dance school when I moved to college, but the lockdowns saw that evaporate.

My parents had moved overseas as missionaries and did not think about coming home when the crisis started. It didn’t worry me. I was seen as the black sheep, a heathen who told them I didn’t agree with their faith and did not believe in higher beings. I knew they would have conniptions if they knew I had become a stripper!

It had not been my plan, but I was not able to get a job over my Summer break and I was now desperate for money having burned through my meagre savings the year before. For my sins, so to speak, my parents had arranged for me to stay with my father’s sister, as Godfearing as her brother. My nerdish older brothers visited over Christmas, but they were more like my parents and Aunt Catherine than me. I borrowed books from the library and went for jogs around the streets surrounding Aunt Catherine’s suburban house.

Aunt Catherine volunteered at the local Christian bookstore, but having been told of my atheist ways, she and I both agreed that helping her was out of the question. Most shops had closed during the lockdown last year and there was little work going anywhere.

Tonight was my third night stripping. I had agreed to it after Cindy, my best friend at college, told me that one of her former colleagues from a cabaret they had worked at before lockdown had started and was making great money.

Cindy and I had clicked. I had wanted to spend time with her at Christmas, but she told me there was a family emergency and the two weeks I had planned to spend there disappeared into more walks and book readings in suburbia. Cindy told me she didn’t want to talk about it and I respected her. When we returned to college she admitted her Mum and Dad were having issues, but she did not elaborate.

Through a contact in the university Pride Association, Cindy had got a job at a gay bar and offered to get me a gig there, knowing I was fairly straight. There were no jobs going anyway, no matter how many doors I knocked on, how many tight t-shirts or short skirts I wore. We were in an extreme economic downturn if you read the papers correctly. We had dodged a bullet by closing everything down and going into lockdown, but so many businesses had suffered.

“Elizabeth, is it?” Marilyn, the owner and manager of the club had asked me at my interview.

“Yeah, but I go by Libby.”

“I see… Most girls choose a stage name, I’ll let you think about that. Now we take 10% of all earnings. If you want to take a guy to a backroom, remember it’s hand job only and try and get a good price. Some guys just want lap dances, or just to talk, but you need to ascertain a price beforehand. Other girls, just strip and do no backroom work. We are not a brothel, but I do turn a blind eye to girls leaving with gentlemen who have been here for the evening. Have you got any questions?”

“Um, Vanessa. I think I’ll go by Vanessa.” I remembered the name of my first dance teacher, the lady I thought was so exotic.

“Excellent- Vanessa the Undresser!” I hadn’t thought of that.

“Um, do I need to supply my own costumes?”

“We have plenty here. Do you have a persona in mind?”

“Um, not really.”

“What are you studying?”


“We’ve already got a couple of teachers. What else do you like doing?”

“Um, dancing, it’s why I’m here I suppose.”

“Oooooh… We had a stunning girl a few years back who came out in a tutu and stripped down to black leather underwear before only her suspender belt and stockings remained. She made a bit too.”

“I could do that.” I said not even knowing the first thing about stripping.

I had done some online searches and had a fair idea of what was expected. I was glad I was not expected to go to a backroom. I was no virgin, despite my parents’ pleas for me to be a virginal bride, but I was not very experienced. I found it boring giving Scott, my only boyfriend a hand job and figured I would spend a few months just stripping, but would never rule it out entirely.

My first two nights were dreadful. Midweek with few patrons present. Selina, one of the girls who did a teacher routine, told me that unless bonus veren siteler I was prepared to go to a backroom then I’d keep not making much. My first night I made $20 and Marilyn told me to keep it all instead of trying to find change for her. My second night was slightly better. One guy asked me to go to a room with him and when I refused he put the $20 note he was holding back in his pocket. From my two sets I managed to take home $45 after I gave Marilyn her cut.

Marilyn sent me on early in the night knowing there were few patrons present. I had practised a dance to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer which morphed into Lady Marmalade. The music was already there and Marilyn gave it to me after my interview. I was relieved it didn’t morph into Tina Turner’s classic about strippers.

