Vacation for Four Ch. 04Vacation for Four Ch. 04


Vacation for Four

All You Can Eat Buffet

I woke early, the tropical sunlight beginning to spread a warm glow through the blinds and the grounds of the resort. A quick check of the clock-radio showed it was barely six thirty, and I was nearly fully awake.

Bill lay between me and Claire, three-quarters of the group fuck we had enjoyed with Samuel last night. We were naked, and Claire had one arm flung carelessly over Bill’s hairy chest. Both of them were very quiet, their snores barely whispers over the surf outside. The thin sheet was draped over us, almost translucent in the morning light. Samuel had departed last night, either for his wife Samantha or some other erotic opportunity.

Claire was on her side, facing me, her blonde tresses stirring in the gentle breeze wafting in from the ocean, and Bill was on his back. The sheet rippled under that same breeze, and my breath caught as I saw Bill’s cock, barely hard, silhouetted by the thin fabric.

Moving gently to avoid disturbing my wife or our bedmate, I slowly lifted the sheet and looked at his increasingly familiar erection. The gentle shift of the sheer white sheet across his hard-on made it stiffen and twitch, and Bill moaned quietly, little more than a susurrus underlying his snores, echoing his desires. My breath caught in my throat, remembering the double-fucking he and Samuel, the male half of the Two Sams, had rewarded me with last night, topped off with Claire unexpectedly fucking me at the same time.

For a moment, I considered reaching over to awaken him by jacking him to an early morning orgasm, but that wasn’t what I really wanted to do. Still, playing with him was a good way to start on the way to where I wanted to go. I reached under the sheet, letting my fingers alight on the rigid flesh at his groin. Playing my fingertips over the stiffening cock, I was rewarded with Bill’s soft groan, an echo of what I intended to drive from him once he was awake.

When my fingertips reached his glans, his back arched, exhaling suddenly. I glanced at his face, and saw he was still asleep, but starting to reach for wakefulness. Rising to a crouch, I slipped between his legs, applying steady, gentle pressure to part his thighs and knees. Bill’s legs spread in response, and he remained mostly asleep as I bent over between his legs and took him into my mouth, my appetite growing rapidly.

My own cock was thickening, and my first impulse was to slip a condom over it and fuck my bi lover awake, but that wasn’t quite what I wanted, either. Starting slowly, wanting it to last, wanting to wake up Claire’s old lover in a memorable way, I moved my head under the sheets until my mouth was poised over his crotch, and I parted my lips, taking his dick in slowly. Under the sheet, I smelled his sweat and the scent of his juices, Claire’s and mine, from the previous night, and my heart quickened, my own cock awakening.

I began sucking on his swelling erection, slowly and deliberately, coaxing it to full rigidity and reveling in the feel of his thick shaft once more on my tongue, the velvety head traveling the length and depth of my mouth. It was odd to think of it as instinct driving me, but after several times, it seemed as natural to me, as commonplace, as Claire sucking my dick or Bill’s, or for that matter sampling another woman’s pussy here or at home.

Quickly, I grabbed my own cock, played my fingertips over it, feeling the tension within it build for what I intended. I moaned, not yet ready to cum, or ready for Bill to cum.

“Fuck…” Bill’s whisper was barely louder than the surf outside. “Fuck,” he repeated, and I knew he knew what was happening, and despite the sheet had a good idea of whose face was stimulating him. He stretched, and lifted the sheet to look under it. “Hey, I love waking up to a blowjob…” His hand moved lazily down to my head, still underneath the sheet, my face bobbing slowly, more than teasing him and less than letting him climax.

He groaned again, a little louder, but he seemed to want this as private as possible for now, and let Claire awaken later, which fit my plan perfectly. Taking his cock all the way in, my lips brushed his pubes, and I pulled back agonizingly slowly, feeling the tension and stiffness of the manly rod in my mouth. At the swollen purple glans, I paused and sucked hard on the velvety head, driving another groan from him.

He whipped the sheet off all three of us, and Claire stirred only a little. I grinned up at him and got out from between his legs, stretching out next to him. Gently jacking his cock, I saw Bill’s eyes close in carnal rapture. I kissed him long and hard, felt his arms go around me, pull me into him as he woke fully, our tongues playing in our mouths for several minutes while we caressed and fondled each other.

Bill looked at me. “I’m okay with you jacking me off, but I thought you were going to let me cum down your throat.”

