Valentine’s Day RebellionValentine’s Day Rebellion


There is no ignoring Valentine’s Day when you live in a sorority house. The doorbell rings all day long with the delivery of yet another bouquet of red roses, chocolate hearts and those sickeningly sweet oversized teddy bears. It is true torture for a girl without a steady man. A big fat fragrant slap in the face each time you walk through the front door.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only single sister in my house and didn’t have to endure the torture alone. A tradition had formed in my sorority that all the girls without boyfriends would bond together and wear black in rebellion on Valentine’s Day. Donned all in black we’d hit the bars right after dinner to drown our sexual frustrations in tap beer and well shots.

I’m not saying that my sisters and I were un-datable. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. My sorority house has been dubbed the girls next-door type. That means we’re the type of girl you want and can do nasty little things with in the bedroom and still be respectable enough to bring home to meet the folks. We’re beautiful, smart, driven and we scare the hell out of boys not yet ready to settle down. The right guys eventually do grow up and become very devoted boyfriends, as you can tell by the front room display of Valentine’s crap in our sorority house. It just takes awhile to find that right guy to convince.

I consider myself attractive. I’m a respectable 5’6″, 125 lbs with full 36C breasts. I have long light brown hair that frames my hazel eyes and looks sexy as hell with a little bed-head. I tend to wear deep v-neck tops and low rise jeans that accentuate my curves. Let’s just say I definitely shake my healthy butt every time I hear “Baby got Back”.

So anyway… back to Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been too fond of the holiday, but this last one will keep me from wearing black in rebellion ever again.

I was at my usual place bellied up to the bar with my sisters ordering a round of Red Headed Sluts when I felt someone brush my ass. I turned to bitch out the bastard being in a foul no boyfriend on Valentine’s Day mood… but when I turned I had two of the most gorgeous guys I’d ever laid eyes upon slyly grinning at me.

I didn’t even know what to say. The one with a delicious mocha chocolate complexion reached across me just barely brushing my nipples, which instantly rose to attention, and handed the bartender a $20 ordering a round for himself, his friend and me.

He glanced down my shirt and I finally gained my composure.

“Uh, hi. And you two would be?”

Mocha answered, “The two guys taking you home tonight.”

I laughed and spun myself around back to facing the bar. The other guy spun me right back around to face them.

“Hey!”, I said starting to get pissed off now.

“At least have a shot with us,” the white guy said, shoving one of the shots Mocha had ordered in my hand. He was a treat to look at too… the tall dark and handsome type. Honestly I probably would have flirted with both of the guys on a normal night.

I’m not one to pass up free liquor so with a glare I downed the shot. Now being in a sorority I’ve Kazımkarabekir Escort sat through countless date rape drug seminars and the number one rule is to not accept a drink from someone you don’t know. Apparently I should have paid closer attention. Although, I really don’t regret what happened next.

I’m not sure how much time had passed or how I got there, but I woke up alone in a hotel room. I was lying on a bed with white satin sheets that were covered in layers upon layers of red, white and pink rose petals. Gone were my black anti-Valentine’s Day clothes and in place the sexiest red lace corset and crotch-less garter set I’d ever seen. They’d even slipped those cute little marabou heels on my feet and put me in a satin robe. The room was lit with hundreds of scented candles and they’d drawn a scalding hot lavender scented bath in the Jacuzzi tub.

After I got over my “What the FUCK!!!” moment and realized I was fine, although officially creeped out, yet oddly turned on, I noticed they left a note on the nightstand.

Dear Nicole, Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie!

If you choose to receive the rest of your presents, please set out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and we’ll be happy to oblige.

With much love, Your Valentine’s

I sat on the bed for what seemed like an hour. I was stunned, curious, scared and completely horny. A very odd mix of feelings. These guys were hot, but they were also complete strangers. I go to a small private college and I didn’t recognize either of them as students there. I’m also curious how they got me out of the bar without any of my sorority sisters knowing.

I looked down at my outfit and then around at the completely romantic setting they had created. Then I looked down at the “Do Not Disturb” sign they’d conveniently left next to their note. I was torn. I’m not this kind of girl. I don’t sleep around. I make out with the occasional drunk hook up, but leave it at that. I’m pretty sure these guys have more in mind then some kissing and fondling.

After some back and forth I closed my eyes, opened the door, set out the sign and slammed the door shut again. I ran back to the bed and waited. I don’t know what I expected, but after 15 minutes I was still waiting and started to think this must be all a big joke.

I got up and walked over to the bath they’d drawn. Too scalding to even dunk a baby toe in. I became mesmerized by the flickering candlelight around the tub when I heard the door rattle behind me. Someone was there.

I pulled the robe around me tight and stared big eyed at the door. I shivered a little. Not out of fright or cold, but anticipation. The whole romantic set up had me dripping wet.

The guys came into the room without saying a word. Mocha locked the door and chained it. The other carried in a large silver case. Mocha led me back to sit down on the bed while the tall dark and handsome opened the case he was carrying and started digging around.

Neither one had spoken or introduced himself at this point. It dawned on me to ask how the fuck they knew my name was Kazımkarabekir Escort Bayan Nicole. I started to ask and Mocha put his finger to my lips and then shushed me with a deep tongue kiss that sent shivers right to my already dripping pussy.

