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I collapse, panting as my body burns and heart pumps. Glorious euphoria dances with the pain, and I am victorious. What kept me so long? I can’t seem to remember why I stopped using this moving mediation, this opportunity to flush my body with endorphins and forget my pain. I fucking love CrossFit.

My sweat angel has me glued to the floor, as my heart rate begins to slow I can move my fingers and toes. Curling to my side, I see the box is mostly empty now, just the coach and the barbell club getting ready to work. In a decision to work it hard, I opted to not scale and took almost double the average WOD time, and am the last woman left in the gym. I have to get out of the way.

Peeling myself off the matted floor, I make my way to the bathroom. Camelbak in my mouth, I multitask washing the chalk from my hands. Sitting to pee, I ponder the heaviness in my flesh – how did I get so turned on? I feel puffy and swollen as I clean up, I remove my panties because they are too wet to put back on and collect my things to go roll out.

In the box, my eyes are drawn to the rippling muscles and lean bodies preparing for their workout. They move so gracefully for their size – squatting and seamlessly stringing double- and triple-unders. Show-offs. I imagine how a hard and lean body would feel against my padded softness. Gah. I pull my shoes off and roll my feet on a lacrosse ball as I sit and dream.

As I roll, the bite into my meat adds a darker quality to my thoughts – who would be rough, handle me like a doll, moving my body with all that strength as he pleased? Who would touch me with electricity coming from his fingers? Who would be gentle and sweet while relentlessly seducing my body open?

I have got to get a booty-call going. This is ridiculous. Drooling in my box, no less. I think back to how hard it has been to be met, kept up with, satisfied in the past. Perhaps it is better to be celibate, once or twice is never enough anyway, it’s just opening a can of worms.

I begin to drill wall squats – therapy I can always use. I lose myself in the repetition. My mind is still on sex, the throbbing fullness of my cunt. Who could I fuck and when?

A hand brushes my spine and I jerk, my whole body zinged with the contact. I glance over my shoulder to find the coach with heavy lidded eyes. His hand presses more firmly over my low back and I feel the heat of it like a brand.

“Hold this curve.”

I begin again. Hips back first, slowly, gracefully, keeping my lumbar tight. He cups me as I pause at the bottom and ascend again. I nod. “I can feel it.”

“Good. This time, I want you to feel it from your pelvis, use your hips instead of struggling with your back. Here.” He moves behind me, one hand on each hip bone. “Tilt.” As the word and his fingers glide over me, my ass turns out and open. The anterior tilt makes my swollen pussy lips slide against my thighs. I am so thankful to be covered in kolej escort sweat to hide the wet spot I feel blooming there, the earthy musk scent that my heightened senses immediately notice. I can feel the magnetic force of his body behind me, if there were no clothes between us he could slide right into me in this position.

“Now. Hold that as you go down. I want you to work with this until your hamstrings aren’t pulling your pelvis forward and then we’ll get your back flat. Good? Let’s see it.”

He steps back and I squat. Down, down, down, my thoughts are dirty. I hit the point of the pull and stop. He crouches next to me. His hand skims my back again, and then slip over my ass. “Feel this? You stopped right before it turned into butt wink. Good. Hold this for a few as it relaxes.” His hand is still on my ass cheek, and my face must be completely red. I want it on my pussy. My hands above my head on the wall, I turn my face away and take a deep breath. I feel like I am pinned for his pleasure.

My body relaxes and sinks a little deeper. “Yes. Beautiful.” Balm for my soul. I feel my heart begin to bloom and my chest opens a little more.

His hand leaves and I am bereft. I open my eyes and look for him. He is still there, looming over me. I stand, slow and controlled. His eyes are moving over the other men, checking in with each of them. Duh. Coaching. For a moment I thought we were alone, that this was a step towards seduction.

I try again, this time with my toes against the wall. It is smooth, and I can feel the difference. At the bottom I move, feeling into the pockets of resistance. My back begins to ache and I fold, letting my legs straighten and my torso relax. Touching my toes, I wiggle out the remaining tension in my low back, then grab my elbows to gently swing. It is then I open my eyes and am hit with a blast of heat.

I am being stared at. I realize then that the fabric is indeed wet, and now there are no panties to layer beneath the transparently stretched material of my workout pants. They can see my pussy lips. I am frozen. My heart skips a beat and I am unable to do anything.

In the moments it takes me to recover, there is a flurry of action. The coach places his hand on the small of my back, for all purposes pinning me in place, and several of the men come to stand around us. “Can you go back over the mechanics, I want to see.” One of the men with a gravely voice and a tall, sun-kissed body is the first to speak. The coach releases me with his hand and I come back to standing. I am shaking a little as I press my hands against the wall above my head, feeling my body respond like a cat stretching. I close my eyes and move. The coaches hands skim my body as he talks.

“Shoulders down and back. Chest is up, big. Yes. Back keeps the lumbar curve – we’re working the butt wink here. Yes. She can go really low, but she needs to stop maltepe escort where it begins to lose tension. Knees are out, perfect. The stand is fluid, faster but controlled. Yes. Once more.”

