Subject: Turning Cop Higgins (8) This is a semi true story about getting out of a ticket. It’s partly true because it did happen Some things altered trea ake the story hotter And it did change his view. If at least for a little while. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Turning Cop Higgins (8) …. It was later that same night that I had another visit by the police. I figured my ordeal was over. At least for now. But as I was getting ready for bed, again there was a loud banging on my door. “Open up boy” came the husky mams voice “Officer Higgins here” “I wasn’t done with you” I gulped as the man I hated and desired at the same time was knocking on my door again. At first I was pissed that he wasn’t going to leave me alone. Was this fucker going to torment me as long as he wanted to. But I figured until I got outta this town, this was my torment. “Gimme a fucking second” I yelled. “Fuck!” I pulled on some house pants and went to the door. I was dreading what this fucker wanted now. How else was he planning on torturing me. So I opened the door in a huff. “What do you want now…” I started to say But my words were cut off as I stared at him there. I looked at the man as he stood there at the door. He was his his jacket and cowboy hat. A pair of pale blue jeans that were too tight on his beefy lower body. The big tube of his dick was pressed to the left of his crotch. My mouth fell agape as I stared at it. Lust immediately kicking in again as I looked at the hunk of maleness standing there. He regarded me and my stupified look. Knowing I was staring at him. “Are ya gonna let me in boy?” He questioned “Can’t do this out here now, can we” “Hmmm. Ohh yeah.” escort bayan I said back “Come in. Come in” My angered tone deflated by his big bulging basket. So I let him in. I couldn’t believe I had done so. But I did I let into my house willingly the guy that had been making my life Hell the last few weeks. But desire for the fucker was all consuming. That bug meaty bulge he had was all consuming. The moment he came in and spoke I was in my knees for him like a dirty whore I dropped to my knees. “Let’s get to this son” he said confidently “My dick has been wanting at you all day” “So get to what you fags do” He barely had time to finish. I was on my knees and my handreached for and grabbed at that tube lying across his thigh. I nearly lost it as I touched the covered dick. Feeling his thick club as it pushed at the material of his cotton jeans. My hand moved won the length of the thing. “Fuckk!” I said aloud “Feels real big” I looked up at the man. It looked like he was going to say something else. But I cut off antpy comment as I dive for his crotch. My mouth opened and I started to chew on his cock through the jeans. I felt the thing as it pushed back at me. I loved the feeling of the mans hardening cock throbbing for me. It was the best feeling in the world. I kissed and chewed on his thickening shaft through his jeans. Relishing in it. Wanting the man more and more by the moment. “Fuck. Soo big” I said again “Gets bigger boy” he chimed in “Haul the big fucker out and see” So I made a mad dash to get him freed from the confines of those jeans. I had his jeans down in moments. Tanking them down his hairy legs faster than. One could imagine getting jeans that tight down. I nearly knocked the man over kocaeli escort in my rush to pull them off him. His hand grabbing my shoulder to steady him. But I had lust in my eyes now. I really wouldn’t have mattered if I did. I would have just crawled on top of him. Like a predator to its prey. “Damn boy. Calm the fuck down” he said “Got all night to have at my dick” Once I had his jeans down I went for the boxers next. His cock was threatening to poke out of the leg. I just grabbed them and yanked them down too. “Holy shit!” I shouted There it was, Higgins big, thick bull dick. It was truly a sight to behold. Well over 8 inches and almost as thick as my wrist. His full man balls tightly pressed to his scrotum. I licked my hungry lips as I gazed at the thing before me. The thick bull head was a fat mushroom shape. It swelled beyond the shaft below it. Thick and intimidating. “Really is big” I said Then I grasped his big trunk. Trying to get my fingers around the thing. With thedigits barely reaching around to touch. His was easily the bbiggest and definitely the thickest cock I had ever encountered. And I wanted it all the more. I swallowed hard as I pulled in and opened my mouth for it. I let out my tongue and then licked at the bug bulbous cock head. I heard Higgins sigh above me as I dragged my tongue over his cock. I then slipped several thick inches into my face. Moving slowly down his huge dick. My tongue raked along the underside of his schlong as I moved down his shaft. I knew I would have to stop my forward motion as his cock would be in my throat soon. And my mouth was seemingly filled to the max now. I pressed my lips around the thick shaft as I came back up his dick. “Yeah boy” izmit escort bayan he said softly “Suck on my big dick boy” “Get down in it” I gpfekt his hand on my head as I retreated. And no more than a split second after I took in a fresh breath did he push me down his huge log again. “Yeah boy. Suck yer daddy’s cock” he sighed “Suck it good” “Just like you gay boys like it” “Big fat man dick in yer pussy mouth” I was pushed down near 6 and a half inches of his big wide dick. If I hadn’t taken that breah before I would be choking already. But I was now having some difficulty as to the girth of his crank. My jaw was already protesting to being opened so wide. So I came back up and off his huge dick. Slurping up saliva as it drooled over his heavy dick. “Fuck that’s a huge dick man” I stated “Yeah it is boy” Higgins said back to me “And this cop is gonna RAM yer pussy hole with it” He progressed his hand to my head again. Wanting me to go back down his schlong once more. “Now get back down on my dick boy” he stated “Love that mouth on it” I opened up as he requested and moved back down his log again. I tasted some sweet precum as it dribbled up at me from his cock head. I hummed in delight on his cock causing a vibration along his huge shaft. It was rich and delicious, and it made me ravenous for his dick. He grabbed my head as he felt my hum though, and Clay thrust his huge dick into my throat. His bug strong hand holding me to his club. This is when I gagged. This is when his huge cock was pushed into my throat. The wide glared mushroom head pushing down into my esophagus. “Gllupp. Gluup” I gagged as I convulsed on his huge cock I pushed at the man’s thighs to get free. But Higgins held me there for a moment. Feeling as my throat muscles constricted on his huge dick. “Awee fuckker!” He yelled out “Sooo fucking great”…………….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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