I was a dancer. I knew how to dance and I had made money from dancing. I knew a lot of the dads that came along to the end-of-year concerts as I was growing up, did so for the older girls, or young women really, who twisted and turned about the stage in sexy poses, albeit with their clothes on. I knew I would be able to come up with a decent dance routine, but incorporating stripping was all new to me and I knew it was a little forced.

Walking off the stage with $30 I guessed it was going to be another long night.

“Ness, isn’t it? I’m Mandy. I only work Fridays and Saturdays. Come here.” Mandy was applying makeup. Most of the other girls hadn’t talked to me, or anyone else and I was not sure how to take this approach.

“Um, yeah, Vanessa, well, Lib — “

“Nope! Only stage names here. First rule. Now, I saw you up there and I’ve got a couple of tips. I mean, it’s clear you’re a dancer and you have some great moves, but the stripping part was a little jaded. I’m guessing you’re about a D cup like me?”

“Um, yep.” I was embarrassed of my larger breasts on my small frame, but Mandy didn’t bat an eyelid.

“Here- this is an old set of mine. See, the straps go around the body so you may not feel as exposed and see here, the cups, they’re clipped on, so you just need to grab them and rip them off and the form of the bra is still there. It works great with bigger tits. Marilyn has this thing for leather, but it’s not comfortable. This g-string here has clips at the side so again you can just rip it off. Your suspender belt is great, no worries there, but if you’re going to make money you’re going to have to remove your bottoms too.”

Mandy took me into a dressing room and I changed into the new underwear. It felt strange. I knew I had purposefully run out of time to fully strip to just my suspender and stockings. I practised with the new bra and knickers and it was much easier to get them off. Mandy was right, the straps that went from the bra to the suspender belt helped me feel less exposed, even though my pussy was on full view.

I stood on the sidelines and watched Mandy’s show. It was obvious she was used to stripping and men were throwing money at her. She started in a tight nurses’s costume which she removed to reveal white lingerie that highlighted her long red hair and light complexion. At the end of her set one of the guys she had been focussing on stood and they went to one of the backrooms.

“How are you going, Pet?” Marilyn had come up behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders, “I asked Mandy to have a word with you, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, she’s, um, given me some new lingerie which I can easily get off and I’m going the full monty next time.”

“Good for you, girl. It’s a good crowd tonight. I worried that men having to give names and phone numbers as part of the covid protocol might be reticent, but most of the old regulars are back, plus some new faces. Don’t forget you can give a public lap-dance if they guy flashes cash at you.”

“I’m sorry, Marilyn, you must regret hiring me.” I looked down and could not look her in the face.

Marilyn raised my head with a finger under my chin, “Vanessa the Undresser, you are one incredibly sexy woman and I have no doubt you will be bringing in much more cash as the nights roll on.”

Mandy was back from her room. She told me the guy just wanted to talk and paid her $100 for the privilege. A few more girls danced and soon it was my turn again.

I was much more confident that I had been before. Mandy pinched me on the bum as I went on stage and whispered that the guys were going to go crazy when they saw it. I did my classical dance moves before ripping off the tutu to reveal the black lingerie. I also, at Mandy’s suggestion, unclipped the bun I had wound my hair into and let it flow down my back in a pony.

Previously it had taken a while to get the bra off and down my arms, but this time I grabbed the cups and ripped them off, dropping them on the stage. Several guys were nodding along to the music. I walked over to one who had $20 in his hand. I motioned for him to insert it into my belt, ripped off the g-string and gave him an impromptu lap dance. I have bedava bahis no idea if I was doing it correctly or not, but I felt something hard in his pants and figured I had done my job.

Walking along the front row, several other guys stuffed notes into my suspender and were given a special dance. Nick, the guy in charge of the music, morphed it into another song and I kept on dancing around collecting money as I went. It was exhilarating. I felt like a sexual being for the first time in my life.

“You’re new here…” A guy whispered in my ear as I gyrated around his seated form. He was holding a large wad of cash.

“It’s my third night, am I doing ok?”

“You’re fucking incredible, so, fucking sexy…” I let him brush his hands around my slender waist, “Can we head to a room?”

