Two-On-One in Open GymTwo-On-One in Open Gym


I went to a small college in the Midwest to play basketball and study business. I had no idea what I wanted to be, but I figured I would think about it as I shoot hoops and take the gen eds. I was alright as a basketball player. I played guard and forward, mostly guard,. Towards the end of the season, I tore my ACL landing wrong from a layup. It’s crazy how something so simple can tear your ACL. Since it was so close to the end of the season, I wasn’t eligible for an injury redshirt, but I did have a good season in there.

I am from a school just outside of Dallas and I am a black player. I am somewhat short for a basketball player, but I am not short. I am 6’2″ and I weight 145-150 pounds. I am not fat at all, but I am not all ripped. If I have a good workout or if I flex hard enough normally, my six-pack shows. I believe I have a nice size cock. Most girls have a hard time wrapping their fingers around it when it’s hard and when they stroke it with both hands, they can suck on the head.

The following season, the knee was still pretty tender when I tested it out and decided to take my redshirt year that year. The high school team in that town was pretty good and decided to watch them. I discovered the girls do that strategy of no defense but score a ton of points. Then I found out that the girls team was looking for a volunteer to help them out. I talked to my coach and told him that it would be great opportunity for me, and he said go for it.

It turned out, they weren’t really needing a volunteer coach. They were just looking for a volunteer from the college that would go in and open the gym and supervise the high schoolers shoot around and stuff. They also let me go to practice three times a week, so it wasn’t so bad.

This past Sunday was an interesting one. There were only two that showed up. Seniors etlik escort Abbie Raines and Teresa Martinez. Abbie plays point guard and Teresa plays forward. They were already in clothes to shoot around, but brought clothes to change into after open gym. We shot around for a bit and took turns playing one-on-one against each other. We also played 21 and watched film and shot some more. I was surprised my knee held up so good.

I was ready to call it quits before they did, so I decided to take a shower and let them shoot. While I was soaping up my body, I heard some ruffling of a bag or something and what sounded like keys. When I looked around the wall, there was nobody there and my bag and clothes looked like it was, so I thought nothing of it. I then continued to enjoy the hot water hitting my skin and fantasizing that it was Abbie and Teresa and maybe they saw me.

I started washing my hair and my face with the shampoo. When my head was all soapy, I heard the showers next to me turn on. I wiped away enough soap that I can open my eye a little without soap getting in and saw both of them under the shower naked. Even if I didn’t want to start getting hard, I couldn’t help it. That’s when Teresa responded, “That is how we hoped you would react haha.”

I turned away from them, a little embarrassed but still turned on, while I washed off the shampoo from my head. I was a little scared because I considered myself a coach and this was a no-no. I also couldn’t help but peak over my shoulder and get a good look at them. How amazing their bodies were. Abbie is Caucasian with blonde hear and green eyes. She is 5’4 and 120 pounds. She has nice firm boobs, guessing C cups, with medium sized pink nipples. She is also shaved. Teresa is Mexican with black hair and brown eve gelen escort eyes. She is 5’7 and 135 pounds. I think her boobs are the same size as Abbie’s but looks smaller due to being bigger. She has small, brown nipples and a small triangle trimmed above her pussy.

“I came down to get the keys because you didn’t open up the girls locker room. While we were going to the girls locker room, Abbie mentioned she wanted to see if you had a big dick like they say about black people,” Teresa explained, “I got thinking the same thing. So, we locked the outside door and turned off the lights to the gym and came down and decided to shower in here.”

I responded, “But I am a coach and we shouldn’t be doing this.” Abbie responded, “You are not a coach, you are a college volunteer and we are both 18.”

It made sense to me so I decided to turn around and show them my now semi-hard cock. They had a reaction of disbelief. I must have been as big as they hoped and I still couldn’t believe that it just wasn’t a fantasy. I then said, “So, do you two want to play with it?”

Teresa did not hesitate. She came up to me, got down on her knees, and started stroking it with her right hand while playing with my balls with her left. She said, “It is much bigger than my boyfriend’s, but he’s only a sophomore.” I didn’t even realize she had a boyfriend, but was too horny to care. I did ask Abbie if she had one and she said she was single.

Abbie walked up to me and started rubbing my pecs and stomach and my ass and gave me a kiss. I also reached behind her and touched grabbed her ass with my left hand and with my right hand played with her boobs. By this time, Teresa had taken my fully hard cock in her mouth — well the head of my cock.

After a few gaziosmanpaşa escort minutes, Abbie decided to go down and decided to join Teressa. It was nice when they were kissing with my cock between their mouths. I rubbed their hair with my hands and was in ecstasy. I would sometimes pull back and see them kiss each other. It was hot. Then Abbie took my cock and showed me he could go halfway down it. I haven’t had a girl do that in a long time and here is an 18 year old that was able to do so. Wow.

I laid down on the shower floor as Abbie continued to suck on me. Teresa sat on my chest and lowered her tits to my face. I pleasantly took one of those small, brown nipples between my lips and sucked on them. Then when she wanted to go further, she slid up me and lowered her pussy onto my face. I went right for her clit. I sucked on it hard and rolled it around in my tongue. I would open it on my fingers and dig my tongue in deep. At one point, I noticed Abbie stopped sucking me, but she had came up and started sucking on Teresa’s nipples. Then she went down and rode on my cock.

Abby was very tight. I kinda wondered if he ever had anything in there. She had a hard time at first getting it in, but once my head broke in, she was going. I figured she was going to start slow, but she went kind of fast. She yelled, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! HE IS HUGE!!! TERESA, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS!!!” Teresa said she wasn’t going to go that far because she does have a boyfriend. Didn’t make sense to me but I didn’t care. I’m happy with what I got.

It didn’t take too long for Abbie to cum on my cock. I think that, along with me eating her out, made Teresa cum. I still needed to cum, so I decided I would have them push their boobs together. I stroked my cock above their tits and came all over them. Teresa cleaned my cock clean of cum while Abbie cleaned the cum off of Teresa’s tits. After that, Teresa returned the favor to Abbie. We then took another shower and left.

That happened to be the only Sunday where they were the only two that showed up. There were about a dozen after that and from both the boys and girls team. They both also went to colleges out of state. What a day that was though.

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