The smoldering rays of sunshine seeped through the beige satin curtains of the bedroom, glistening like pure crystals against the sheets and two nestle-chocolate bodies, one in a deep slumber while the other watched in adoration at the steady beat of his rising chest. The aroma smelt of sweet caramel, fresh strawberries and other islandy fruits, sugary cane and mouth-watering brown cinnamon lingered in their bedroom; it portrayed a sweet scent fragrance shop in every way. The sun rays of morning colored Brandon’s velvety chocolate physique, his slick manly structure almost too much to bear. His jaw was slick, lips slightly agape with soft breaths releasing in a slow manner, body of beguiling abs that felt delicious against her fingers and prized possession that she only could possess hidden under the fabric of the sheets. Running a long finger through her silky hair, she inwardly flushed at the replay of last night’s soul riveting and toe-curling love makin’, and ran a smooth finger along the divot of his muscle. Their orgasms had rippled through them ankara escort both like stones skipping on pillowy lakes all night, and the desire to have him nestled inside her again rose to the surface. Uncurling out the warm cocoon of the covers, she grabbed the earthy brown silk robe lying on the chair and slipped into it. With each step came a short ripple of pain through her thighs, the flow of desire heightening. He had put it down, all the way down, had her begging to tap out, had her chest tightening and body swooning from everything. Walking around the bed and to their restroom alongside the window, the fragrance of her Chanel perfume with a mixture of Brandon’s musky cologne had her flushing. Anything and everything had her revisiting last night and oh, how she wanted to reenact the entire five-hour pleasurable scene again. Pulling her silky hair into a low ponytail, she freshened up then removed the robe and sat it on the sink. Approaching the shower, she turned the water on and tested it till it was just right. Hopping in, she squirted ankara escort bayan a generous amount of Be Enchanted shower gel into the towel, scrubbing the lingering scent of Brandon and the mouth-watering sex off her skin. Just the thought had her nipples erecting, her thighs quivering, the hunger deep within her craving for Brandon’s cock more than pancakes or toast. “Damnit,” she softly cursed to herself, leaning against the clear window of the shower. The thought of it all weakened her from head to toe, and mentally, she was aroused yet fascinated on just the thought of Brandon bare above her, thrusting deliciously into her, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. She could simply cum from the thought, but she craved and hungered for that one thing Brandon could give her besides love; a sweet orgasm. Just as she began to scrub her legs, the slim silhouette of Brandon entering the bathroom had her body singing in praises, libido pummeling like his fingers had done inside her last night. What had made it much more delicious was escort ankara that he was naked, pure naked. Steam hadn’t colored the clear windows of the shower, so she was able to see every muscle of perfection on him. Everything from his cocoa-brown eyes, full lips, broad shoulders; he was like a plush crystal diamond. Through the mirror, he spotted her staring and deep within her, she exploded into little pieces of extreme want. He softly smirked and the dimple enhancing his fine beauty had shown. That’s when she lost it and surrendered herself to him, right then and there, she was all his and didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything else. With his eyes still locked on hers, he freshened up but the expression of spent sex lingered on his face like a mask. Once finished, he turned and the dangling anaconda flushing between his legs whispered its sweet good morning to her. Opening the shower door, he stepped in and within seconds, was on his knees with her towel full of Be Enchanted in his hands. He pried her legs open with one long finger, his eyes deliciously connected with hers with such fiery compassion and absorbing lechery. “Oh God.”  She exhaled, knowing the sexual torture would soon accompany her. Steam of stimulation from both their bodies and the heat of the water began to cloud around them.

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