I did it for me. I had no interest in touching a naked woman but after 20 years of marriage it was becoming more difficult to find that elusive smile of unbridled surprise from my favorite human being.

Jevon was never easy to shop for. He appreciated every gift I’d ever given him but my selfish spirit wanted to see him jump up and down like a 5 year old on Christmas. This would have been easier to accept if he were a robot of a man, but he cried at the birth of all of our children and screams ferociously at every call against his beloved Eagles. So the lack of enthusiasm from my gifts were a thorn in our otherwise flawless marriage.

The new BMW for Christmas – “Exactly what I wanted.”

The pick-up game with his old high school basketball team in Madison Square Garden – “This is amazing.”

The surprise birthday trip to Cairo – “Very nice!”

First world problem, I know. My friends all tried to help in the beginning but they got tired of watching me complain when he didn’t weep uncontrollably at my valiant effort and perfect planning. I know, selfish. My perfect husband had a perfect life and I was the princess with the pea.

Then I decided to go nuclear.

All of my previous ideas were things that he’d somewhat considered himself. They were ideas he could have done without me. I needed something he would never consider possible.

A threesome.

Most couples would have considered this long ago, but it wasn’t really on our bucket list. We had a dry spell when the kids were young but now that they are mostly out of the house we kicked our sexual escapades into 5th gear. I swallowed him once a week and I got as loud as I wanted when we both ‘worked’ from home on Wednesdays.

The idea of a threesome was something we both discussed but we were so picky about every little detail that it didn’t seem worth the effort. In comparison we spent 3 months researching our first anal adventure as though we were planning a trip to Australia.

And in all fairness I sort of got the reaction I was looking for when we ventured sexually, but those were shared experiences. I wanted to own him.

But a conventional threesome would need more than 3 months of research and the surprise wouldn’t be there. So I decided on something slightly different. A sex free threesome. A fluffer.

I’d recruit a willing female to join us in the shower for some sudsy fun and we’d keep it pretty tame. I’d kiss her to get his juices going and then send the third wheel on her merry way. I’d get the reaction I was looking for followed by some congratulatory dick. Win. Win.

Finding a willing participant online wasn’t very difficult. A willing female stranger for an open couple is called a unicorn because they are difficult to find. Not my problem. One photo of my husband from the waist down right out of the shower and was all I needed to find 12 qualified unicorns. Over the next month I interviewed a dozen of the nicest women I could ever imagine. I think the PG nature of my request brought out the wholesome candidates.

Eventually I decided on Yvette. Honestly I didn’t give her too much thought because she’d only be joining us for a shower. I’d get my reaction for being the world’s best wife and then she’d be on her little way.

I planned everything out for our day of ‘working’ from home. The kids were all away at summer camps so there would be no surprises. At least not for me.

As usual we woke up and got to work. We did actually work, just not the entire day. Typically I’d lose focus after a couple of hours thinking about the afternoon workout we’d enjoy. But that morning I spent the entire time trading texts with Yvette planning my surprise. I got the feeling she was losing her gumption so I had to talk her up a bit. All she had to do was be waiting in the shower when Artvin Escort we got back from our walk. I could tell she was nervous but I was in charge now.

“Let’s eat,” Jevon startled me. It was noon. He’d made a light salad with yesterday’s leftovers. Afterwards we headed out for our walk around the neighborhood. As I closed the front door I made sure to leave it unlocked because I could see Yvette parked at the end of the block in her sportscar. While Jevon didn’t notice her, I was tense lipped as I saw the nervousness as she got out of the car. The bold unicorn in the coffee shop looked as though the reality of it all might be too real for her.

My nervousness about her robbing our house had been replaced by my fear that she’d gotten cold feet on, ironically, the hottest day of the summer. I tried to keep calm but I’d planned this episode for months. Her high-yellow ass had by blood boiling.

“You need to let work go,” Jevon offered as we passed the Anderson’s house. The big oak tree in their front yard shaded the blinding sun from my eyes enough for me to see the concern and patience in Jevon’s face.

“You’re right,” I chuckled, going along with his assumption that my trepidation was work-related. “But I’ve got this growing problem with a new client and I know I’ll have to deal with her when we get back to the house.”

“I’m sure you’ll work your magic on her,” he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me to continue our work in the hot sun. As usual, I ignored how sweet of a moment we were having because I was so excited to finally get well-deserved applause for being the greatest wife ever.

