Unexpected Return – Part 3Unexpected Return – Part 3


John pulled into my driveway in his F150. We were both exhausted after five days of fly fishing in Northern Canada. Since we got home early, he gave me a ride home from the airport.I had been on our annual Canada fishing trip at the Whitefish Bay Fishing Camp with five of my fishing buddies. We have been going on this trip on the same weekend for six years, and it is the perfect vacation for us. We are all successful businessmen in high-powered, high-stress jobs with wonderful families, and this trip gives us all time to decompress and have fun together.”Bill, are you putting the fish in your freezer in the garage?””Yeah, but just put the cooler chest by the door. The freezer is full of venison, so I will have to organize it to put all these fish in. We caught so much I may not have room for it all!””Well, if you need to store some, let me know, and you can put some in my freezer.”I took my fishing gear and duffle out of his truck, sitting them by the garage door with the cooler.”Is Cory home?” John asked”No, like the other wives, she didn’t know we were getting in early, so she is still at work. I will surprise her when she gets home, and we will have a special ‘Glad Your Home’ night!””That should be great. I wish I had a beautiful wife like yours coming home to me tonight. Jane is out of town until tomorrow, so I’ll pick up the kids at Mom’s, and we will have a kid’s bonding night, nowhere near as much fun as your night, I am sure!!” John said”John, I had a great time with you.” We hugged, and he climbed in his truck and drove off, heading home.I punched in the garage door code, and it opened. I was surprised Cory’s car was there, as was mine, which was strange! How did she get to work, and who is bringing her home?I brought my duffel and gear into the garage. I pulled the heavy cooler over and rearranged the freezer fitting the fish in, having just enough room. I put my fishing gear away in my sports closet.I turned and looked at Cory’s car, wondering why it was there, and she wasn’t. It didn’t make sense. What was going on?I grabbed my duffel full of dirty clothes and carried it inside, dropping it in the laundry room. I dumped all the clothes into a pile, and I wasn’t sure what was clean and what wasn’t, so I decided to wash them all. I stripped off my clothes, dropping them on the pile. I switched the washer on and loaded my clothes and soap, watching as they began to swish. I closed the top.I walked naked into the bathroom to shower while the wash was running. I stepped in, leaning against the wall. It had been a rough week in the Canadian woods, hiking, camping, fishing, and drinking, with my friends. The hot water felt so good beating on my firm body. I finally washed and finished my shower, dried off, and slipped on some workout shorts and a T-shirt.I walked back to my bedroom and saw Cory’s dirty clothes lying on the bed. I gathered the clothes and took the hamper from the bathroom back into the laundry room.The first wash load was finished, so I pushed them into the dryer.I emptied the hamper on the floor to sort out the color groups. These were all Cory’s clothes from last week. She seemed to have changed clothes a lot, but women do that. I never paid attention before, but you know women and their clothes!I ended up with three piles, whites, darks, and lingerie. I picked up the lingerie pile and started to put them into the washer as the tank filled. I had been away for many days and missed Cory badly. I picked up a tiny pink thong in my hand, put it to my nose, and inhaled deeply. My head filled with her amazing scent, and my cock twitched, thinking about getting her in bed tonight.I tossed the thong in the machine and picked up the bras, throwing them in, followed by slips, more panties, and a camisole. I added soap, closed the top, and the washer started.I sorted the other clothes, checking the pockets of the slacks and jeans in the dark pile. I felt something in the back pocket of one pair of jeans. I pulled out a balled-up black lace thong with its Victoria’s Secret label hanging out. I had never seen the thong before. Cory doesn’t wear Victoria’s Secret, so ‘who did this thong belong to, and how did Corry end up with it in her pocket’?I shook it out, and a paper fell on the floor. I picked it up and read it. It was a receipt from a bar I had never been to before. The time stamp was 11:43 pm last Wednesday.I thought that strange. For the last year, Cory has taken an advanced accounting class on Wednesday nights. She gets home at about 9:30 each night. I have never known her to go out after class, and she only goes out at night once a month with her sister