Ugly Duckling Ch. 02Ugly Duckling Ch. 02


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So how did I get here: I’m Waylon Fielding. I’m married to Celine, the younger daughter of the wealthy and widowed Ms. Melissa Harmon. Rounding out the family tableau of in-Laws are Melisa’s elder daughter, Kerry Tatum, and Sonny, Kerry’s less than enthusiastic husband.

My wife and I work for a living (I’m in IT and the wife is a lawyer in a struggling pro-bono law firm). Kerry hasn’t worked a day in her life, but lives in the richest part of town, knows all the right people and goes to all the proper functions. Kerry’s family connections have allowed Sonny, a CPA, to do well for both of them. Melissa, my mother-in-law, supports Kerry and favors her in all things. She despises me and makes Celine suffer because she married ‘that poor white trash’.

Or such was the case until a few weeks ago when Melissa set a trap for me. She’d asked me to fix her house security system and let me overhear a phone call between her and Sonny about him having to come over and sex her up if he really wanted her to do a favor for Kerry. I decided to take Sonny’s place for their Wednesday rendezvous. I told her that when I came back, I was going to have my way with her. She told me she wouldn’t let me in the house.

Well, I got in and I had my way with her – repeatedly. It wasn’t hard; I liked her body (similar to her daughter’s, but gently aged) and she was dressed in ‘fuck me’ lingerie.

I spanked her into a very tenuous submission, she sucked me, I feasted on her succulent cunt and, bent over the sofa, she had an orgasm. That’s where Melissa’s trap ended and mine took over … Sonny apparently wasn’t great shakes in the sex department, so Melissa assumed that she’d get her orgasm, I would be satisfied and I would leave.

Oh Hell No! I was there to fuck that bitch even if Melissa was determined I wasn’t going to fuck her; she was going to fuck me. She gave it everything she had. I won a temporary victory, but it was a close thing. Then we talked and admitted our various plans. She’d wanted some good sex for the first time in over a decade. I didn’t want her money, her favor, or even for her to like me. I just wanted her to cut her daughter, my wife, some slack. I didn’t want Celine unhappy.

Melissa accepted my words after some persuasion and decided Celine’s happiness was what mattered most. Melissa and I could still safely hate one another and that would be that. I spent the afternoon taking her through sexual pleasure she had never experienced despite her constant resistance. Her parting words were:

“I hate you,” she spat. My laughter was ringing in the halls as I left.


“Well…how did it go?” Celine asked as she pulled her keys from the front door to our cozy little condo. I had been thinking over the answer to that on the way home.

“She invited you to go to church with her on Sunday,” I informed my wife. That brought her up short. I walked over to Celine, handing her the glass of wine I had prepared.

I was still on my first beer. I would have been on my tenth had I thought getting drunk would help. Celine knew the game plan. I wasn’t regretting the sex I had with Melissa, yet I was heartsick worrying Celine wouldn’t be able to wrap her mind around me being in a sexual relationship with another woman – especially her mother – now that it had actually happened.

Celine took the wine and gulped most of it down. She walked passed me, grabbed my hand as a show of moral support, then led me to the sofa. Her praised hand forestalled any further words on my part as she refilled her glass.

“Did you really have sex with her?” Celine looked at me. I nodded.

“Was she – God, I can’t believe I’m asking this – any good?” she stammered. “It wasn’t a horrible experience for you, was it?”

“Honestly Honey, it may have been the second best sex I’ve ever had,” I confessed. Celine blinked in surprise. “You come by your fantastic sexual prowess genetically it seems.”

“Wow,” Celine took another sip, “I was hoping you would tell me it was awful and you’d never go back.”

“Honey, I’m sorry. I won’t go back,” I promised.

“Wait,” she stroked my cheek. “Don’t you dare feel bad about this, Love.”

“I was so desperate to regain my Mother’s approval that I sacrificed you to her,” Celine explained. “I don’t doubt for a second you would have remained faithful if I hadn’t dragged you back to my hometown and let that woman wreck our lives. I can’t be sure if I am more disappointed with what I did to you, or that my Mom would cheat on me with you.”

Man, I felt like I was getting off easy. I hugged my wife and kissed her on the ear.

“I love you, Celine. That’s all that matters to me,” I pledged. The wife took another sip of wine.

“Did – did she – did you give her an orgasm?” Celine was terribly embarrassed by her curiosity. I took pride in my sexual abilities, so I came back Betturkey with a rather dubious look on my face. “More than one?” Celine pried.