“Oh, ulus escort I am.” His dick was slick with my spit, quivering and ready to plunge inside me again. “Did Claire or Rita tell you how they woke me up Sunday morning at the house?” This had been months ago, but was fresh in my mind, one of the hottest visions I’d ever seen.

He whispered breathlessly, “No, not a word. What happened?” His own hand was rubbing my cock at the same rhythm, and I knew he wanted us to cum at the same time, or nearly so.

“They woke me by having sixty-nine together, right next to me. They both came a couple of times, then gave me a joint blowjob. One of the best mornings I’ve ever had.”

Bill chuckled. “They did that with me once, in college. One of my best mornings ever, too.” He grinned, and his hand sped its rubbing on my erection.

I was still quiet for now, my moans caged even while he worked hard for another cumshot from me, and I told him what I wanted, how I wanted Claire to wake up. “We’re going to sixty-nine, next to Claire. Let her wake up to her two favorite men gobbling each other’s hard-ons. Just for her…”

He agreed readily. “You want the top or the bottom?”

After a moment’s thought, I answered. “Top. I want you pointed the other way, too, so she sees me sucking your cock first.” Bill nodded and gingerly turned around. We moved a little further away from Claire to give us room for our legs and arms.

Bill started, eager, I supposed, to catch me up to the level of arousal I’d brought him to. His mouth was as talented as ever, and I shuddered with deep desire when he put both hands on my buttocks, and drew me down into his face. I felt every inch of me pass his lips, his velvety tongue on the whole length of my fully awakened cock, waves of sensation centering on my shaft and balls.

I lowered my mouth onto his cock, hard as steel now that he was fully awake, and closed my eyes, focusing only on blowing the man who my wife and I had shared an entire weekend. Underneath me, he gently pushed upwards with each descent of my face onto and around the thick member violating my face. Moving my right hand to his crotch, I caressed his ball sac, drawing a low, gratified exhalation from him.

Soon, the two of us were moaning, not quite in unison, the twin expressions of lust growing as each of us made love to the other with our mouths. Bill had more practice sucking cock than I did, but I’d learned a lot from him in November, and we were eager to please ourselves and Claire. I stole a glance at her, and she was still asleep, but had begun to stir, becoming aware of the sexual play by her side.

I felt Bill’s finger insert itself into my anus and start moving back and forth, nearly driving me all the way to my first climax of the day. My moans were louder now, and I gasped, almost regretting how loud I was, then remembering I wanted to wake Claire up to see us, her husband and her old boyfriend, in the middle of a hot sixty-nine, for the pleasure of all three of us.

Claire’s brow furrowed, and she opened one eye partway, then both, languidly, trying I was sure not to look too shocked, and her lips curled at the sight. She purred the words, “My two naughty men!” Her hand trailed down my shoulder to my ass, squeezing it with approval. “Looks like a wonderful way to wake up! Pity Rita’s not here to share her pussy…” Claire moved to the head of the bed on the pillows, blonde pussy already slick with her juices. As I watched, eyes straining as I kept bobbing my face on Bill’s erection, she reached down between her legs.

She trailed the fingers of her right hand over her blonde bush, spreading it. Her scent rose to my nostrils, and I started sucking Bill faster, almost on autopilot. Her breasts were so nearby, almost over the back of my head, and her voice drifted down, a soft declaration of lust. “Baby, I love watching you suck Bill’s cock. Makes me so horny. I’m going to play with my twat and cum while you blow him, and I’m going to watch you take his cum in your mouth. Does that sound good to you, my love?”

She knew it did, and I was ready almost immediately to erupt in his mouth. The first hint of precum appeared at the top of Bill’s straining purple head, and I licked it off quickly, swallowing it down. Bill was close too, and moaned. Claire cooed appreciatively, and I saw her fingers penetrate, driving between her labia, which was slick and wet and fragrant. Her left hand crept under my chin, took over fondling Bill’s testicles.

Bill started panting more harshly, and said almost conversationally, “I’m about to cum…” Between my lips, I felt his cock virtually rear back, tensing, ready to let his semen vault out of him. I bobbed my head faster, felt the preliminary convulsion, then the rush of thick, white fluid between my lips. Swallowing hungrily, I took his creamy offering down my throat, shooting my load at the same time, my yenimahalle escort cum jetting forward into Bill’s mouth, felt and heard him sucking every bit of it down. Claire’s fingers softly squelching inside her pussy, and she kept watching as her orgasm swept over her.