şişli escort and mom for dinner. Otherwise, we go out on a date night with our friends, dancing, or to the movies.I didn’t think much of it, but then I smelled the panties again. There was a distinct odor, more earthy than Cory’s normal scent. I wondered if she was having her period that day and if she had washed them out and balled them up. Why else would she have taken them off?I was tired, so I put the clothes back in the hamper and returned them to the bathroom. I took the black thong and receipt and put them in the locked drawer in my desk.I looked at the time, and it was 3:30 pm. Cory should be home at about 5:45 pm. She would be surprised to see me tonight since we weren’t supposed to return until tomorrow.Severe weather was setting in at the fish camp, so we left a full day early. We all agreed to surprise our families and not tell them we were getting home early.I was excited to surprise her. I ordered some Chinese that would be delivered at about 6:30. We would have a glass of wine, eat, and adjourn to the bedroom and make love all night!I would hide in the hall storage closet, and once she was inside, I would jump out and give her a heart attack. I went through the house and ensured everything was the same as when I came home. I found her dirty clothes from the bed, except for the undies, put them back where I found them and ensured the hamper was back in its place.The washer with her lingerie finished. I dried them on a delicate setting, leaving them in the dryer. I folded my clothes and put them in the hall closet, and Cory would never look there, and I would move them later.I settled down and took a short nap. When I woke up, it was just before 5:00 pm, so I pulled out my laptop and looked at my emails from the last week. Barbara, my assistant, screened them to ensure I was not overloaded with emails when I got back. She only forwarded the important ones she thought I needed to read right away, and none of them were urgent that hadn’t been taken care of already. I was relieved, knowing when I walked in on Monday, I was not going into a hornet’s nest!I had gone through my phone already. There were a few texts that Cory had sent me, and I remembered one she sent, which I thought was a little strange. I scrolled back and saw it was on Wednesday night. With what I had found earlier, the message was of more interest now.”Hi, babe,I know you won’t see this for a few days, but I want you to understand how much I miss you and love you tonight. I feel down, lonely, and need you here, though I know you can’t be. I wish you were here now. I need you so badly.I love you, miss you, and need you!Cory”It was a strange message for several reasons. One… Cory has never called me ‘babe,’ and she did here. Two… I understood that she missed me when I went away on a trip, and she didn’t go with me, but there seemed to be more here. Three… why was that night she sent me that message about being down. It was strange.I knew Cory was at a bar when she sent the text. She must have been a little drunk. If she had been with this woman, she could have felt guilty. That could be why it didn’t make much sense. She had a receipt and a strange thong in her jeans pocket from that night, all very incriminating. There were missing pieces I needed to know. Anyway, I will ask her about it tomorrow!I looked at my watch, and it was a little after 5:30 pm, so I moved into the closet to wait for Cory.I read a book on my iPad as I waited.Time passed! It was after 6:15 pm. I wondered where Cory was and why she was so late tonight.I read seven chapters as I waited. It was almost 7:00 pm when I finally heard Cory walk into the house. She shuffled around, and I heard her putting some things in the kitchen. Cory must have stopped at the grocery store on the way home. But she couldn’t have; she was not driving, so who brought her home? It was very strange.Her phone rang! I heard her answer.”Hello””Hey girl, how are you?””Oh yes, I’d like that.””I know, yeah.”I could only hear Cory’s side of the conversation, so I had no idea who she was talking to or what they were talking about.”No, Bill isn’t back until tomorrow night.””Oh yeah, I’d love that. Give me an hour to get ready, and I’ll see you then.””Oh yeah, I have your sexy black thong. I picked it up off the stall floor as we left. Do you remember when I took it off you? I do!!””I know you remember what happened next. It was so hot and beautiful!””Oh Yeah, I can’t wait, baby. I’ll see you then. We are going to have some fun!””Bring a bottle of white wine.””I’ll be waiting for mecidiyeköy escort you!