Unexpected Turn of Events with Son and his Friends – Part 1Unexpected Turn of Events with Son and his Friends – Part 1


Hi, I’m Jenny. What I’m about to tell you, happened not so long ago.I have been a single mom since my husband passed away, a few years ago. I am a young mother with a reasonably attractive physique. I have two children. We have a decent life. We are not poor but we are not exactly rich either. Can’t really complain much.However, the one thing that’s probably missing in my life is intimacy. I’ve never been close to any man since my husband. I’m on the brink of forgetting what it feels like.I don’t have any family except my daughter Kate, aged twenty and my son Kyle, aged seventeen. They are the best kids any parent could ask for. At school or at home, they never gave me any trouble. In a way, I don’t regret not having any siblings or my parents around. They might have pressured me into remarrying. No, I can’t do it. Not another commitment.All I wanted was some physical relief, once in a while. I don’t know if I wanted it but my body certainly did. The unintentional wet underwear and constant perky nipples were just beyond my control. I could have a boyfriend or even a friend with benefits. But I am afraid to because I don’t know how my kids would react. They lost their father at a tender age and I felt that all of us were still processing it.I’ll admit that there were desperate times that I even tried watching porn. Wow, the world had changed a lot. Back in my days, there were only magazines. But now, the internet offers HD videos. Even Virtual Reality. So many varieties and options. And then I noticed something.In every website I visited, the most popular or highly viewed genres of porn, involved sex with family members or some kind of taboo content. It was weird but I didn’t give it too much thought and moved on. One thing I realized after prolonged surfing was that, ‘watching’ porn didn’t cut it for me.My friend Zoey and I always spent a lot of time on the phone. Zoey’s son Chase also happens to be my son Kyle’s best friend since and through school. Zoey was always good at distracting me from my seemingly boring life. She always made me laugh and was quite naughty too.She often joked that I should just call a male escort service from time to time and get it over with. I never took it seriously. We would always just laugh it off and went about our ways, eventually.While life went on as such, one weekend my son Kyle and his five friends, Nick, Jake, John, Matt and Chase came home after class. I was doing my chores around the house then. The boys said that they were just going to hang out for a while and that was fine by me.Kate was away at college so I pretty much had the entire house to myself most of the time anyway. After a while, I had finished my work so I just sat down in the living room to watch some TV.While I was watching, I heard some noise and loud whispers coming from my son’s room. There was a bit of commotion as well. I felt something was not right so I went closer to the door but I still couldn’t figure out what the sounds were about. My maternal paranoia kicked in.I imagined, were the boys doing something they shouldn’t be? Something illegal? Drugs? Guns? I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to intervene. I was ready to handle anything on the other side of that door.I knocked on the door for the sake of it and quickly opened the door without giving them time to respond. I thought I was ready for anything but no… not this. My son and his friends were watching porn on one of their laptops and they all had their hard cocks in their hands. And they all froze looking at me. I quickly figured that the commotion was all about deciding on which video to watch next.The boys and I were in so much shock that we all stayed frozen for a split few seconds. However, we all quickly recovered. While I turned away, the boys quickly shoved their boners back into their pants. I understood the situation but I had to save face. I feigned anger and called everyone outside and told them to bring the laptop along with them.Except for my son Kyle, all the other boys were almost in tears bayan escort beylikdüzü and were begging me to not tell anyone about this, especially their parents. I didn’t react. I just remained quiet with a straight face until they all ran out of breath and silence ensued. I realized that the boys were just being boys and that they were only doing what boys their age do. Explore and experiment. It was I who did something stupid by barging into the room.Looking at Kyle’s face I could tell that he was kinda pissed at me for the same reason but he remained silent. I told the boys that I wouldn’t tell anyone about this and they all let out a huge sigh of relief. But it wasn’t enough. Right after, they all just sat there looking at my face. I picked up the laptop and opened it.The first webpage title read ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom’. There were other pages open as well and it was all MILF content. When I looked up, I could see that fear and shame were filling all their lungs and that they were all at the edge of suffocation.I had to diffuse the situation before they could start misplacing their discomfort into hating and avoiding my son for a stupid mistake that his mother did. I closed the laptop and I repeated that I wouldn’t tell anyone about all of this but I did add that I needed honest answers to a few questions that I had, to better understand what was going on here. And that if they answered honestly, they could have their laptop back. They all, eagerly and innocently, nodded their heads.Honestly, I had no questions. I just said so to keep the facade going. To make it look like I’m the one giving them a chance to redeem themselves. A fake investigation.I asked random questions that popped up in my mind. There was never any premeditation but I did give sufficient pauses between each question to sell my act.I asked, “Why the group masturbation?