Two Years, Four Months, One Week…Two Years, Four Months, One Week…


Two Years, Four Months, One Week and Roughly 4 Hours

Part two of Kate and Erin’s story:

An unplanned continuation for two of my favourite characters, I hope you all enjoy this one. There isn’t too much sex here so if that’s what you’re hoping for you might want to give this one a miss, this story also works on the assumption that you have read part one (Nine Months, One Week…) …although it’s not an essential for this to make sense.

I apologise for not responding to a lot of the feedback I’ve received, please know that all your comments and feedback do mean a lot to me and I try to take them onboard when writing my next story.

All the best

Two Years, Four Months, One Week and Roughly 4 Hours

Chapter One:

One Year, Six Months, Two Weeks, Three Days and Roughly 12 Hours:

“See you tomorrow Kate, don’t forget the meeting!” Dan shouts across the carpark as he waves goodbye to me.

“I won’t Dan.” I reply.

“Has Erin put it in your diary for you?” He smirks.

“Erm, excuse me,” I frown in mock annoyance, “I’m perfectly capable of remembering my own meetings without Erin having to put them in my diary!”

“Yeah, yeah,” He smiles, “course you are. I’ll call her later with the details then, shall I?”

“You’d be wasting your time.” I grin “I’ll be there, bright and early.”

“If you say so, but don’t forget I knew you before Erin came into your life all those years ago…” His grins widens “and you were never on time for anything.”

“Bye Dan.” I call as I climb into the car.

I’m so tired, this is my third eighteen-hour shift at the hospital in a row with only a few hours’ break in between, my eyelids feel like lead as I lean back in my seat and turn the key in the ignition.

“Baby, I’m home.” I slam the front door, drop my bag unceremoniously at the foot of the stairs next to Erin’s favourite hoodie and let myself into the front room.

“Hey beautiful,” Erin smiles at me from her reclined position across the couch, her book resting lightly on her chest, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, “how was your surgery?”

“Oh, you know,” I kick my shoes off and lay on top of her. Carefully moving her book to the floor, I rest my head on her chest, my arms fall to either side of her ribs and I feel them gently expand against my forearms as she breathes, “I was as awesome as ever.”

“Oh really?” She smiles and runs her hands through my hair, kissing the top of my head.

“Really, really.” I reply, already feeling sleep start to take over my aching and sore body under her touch.

“Well unfortunately you don’t smell awesome,” she giggles, “let me up, I’m gonna run you a bath.”

“Noooo.” I groan, gripping her tighter as she tries to move from under me.

“Kate,” she laughs, “to be blunt darling you stink. You need a bath. Now let me up so I can run you one.”

Begrudgingly I let her up from under me.

“I’m too good to you, you know.” She smiles, swinging her legs round until she’s sat on the edge of the couch.

“I know,” I smile in return, “there’s not a day goes by where I don’t remind myself how lucky I am.”

“Oh ha ha.” She leans down and kisses me deeply. “Give Wilbur his dinner for me would you?”


Wilbur was Erin’s very real, very fluffy, giant rabbit, who, despite my objections, lived in the house and slept in the front room. We’d been to an animal shelter last winter and it had been love at first sight when Erin had walked past his hutch and seen him sitting there.

“We can’t just leave him here,” she’d begged, “please Kate. Just look at him, sitting there all on his own. He’s only a baby.”

One look at her sad eyes was all it had taken for me to cave in…although she’d had to work a bit harder for me to agree to letting him live in the house. A small smile crosses my lips as I remember how she had taken me to bed one night and teased me mercilessly, driving me higher and higher, to the point where I would agree to anything, making me beg for release before leaning over me and whispering;

“It’s really cold outside baby…and lonely…I think Wilbur would much prefer to be inside with us…”

I could still feel the way her tongue had traced from my collarbone up across my neck and then up to my ear as she had whispered those words.

“Ok, ok fine.” I had groaned through a smile “He can live in the damned house…now please baby, please don’t make me wait anymore.”

The orgasm that rocked my body after that was one of the best I’d ever had. When I was next able to clearly focus on her, Erin had this amazing, cheeky, yet triumphant grin on her face that seemed to radiate out into the room around her. She was so beautiful. When she fell asleep in my arms that night I knew I’d never love anyone else the way I loved her.

