Triple HeaterTriple Heater


It’s been a long week. All I need is to just get home and relax in a nice bubble bath before Terry arrives. One mile and 30 minutes later. Damn this rush hour traffic! I am not going to have enough time to bathe before my massage. I have never had a massage before. My best friend said that Terry was really wonderful and that I should take advantage of the special rate that was being offered. I couldn’t resist. I looked at the clock on the dash. I knew I would only be able to take a quick shower.

As soon as I passed through the door of my home I began to strip down, strewing clothes everywhere. My chubby tanned body flushed with excitement. I climbed into the shower and quickly soaped up. The heavy mist swirled around me. The slick soap slid over my arms, legs, chest. I cupped my large breasts, lifting the firm, plump globes to wash underneath. My nipples hardened. I tweaked their stiff peaks. My hand caressed lower, across my smooth belly, down between my legs. A soft moan escaped my lips as I slid a finger between my nether lips. My pelvis gently rocked as my caress deepened, my middle finger slowly probed inside. Another moan escaped. I enjoyed the feel of that gentle thrust in and out. Absorbed in the sensations, I rode my finger. I pretended it was a swollen, hard cock that was inside me. “Ahhhh”, I sighed. Suddenly I snapped out of my sexual fantasy. I have no time for this. Terry will be here soon. I finished up and dressed in a cool cotton tank and short skirt. Just as I was smoothing my skirt across my waist the door bell chimed.

I opened the door and there before me was this broad chest. I slowly raise my eyes to see bright blue eyes looking down at me. My mouth formed a slight “O” in surprise. ” Terry?” I stammered.

“That would be me.” He replied . A mischievous smile graced his handsome face. Shoulder length curly brown hair topped his 6 foot 6 frame.

“I’m sorry, come in,” I waved him through. His tall slender body brushed against mine as he entered. A blush heated my face and chest. I backed up to give him more room. Oh my goodness, I thought as I bent my head down to hide my embarrassment. I thought Terry was a woman. I never even asked my best friend. She just told me Terry was the best and I assumed it was a woman.

“Where can I set up.” He asked politely.

I looked around the living room. Still flustered.

” I’ll need more space than this. Do you have another room?”

” I have a screened in patio. Will that work?” My mind raced. I was uncomfortable with this man, not scary uncomfortable, it’s hard to describe, my body was tense, it trembled. I was not prepared for a male, a very handsome male at that. My face flushed again. I finally looked into his eyes. “Let me show you.” I walked by him towards the back of my house. I stopped and opened the drapes.

” Perfect”, he stated. He admired my garden, It was full of bright flowers, yellow, red purple and orange. There were small ferns and trees, lush and green. The automatic drip system had just shut off, moisture was heavy in the air. It was cozy warm and intimate. “I’ll be right back, I need to get my things.”

I silently groaned. “Sure” my body tingled. I moved over to the soft brown leather sofa and sat down. What am I going to do. Damn, did he have to be so handsome, those eyes, and what a devilish smile. I took a few deep calming breaths.

I quietly observed him as he worked. His body graceful as he went about his preparations. I noticed his lean build, the muscles, as they tightened and released. It was poetry. He wore a light weight black silky shirt that hugged his upper body. His pants were black, and snug. They looked soft and flexible. I noticed his package, it was obvious he was well endowed. I blushed again, I looked up to see his eyes glued to mine. I flushed an even deeper red if that was possible. I lowered my gaze horrified that he caught my appraisal. He chuckled. I gave him a sweet smile.

“Come”, he said.

I got up and walked outside. Before me was a table, candles glowed around the space. Sensual music softly played in the background. “Nice” I stammered nervously.

” Just take off your clothes and slip between the sheets”. He coached me. He sensed my nervousness. “I’ll give you a few minutes while I go wash my hands.”

I stared at him, ” Naked?” I questioned. It never crossed my mind, silly me, “Totally?

” It’s better that way.” He winked. ” The bathroom?

“What?” I mumbled.

“Where is the bathroom? So I can wash up.” He smiled, very professional.

I pointed the way then turned and looked at the table. Soft cotton sheets. I reached forward and caressed them, expensive cotton sheets by the feel of them. I pulled my tank top over my head then reached around behind me to unhook kızılay escort my bra, my breasts thrust forward. They tingled. My nipples hard against the fabric. It felt good to take it off even tough I was going to be naked in the presence of a total stranger. I slid my skirt over my hips and it dropped to the floor in a soft puddle at my feet. I stepped out. I just couldn’t take off my white thong. Not with a strange man here. I quickly slid between the sheets and pulled them up to my neck. I was on my back. I prayed that my nipples would soften. I closed my eyes embarrassed. My body tense, I waited for his return.

I heard him , that soft chuckle. I slowly opened my eyes.

” Nervous”? He teased.

“No!” I lied

He just grinned that silly grin again and nodded. “Have you had a massage before?”


“I’ll be gentle, I promise.” He flirted.

Oh my, he’s flirting, what am I going to do. My nipples tightened even harder. I groaned.

“Let me adjust this pillow.” He reached beneath the sheets and moved the pillow under my knees. “Better?”