… why this genre of porn?… and… and… are any of you… still… virgins?”The answers were mesmerizing to me.Nick said, “Well Mrs. J, we didn’t plan the group masturbation thing, we swear! It just happened. John wanted to show us some new video that he thought was good. But one video led to another… and then, to another and… and…”I said, “Go on…”Nick said, “… and we couldn’t keep our boners bent inside our pants any longer. So, we had to pull ’em out… Once they were out, we just had to stroke them.”Such honest and innocent thoughts about personal sexuality kinda started making my heart beat faster. I think it was turning me on…I reacted by saying, “Ok… that’s believable. But what about all ‘this’ porn? huh?… You guys are young! So young! I don’t get it.”Jake said, “That’s right Mrs. J but… I don’t know. Sure, we do like girls our age too. But women between the ages of thirty and fifty… There’s just something about them that just… blows our mind. Their supple skin… their seasoned bodies… oh, I shouldn’t say anymore…”I asked, “Why not?… what is it?”Matt took over saying, “… well, we like it so much, sometimes we just can’t help…””Can’t help what, Matt?”Matt strugglingly, “… can’t help… can’t help fantasizing and talking about own moms or our friends’ moms.”I quickly looked at Kyle and Chase when I heard these words but they both maintained expressions of confusion on their faces while avoiding eye contact with me and they harshly nudged their friend Matt and told him to shut up. I guess none of the boys expected Matt to slip up in such a big way.I swallowed a huge ball of spit. I thought to myself, is this how young boys thought of us all?  I must admit. This confession from Matt instilled a new sense of confidence in me, an older woman. But I guessed that they weren’t to be blamed. It wasn’t their fault. I guessed that all young boys go through this phase at some point.I continued the conversation again saying, “Ok… that’s a little more than I expected to hear. But it’s ok. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s only natural and it’s only a phase. You boys will outgrow escort bayan beylikdüzü it soon.” and I added, “And… um… what of the final question?”John volunteered to answer saying, “No, Mrs. J. None of us have had that stroke of luck yet. Not even at prom.”Once again, I looked at Kyle and Chase. They looked embarrassed. But as a mother, I felt a sense of relief at that point, for some weird reason.I asked those random questions only to diffuse the situation but at the end of it, I was… aroused. Turned on by just… words! I told the boys that they had kept up their end of the bargain and so I handed them back their laptop and asked them to stay, while I fixed them a snack as a peace offering.But almost everyone, felt it was best that they stepped out right away. I didn’t want to insist and I understood that things might just never be the same here on out between those boys and me but at the least, they didn’t seem to despise me or my son.Right after the boys left, I noticed that my heart had been beating out of my chest all that while. I had also broken a mild sweat which I had not realized until then. I took a deep breath and went to my son’s room to see what he was doing. He was fixing his room.I went in there and apologized to him for being nosy and spoiling his evening. I explained to him that I had become instinctively extra vigilant ever since his father left me to take care of this family all by myself. Kyle understood my situation and we both reconciled and I left the room.A couple of days passed but I noticed that Kyle just wasn’t the same anymore. He avoided eye contact with me most of the time. I felt bad but I was ok with him, taking his own time to get back to his usual self.However, I won’t lie. Every time I saw him, I couldn’t get the picture, of him and his friends holding and stroking their young boners, out of my head. It was wrong but I couldn’t help my myself. I…. I liked what I could recollect.All of a sudden, all those porn genres that I saw on the internet started to make sense. Remembering the popularity of those porn genres, I realized that ‘every other person’ on this earth was in the same situation as me. They would try these fancies and fetishes out in real life if… if such actions didn’t have any repercussions. Good lord, I thought, what am I thinking?! Did I just think, ‘try it in real life’?My boredom, my unexpected freedom, my bodily needs and this recent laptop incident, were all tangling with one another and they started to mess with my mind. I knew that I made a promise to the boys but I also felt that I was failing my family if I allowed these thoughts to breed. I had to do something. I had to talk to someone. So, I called Zoey. I wasn’t comfortable talking about this to anyone else.I told Zoey everything over the phone. For the first time ever, Zoey was lost for words. There was silence for a while and then Zoey asked me, “Did you see… Chase’s dick?”I replied, saying, “Yes! Oh, I’m so sorry Zoey, I didn’t mean to.”Zoey said, “No… no… you don’t have to apologize… um… I was just wondering…. um…. how was it?”I replied, “Oh, it was so embarrassing! I almo -“Zoey cut me off in mid-sentence, “Jenny! Jenny… I meant… How was… Chase’s dick?”I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my ears.Zoey asked me again, “How was it?