Still trembling, Claire leaned forward until her face was next to mine, lips parted and moist. “Let me share…” I lifted my head off Bill’s still-unloading cock, cum dripping out of my open mouth, and my wife took the quivering erection onto her tongue, claiming the remnants of his load, then turned to me, still swallowing, and kissed me for a long moment, our tongues swimming in Bill’s ejaculate.

All three of us were now awake and satisfied, and I moved off him and onto my back. Bill turned around, and climbed over me to my right side, and Claire moved back off the pillows and down to my left, kissing me while she ran her hands up and down my upper body. Soon, the three of us were making out, a torrid three-way joining of lips, hands stroking thighs and asses and cocks and pussy, working us all up after our shared climaxes. It didn’t take long before my cock began to revive, stiffening under the loving touch of both of them.

Claire noticed when she stroked it, and her voice was smoky, sensuous, filled with longing and awash with lust. “Sweetheart, I’d love for you to fuck me the rest of the way awake. I want Bill to watch you fill my pussy.” Her face lit up, a horny leer on her lips, and she squeezed my dick, which was once again ready for her, and for her alone in this moment.

I reached down and fingered her pussy, still wet and fragrant, filling the air and my senses with her musky scent. Two of my fingers crept between her labia, but we knew I wasn’t going to just finger her to another orgasm. “Sure, babe.”

Bill moved over, giving Claire room to spread her legs, and I clambered atop her, eager to take her in front of her old boyfriend. It took only a moment for me to aim my hard-on at her blonde bush, and she guided my glans between her labia, moaning as I pushed leisurely inside her. She was as hot and slick as I was hard, and she moaned as the length of my member journeyed the depth of her married and presented pussy.

Her moans were exquisite and inviting. “Ooohhhh, baby… Love when you fuck me first thing in the morning…” Her eyes were closed, and her left hand crept around my shoulders, the other down to Bill’s erection to play with it. I started up the eternal, natural rhythm, moving slowly within her pussy walls.

It was hard to speak. “Baby, you know I…uunhhh…started my day already. And I though you already fingered yourself awake while you watched us…”

She was lost in the throes of our morning balling, it was all she could do to answer. “I know, my love, but this is what I want right now…” Her thighs moved up my side, and her ankles slipped across my back, locking behind me. “Fuck me…”

I rocked my hips back and forth, driving my cock leisurely inside her. Bill had enjoyed my slow cocksucking, then cumming in my mouth, and I was determined that Claire would enjoy a slow wake-up fuck. It wasn’t going to be easy, since I was already very keyed up, gritting my teeth to withhold my semen from impatiently speeding inside, invading and washing over the inside of her cunt. I moaned with the effort, and saw Bill lick his lips, watching each thrust intently, hungrily.

He laid his hand on her belly as I was thrusting. “How is he inside you, Claire?” His hand crept down to her blonde bush, and his middle finger brushed lightly, almost accidentally, over her clit.

My wife arched her back at that touch and my humping, gasped out her reply. “Oh, fuck, Bill… He fucks so good, just like you do, baby…” I felt not the smallest amount of envy or jealousy, because, as before, I knew Claire would come home with me, spend the next several weeks or months sharing our bed until we decided we wanted more.

Bill continued stimulating her clit, hand flat, and I could feel the back of his hand against my belly, driving Claire and me wild. His finger slipped downwards, between the moist, parted cleft there, claiming some of the juices her pussy was shedding, and he moved it back up to her clit, started rubbing it more earnestly. The nipples surmounting her breasts were erect, hard, and we both shivered with pleasure as they moved up and down my chest.

Claire’s head, blonde curls splayed all over the pillow, suddenly but not unexpectedly drove back, her eyes clenched shut, her deep and throaty moans echoing in the bedroom. “Oh, fuck! Make me cum, baby.” It didn’t matter to me who she meant, and I went faster, intent on emptying my cock inside her, feeling the walls of her pussy contract and hungrily take the whole length of me with each thrust. Humping her faster now, I barely noticed when Bill’s hand moved away, then gripped my buttocks in tunalı escort time to each push inward.