I have no idea what came over me, but I grabbed him by his tie and led him to a room. Walking through the room naked for everyone to see, it struck me that many of these men were going home to masturbate to thoughts of me.

Marilyn had shown me one of the backrooms when I interviewed, but I never dreamt I would actually be back here with a man.

“I’m Vanessa, and you’re?”

“Um, Garry, shit, am I meant to give you my real name? Sorry, I’m um, new at this.”

“That surprises me, I mean, you don’t look new at it all.”

Gary had an aura of sophistication, a distinguished look in a dark grey suit with a green tie that matched his eyes. He was tall and incredibly handsome, his salt and pepper hair adding to his allure.

“I, um come here a bit, but I’ve never come back here with a girl. I was married until a month or two back.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, Luce moved out and came here to uni and, well, my wife and I realised we didn’t have a lot in common with each other anymore now that we were empty nesters.”

“So, do you just want to talk? I’m meant to get money out of you upfront…”

“Um, what will $1,000 get me?”

“Shit! Um, well, we’re not a brothel.”

“No, fuck, I’m sorry. Um, can I spend an hour or two with you? You’re just so fucking sexy.”

I remembered Marilyn telling me that someone would knock on my door after a minute or two and I would need to hand the cash to them for everyone’s safety, plus the cash I had collected on the floor. I opened the door slightly and handed Marilyn the money.

“What are you going to do for all that, Ness?”

“Um, spend two hours with him.”

“Fair enough, I’ll let you spend time with him and then you can go,” Marilyn winked.

“No, we’re just — “

“It’s ok honey, no judgement here, now don’t keep him waiting.”

I closed the door behind me and danced back towards Garry who was sitting on the couch.

“You look nervous,” Garry whispered as I swayed in front of him.

“Sorry, it’s all, well, new to me.”

“I really liked the lap-dance you gave earlier.”

“Did you?” I asked as again I gyrated over his legs, rocking my hips suggestively and hoping I was doing the right thing.

“I know I can touch your waist, can I touch, um — “

“I think for $1,000 you can touch my tits,” I tried to say as seductively as possible as I spun around offering him front on access to me, “Do you like them?”

“They’re perfect, just perfect.”

Garry’s touching of my breasts saw my nipples harden. I was still straddling him, but Garry pushed me to sit in his lap. I could immediately feel a hardness between his leg, but I doubted anyone could be as thick as that.

“Is that…” I stroked my fingers up his shaft covered by his suit pants.

“It’s what you do to me, baby.”

Garry had already undone his jacket, but I slipped it off his shoulders and laid it next to us on the arm of the couch. I leant down and undid his belt, then unclipped his trousers before slowly lowering the zipper, all the while biting my lip and gazing directly into his stunning green eyes.

I knew I was shorter than most women my age, but I needed two hands to wrap around Garry’s cock. The only guy I had ever been with, my high school boyfriend, had been nowhere near as thick and slightly shorter.

“Wow!” I found myself kneeling in front of this cock as I slid Garry’s boxers and trousers down his legs, again placing them neatly on the arm of the couch.

“You like?”

“What’s not to like? I mean, it’s amazing. It feels so hot and smooth and I love just running my fingers along the veins.” I knew I wasn’t meant to, but I leant down and kissed the tip, tasting the teardrop of semen that had gathered there.

I was glad that Scott had at least shown me how he liked blow jobs, even if he had refused to return the favour. I knew I was never going to get more than the head of Garry’s cock in my mouth, but I licked from base to tip along every surface and it was clear Garry enjoyed my ministrations.

“You don’t have to…”

“Shhh… I know, but I want to.” I had no idea what had come over me.

Using my hands to pump the shaft and taking the tip deneme bonus in my mouth I could hear Garry’s moans of pleasure.

“Please, I want to last a bit longer, can I return the pleasure?”

“You mean, you want to…?”

Garry did intend to repay the favour. He took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt revealing a mass of grey hair covering his chest. It was hard not to compare him to Scott, my only other experience at this point, but whereas Scott’s penis would point straight up, Garry’s had that much more weight to it that it looked like it was sticking straight out ahead of him.

