Twins Shopping TripTwins Shopping Trip


Twins Shopping TripSamantha couldn’t believe it. Not another fucking store! she thought to herself. Samantha and Hannah had been shopping all day looking for just the right dress. Every dress looked beautiful on the pretty blonde but there was always just something not right. Too short, too plain, nobody wear’s that style anymore. Samantha had heard it all. Samantha got to watch Hannah undress down to her black bra and matching thong. This was the sweetest torture as the sight of her sister’s nearly naked body was driving her wild with lust. Several times, Samantha had to stop herself from throwing herself on Hannah’s body and ravishing her right there in the dressing room, consequences be damned. But, sexual tension and sore feet were killing any good will that was left. “Really? Another one?””Please Samantha! Just one more. This is it, I promise.” She knew that dragging her twin sister around like this wasn’t the nicest thing to do but she was getting desperate. She needed a perfect dress and Samantha was the only person that would stay with her as she went around to all of these stores and help her pick it out. Besides, she was beginning to think that there was something wrong with her game. She had been sending sexual signals to her sister ever since they had been shopping and yet, nothing. My God! What the hell is it going to take? she said silently to herself. Several times, Hannah had thought that this would be the moment she would make out with her sister. She saw the look in Samantha’s eyes and practically shouted “TAKE ME NOW!” but then, nothing. Hannah’s panties were so soaked with cum, she probably could wring them out but now, Samantha was looking bored. This was her last chance. For everything.”You know that you said that three stores ago, sis.””Yeah, but this is it. I will get something here no matter what. Please?” Her sister’s shoulders sagged in defeat. She could never say no to the puppy dog eyes that her sister whipped out on her when she really needed something. At least, she doesn’t bonus veren siteler abuse it Samantha sarcastically thought to herself.”Fine. Lead on.” Hannah’s face broke out in a magnificent smile and she grabbed Samantha’s hand and practically dragged the blonde through the mall. They had to hurry since it was almost closing time but the pair just made it to the store in time. They were the only ones in the store besides the saleswoman standing behind the counter, preparing to close out the register. She was middle aged, maybe in her fifties but still stunning in her looks and demeanor. Curly blonde hair fell about her shoulders, which were bared by the strapless blouse she wore. Samantha read the name “STACIE” on the name tag before being led to the back of the store where the evening gowns were hanging. Stacie smiled at the two before letting them know that the store was closing soon. Samantha wave in acknowledgement to the clerk before turning back to her sister. Hannah was already selecting three of the dresses to try on. Looking around, she spotted the dressing room and quickly moved to try the dresses on before the saleslady told them to leave.Samantha, who was sitting on a chair waiting for her sister to come out heard the loud clacking of the gate being lowered. She turned her head at the sound and caught the eye of Stacie. “Don’t worry honey. That’s just so that no other customers come in. You and she take all the time you want.” Samantha smiled at the woman and couldn’t help but notice how her clothes hugged her body in all the best ways. Samantha felt her pussy getting moist again and couldn’t wait to get home to remedy the frustration she had been feeling all afternoon.”Well, what do you think?” Hannah had stepped out of the dressing room and Samantha had lost all ability to speak. The look on her sisters face caused Hannah to let out a giggle. “Yeah, I feel the same way too.””Oh wow girl! You look wonderful in that dress.” Stacie had come over and couldn’t help but admire bedava bahis the younger woman. She had seen a lot of beautiful women come into the store and was slightly jaded but even she was impressed at the sight of Hannah standing there, modelling for her sister. “Hey, I have to run to the back of the store for a couple of minutes. Just shout when you are ready to check out, okay?” Both women nodded at her and Stacie went back to finish closing.Hannah didn’t need to try the other dresses on. She already knew that she wanted this one but she needed to do something to get Samantha to want to ravage her. “Hey Sam. Could you come here real quick. I can’t get the zipper.” Oh God! Is that the best I could do? But it worked. Samantha, looking exasperated, opened the door to the dressing room and slowly unzipped the dress, exposing her sisters lingerie. Samantha’s mouth went dry again, her hands trembling, being so close to her sister. Hannah removed the dress and catching the look on Samantha’s face, knew that this was the moment that they had both been wanting. She took her sister’s hands in her’s. There was a pregnant pause as they looked in each other’s eyes. Samantha made the first move. Closing her eyes, she leaned in for a kiss. For the briefest second, there was nothing and her heart stopped. Then the touch of Hannah’s lips on hers caused her heart to start racing again. She wrapped her arms around her girl sister’s body, pulling Hannah tightly against her. She could smell Hannah’s arousal and that made her break the kiss. Leaning in close to Samantha’s ear, Hannah whispered “It’s about time! Sam. God! I am soooo damn horny right now! Let me get dressed and let’s get the hell out of here.” But Samantha just smiled at her. Gently pushing Hannah back, she sat her sister down on the small bench that was in the room with them. Hannah’s eyes widened when Samantha knelt down between her legs and began to pull her panties off. Hannah lifted her butt off the bench to help her sister. Samantha deneme bonusu looked deep into Hannah’s eyes as she leaned in and began to lick her clean. A low moan escaped Hannah’s throat as her pussy was being eaten out by her twin sister. Just the idea of that, her sister was giving her oral pleasure in the middle of the mall with people still walking around caused her to have an orgasm. She quickly grabbed her shirt and bit down on the fabric so to muffle the scream as she coated Samantha’s face with her cum.Samantha was in heaven. Hannah was delicious! Oh God! The whole day was worth it just to get to this one moment. She could feel her sister’s pussy throbbing around her tongue as she lapped up all of the juices leaking out. Her lips wrapped around Hannah’s clit and she bit down. Not hard but enough to make her sister scream out again as her pussy spurted juice all over Samantha’s face. She could do this all day!Knock, knock, knock! “Hey you two about ready to pay? I’m about to close the register.”Oh shit! Hannah thought to herself! “Stop! Stop! Stop! She’ll hear!” she whispered, trying to push Samantha’s head off of her crotch. “Yeah, sorry zipper stuck” she called out, her voice cracking. Just as she did, another wave hit her and she screamed into her shirt as she coated her sister in cum again. Samantha pulled back, her face glistening with cunt cream. Wiping her face off with her shirt, Samantha grabbed the dress and Hannah’s purse, opened the door to the dressing room and walked to the counter. Her face flush red with excitement and embarrassment, Samantha paid for the dress as Hannah put her clothes back on. She caught Stacie’s expression and saw the twinkle in her eyes and the slight smile of acknowledgement on her face. Hannah ran up to the counter, her hair matted to her face and out of breath. “Sorry about that. My, uh, hair got caught in the zipper.””Well, I know how painful that can be. Lucky your sister could help you get unstuck.””Yeah, she’s a lifesaver. Thanks for understanding.” Hannah smiled at Stacie, grabbed the bag and her sisters hand and led Samantha out of the store, ducking under the half closed gate. They practically ran to their car. Hannah had to return the favor. They didn’t even leave the parking before Samantha took her pants off.

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