This is a true story about my blonde, big titted, slut girlfriend. Trish is a 5’9″ sex

loving slut with long blonde hair, big nippled DD tits and and an ass that was made for fucking.

We both like to experiment sexually and have done everything from gang bangs to group pissing.

Nothing is to nasty for my cock loving slut, and since I like watching her fuck other studs,

I’m open for anything that she wants to try.

On this particilar night I arrived at her apartment only to find she had company

already. Some guy she said was a childhood friend by the name of Billy had been hanging around

and I had met him before. Trish claimed no sexual interest in him, but I knew better, he was her

boy toy. As she greeted me with a deep tongue kiss, I could tell she was in the mood. In the mood

for a big cock to put in her pussy, mouth and ass. The way she looked, I knew she would get what

she wanted. Her long blonde hair down to her ass, her fat nippled titties teasing thru the tight

tube top she had on and a super short white mini that showed off her hot little ass. I gave her a

look as if to question what Billy was doing here, and when is he leaving so we can fuck. She just

smiled and offered us both a drink, which we both accepted. She then said that she was going

upstairs to put the baby to bed, and for us to entertain ourselves for awhile.

After she left, Billy and I talked about different things until we heard Trish coming down

the stairs. When she walked into the room, her buddy went silent and I smiled to myself. Trish was

wearing a see-thru blouse that clung to her body and showed off her fat swollen nipples that were

obviously hard and ready to be sucked on. She had changed to a pair of beige shorts that were way

to small by any standard and showed more of her ass cheeks than they covered, her hot pussy lips

clearly visabile at the tight crotch. She smiled sweetly and sat down on the sofa facing us.

I laughed to myself knowing my little horny slut had planned this from the start. I could tell

my prescence was making Billy a little uneasy so I asked him what he thought of Trisha’s hot

body. He simply nodded as Trish spread her legs towards him and smiled like a slut bitch in heat.

He relaxed, knowing I was cool with my old lady showing him her charms, but still made no moves

toward the blonde cum loving whore. Trish wasn’t in the mood for waiting and wasted no time

taking the situation under control. As Billy and I sat there looking at her hot, fuckable body,

our dicks now completely hard she said,”I don’t really have anything to say, but that won’t keep

me from talking, so someone shove a big hard dick in mouth so I’ll shut the fuck up.”

Seeing that Billy was still a little hesitant, I stood up and walked over to the couch

she was sitting on and stood to the side of her with my hard cock poking out of my pants inches

from her cock loving mouth. I said to Billy, “She knows what she wants, so If I were you, I

wouldn’t miss this chance to bang some of the hottest pussy and ass you’ll ever have.” “It’s

just some adult fun,” the ready for cock sex toy purred to Billy. That was all he needed, as he

stood and walked to the other side of the over sexed fuck bunny and started to unzip his jeans

as I stepped out of mine revealing my hard cock and big balls. Trish moaned in appreciation as

she jacked both our dicks off as if in a trance. Enjoying Trish’s handy work, I asked Billy if he

liked Trisha’s big tits and fat pink nipples to which he groaned, “Fuck Yeah.” This brought Trish

back to reality as she teased Billy saying, “You like my big tits, stud. What are you going to do

, play with them? Are yoy gonna fuck em’ and suck my fat nipples?” She cooed. With that we both

lifted her arms up and pulled the sheer blouse up over the cum hungry cunts head exposing the

sluts ripe DD titties and her pink swollen nipples.

We both began rubbing Trish’s exposed tits and playing with the rubbery nipples as she

moaned with pleasure. As we continued entertaining ourselves with her chest, Trish took turns

sucking our cocks and licking our balls. While she french kissed the piss slit on Billy’s dick

she slowly worked a finger up his ass causing him to moan loudly. While I watched my slut pleasure

her knew lover, I rubbed my cock all over her cock sucking face, and her DD’s, slapping my big

cock Paşabahçe Escort on her swollen nips and leaving trails of pre cum on them. As she sucked on Billy’s balls

I could see his pre cum dripping down the shaft of his fuck stick and Trisha releasing his nut

sack long enough to lick it up before returning to her ball sucking.