His hand presses between my shoulder blades and my chest rises, my breasts aching, nipples hardened.

“It’s hard to see.” Another man complains, this one broad and big, heavily muscled. The coach gestures and the circle widens to include all the men. There are 5 of them now and I am trapped in the center by my own response. The coach tugs at my tank and bares my back. “See her spine? I am trying to keep all of the vertebra in the same place even at the very bottom. Watch.” This time as I move I feel his spread fingers keeping track of the distance between bumps, and my skin is on fire. “See here how right where she stops it starts to want to release? You can feel it.” I stand and feel the air against my belly with the bunched up shirt over my breasts.

“Can she sustain ab engagement when she’s arched like that?” Another voice, this one mid-western and earnest, blonde and homecoming king quality. The hand slips around my midsection and I jump a little. It kneads me lightly and a quiet moan escapes me. “Again.” I brace my abs and squat and the hand follows me down. As I begin to stand it slips lower, and grazes the top of my pubic bone and I gasp. “She doesn’t seem to have an issue, but I do know what you mean. It can be a bit of a struggle to keep both, they are in opposition. I want the stretch in the therapy, but for work with weight I would prefer her to tuck the pelvis for the midline stability.”

I am having a hard time breathing. Fuck. That hand is just above where I need to be touched. My hips move a little and I press my face into the wall. The hand refuses to move.

I am an animal now, I no longer care to pretend I’m not responding. I whimper. There are some chuckles and the hand pats me before it slips away. I inhale at the loss, and then hands are pulling the tank over my head and off and I am topless, pinned against the wall, his hand snaking under the front of my pants and into the soaked valley between my legs. His over arm bands between my breasts and my head rolls back against his chest. He steps back into the circle and his hard-on presses into my ass. The questing fingers find my hole and I moan shamelessly. “She’s so fucking wet.” I nod and moan my assent. There is laughter and some bantering that I miss while another pair of hands strips off my leggings. My sweaty body is handled with precision as I am undressed, and my legs are spread for all to see. He kneels with me in his arms till he is seated and I am in his lap with my legs spread and no starch left in my limbs.

Quickly the game is no longer teasing, and the men are touching me and their cocks. My pussy lips are spread and fingers slide through the juices, my face is turned and the coach mamak escort is kissing me deeply, our mouths mating and playing with delicious sensation. Fingers penetrate me and my body arches up, my breasts pressing into hands and my heels finding traction on the bodies of the men around me. I can’t tell who is touching me where. All I can tell is that I am going to get what I need.

Hands grab my thighs and force them up, wide, and then I feel a cock rubbing against my slit. The velvety head is fat and my clit swells against it. I moan into the mouth against mine, and the man with the cock against me grabs my hips, driving up into me in one sure thrust. Finally, finally, my body cries out and it slips out my mouth in a broken howl. I needed this so badly. The thick intrusion tugs the flesh inside, stretching me so deliciously. I feel my body contract and the pleasure builds as I am handled and caressed under restless hands and a relentless cock. I begin to crest and as my body bows I hear his grunts and feel him lose cadence as he spends himself inside me with a few hard shoves, pulling my whole pelvis into him. I am on the edge of orgasm, but I can’t go over as he stills and jerks inside me. I moan my dissatisfaction and open my eyes. The mid-western golden boy. Didn’t have him pegged as so greedy.

As his cock slips out I feel his cum dribble between my legs, and a hand gathers it, massaging it into the mound of my cunt, covering my whole vulva, asshole to clit. I’m so close, it feels amazing, like being bathed in sunlight, pleasure all over my skin. My eyes fall on the painter before me, the man with the smokey voice and sun tanned body. His eyes penetrate me as he bends to kiss my cum-drenched clit. I almost go over, but he presses his whole hand over me, firmly, unmoving, and I am tempered. Barely contained. Bursting, but with power that is tamed, for the moment.

He keeps our connection as he moves over me like a predator, and I am so moved, I can feel the pull in my solar plexus. It is like I am on fire inside. When he grazes my belly with his, the breath leaves my lungs harshly, and when he settles against me I melt. This. Yes. More. The head of his cock nuzzles my inner lips and I tip so that he can smoothly glide inside. Oh. His eyes don’t break contact with mine as he slowly moves deeper and deeper. I am naked, vulnerable, needy, and everything I am thinking is on my face. His eyes darken and he begins to move, a light smile playing on his face. He approves of my animal and her need, her sexuality. My chest expands and I am alight with sensation. He fucks the cum up into me and I feel the other eyes on us, hear the hands stroking and the breathing quickening. I feel the heat of the bodies around us, am eaten up by eyes.

“Breathe,” he commands in a whisper, and I remember to pull air into my lungs, forcing my sensations higher and higher. And then I’m there. Oh god. There are fireworks behind my eyes as my vision blurs and I shudder, my whole body racked as I come. I hear him groan and we are there together in a land that has no ties to this one, that is only connection and expansion and pleasure.

When my release leaves me wrung out, he kisses my jaw and I melt when he pulls away. Replete, I don’t know what more I can take, but I know this isn’t over.

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