That afternoon was no more humid than any other Wednesday that summer, but I was sweating more than usual. Jevon looked as cool as a cucumber in his basketball shorts and tank-top. Most days I’d be embarrassed if one of our neighbors caught us on our Wednesday stroll because Jevon had a habit of going ‘commando’ because it turned me on. So when Old Lady Truman waved hello from her tomato garden, Jevon enthusiastically reciprocated. Oh my heavens was his dick bouncing in those mesh shorts as he quizzed her on the sweetness of the season’s crop. But I gave him little satisfaction and extended the conversation with great interest. For ten minutes we discussed everything from tomatoes to tulips in that hot sun.

“Getting too hot for me,” Jevon exclaimed as he realized I was in no rush to end any potential embarrassment.

“We’d better go,” I nodded to Old Lady Truman, “before he melts.”

“You kids stay cool,” she chuckled as she returned to her garden.

With more shade on the way home our walk was definitely cool enough to hold hands. By now he was sweating as much as I had so we knew we’d need that shower.

As I turned the last corner before our house I was relieved to see Yvette’s car still parked at the far end of the block and, unless she was doubled over in the seats hiding from embarrassment, empty.

“I’m so thirsty,” I whined with intent as we stepped into our home.

“Lemonade. One ice cube. Got it,” Jevon answered. “But don’t think about work and that Yvette until after our shower,” he demanded as he pulled the pitcher of lemonade from the refrigerator in time to see that I’d already removed my sweaty tights and tank top from my dark-brown, glistening skin.

“Don’t forget my ice cube,” I replied to his surprised stare as I tried not to notice the movement happening in his shorts. As I turned and stepped away I could feel his eyes hugging the curve of my hips. But the euphoria of that moment was blunted by the reality of what I found in our bathroom.

At exactly the same height Yvette was an interesting reflection of me. I was fat and she was light-skinned. My hair was straight like my grandfather’s and hers was a thick Artvin Escort Bayan Afro. But our shapes were the same from the neck down. Yvette had the same body that Jevon loved fucking for 20 years and I knew every inch of what he’d like to come on. Dressed, Yvette and I were nothing alike. Naked, we were twins.

As we stood bare from head to toe in my quiet bathroom I’d realized that I’d never touched a woman before and I was now paralyzed at the idea. Yvette was equally stunned as we simply locked eyes accompanied by awkward smiles.

“I hope you’ve got the shower ready, babe,” Jevon exclaimed from the kitchen, turning our tension into panic. I’d practiced this moment in my head a thousand times so my autopilot must have kicked in. I grabbed Yvette’s hand and pulled her into the oversized glass shower. I don’t know what planet either of were on in that instance, but the shock of the ice cold water hitting our skin brought us back to earth right quick.

Our nervous goosebumps were quickly replaced by actual goosebumps and we laughed at our collective virginity at this point. We were now in a sisterhood and there was no looking back.

As the water warmed so did we. I can’t speak for Yvette but my pussy was melting at the thought of Jevon walking in and finding more than he was expecting. The steam of shower thickened as Yvette and I held hands and nodded at each other. Time for the show to start.

I knew Jevon wouldn’t jump in with both feet if I didn’t, so he had to see me kissing Yvette. We’d give him a little show and then I’d give her a cue to sit in the back of the shower while we did whatever. That was my plan.

So, as we negotiated, we kissed.

And we kissed.

But Jevon hadn’t arrived and I was tongue deep with his present. Yes, our bodies were pressed against each other under the warm water but the kiss was between two people on an adventure. The sexual heat was for my husband, but the kiss was another energy. Nothing about Yvette was attractive to me. She was a she and I never thought that way. Yet there I was devouring her like my 8th grade boyfriend before my mother got off work.

Yvette stressed that she wasn’t into women either, so I was shocked at her change in stance. She stressed that my offer to stay and watch wasn’t necessary because that simply wasn’t her thing. She’d probably masturbate when she got home, but she was certain she wouldn’t be staying long after Jevon joined the party.

But Yvette and I were simply lost in each other. So lost that we didn’t hear Jevon enter the bathroom. The floor to ceiling steamed glass concealed the tongue thrashing we were having as the door slowly opened.

The reaction I’d savored for months was monumental.

I guess.

I was busy softly biting Yvette’s earlobe when I felt her shift her breast from between mine. As the water drowned my thoughts I overheard the introduction I was too busy to enjoy myself, “Good afternoon, I’m Yvette. I’ll be joining your shower today.”