When she turned her slut charms toward me, I decided to take charge as I held both sides

of her soft blonde hair, and started to fuck her face and mouth slowly. As I increased my speed my

cock craving slut started to play with my balls and stick her finger up my ass. I fucked her mouth

like it was her pussy while I played with a nipple, squeezing it between my fingers roughly.

While I was doing my thing in Trisha’s nasty mouth, Billy started rubbing her pussy thru

the tight shorts she was wearing, finding the button and zipper he undid her shorts as she lifted

her ass as she helped him remove them. She wore a see thru black g-string, that left nothing to the

imagination, her neatly shaved cunts labia and clit visable for all big dicked studs to see. Trisha

got on her knees on the sofa so Billy could lick and kiss her totally exposed ass while fingering

her cunt hole thru the thin material of Trish’s tiny g-string. While Billy played with her pussy

and ass, I stood and began tongue kissing her deeply while she held her tits together and I slid my

cock back and forth between them for a nasty titty fuck.

My cock was rock hard and her big jugs were so soft I knew I’d come if we didn’t stop so I

kissed her and pulled her up so she was standing. Billy wanting to see more of this fuck bunny took

the oppurtunity to remove Trisha’s panties, leaving her fuckable body naked except for the high

heels she was wearing. I layed down on the floor on my back and told her to sit her fuck hole on

my face. As we got into a hot 69 with me eating and sucking her sweet pussy, and her sucking my

huge cock while playing with my big balls, Billy started licking and kissing all around her ass

hole. While I sucked on her erect clit, I saw Billy start to give her a deep rim job. Since he was

only inches away from me, I got a great view of his anal assault, licking around her tiny ass

hole before shoving his tongue into Trish’s tight pink puckered shitter, making the cum slut moan

as he fucked her tight ass hole with his tongue, and I tongue fucked her cunt hole and sucked her

hard excited clit. The air was thick with the smell of hot pussy, and we knew Trish’s cunt was

ready for some good, hard fucking just like our hard cocks were.

We were both ready to try Trisha’s hot holes, and when I asked her if she was ready for

some fucking, she answered by climbing down to my cock and sitting on it while facing away from me.

As she rode my dick, Billy came over in front of her face and offered his fuck stick to my little

slut. She sucked him hard as I fucked her sweet pussy, reaching around to cup her tits, I told him

to lean Trish’s body back against me, opening her slit wide for him to see. Taking the cue, Billy

moved between her long smooth legs and rubbed his hard cock around her stuffed cunt and on her

clit. He had lost all inhabitions and wanted to fuck this bleach blonde slut now, even if she was

already getting fucked by her boyfriends big dick. Slowly he pushed his cock next to mine, slowly

stretching her pussy lips as he entered her snatch. Soon he was in and my Trisha had two large

pumping cocks in her cock craving cunt. She was going crazy as we fucked Trisha’s over stuffed

pussy long and hard. I knew before the night was over, she would get cocks in her pussy and ass at

the same time, and two up her tight ass at the same time. I thought while we were stuffing all her

holes with double dicks, she should get two cocks stuffed in her cock sucking mouth too. I knew

that I could cum a couple of times and hoped Billy could too, since Trish liked the feel of a big

dick squirting up her pussy and ass, then finishing it off by taking all of her studs loads all

over her face, tits and hair.

