Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter FourteenTruth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Fourteen


Janie was still in a state of euphoria. Jeanie just stood in the doorway in shock. Not just at the site of her daughter having sex with that man, but at the size of his hard cock. Her pussy twinged with desire. Juan was older than her but somehow he exuded sexual magnetism.Janie’s eyes blinked open. Juan’s hard cock stood proudly in front of her with a long strand of cum hanging from the head. Her eye caught a glimpse of someone in the doorway. “Mom?”Jeanie’s eyes glanced at her naked daughter. “Uh, Janie, I uhm.”Janie looked for something to cover her body with but there was nothing closer than the sheets in the middle of the floor. Her mother walked closer, keeping an eye on Juan’s throbbing dick. He just stood watching her.”Mom, ” Janie mumbled, ”What are you doing?”She looked down at her daughters cummy pussy. Her own pussy soaking her panties. ”Janie, Kıbrıs Escort I uh, just wanted to see if you wanted to eat lunch with me, ” Jeanie answered, her eyes still on that big brown cock.Janie couldn’t read her mother’s expression. Her eyes were fixed on Juan’s cock as she walked closer. Juan stood calmly, almost as if he expected something good. Jeanie stopped, facing him she dropped to her knees. His huge cum soaked cock firmly stood pointing at her face.Jeanie wrapped her fingers around the base of his long shaft and with one slow motion, she pulled all of the sex juices to the head. Her tongue darted over the fluids, taking in his and her daughters’ essence.Janie was in wonder as her mom took the long black dick into her mouth. Her fingers playing over her own little clitoris as she watched.Jeanie sucked Lefkoşa Escort on the big head as she stroked the long thick shaft. Her head spun as she tasted the sex of this old man. His hands hung at his sides and his eyes watched the young girl play with her pussy.Jeanie dropped the huge cock from her grip and turned around, dropping her face to her own daughters pussy driving her tongue deep. She tasted the black man’s seed. Janie moaned in erotic pleasure. Her mother lapped at her young pussy.Juan knelt behind her and pulled her yoga pants down off her ass and thighs. His tongue pressed urgently on Jeanie’s rosebud asshole. Her approval was grunted into her daughters wet pussy.Gripping his cock, Juan pressed the head into Jeanie’s ass.  Janie was overcome at the sight and her orgasm hit like a brick. Losing control Girne Escort of her bladder, her piss ran freely. Her mother lapped at the fountain. ”Oh fuck, ” Janie growled.Jeanie pushed her daughter’s legs back to her chest. Her pussy was open to the world. Jeanie dredged her tongue from asshole to clit. The taste of cum was abundant.  The taste Janie was on the precipice of another orgasm. Her heart pounded against her breast. Her breath labored in short gasps. Her mother was devouring her sex. Her pussy was still leaking cum from the nine men who fucked her just this morning.Jeanie lapped her daughter’s pussy as the housekeeping employee filled her ass with his long dick. She had desired this since she saw her son fucking her the other night. She felt so dirty peeping in the window. Even dirtier as she strummed her fingers over her mature clit.Janie moaned as Jeanie circled her clitoris with her tongue. Her second orgasm beginning to fade as Juan emptied his load into her anus. Jeanie convulsed as her orgasm swept over her.   The cock spasming in her asshole drove her deeper into the flood. She felt his hot cum splashing in her bowels.

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