I came a little.

My eyes never opened, so I didn’t see the door close but I felt the shower area get smaller. I turned my head toward Jevon and tasted the sweat melting from his chest. I could feel his dick resting on our intertwined hands, so I placed Yvette’s hand on the base of his shaft while I eased my fingertips below his balls.

By now Yvette had joined my lips on Jevon’s chest as I reached for the soap. I’d let her scrub my man with me and then we were going to get back on script. I was too wrapped up into choreographing the next steps to notice Jevon’s reaction. On his face. His dick reacted as expected. I placed two well-soaped sponges in Yvette’s hands and pulled Jevon’s lips to mine.

Yvette took her cue. With large, sensuous circles she scrubbed the afternoon sweat from Escort Artvin our bodies. Kneeling beside us, she started from our ankles and worked north. My heart raced as I wondered if she would wash my pussy. His balls. His asshole. My asshole. Her gentle strokes were a perfect pressure on every inch of my ankle, then calf, then knee, then thigh.

Then Jevon clenched and I knew that Yvette had found some place special. His interrupted kiss regained form until I clenched. Yvette’s scrubbing had found my outer lips and I nearly came. The warm water trickled down my hair onto Yvette’s Afro and I simply wanted to kiss her again.

Yvette stood and finished scrubbing Jevon and I. I could see the easy smile on her face as she entertained us. Then she took me by the hands and gently kissed me. It was so sweet. But it was a setup.

As Yvette softly kissed me she edged back to the bench in the back of the shower. As she slowly sat, I leaned over to keep our kiss intact. I knew what was about to happen and I was extremely unhappy that I was being directed in my own play. But I couldn’t stop kissing her. I couldn’t stop leaning into her. I knew his hands on my waist were leading up to his dick in my pussy and I would love it. I gave her top lip a soft bite when his dick pressed against my labia and I damn near drew blood as his full girth pressed between my walls.

I rested my hands on Yvette’s muscular thighs while we kissed away the thrusting that was happening behind me. With one hand Yvette played with my nipples and with her other hand she rubbed her pussy incessantly. Jevon’s thrusting was patient and tender. I knew he was holding back because we had a guest. But I gave no thought to it. My hips began gyrating on his dick like i hadn’t been fucked in years.

“Fuck me!” I begged as I bounced on Jevon’s dick and leaned into Yvette’s nape. His dick was pounding me so right that I began begging in Yvette’s ear that I might explode.

As the orgasm rose through my soul I began rubbing Yvette’s clit hoping that we would all cum together. Jevon’s thrusting was putting me over the top as his hands held my waist steady.

Yvette was grinding her clit so hard that the sight of her workout made me explode and tremble on the spot. It felt so good but I knew I was there for victory. So while Yvette continued to finger her pussy I walked behind Jevon and wrapped my right hand onto his dick. My pussy had his dick so slippery that I had no problem stroking him from shaft to head.

As I stroked Jevon’s dick in Yvette’s direction I caught a glimpse of his face in the hand mirror hanging by the shower door. I was about to win.

“Yvette won’t cum until you watch your cum drip from her cheeks,” I announced to my showermates. With that, Yvette’s legs spread wider as her fingers continued to grind her moist pussy. Jevon’s eyes slowly opened until I placed my index fingers on his taint. I could feel his cum erupting so I leaned him over Yvette without losing his face in the mirror. My aim and timing was perfect.

“Fuck!” Yvette exclaimed just as white seminal fluid painted her face. As she trembled from her orgasm Jevon’s cum dripped into her mouth. He was still squirting on her nipples.

As the sound of shower water filled the room, we came to our senses. There was a concoction of joy and shame mixed with the steam. I pulled Yvette up next to me and sat Jevon down on the bench. With a face full of my husband’s cum, I knew that Yvette had gone beyond her initial expectations. Her pale skin couldn’t conceal the slight sense of embarrassment she was feeling.

“Better than I could have hoped for,” I said to her as I pulled her back into the waterfall with me. But before the water hit our faces I gave her the same kiss we started with, only this time Jevon’s cum was an added flavor that cemented our new sisterhood. At one point I licked come from her cheek. Soon the shower water erased any sign that any adventured transpired.

As my husband watched us quietly shower together, I smiled and decided that the next Wednesday would be even better.

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