Coming out of my daydream I sigh and look over to the corner of the room, sure enough Wilbur Betturkey is there, sat waiting patiently next to his empty food bowl looking at me with doleful eyes…anyone who says rabbits have no personality has clearly never owned one. It takes a considerable effort but eventually I manage to slide off the couch and fill it up for him, stroking him briefly before dragging myself upstairs to the bathroom.

I meet Erin on the landing and pull her in for another kiss.

“Bath, Kate,” she smiles as she extracts herself from my grasp, “you can kiss me all you want when you’re clean.”

“You don’t want to join me?” I pout.

“Maybe later.” She says walking down the stairs.

Somewhat reluctantly I draw my gaze away from her ass and open the bathroom door.

The bath is run to perfection, hot water, bubbles, candles…and on closer inspection…a vibrator I didn’t know we owned sitting on the edge.

Grinning, I strip off my clothes and lay down in the hot water, letting it soak through my aching body.

Roughly twenty minutes pass before I find the strength to reach out for the shower gel and start to wash away the smell of the hospital. I debate for a while if I should use the vibrator or not. I know Erin put it there to tempt me but I’d much rather have her wrapped around me.

I bite my bottom lip as I stare at the vibe, my fingers take on a life of their own and begin to play with my breasts, massaging them gently as my thumbs make small circles over my nipples…an orgasm would definitely help me to de-stress…

In the end my growing arousal wins out. Cursing Erin and her knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to resist I pinch my nipples roughly as I turn on the vibe and press it against my clit under the water.

“Fuck!” I gasp. This thing is seriously powerful.

My mind wanders to all the ways Erin could tease me with this toy and I rapidly find myself falling over the edge, I grip the side of the bath tight as my orgasm courses through my body, my breathing unsteady.

I take a few deep breaths and look down at the vibrator still in my hand, smiling as a plan formulates in my mind. I jump out of the bath, dry myself off and walk naked back downstairs.

Erin is stood in the kitchen writing in her diary as I enter, I walk across to her and press myself against her back, my left hand gripping her hip as my right tangles in her hair and pulls slightly, exposing her neck.

“Do you enjoy your bath?” She gasps as I bite her neck.

“What do you think?” I reply taking her right hand and pressing it between my legs.

“Mmmm,” she moans and pushes the tip of a finger into my still wet pussy, “I think you did.” she turns in my arms and kisses me.

“You certainly smell a lot better.” She grins. Her left hand comes to my breast while she slips her finger deeper into me.

“Ah,” I gasp, “I’m spotlessly clean…which I think you’ll find means I can kiss you as much as I want.” I go to kiss her again but she presses a finger to my lips.

“Hmmm, you could,” she smirks, “but it turns out you missed a spot.”

“I did?” I murmur against her lips.

She kisses me again and traces my bottom lip with her tongue, a cheeky gleam in her eye. Despite having a few inches and several extra pounds on her, I find myself being turned around and backed into the kitchen counter. I flinch as my ass makes contact with the cold wood and Erin smiles.

“Relax baby.” Her lips leave mine and she tucks her head into the crook of my neck, her teeth making gentle contact with my skin.

“Here?” I raise an eyebrow “Really?”

“Right here.” She whispers before biting harder and using her fingers to pinch my nipples.

I moan loudly, I can’t deny that I want this, but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I left the bathroom. Slowly I relax against the counter trying not to make it look like the wood is that cold, Erin smiles at me and slides her tongue down over my collarbone to my breasts, she takes my nipple between her lips and sucks softly. My eyes flutter closed under her loving touch and I barely notice her moving lower and lower down my body. That is until I feel her give my left thigh a sharp nip.

“Hey,” I gasp, “that hurt.”

Erin doesn’t answer, instead her eyes lock on mine as I look down my body at her and she nips my thigh again, gently this time. I sigh softly, loving the sight of her on her knees between my legs, I feel my arousal spike and start to run down the inside of my thigh.

She strokes her fingernails lightly over the tops of my feet, around my ankles and up my calves, her eyes never leaving mine. I moan as her fingers run up the back sides of my thighs, scratching lightly.

“This is where you missed baby.” She whispers.

She extends her tongue and licks the trail of juice running down my thigh back up my leg to my now dripping pussy, my eyes roll into my head and I can’t help but lean back fully against the counter Betturkey Giriş as her lips make their first contact with my clit.