In the mean time Trish continued to fuck the two large pricks buried in her hot pussy,

moving her ass back and forth to meet the two mens pumping dicks. “Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned,

“Fuck my slut pussy with your two big cocks till’ you studs stretch my cunt wide open,” she

ordered. “Your fat dicks feel Escort Paşabahçe so good in my fuckn’ pussy, don’t stop, please!” she begged. I

slowly shoved two fingers up Trish’s ass to prepare the bitch for what was next. I could feel the

hard dicks in her cunt thru the thin membrane seperating her pussy and asshole as she got double

dicked in her fuck hole. Soon she started to shake and toss her head back, “You fuckers, you feel

so fuckn’ good…I’m gonna…Ahh…I’m fuckn’ gonna cum,” She growled. “Here it comes she warned,

“AAAHHHHHHH…MMMMM, oh fuck…,” she screamed, just as a thin, watery stream of pussy cum

squirted from her cunt. The stickey cum shot all the way to the sofa, while the rest landed on my

prick and balls and all over Billy’s stomach as we continued screwing the hot to fuck cock lover.

“I want to get DP’ed,” Trish said, “I need a cock in my cunt hole and a fat prick up my

ass hole,” she stated. Pulling my rod out of her snatch with a popping sound, I eased my fuck

stick up her ass where my fingers had just been. The two finger anal assault had loosened her

shitter just right. She easily sat her ass hole down on my cock all the way to balls deep, while

Billy resumed shoving his cock all the way in her now loose pussy and then back out again. The

three of us moved like a well oiled machine, alternating thrusts in the whores well used holes.

After almost twenty minutes of fucking, Billy and I were still rock hard (VIVA VIAGRA)

so we decided to switch positions. Billy wanted to fuck my girl in the ass, so I said I’d

be fine sticking my hard on deep in Trish’s well fucked pussy. “No way,” Trish said firmly,

“I wanna get double dicked in my ass.” “As you wish,” I laughed, as Billy positioned himself

on his back while laying on the floor. His big cock stood straight up as Trish kneeled down,

taking his throbbing dick in her hand firmly. She jacked his cock off while slowly licking his

balls, and telling him what a good fuck he was. While Trish licked up and down her new lovers

large tool, I wrapped her soft blonde hair around my dick and made a cacoon to jack off in.

With her long blonde hair wrapped around my fuck stick, I slowly jacked off in her silky strands.

After a few minutes of this, she climbed on Billy and began to rub her pussy and asshole

with his very large erection, her fingers gripping his cock firmly as she massaged her hot holes.

Trish rubbed the fat cock head around her asshole and then slowly started to sit on Billy’s big

prick untill she was sitting on his lap, his dick buried in her slut ass as far as it could go.

As Trish slowly fucked the cock in her ass, she leaned foward and gave Billy a deep, wet kiss.

She then leaned up so her DD tits were right in his face, giving easy access to his sucking mouth.

I knew what She wanted me to do, so I got behind her upturned ass and eased my cock in beside

Billy’s. It finally slipped in, making Trisha give a little yelp, as two huge dicks reamed her

abused ass hole.

“Oh, yeah,” Trish purred, “Fuck my ass hole, you big dicked fuckers…stretch my tight ass

with your hard fuckn’ cocks.” We fucked her at a steady pace, while she urged us on with the

nastiest talk I had ever heard. “Please keep fuckn’ me you big dicked studs,” she pled, “I’ll do

anything you want, just let me feel some cum shooting up my ass hole, please?” she begged. “I want

you fuckers to cum up my ass and then piss all over me and in my hot slut pussy,” Trisha said as

she rode up and down on the two cocks in her ass. Billy came first, pulling out just in time to

shoot his massive load up her back and onto her sweet ass. His cum started to run down her ass

crack and my cock, making me start to cum too. I pulled out and shot a load all over her just

fucked ass, my cum mixing with her other lovers seed. I shot the last of my cum from my balls and

shoved my still hard dick back up her ass, making Trisha moan in appreciation.

While I was fuckn’ Trisha’s ass, Billy kneeled next to the sexy slut and started to jack

off in her face. Always ready to please she took his semi-hard cock and began sucking him to

another hard on. Just as she got him fully erect, I felt my cum starting to rise and soon I filled

her well worn shitter with another load of cum. As I pulled out Billy got Trish up and onto her

hands and knees and started fucking her Paşabahçe Escort Bayan ass hole doggie style. Trish was moaning loudly while Billy

fucked her, alternating between her well used ass hole and pussy.