I sighed and decided knowing who was who at this point didn’t really matter. They were both delicious and I was in desperate need of an orgasm.

Handsome handed me a glass of champagne and took a juicy strawberry and lightly brushed it over my lips. I took a bite and downed the champagne he’d given me. He smirked and looked over at Mocha. Mocha nodded and turned his to gaze back to me. My gaze went to the bulges in both of the men’s pants. Impressive.

Handsome took the empty glass from my hand and gently pushed me onto my back. Dark took one finger and undid the ribbon bow holding the thin bit of lace that was covering my breasts. They easily bounced from their confinements already pushed up from the tight corset around my ribs. Each guy climbed onto the bed alongside me and took a nipple into his mouth. They suckled, rolled, flicked, blew and pawed at my breasts until I was moaning for something more. Just when I was about pushed over the edge, something that has never ever happened from just my breasts being played with, they stopped.

I gasped in frustration and they just grinned. Handsome went to the case and pulled out a tiny bottle that read Hot Blow. He squirted some into Mocha’s open palms and then his own. Each went to town on my inner thighs, rubbing the massage oil in deep. Then they started giving my inner thighs the same treatment my breasts had just received, only the combination of their wet kisses and hot breath on the massage oil created a warm tingly burning sensation that instantly curled my toes. I involuntarily kept thrusting my pelvis towards their mouths, but was denied the pleasure of a tongue at my clit. Again when I was about sent over the edge, they stopped and grinned.

I could see the guys were both rock hard, but still dressed at this point, leaning on their sides alongside of me. I decided it was time to return the frustration of an almost orgasm and reached for Handsome’s belt. He pushed my hand away and shook his head no.

I was a tad confused at this point. Mocha went over to the case this time and pulled out some silk scarves. They tied one scarf to each of my wrists and tied the two scarves together binding my arms above my head. They tied the scarves to a section of the headboard. Handsome took a satin blindfold out of the case and slipped it over my eyes with another deep tongue kiss that made me squirm. Only my legs were free at this point and I was starting to feel extremely vulnerable.

I heard a soft click and then a buzzing sound and soon my ass was alive. I’ve never ever had or even considered anal sex in my repertoire. No previous guy had ever gone anywhere near my hole. I felt the squirt of something cold, lube I guessed, and the buzzing became more powerful with the pressure of the vibrator at my hole. They played around with my hole Escort Kazımkarabekir for a bit when I finally relaxed enough to let the toy slip in. I was in heaven and instantly came. No clitoral stimulation and this was the most powerful orgasm of my life. I thrashed around for what felt like ten minutes.

One of the guys switched off the toy and gently pulled it out of my ass with a pop. They left me blindfolded and I heard the unzipping and rustling of clothes being removed. I was still fully dressed, if you consider what I had on to be dressed.

Next thing I knew I had a very hard, and what felt like abnormally large cock, in each hand. Without being able to see I naturally started to feel around trying to get a gauge on the girth and true size of these guys. I could tell they were both circumcised and the one in my right hand I was having trouble wrapping my hand completely around. Both were several hand shuffles in length. I must have had my mouth open in astonishment because I soon had a tongue down my throat, who’s I’m not sure, and I had stopped caring. Both guys took turns kissing me as I played with each of them.

The one in my left hand pulled away and I turned both hands onto the other guy. I felt my ass being lifted and pillows being propped up under my backside. The guy that I had been double fisting pushed my hands away and climbed on top of me into a 69. I came for a second time with the first flick of his tongue and returned the favor in appreciation, lapping at his huge cock and flicking it with as much gusto as I could muster after two powerful orgasms. He pulled out of the 69 and kneeled next to me letting me go to town.

I wondered what the other guy was up to, but soon felt a familiar pressure at my asshole. Not from the toy, but from his tongue. He was going to rim me out, a new experience in deed! I could barely concentrate on gobbling down dick with this new sensations shaking through me. I really needed one of their cocks in my pussy. I must have been doing something right with blowjob guy because I felt a tensing of his balls and shortly there after was drenched in the results of his orgasm.

Rim job boy had stopped his work and was pushing the head of his cock around my completely sopping wet pussy. I kept pushing up with my pelvis trying to get him inside and he kept pulling away. After teasing me for a few more moments he plunged in deep with one stroke and I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure. I was cumming yet again within a few strokes and my strong contractions set him off too. He pulled out just in time to give me another face full of cum.

After both guys had recovered, I didn’t think I was ever going to recover, they untied my hands and slipped the blindfold off.

Handsome went over to the tub and tested the water. He nodded to Mocha who scooped me up off the bed and stood me up next to the tub. They took their time unlacing my corset and pulling off my stockings, kissing and nibbling as they went. I had cum in my hair and it was starting to dry on my face. When they had me stark naked White scooped me up and gently lowered me into a perfect temperature bath.

They sopped up my breasts and washed away their deeds from my hair. Each gave me one long kiss and fondled my pussy. Before I could blink each had dressed and were gone.

I sank into the warm bath still wondering who the hell those guys were. But one thing is for sure; I’ll never dress in black again on Valentine’s Day.

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