Holding back no further, I pounded her pussy furiously, willing myself to cum. Claire’s labia, hot and slick, compressed, tightening around my furiously working cock, and I couldn’t wait any longer. For the second time that morning, I felt the divine loss of control, semen surging out of me inside my horny and beautiful wife. Her own climax, driven by the attention of the two men she desired most, left her mouth, exploding into the room even as I exploded inside her.

Claire hugged me closer, pulled me all the way to her, warm and for the moment sated, if not completely satisfied, and I felt her kisses all over my face. Her lips met mine, and opened at the same time mine did. We kissed for a long time, and I rolled off her eventually. She turned towards the big glass window, inviting me to spoon her.

The three of us lay back, my arms around Claire, Bill pressed up against me. Our vacation had been incredibly fulfilling so far, and I was looking forward to continuing satisfying my appetite for hot, wet pussy and hard, stiff cocks. I nuzzled my wife’s ear, and she exhaled softly, eyes still closed in the last echoes of our orgasms. We lay there, the three of us, content to be together and motionless for the moment.

Claire stretched after a few minutes, then sat up. “I’m taking a shower, boys. Either or both of you are invited to help me lather up and get some of this cum off me. Then I’m going down for some food before breakfast closes up. I’m going to need my strength for the rest of the day. Whoever I wind up with!” She winked salaciously and rose, kissing both of us on the cheek, then I saw her pert bottom swaying as she headed to the bathroom. I patted her hip as she passed by, and she giggled, pulling away playfully.

I turned to face Bill, whose cock was mostly recovered from cumming in my mouth earlier. “You want to join her?”

He grinned wickedly. “Actually, I’d like the shower to ourselves.”


Bill reached down to my quiescent penis and started to massage it. I felt myself start to thicken in his hand, and moaned quietly before answering. “I can do that, but I don’t know how ready I’m going to be this soon…”

“That’s okay. Claire told me about you having Rita all to yourself most of yesterday. Back at your house, it always seemed like you and I were rushed, and I really enjoyed when you fucked me in the guest room before I left for my flight.” He emphasized it with a gentle squeeze of my semi-hard erection.

“You’d like the day with me?” I was very flattered, and very interested. Bill and I had traded blowjobs and fucked a couple of times, but he was right. Even at our first weekend, none of us had as much time with him as we wanted, since he’d left before the weekend was over. Claire had enjoyed his lovemaking talents at a more leisurely pace than I had, and a morning with Bill sounded very fun. I leaned in and kissed him, opening my mouth to let him taste the remnants of his cum from earlier.

Claire chose that moment to come out of the bathroom, toweling her hair. She chuckled, and sat on the bed next to Bill. “That was the loneliest shower I’ve had so far this week! S’okay, though. I didn’t think either of you was ready to be up again so soon.” She stood to grab a wrap and shorts, a requirement for the indoor restaurants.

She piped up again, humor and horniness in her voice. “It is so tempting just to stay here and watch, maybe join in, but I know the two of you want to get some time together…”

Bill laughed aloud. “Is it that obvious?”

Claire, now more or less dressed, leaned over the bed and kissed Bill, long and slow, letting her tongue dance with his, then came around the bed and did the same for me. Her nipples were erect, her tits dangling down, barely concealed by the wrap, and I felt my cock stirring while Bill continued to knead my growing hard-on.

Claire sighed. “Really tempting. I’m thinking of a daisy chain later, but I have no idea which one of you I want eating my pussy more…” She stood straight to depart. The sunlight streaming through the sheer curtains and see-through top revealed everything, and I wanted her again, right now. She saw the smile on my face, the sheer lustful need, and smiled gently back. “Baby, I promise I’m going to fuck you completely silly before we leave the resort, and again lots of times when we get home. Count on it!

“In the meantime, I’m going to be just as jealous of you spending the morning fucking Bill as I was yesterday when you fucked Claire all day. Which is to say not at all!” She headed towards the door to our room. “Enjoy yourselves, and each other!” The door shut with an air of temporary finality, and there I was, in Bill’s arms, ready for more.

We started kissing again with abandon. His hands went down to my buttocks, squeezing them, and I rolled on top of him, caressing his flanks down his thighs to his knees, and back up to his flat belly, then down again. After maybe half an hour of torrid making out, I pulled away and up a little. My cock, once again awakened, matched his perfectly, and I humped slowly, feeling his rigid flesh against mine. We moaned together as the lengths of them passed along each other.

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