I nodded. “How many more?” she whispered with a real hunger to know now.

“I lost count,” I was unable to meet my wife’s eyes.

“Holy Crap!” Celine gasped. “You really gave it your all,” she giggled. “Tell me everything.”

I started with my sabotage of Sonny, elaborated her Mother’s apparel when she met me at the door and got as far as the spanking session before Celine stopped me.

“Hold on,” she demanded, going so far as to put her right ring-finger to my lips. “Let me get into something ‘more comfortable’.”

She couldn’t afford an extensive collection of lingerie, so we savored every outfit she had. Celine raced to the bedroom. Since I wanted to be surprised, I stayed in the den. I did strip off all my clothes then put my jeans back on in an attempt to look casual – not too downright horn-doggish.

A few minutes later she came out in her white bustier/corset with the white panties, garter and hose combination. It was her bridal gift to me – aaahhh … great memories.

“Okay,” she grinned lusciously as she plopped down on the sofa next to me. Her hefty boobs nearly bounced out of the bra cups as she did so. “Where were we?”

I picked up with me placing Melissa half on floor.

“Wait,” Celine interrupted. She slid off the sofa and assumed the described position, her legs spread and her butt pushed up. I was afraid I’d shoot off in my pants right then and there.

“Yeah, like that,” I salivated.

The rest of the narration of my erotic Mother-in-Law tale went on like this. I’d go into vivid detail over what Melissa looked, smelled, tasted, felt and sounded like to the best of my ability while Celine reenacted the scene for me with the exception of me getting to touch her. Celine did all the touching for me.

When I regaled about that first blowjob, she began dipping three fingers inside her panties to her pussy, pulling the juice-covered appendages out and then did an admirable job of mimicking the mouth and tongue work her mother had administered on me. Shit, she looked so damn hot.

“Too big?” Celine purred. “You’ll have to teach her to do better than that next time.”

“You are okay with me doing her again?” I groaned.

“Yes, if you want to and you make her happy,” she moaned back, “but you have to promise to tell me all about it.”

“If you insist,” I hurriedly agreed.

When I got to the part of our exchange of mental barbs as I was about to ejaculate into her that first time, Celine went crazy, pumping her cunt like mad as she drove herself into a uniquely sexually charged frenzy. She tore into the cushion on the back of the sofa with her teeth yet failed to stifle her squeal of pleasure.

I stared at her intently until her spasm subsided and she looked my way. She had the most salacious countenance as she met my gaze.

“Tell me more,” she panted. Seeing my desperate desire she added, “I promise we can make love when you finish, Dear. I guarantee you I won’t be worn out.”

My wife is a woman of her Word. I wasn’t so horny that I would cheat her out on any part of the story. If anything, I embellished some details. Celine had two more orgasms and thrice as many close calls before I finished. She even liked the fact that I cleaned up her Mom’s house before departing almost as much as she was horrified/enticed by the idea of leaving Melissa bound on the floor for the staff to find.

Celine didn’t want to embarrass her Mom; she wanted to be in a similar situation where the real fear of exposure hung over her own sexual encounter. She was half way to her next orgasm when the tale concluded.

“Husband,” Celine gulped, “I NEED you – right now!” She rolled her panties down, flung the soaked article of clothing aside then turned away from me on all fours.

“Next time we do it on the bed,” I insisted as I guided my dick into her pussy; wet, fiery-warm, excitingly familiar and the destination I thought of as the rightful place for my love-making. I hadn’t been lying to Melissa about the depth and fervor of our sexual congress. Celine liked it rough & vibrant and that was what I delivered.

I doubted we conceived a child that night. My testicles were pretty drained, yet my penis had recovered from the afternoon’s activities, so I could keep her sexually engaged for some time – 1 a.m. this time around. We ended up in bed, the sheets all twisted around, sexually wasted, yet happily sated.

“Babe, I have to admit this is a side of you I never expected,” I wondered as I rolled over onto my side, my eyes conveying my curiosity. “You are a voyeur. Is it because this is your Mother, or do you seriously want to take this further?”

“Uh-ah,” Celine shook her head. “Sharing with Mom’s okay, but we are going to be the only women in your life – period – end of statement.”

“Way… Betturkey Giriş when Father started dying, Mom became so bitter. Kerry was of no help. I just wanted to do something to make her happy once more. Now, through you, I’m finally doing just that. Sure, I wish she appreciated your many fine qualities as I do, yet I believe she will come around,” Celine explained.