“Oh fuck,” I moan, “that feels so good.”

She nuzzles further into me and lifts my left leg, laying it over her shoulder. Her left hand wraps around my right thigh and she digs her fingernails into my ass causing me to moan again. She buries two fingers from her right hand in my pussy and quickly slips them in and out while her tongue continues its work against my clit.

My legs start to shake and I push my fingers through her hair, pulling her against me.

“Fuck, Erin,” I shout, “that feels so good baby. Please honey, please don’t stop.”

I feel her smile against me, her fingers curl deliberately, it takes less than half a second for her to find my g-spot.


I’m moaning loudly now and panting hard, my fingernails dig into the back of Erin’s head holding her so close I’m surprised she can still breathe. I bring my eyes down from the ceiling to look at her, using the pressure from my fingers to tilt her face towards mine slightly. I’m desperate for her to see my face, for her to look into my eyes and know just how much I love her.

Our eyes finally meet and that was all she wrote.

“Cumming…baby…fuck…” I babble incoherently as I reach out and grip the kitchen side to stop myself from collapsing.

My left leg wraps as tightly as I can muster around Erin’s back, my other hand leaves her hair to grip the counter to my other side. My body shakes as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me…then…just as I think I’m done…Erin switches her mouth and fingers around, she buries her tongue deep in my pussy and rubs furious small circles on my clit.

“Ohhhhh goddddd…” I wail “…bayybbee…”

I feel my release pouring out, soaking Erin’s chin, she uses her left arm to help support me as I slide down the cupboard to the floor, I pull her against me as best I can and bring her in for a kiss, tasting myself on her lips.

“Baby…” I gasp breathlessly “…that was…that was just…”

“Shhhh,” she kisses me again, knowing I need her to hold me close, “just breathe.”

Eventually we make it upstairs to bed.

I roll Erin onto her back and stroke my hand up the insides of her smooth thighs while we kiss softly under the covers.

“You know I love you right baby?” I whisper against her neck as I kiss my way down to her shoulder.

“I had noticed, yes.” She smiles at me and kisses my forehead.

I move to kiss across her chest and she runs her fingers through my hair, cupping my cheek.

“You don’t have too baby,” she whispers, “I know you’re exhausted from work.”

“I want too,” I turn my face into her hand and kiss her palm, “I’m desperate to show you how good this thing is.” Grinning, I reach over and grab the new vibrator from my bedside table.

“What makes you think I haven’t already tried it out?” She asks when she sees it, trying hard to supress a grin.

“And here’s me thinking you’d bought it specially for me.” I frown in mock outrage switching it on and running it down between her breasts.

“Ohhhh.” She moans quietly as I let the vibe run further down her body, through the triangle of hair on her pussy towards her clit.

I take her nipple between my lips and swirl my tongue around it, moving the vibe down over her pussy as I go, deliberately avoiding direct contact with her clit.

“That’s mean baby,” she gasps “especially when I’m already so damned turned on from watching you in the kitchen!”

“You brought this on yourself sweetheart.” I hum against her nipple.

“Ahhh,” she gasps again, her hands gripping my shoulders, “please baby, let’s go already.”

I re-position myself between her legs and hold the vibe tantalisingly over her clit, my lips never leaving her breasts.

“Please Katie.” She begs, lifting her hips towards the vibrator.

“Hey!” I say firmly, pulling the vibe away and pressing my weight against her “Do that again and I’ll stop.”

Erin simply looks at me.

Not remotely bothered by my threat, she raises herself onto her elbows and kisses me, her fingers traversing my arm until she reaches the hand holding the vibe, she pushes her hips upwards again, making sure I feel the contact between my thighs.

“Pleeeaaase baby,” she whispers against my ear while slowly moving the hand holding the vibrator towards her pussy, “I’ve been thinking about you all day, I need this…we need this.”

She pulls her hips back from me and positions the vibe between us, her legs wrap around my thighs, holding us together as her free hand slips into my hair. She kisses me again and switches on the vibe.

“Oh fuck!” I gasp against her lips.

This feels amazing. I can tell Erin is already close from the way she’s panting and moaning into my mouth. I suck lightly on her tongue as I gaze down at her, her eyes turning that beautiful deep green they become when she’s incredibly aroused.