…. long? short? thick? straight? bent?”My heart stopped. My legs went weak and I crash-sat on the nearby sofa. That day, I found out who Zoey really was. She was one of them. One of the ‘every other person on earth.’Zoey asked me again, “How was it?”I don’t know what came over me but at that point, I lost all inhibition. I couldn’t find any reason to hold onto any morsel of morality or responsibility anymore.I told her softly, “It was hard, Zoey… so hard!” And I bit my lips ever so lightly.Zoey went silent for a while again.Then she asked me, “How was Kyle’s?”I yelled back, “Zoey! What the hell is wrong with you?! How could you ask me that?”She remained calm and silent kayaşehir escort and asked me again, “How… was… Kyle’s?”I was silent at first. Then I said softly, “Both my palms together wouldn’t be enough to completely hold it.”Zoey shot back immediately saying that she was coming over to my house right away and hung up. I was still holding the phone to my ear. Wondering to myself, What… the… fuck… did I just say?Zoey soon came over. No words were spoken. We poured ourselves hot cups of coffee and sat in silence while we sipped on them for a while. And then Zoey opened her mouth to break the silence.She said, “So what do you want to do?”I said, “What can I do?””… hmm… how about doing exactly what the boys want you to do?” said Zoey.I was confused again. What the hell Zoey was talking about? I thought to myself. I looked at her with an expression that mirrored my confused state of mind.Zoey explained, “The boys are brimming with hormones. They need an outlet. A safe one. Who better to provide than you, a parent. You’re a good looking mom. From what you’ve told me so far, it’s very likely that they thought about you anyway.””So?””Until they get it over with, they are going to be doing stupid things like this. If they can’t do it here, they’ll just find another house or place to do it. And how safe is that going to be for them? And if they can’t find ‘someone’ to do it with, soon enough, they’re gonna end up doing it with each other! Is that what you want for them? Do you?””What?. Um… no… no… of course not… I think,” I stammered.There was silence again for a while. My thoughts were scrambling trying to figure out the logic in Zoey’s unexpected suggestion. If this insane plan didn’t work, I would have personally destroyed half a dozen lives.I mustered up some courage and asked Zoey, “You want me… to fuck… six boys?”Zoey said, “Well, they’re technically young adults.””I was talking about the number, Zoey!””What? you can’t handle it? You need help?” Zoey asked sarcastically.But I responded while having a wicked grin on my face, “As a matter of fact…”Zoey with eyes wide open said, “No! No… no… no… no…. no. I was just joking.”I said, “It’s not my fancy Zoey. It’s a necessity.””I… I don’t understand.””You do realize that one of the six boys that you want me to provide ‘an outlet’ to, is my son. I can’t possibly provide it for six of them and certainly not to my son. I didn’t think there was another way, until you said the magic words.””So?.””So we split them up. You take care of three of them and I’ll take care of three of them. You too are a parent, aren’t you? We would still be providing the same degree of safe outlet that you so passionately advocated for, just now.””J, you gotta be joking. It’s not the same for me. I actually have a husband who is very much alive and I’m happily married… I can’t do this.””You may be happily married but you’re not innocent.””Excuse me?””Why did you ask me about Chase’s dick? Why did you have to care? Why did you ask my opinion about own son’s dick? Why?”Zoey became throat-blocked.I continued, “You slipped up, Zoey. Your naughty behavior is just a cover. You like perversity but you were always too afraid to act on it yourself. So you took this opportunity to feed on your secret fetish. You’re trying to talk me into doing something like this because you can live out your perversions through me!”Zoey purred, “That’s… not true.””Admit it, Zoey. You want this for yourself as much as you want it for me. Well… if you want me to take this leap… you’re jumping with me!”Silence occupied the room while I stared at her with my arms crossed.I brought it home saying, “Don’t forget. Your son’s well-being is at stake here, as well. You do want him to get the help he requires, don’t you?”Zoey while reluctantly nodding, “…. ok… ok… I’ll do it.”Wow… I pulled a ‘Zoey’ on herself. But who was I kidding? I accused her of desiring these immoral intentions but I guess, I was the one who was already guilty of them.Zoey and I called our sons and told them to come to my house, as soon as possible. They both arrived late in the evening. We sat them both in front of us. They both looked at each other and grew increasingly uncomfortable. Zoey, as usual, helped me end the silence.Zoey announced, “So, J told me what happened the other day.”

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