“I’m not holding my breath for that,” I joked. “Your ‘appreciation’ is all I require.”

“Are we going to get any sleep tonight?” Celine giggled.

“Jesus – you Harmon women are going to be the death of me,” I faux-groaned.

“Me thinks you doth protest too much,” she smiled down on me as she positioned herself on all fours above me. If I had go, this was definitely the way I would have chosen.


Edna, the chief housekeeper, brought me to Melissa’s Study.

“Mr. Fielding is here to see you Ma’am,” she introduced me. Melissa’s head snapped up.

“What are you doing here?” she spouted angrily.

“I never finished getting all the new sensors installed,” I hefted up the satchel with the devices.

“I have a few hours off, so I figured I would come here and take care of business,” I added with a rapacious leer. I wanted her to know exactly what kind of business I wanted to take care of.

“That will be all, Edna,” Melissa dismissed her servant. “I’ll deal with my shiftless Son-in-Law.”

Melissa rose up, walked around her massive desk and stormed up to the door that Edna had failed to shut. She shut the door then locked it before putting her back to it and confronting me.

“What the hell are you doing in MY house?” she demanded haughtily.

“I’ve developed this insatiable hunger for a conniving, condescending, High-Class Bitch,” I growled.

“In case you are confused, that would be you,” I put the bag down and stepped toward her.

“I didn’t invite you over, I don’t want you here and the servants are about today anyway,” Melissa glared.

“I don’t care what you want, Melissa,” I licked my lips. “I’ve had a taste and I want more.”

I walked up to her, pressed her shoulders against the door and dove my lips down on her neck.

“Stop this,” she hissed. She pressed her hands against my chest; it was enough to make have to lean in, while not being strong enough to move me away. Melissa let me tease, tickle and lick all over her earlobe to the base of her neck before she spoke up again. “You are nothing, but a dirty, pathetic cur,” she panted. “How could you do this to Celine?”

I reached down, grabbed and squeezed her scrumptious ass cheeks and lifted her up until her chest was in my face and her calves were rubbing against my upper thighs. I walked us back to her desk, plopped her down so that her ass was barely on the edge and hiked her knee-length skirt up to her hips.

“What is this?” I inquired with irritation. I was referring to her undergarments.

“What I normally wear, you retarded reprobate,” she looked away, somewhat embarrassed.

“Pantyhose and plain white panties? Oh hell no,” I growled while keeping my voice down. “I hate pantyhose and these undies do nothing but disguise your luscious cunt. Stop wearing them.”

“You don’t dictate what I wear, you degenerate,” she whispered hatefully back. “Besides, I wasn’t expecting anyone to come by today.”

“Melissa, you conceited Bitch, I want you,” I explained with wanton desire. “That means I’m going to keep coming for you until you put a bullet in my heart. I knew from the moment I tasted you I’d never want to give you up.”

I grabbed her hose tightly and ripped them from the hip to mid-thigh. Melissa gasped and tried to stop me from yanking them the rest of the way off.

“Think of you wife, Scumbag,” Melissa snarled. “You are cheating on her.”

I tore the hose the rest of the way off and went back for the panties.

“Whose fault is that, Melissa?” I taunted her. “You wanted me to feast on your bounty. Didn’t you think there would be consequences? All I can think is ‘what the fuck was wrong with Sonny for not hitting this’ every chance he got?”

“What passed between Sonny and me is none of your business,” she spat bitterly. Yeah, I bet he had never said he desired her, much less showed it. “He is at least loyal to Kerry.”

“I’m loyal to Celine,” I countered. I spread her thighs apart with only token resistance then knelt between them, inhaling the deep, rich scent of her sex box.

“You two are so much alike it’s bizarre,” I puffed air on her blood-flushed clitoral hood. Melissa’s hips gyrated at the feel of that. “How the fuck are you as good as your twenty-six year old daughter?”

“No – don’t say that,” she moaned.

I began probing her damp folds with the tip of my tongue. In a clearly bi-polar reaction, Melissa worked at trying to pry me away with one hand while the other grabbed my head and tried to pull me tighter to her cunt.

Her sweet little clit popped up and I simulated my own blowjob on her, lavishing my attention and energy on it. Melissa’s hands coasted up her body until she was rubbing her breasts through her blouse and bra. I upped our tempo by squeezing two fingers into her vagina. She responded by wrapping her thighs around my head with her calves pressing on my back.