Erin pushes herself fully against me, our nipples brush softly together and she abruptly pulls her head away.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She shouts “Kate…Katie…baby…please…I need…”

Her body shakes strongly beneath me as I follow with my own orgasm. Knowing exactly what she needs I switch off the vibe and thrown it across the bed. I roll onto my side and gather her in my arms, covering as much of her body with mine as I can.

As her breathing begins to steady I roll her gently onto her back once more and lay down between her legs. I press the flat of my tongue against her soaking pussy and lick softly upwards, lowering the pressure as I reach her clit. She sighs appreciatively and tangles her fingers in my hair.

I breathe her in deeply as I lick every drop of juice from her pussy and thighs, feeling her become more and more relaxed with each stroke of my tongue. As I finish I kiss my way softly back up her body, making sure to avoid any particularly sensitive spots. I lay down beside her and take up my favourite position nuzzled into her neck.

“I love you Katie.” She whispers as her eyes flutter closed.

“I love you too honey.”

Chapter Two:

The Job Offer:

I wake the next morning to the smell of coffee and roll over to see a steaming mug on the bedside table beside me. Sitting up in bed I smile and pull the covers tighter around myself as I reach for the mug.

However, my smile doesn’t last long when I pick up my cell phone and notice the time…I should have been at work two hours ago! Maybe I should’ve let Dan call Erin…

I Jump out of bed, run to the bathroom, squeeze some toothpaste onto my toothbrush and step into the shower with my toothbrush still jammed in my mouth.

After a quick shower I sprint back to the bedroom and throw on some clothes, run downstairs to the kitchen to grab a banana, then realise I’ve forgotten my phone and sprint back upstairs again.

I step into the bathroom again to say bye to Erin just as the shower starts to sound.

“Hey beautiful.” I pull Erin out from under the spray and kiss her “I have to go, I’m really late, I’ll call you this afternoon.”

“Do you really have to go?” She asks with sad eyes as she wraps her wet arms around my neck “I’ve hardly seen you lately.”

“I’m sorry honey,” I kiss her again, trying my hardest not to let my eyes wander down her shining, wet body, “I have a ton of paperwork to catch up on and a meeting in…” I check my watch “…forty-five minutes. Once I’m done though I’m off for two days and you can see me as much as you want.”

“Ok,” she sighs pressing herself fully against me, “I’ll see you later then.” She kisses me deeply.

“Bye baby.” I whisper.

I pull away from her and notice that my shirt is soaked through…too late to change now…I exit the bathroom, sprint back down the stairs again dodging Wilbur as I go and throw myself out the front door.

Three hours later I’ve managed to survive the meeting, call Erin and get myself to the halfway stage with my paperwork. Never again am I leaving it all to pile up like this!

I get up from my desk to get a glass of water just as my cell rings, it’s a Canadian number I don’t recognise. Wondering if perhaps it’s some family member or other with a new number I answer it.

“Hello, Dr Shepard speaking.”

“Hello, Dr Shepard-Speaking, how are you, you old bitch?!”

‘You old bitch?’ I think holding the phone away from my face and staring at the number…it takes a few long seconds before I realise who’s calling…and I can’t say I’m thrilled when I figure out who it is.

Nina Jones had been at med school with me, she was a loud, busty, two-faced blonde that I unfortunately couldn’t stand.

“Hi Nina,” I groan inwardly, “how did you get my number?”

“Not a very friendly start bitch.” She answers “I saw Jamie at work and asked him for it.”

Fuck! I forgot she worked with Jamie…I hated the thought of her being anywhere near him in a physical sense…Nina had a reputation for playing around with multiple different men and despite Jamie being my least favourite of my three brothers, I loved his wife and their four kids to pieces. I was pretty certain his head wouldn’t be turned by Nina…but stranger things have happened…

“What can I do for you?” I say, trying my best to stay polite.

“Many, many things babe.” She replies “Want me to list a few?”

“What do you want Nina?” I ask, my patience rapidly wearing thin.

“What do I want, she says…well, there’s a few things on that list I mentioned…but mostly I’m calling because I want to offer you your dream job.” I can almost hear the superior look assembling itself on her face through the phone.

“My dream job?” I ask confused.

“Am I talking in fucking riddles or something here?” She sneers “Your dream job bitch, the one you’ve been pining after since med school!”

This time there’s no confusion, I know exactly which job she means, I’d wanted it since I first set foot in Vancouver General Hospital all those years ago.

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