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What the Fuck? I slumped back on the floor. What was Cory talking about? It sounded like Wednesday was a date, and they had another date tonight.Cory and the mystery woman had been together at the bar on Wednesday night. The black thong belongs to her. I heard Cory say she had taken the thong off the woman, and I was sure her next reference was that they fucked. God, what was going on? There was a lot more to learn.Right now, I needed to get the thong and receipt back in Cory’s jeans, so she would not know I had found them and was home.I waited for the time to leave the closet. I was totally confused. Who was this woman? It sounded like they were lovers, and I didn’t understand.I heard Cory walk down the hall toward the bedroom. I opened the door peeking out, listening until I heard the shower water come on. I gave her a minute to make sure she was in the shower. I slipped down the hall and heard Cory humming like she does when she is taking a hot shower or when she’s happy. Tonight, Cory was humming, so she must be happy about what would happen later!I quietly walked to my office to get the black thong and receipt. I walked to the bathroom door and looked in. The shower door was fogged over, so I dug in the hamper to find the pair of jeans. I held up the jeans, smelling the crotch, and there was Cory’s familiar scent. My cock twitched as I took another deep inhale. God, I wanted to strip naked, rush into the shower and take her this minute, but I couldn’t.I balled up the black thong and receipt, pushing them back into her jeans pocket. I wanted to keep them as evidence, but I couldn’t let her know I was home. I had taken pictures of them earlier, so that would have to do. I stuffed the jeans back in the middle of the hamper and slipped back out.As I moved through the bedroom, I noticed a lacy green baby doll nightie and a matching lacy thong lying on the bed. I wondered what was going on! Was Cory dressing in that for this woman?FUCK… I knew Cory and the woman had fucked in the club ladies’ room on Wednesday night, and they are going to fuck each other here tonight! As betrayed and disgusted as I felt at the thought of Cory cheating on me, my cock was suddenly rock hard.My mind drifted back seven years to Marie in Jamaica and Cory’s attraction to her. Was Cory bi-sexual all this time? I did not know if she had been with other women through the years. How could I not know this?Jesus, was Cory having an affair with a woman? My heart started beating like a drum in my chest.I snuck back into the kitchen and got a bottle of tequila and a shot glass! Then back to the closet, I closed the door quietly and settled back down to wait.I heard the shower stop, and a few minutes later, I heard Cory padding down the hall to the kitchen. I heard glasses rattle. All the while, Cory was humming! She was excited at the prospect of what would happen tonight.A few minutes later, Cory came out of the kitchen, sat on the living room couch, and turned on the television. Wheel of Fortune was on.After a few minutes, I cracked the closet door open to see her on the couch. I could only see her profile, but I could see her well enough to see her wearing the thin green baby doll. Damn, she was wearing that for her guest. What the fuck?I didn’t understand. This was not like Cory. I didn’t think she had never been attracted to women before! Only a fleeting attraction for Marie, but that was nothing, or was it?As I slumped back down, taking my first shot, I started to think back over our lives together. We have been happily married for seven years, or at least I thought we were.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I met Cory in college when I was a sophomore, and she was a freshman. We dated through my sophomore and junior years but were not serious, just loving fuck buddies and having incredible sex whenever we wanted.At the beginning of my senior year, Cory met another guy, Tim. They dated seriously. I was Ok with it because I needed to focus on my schooling, getting ready to graduate and moving on to Law School. I dated a little but nothing serious, just recreational sex.Many nights as I was falling asleep, my thoughts were on Cory. I missed her. I would see her from time to time on campus or at a bar, we would talk and dance, but we didn’t date. I knew there was something special about Cory, but we were good friends.Before I graduated, Cory called me, “Bill, would you like to go to the Lake of the Ozarks with me and two other couples for the weekend? It will be my graduation gift before you move on to Law School!”Wow, what a shock! I asked, “What about Tim?””We are still seeing each other, but I want to do this with you, Bill.”I quickly accepted, excited to be with Cory again. The group rented a big