After Giving her a good fucking, Billy groaned that he was going to cum. I had been rubbing

my semi-hard cock all over her face and tiities, waiting for him to cum. As soon as he shot in her

pussy, I started to piss on her face. She smiled and opened her mouth as I pissed in it and on her

tits. Billy pulled out and Trish turned over and spread wide, allowing me to shove my cock up her

pussy, filling her slut cunt. Piss overflowed from her cunt as Trish urged us on. “I love your hot

steamy piss,” she said, “I want it all over my face and tits, my hair, and both of you pissing in

my cunt hole.” As I finished draining my urine in her pussy, I saw Billy directing his steady

stream in her mouth until it ran down the corners of her cock sucking mouth. I pulled out just in

time for Billy to shove his pissing cock in Trisha, making her slut cunt gush with his piss. When

he was done, we moved her to the sofa and knelt between her legs. We both stuck a couple of fingers

up her ass as she began to piss on both of our faces, while we finger fucked her asshole.

The nasty, kinky activities had an effect on both of our cocks, leaving us guys hard and

and ready for more, making Trisha moan in appreciation. I had the still horny slut lay on the floor

on her back as Billy and I got on either side of her pretty little face, our dicks throbbing ob-

scenely. My cock head bumped the blonde bimbos cheek on one side, while Billy rubbed his cock head

on the other side of her smiling face. She closed her eyes and turned her head side to side,

sticking her hot tongue out to lick our leaking rods as we smeared her sweet face with pre-cum.

Slowly we both shoved our fat dicks into her cock sucking mouth untill we were both deep in the

blondes warm mouth. Trish opened her eyes and moaned with desire as we started to both fuck her

mouth at the same time. We fucked the horny bitch’s mouth like it was a pussy, pumping and

thrusting her throat while we both played with her big tits and fat nipples.

After fifteen minutes of double fucking her over stuffed mouth I decided to sit on her face

and give her a reverse titty fuck while she licked my asshole. I told Billy how much she liked

licking ass and suggested he see how many fingers he could fit into Trish’s worn out pussy. I knew

how much our fuck bunny loved to get fisted and assured Billy it would make the rim jobs even

more enjoyable. Billy inserted one finger after another until I heard our sex loving slut let out

a gasp. I knew he had his hand all the way in her snatch by the way she shoved her tongue up my

ass. While I continued to fuck her DD’s and get my ass hole licked, Billy fist fucked her stretched

fuck hole with steady strokes. I could see her pussy cum streaked on his wrist as he kept up the

assault, much to Trisha’s pleasure. After a while I asked Billy if he was ready to switch so my

whore could lick and tongue fuck his ass hole. He wasted no time in mounting her face facing her

feet so he could shove his big cock between her DD’s while she ate out his ass hole, just as she

had done to me. Soon I was shoving my whole hand up her gaping slit and into her womb, watching

Billy fuck my old ladies titties while she eagerly licked his puckered ass hole.

After a long fist fuck my wrist and half my forearm were glistening with her pussy juice. I

pulled out and shoved my fat cock up her loose ass hole and started fucking her hard as her other

stud moaned that he was gonna cum. After a few more hard thrusts in our sex toys ass, I pulled out

and started to cum all over Trish’s well fucked body. Just as I was shooting the last spurts on

her, I saw Billy’s cock start to explode on her huge jugs and on her belly. Before he was done he

lifted of her face and shoved his still spurting cock down her throat, finishing with the hotties

tongue licking up and down his semi-hard cum coverd dick. You could see the excess cum Trish

couldn’t swallow overflowing from the sides of her cock loving mouth, running down her neck and

pooling on her chest and well fucked tits.

Afterwards we cleaned up and had something to drink, allowing the three of us to relax and

reflect on the great sex we just had. We all agreed to do it again, except next time Trish wanted

more studs with big cocks. “Maybe, five or six guys,” Trisha said. “How bout’ Ten?”, I said

smiling. I could tell from her smile that ten would do just fine.

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