Garry laid me down and started kissing my breasts. He licked around the nipples causing me to groan with pleasure. He then trailed kisses down my abdomen then down my leg, still encased in the stockings. When he made his way up both my legs he kissed around my sex, teasing the other lips before opening them with his tongue and licking right up the tip, locking his lips on my clitoris.

I had never experienced such euphoria before. Garry continued his exploration with his tongue, sometimes fluttering it over my clit, sometimes sucking with his mouth. When he inserted a finger inside me and reached for the underside of my clitoris, or g-spot, I almost blacked out, the waves of euphoria causing endorphins to cascade throughout my body and convulsions I had never before experienced.

“Wow, Vanessa, you are one incredibly sexy lady.” Garry moved next to me on the couch and held me.

“That was, that was, wow. I, um, wow.”

“You liked it then?”

“It was like the first time a guy has, well, you know…”

“You mean you’re a virgin?”

“No! But my boyfriend refused to go down on me.”

“Silly boy! He is, um, in the past through, I’m not making you do anything — “

“Oh, no, he’s very much in the past. He’s interstate anyway. He was, well, as you say, he was a boy, well, like, he was older than me, but, neither of us had much experience.”

“I don’t have a ton of experience either. Being with the same woman for 24 years.”

“It’s a long time. You never strayed?”

“No, even when the sex dried up a few years ago I was faithful. It’s the sort of guy I am, I suppose. I mean, contrary to me being back here with a stripper who tasted so incredibly sweet and delicious.”

“Well it’s my first time back here too. I wasn’t going to, but then I saw you and you just oozed something.”

“I’d like to ooze some more. Do you want to stroke me?”

“I, um, I don’t know what’s come over me, but I want to feel you inside me.”

“Are you sure? I wasn’t planning anything and I don’t have any rubbers.”

“Well perhaps this can be another first. I mean, I’ve never had sex without a condom. You can pull out, right?”

“I can try, but I’m definitely clean. It’s been, um, well, months, years, since my wife was ever in the mood.”

“You said you were separated.”

“We are, I promise, but I haven’t been with anyone else, that’s what I’m trying to say. I feel like a schoolboy all over again with the hottest girl in class.”

“You think I’m that hot?”

“Hotter! How about I sit here and you lower yourself onto me. I’ll push you off when I’m about to cum.”

I had no idea if Garry would fit in me. I was so aroused and could feel the slickness between my legs from Garry’s oral ministrations and my orgasm. I rocked back and forward a bit before leaning in for a kiss. Garry relished the opportunity and soon our mouths were locked together. In the midst of this I felt my vaginal walls envelop his cock. Inch by inch I sunk onto him, stretching more than I had ever been stretched before, until I was sitting in his lap.

“That feels amazing,” I moaned as our mouths parted and Garry again found my breasts with his lips.

I could feel his cock inside me, every ridge bringing new sensations. It was not just his cock, but his hands and lips that also brought me pleasure. The way he stroked my back and kneaded my buttocks as I rode him and his kisses that he tenderly and lovingly placed on my face, neck and breasts as I stroked his chest, feeling the hair between my fingers saw me more aroused than ever before.

Feeling myself heading for another climax, I focussed on the way his pelvis stimulated my clit.

“So close…” I whispered, aware that I could hear sounds in a neighbouring room and they could probably hear us.

“Me too, you better — “

“No, don’t stop…”

Neither of us did, my rhythmic pulses drawing corresponding throbs from my lover and, for the first time in my life, my womb was flooded with semen.

“You’re on the pill?” Garry asked as I collapsed onto his chest and was embraced with his arms.

“No, I’ll get the morning after pill on my way home.” I felt safe and secure in his arms, his gentle kisses on my head making me feel this was something special, not sordid.

“Or not. It’s why our marriage ended really. We desperately wanted a large family, but after Luce, she couldn’t have any more kids. I’d um, I’d like to see you again Vanessa, I mean, that was amazing.”

“Yeah, like, best sex ever for me. So, um, are you from town or here visiting?”

“I’ve come up to surprise my daughter tomorrow. We haven’t told her about the separation yet.”

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