“Oh, you Bastard,” she whimpered. “I won’t embarrass Celine with the help around and you know it – you Pervert.” She exhaled twice in quick succession then climaxed. I latched my lips onto her vaginal opening and sucked up her juices while delving deeper with my tongue. This made her go on even longer.

When I looked up I noticed that Melissa was muting her screams by biting down on the meat of her palm. I stood up, leaned over her body, pulled her hand out of the way and pressed my mouth down on hers.

“Lick my face clean,” I demanded.

“Die, you reprehensible Pig,” she panted.

“I guess I leave this room with your pussy juice dripping off my chin then,” I shrugged.

“Can’t you pretend to be a civilized human being for once and use a tissue?” she grumbled.

“Nope. I’ll guess we’ll just see what Edna thinks of my new look,” I sneered.

“You’re sick,” she snarled.

Her wicked temper didn’t stop her from putting her hands on my ears to hold my head in place as she used her tongue to licked ever bit of juice from my nose, cheeks, lips chin and neck. I caught her doubling back a few times – I guess she was being thorough.

That done, I pulled her off the desk and placed her on her knees before me. The belt unbuckled, the zipper came down and then my jeans and boxers fell to my ankles.

“Get busy, Melissa. I’ve been looking forward to one of your expert blowjobs,” I grinned.

My Mother-in-Law shot me an acidic look yet leaned forward and brought my cock to her lips. As Melissa focused attention on my glans, one of her hands jerked the shaft right behind the head while the other stroked farther down the shaft all the way to my balls.

I was really getting into the pleasure she was giving when my body was suddenly racked with pain. Melissa’s well-manicured nails had clutched my scrotum and squeezed.

“Let’s get something straight, Waylon,” Melissa menaced me. “I’m not one of your ghetto-trash whores. You are not going to stop by my house and cheat on Celine with me – ever again.”

“Bullshit,” I hissed through the pain. Melissa tightened her grip to the point that I rose up on my toes to alleviate some of the agony.

“Perfect,” she sneered. “You are going to become a nut-less wonder instead of showing an ounce of common sense; how predictable.” She gave me another sharp squeeze.

“Pussy,” I gasped. “Pussy – too damn good.”

Melissa stared at me as if I’d lost my mind.

“You had better get over it,” she stated, but I didn’t get another squeeze. Instead she began pumping my shaft slowly while engulfing my head once more. Her tongue was doing masterful work at exciting the sensitivity of my cockhead and that special spot right beneath it.

“You had better castrate me because if you don’t, I’m going to tear your ass up over this,” I gulped. Melissa kept her claws on my nut sack yet she was no longer trying to make them meet in the middle. She gradually increased the amount of rod going passed her lips in response.

“It is still too big,” she mumbled around my meat.

“I’ll make sure you’ll get used to it, M,” I teased her. Her fingernails on my scrotum tightened slightly then, as our eyes met, she relented. As much as I enjoyed receiving the fellatio, I could see in Melissa’s eyes she enjoyed giving it even more. She reveled in the power it gave her over me and privately, I was willing to bet, took a sense of satisfaction that I praised her skills.

Finally the hand threatening my masculinity migrated to my thigh to give her better balance. Her head bobbed steadily down my shaft, going incrementally farther each time. Melissa caught me off guard when at the halfway point she pressed down, letting inch after inch go past her gag reflex until her nose was buried in my pubic hairs.

“Oh God,” I moaned. “Not even Celine can do this for me.” Melissa pulled back until only my glans remained inside her mouth. The look she showed me was clearly ‘take that, bitch’. “If you are trying to keep me from breaking down your door to get at you, Melissa, you are going about it all wrong.”

“This is one of the finer things in life you low-lives want, but you are never going to have again,” Melissa taunted me. I stopped her from resuming her cock-sucking, instead taking her hands and helping her stand. I followed through with that by pressing her back on the desk. This time I maneuvered her so that her head was on the edge so I could waddle around (my pants were still around my ankles) and reinsert my penis between her lips.

“This position is stupidly awkward,” Melissa griped.

“It allows me to do this,” I rubbed my hand over her trimmed pubic hair and through her puffy lips. My explanation soothed the bitchy M-I-L. I wanted to step up my game. I saw the correct tool for the craft in the decorative quill pen set.

“Don’t,” Melissa protested. “Those were my husband’s.”

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