Two of a KindTwo of a Kind


Anabell stared at the ceiling.

“Do I have to?” she asked

“You know its time as well as I do.” the doctor replied.

“What if…what if I can’t? What if he…what…” Anabell trailed off, she knew it was useless.

The doctor leaned closed and in her most convincing voice said “I know you can. YOU know you can. We’ve reached the plateau Anabell. It’s time.”

Anabell sighed. She knew the therapist was right. She also knew this would more than likely be her last visit here. This time her sigh had some quiver attached, she felt like she was leaving home for the last time.

“There’s no need for drama Anabell. Just do it like we said and you’ll be fine. You’ll BOTH be fine.”

* * * * *

1:35 am. “How did it get so freakin’ late?” Rick asked himself. Once again he was arriving home from work at some ungodly hour. “If I don’t get a handle on this I’m gonna have a heart attack before I’m 40,” he thought. He quietly slipped into the house and made it upstairs in the dark. His wife was in her all too familiar position, fetal with the covers pulled up to her chin. “I wouldn’t blame her for never wanting to have me again, what kind of romantic marriage is this?” He pondered his wife’s slow distancing from sex, and thought maybe she had just tired of him. “She used to be pretty adventurous,” he remembered, but lately she seemed to be sending out signals telling him to back off. Or if they did fool around it was quick and void of any creativity. They had lost their bond.

Rick was assaulting Artvin Escort himself for the lack of communication and time together that seemed to be separating himself and his wife more and more these days, but he didn’t feel like it was ALL his fault. “I know I’m hardly around,” he thought, “but would it kill her to stay up late ONE night for me?”

After 5 years, things were pretty shaky and Rick was starting to wonder if it would ever work out.

Rick had heard about this therapist from a girl at work who swore by this woman, he thought he might call her tomorrow and see about joint counseling.

Now dressed in only a pair of boxers he laid down as quietly as possible in the bed. His wife didn’t squirm or acknowledge his presence in any way so he lied there on his back and tried to fall asleep. He had just drifted off when the dream took over. THE dream was starting off as usual, he was coming back early from lunch (God forbid he ever took a full hour!) and the warehouse was empty. He figured everybody was still out. That’s when the order bell rang and the first order sheet came out. He grabbed it and tried to fill it but it was about 20 items and he couldn’t find anything. Then the bell started ringing again and all of a sudden the orders were flying out at him, hitting in the face, the chest, he could feel them literally scratching against his skin.

Then the scenery started to change. Slowly it dissolved and he was lying in a hammock it was beautiful outside and he had a cat on Artvin Escort Bayan his chest. The scratching was replaced by the feeling of little cat claws kneading him gently. Now the cat was moving down, but he didn’t understand what was happening, he tried to look down but he wasn’t sure if he was asleep or awake. He started to wake up but couldn’t focus. Finally adjusting to the darkness and an awakened state he looked down and took a deep breath. “A…” he started.

His wife looked up and put a finger to her lips “shhhhh…not a word, or I go back to sleep.”

Rick slapped his lips shut tight.

He secretly wondered if moaning and whimpers of ecstasy were considered words, because, Goddammit, he was only human and this felt sooooo good.

He watched in amazement as his wife dangled her long hair over his thighs and gently stroked his cock. She would dip her head down occasionally and lick his balls or shaft.

“This isn’t my wife,” he thought. “Aliens have come down and now occupy my wife’s mind. Okay Aliens, 1 more hour then you have GOT to go!” Rick almost laughed, then thought of the consequences and stopped. Focusing on baseball was a better idea.

As his wife continued her tongue bath on his lower section Rick started rubbing her shoulders trying to get her to move up to him and see if she would climb on. As if reading his mind she stopped and looked up. She got up on her knees and sat back on her heels. She was wearing a teddy with buttons down the front. It was Escort Artvin too small and barely contained her huge firm breasts. She grabbed the teddy in both hands and yanked. Ripping it completely open, buttons flying everywhere, she exposed those gorgeous globes to him.

Still afraid to speak, he relayed his enthusiasm with a wide eyed stare and heavy breathing. She started squeezing her tits and moaning deeply. She stuck her thumb and forefinger in her mouth and then used them to twist her already hardened left nipple. She slowly walked forward on her knees until her wet, glistening pussy was positioned over Rick’s rock hard dick. She grabbed it roughly in one hand and started massaging the opening to her cunt with it, sliding the huge purple head back and forth between her lips, shaking each time it scraped over her clit. Rick couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed her curvy hips and slammed her down on his cock. she flung back her head and screamed. He let out a low animal growl and proceeded to bounce her up and down like a weightless doll.

Each thrust sending wave after wave of electric shocks through her sweaty lust filled body. As if on cue, Rick shoved with all his might as his wife came down on top of him. The force sent her into fireworks mode as she came like never before.

Grabbing Rick’s chest and digging her red fingernails in and drawing blood, she bucked and bucked, losing focus balance and a lot of fluid all over Rick’s shaking thighs. She collapsed on top of him heaving against his quickly rising and falling chest. He could barely speak, spent as he was, but he managed to utter one sentence that he was sure would make no sense to her. “We don’t need to go to the therapist anymore, Anabell.”

“How did you know?” she said right before she passed out.

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