houseboat, and there was a big boat tie-up with about twenty other boats. We partied hard, just like on spring break. We drank and fucked all weekend long, having a wonderful time getting reacquainted. All I can say is that it was a wild time.Cory and I melded together. I knew after that weekend that I loved Cory and felt she loved me too. Neither of us had ever said ‘the three words,’ and neither of us could make that commitment now. I had many years of school left, and we didn’t know what would happen during that time. She was still dating Tim, so I didn’t know what the future held for us.After graduation, I went to Law School at the University of Missouri.Cory and I managed to date some, and we got together on an occasional weekend and fucked each other to death, rarely getting out of bed and living off room service for fuel.Once law school was in full swing, we could only stay connected via phone, text, or email, rarely able to see each other, only every couple of months. It was hard, but we reconfirmed our love for each other every time we were together. Cory told me on a phone call about halfway through her senior year that she and Tim had parted ways and she was only interested in me. That made me happy, but there were still many years of law school before we could move further in our relationship.Cory graduated six months later and sadly moved to Chicago, taking an excellent job with a consulting company. We didn’t see each other again for almost eight months.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Unfortunately, my sweet grandmother passed away, so I came home for the funeral. Cory just happened to be home seeing her parents for the weekend. Her parents and mine had become friends, so they all came to the funeral. I saw Cory across the room for the first time after all those months. My heart leaped, and I realized how much I missed her.After the funeral, everyone came to our house for a huge send-off party. People brought food for the buffet to honor my grandmother. She was an exceptional woman, having done so many wonderful things. The whole community loved her.My grandmother was sweet, and I loved her to death, but she was ninety-eight years old and had a wonderful life! Now she was with God, and I was happy about that.There must have been a hundred people, all milling around the house. I was not into seeing all those people. So, when Cory walked up, we hugged and kissed. I was glad to see her and to have her in my arms again.I pulled her off to the side so we could talk. Cory wanted to know about law school. I asked about her new life in Chicago. Did she like her job? Did she like the people she worked with? Did she have a boyfriend? You know, all the questions you ask people when you haven’t seen them in a long time.We had several drinks and went to the backyard to escape the crowd. It was springtime in St. Louis, so the weather was nice. We sat outside for quite a while, enjoying being with each other.I had done my duty as a grandson and paid my respects to my grandmother and my parents. I wasn’t going anywhere for a few days so that I would see them again. But right now, I want to see Cory, all of Cory, if you know what I mean!”Hey,” I suggested, “Let’s you and I get out of here and have some fun!”Cory smiled, grabbed my hand, pulling me around the side of the house to her car. We jumped in and snuck away, heading off down the road. As we drove along, I asked, “So what do you want to do?”Cory looked at me, placing her hand on the growing bulge in my pants. She smiled as she squeezed my cock, “I want to get reacquainted with this big boy. I have missed him so much!”That was all the invitation I needed. My cock grew instantly hard as Cory caressed it. We drove to the nearest motel, and for the next three hours, we became very well reacquainted with every inch of each other’s bodies, inside and out.We fucked each other hard, fast, slow, smooth, lovingly, and with animal passion. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. All the built-up sexual tension from so many months away from each other was released at once.Cory gave me the best fucking I could remember, and I did the same for her. She came over and over until we were exhausted and well satisfied.We lay together, holding one another, talking about how much we missed each other and wanting to be together forever. My heart was full when I finally said the three words. Cory, “I LOVE YOU!”She smiled and hugged me. “Bill, I have waited almost four years to hear those words come out of your mouth. Thank God, I love you too! I want to be your wife!” she confessed as happy tears ran down her cheeks.

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