“Ummm, yes, Thanks.”

“Is there anything I need to know about your body”? He questioned.

I just stared. Like what I thought, that I am aroused. My puss is wet, my tits ache. “No” I replied sweetly.

“I am going to begin with light to medium pressure, just let me know if it’s to much or to little and I’ll adjust. Just one more thing, he pulled an eye mask from his pocket and placed it over my eyes. “OK?”

I mumbled a yes.

He moved to my feet and did nothing at first. I waited. Anticipation heightened my senses. I felt his gentle touch on my ankles. He lightly grasped them. I flinched. He laughed softly. Then nothing. I waited what seemed several minutes. His hands began to move. A gentle rock that began at my feet then slowly moved up my leg. His hands were warm. The rhythmic push rocked my body into a more relaxed state. As he continued around my body I could feel my tension disappear. I sensed him on my right side. He lifted the sheet and then grasped my leg, again I flinched and tensed as if to help…

“Relax.” He soothed me with his soft deep voice.

I let go of the tension and he tucked the sheet under my leg and pulled the sheet up, tight against the crease of my thigh. I could feel it bunch there. I sighed. I heard him rub his hands together. I pleasant soft fragrance filled my nose. Then his hands cupped my foot and began a long glide up to the top of my thigh. I moaned silently. He repeated the movement. Then he began to knead the muscles of my calf. Slow deep strokes.

“How’s the pressure?”

“Nice,” was all I could manage. I can’t believe I have never done this before. I melted into the table.

His hands manipulated my flesh. Large hands and long fingers circled around my calf, in a gentle pump motion. His fingers rubbed circles as he moved up. He paused at my knee and played with my knee cap. He gently circled it around first one way then the other. I could hear him shift his body slightly and continue on to my thigh. His fingertips worked my muscles. He started with small light circles then with more pressure deepened as they expanded. The back of his hand brushed the inside of my other leg. I parted my legs just a bit to allow for more room. He continued his strokes as he moved higher. He brushed against my mound. My breath caught. I waited. He continued on as if he had not made contact with my puss. An accident? I breathed out and relaxed. He moved again. I could sense him closer to the top of the table. He began to knead my thigh again. He gripped my thigh and gently pulled. The motion caused my legs to part. I could feel my puss open just a bit. Again and again he repeated this movement. He then pushed and then pulled as he sandwiched my thigh. When he pushed, his fingers pressed in to the side of my puss, as he pulled my nether lips opened. I pretended not to notice. I wonder what those fingers would feel like as they stroke deep in my puss. Oh, hell I thought. Does he know that he had turned me on…I can feel the wetness as I pulse, I ache. My nipples are hard peaks. I can feel them poke through the sheet, the friction feel so good.

His hands caress my over heated body. I feel his fingers scrape over my puss as he drags the sheet down to cover my leg. I moan softly. He lifts my leg and pulls the sheet back out and clovers me. He moves to the opposite side and starts again. I have no idea how I am going to get through this with out embarrassing my self. He adds more oil. The hypnotic rhythm repeats and I am lulled into deep relaxation again. My body tingles with anticipation, as I wait for him to work on my thigh. He gently works his way up. Deeply kolej escort rubs circles toward the top. Boldly his fingers nudge my puss. They rub up and over then he gently drops them to hook my lip and spread me. Over and over. I can feel his little finger catch on the strap of my thong. My puss is so wet. He continues. His caress more assertive. His finger slides along my lips, in between. He does not enter, just strokes. A little deeper pressure. My hips rock up to meet him. He stops and covers my leg. I take a deep breath….That was close, sadly I am disappointed he didn’t go further. I feel him move to my head. I breathe slowly. I can feel the heat flow off him. The air is filled with sexual energy. He leans forward and his cock rubs the back of my head. I moan quietly. He folds the sheet down to just below my collar bone to expose the upper swell of my chest. He rubs more of the oil on his hands. The heady scent mixes with the smell of our arousal. He begins with those damn circles again. I know he can see and smell my arousal now, My nipples are so hard. He widens his circles with each rotation as they slide under the sheet.. My tits jiggle. Wider. My peaks strain, he gets closer, I hold my breath. I ache. He stops. His fingers spread wide and he pulls toward my head and lets go…my tits bounce. I let out my breath. He rakes his fingers up toward my head again. First one then the other. I tremble. He rakes over my nipple, I arch into his hand. He continues with slow strokes. With each pass over my nipples he pauses. He cups my swollen flesh and continues with the stroke. Each successive pass he cups my breasts longer and longer. I pant in short quick breaths. My puss drips. It clenches at an imaginary cock. It squeezes and releases. He tweaks my nipples in unison. I gasp.

“Pressure OK?” he questions seductively.

All I could do is moan and nod my head.

He pulls and tugs on my plump nipples. I can feel his cock swell and press in to my head. He gently rocks, humping. He doesn’t crash into me, just gently rocks, in slow smooth motions. He tugs and pulls my nipples up then shakes his hands. My tits bounce and jiggle. He kneads them as he works the oil in to my skin. Slow deep strokes, tighten, release, tweak, pinch, over and over. I moan louder. My hips rock to keep time with his kneading and the thrusts against my head. He pinches my nipples just a bit harder one last time. He bends down and places the face cradle into the holes of the table. His breath gently tussles the hair around my face. He stands up, then moves to my side. He leans in and tents the sheet. .

“Turn towards me and scoot up into the face cradle.” He commands.

I turn my head and open my eyes. There, right in front of me is his budging, straining cock. If I stick my tongue out it would touch. Oh how I wanted to taste him. I can smell him. I moan and complete the turn and scoot up. The friction on my tits drive me crazy.

“Let me adjust the pillow.” He places the pillow under my ankles . “Comfortable?”

“Yea.” I groan.

He laughs and begins with the long slow strokes again. He drapes the sheet to expose my leg. He pulls the sheet tight against my puss. He caresses the full length of my leg. I can feel the sheet loosen a bit. I get lost in the sensations. As he travels upward his fingers spread. He stops and spreads my legs. He strokes again. Spreads them wider. Satisfied, he begins his circular stroke, higher and higher. His fingers connect with my wet lips then continue the stroke. He repeats this several more times. His fingers more bold with each pass. He adjusts the drape to expose my entire butt cheek. He begins to gently use his fist in my glutes.

“Let me remove these,” he slowly drags my thong down my lifted hips. “You will enjoy it more with out them.” he croons.

A slow deep press then a gentle twist. I can feel my crack open slightly. He maneuvers around my entire ass. He adds more oil. His hands are hot. They knead my ass. I feels just like when I knead bread dough.

“Pressure still good?” he asks. His hands hover just above my butt.

“Mmm Humm.”


“Yes.” I hiss between my lips.

“I can remove the sheet if you like?”

At this point all I wanted was his hands back on me. “Ummm OK”

He slowly removes the sheet, he drags it gently down my body and exposes me inch by inch. It puddles at the foot of the table.



Without the sheet in the way he begins again. I hear a quiet sigh escape him. He continues to rub all over my ass first one side then the other. He cups my ass in his hands and squeezes. His fingers spread out, squeeze and tighten then release…over and over. My puss pulses in time maltepe escort with him. Sweet nectar leaks onto the table. I moan softly. He drips more oil onto my ass crack. His finger slides in between. Long slow strokes. He applies a gentle pressure on my button then moves on. Every stroke is longer to the top of my crack then to the bottom to my puss. He stops just sort of the soft entrance. Over and over his finger glides along. Each time he reaches my crinkled button he rims and presses, then continues. I moan into the head rest. My hips gyrate. My breath quickens. He strokes down again. He reaches my puss. I press back wanting deeper contact. His talented finger probes gently. Presses slightly in and then out. In a bit further and out. Each stroke goes deeper. He pinches my clit. Then that same slow rhythmic stroke continues. Deeper and deeper. I wriggle and moan. He buries his finger as far as it can go. He twists and turns it. I moan softly, a quiet purr escapes from between my parted lips. In again, now two fingers fill me. Deep long strokes slide in and out. I’m burning up. My skin tingles as the sexual energy flows between us. My body hums and gyrates with every plunge. I sigh when he pulls out, empty. Only to gasp as he plunges deep again. In and out. In and out in what seems like an eternity. Suddenly I am stretched more than full, almost painful. Three thick fingers press deep inside in one long, slow, smooth stroke.

“Ahhh.” I moan loudly.

His pace quickens, harder and deeper he plunges. In and out. He curves his finger, just at the right spot and I shiver as he touches my sweet spot. He slows his rhythm again. He twists and plunges, wriggles and stretches my wet puss. Juices flow freely, easing his way. Deep…..twist …pull out…. plunge, wriggle… plunge deeper still. I moan loudly as my climax reaches it’s peak. I pant and moan in exquisite pleasure. Oh my, I have never felt this hot. My hips grind against his hand. I pump harder in an attempt to swallow his fingers. He moans loudly. Oh, my I can Hear him….he presses his groin against the table. He moans again. His fingers never let up. In and out. Sweet torture. My body trembles as it races towards climax. My hips pump harder, faster. I squeeze and grip his fingers holding them inside slowing his stroke. He presses gently, deeper. His wriggles his fingers, finds my sweet spot again and I implode….tingles shatter throughout my being. I gasp for breath as I ride the wave of pleasure. As I return to earth I feel his grind against the table. Hear him moan and quicken his pace. He pumps against the table his hand strokes his long, hard cock. Oh man, I wish I could feel taste…. see. His lets out one last long groan and then gently thrusts once…..twice…..three times as he slowly stills. Our breaths slow, become more normal. Stunned I just lie there. I have just experienced the most fabulous orgasm of my life. With a total Stranger! I am so glad I am face down.

Lost in my pleasure I twitch as he re-drapes the sheet over me…..he gently rocks my body as he did in the very beginning. I slowly relax. The tension leaves my body. I sigh and moan in pleasure. I hear him move around me then settle at my feet. He grasps my ankles and pauses….

“Take your time, I am going to wash up. I’ll be right back.” He makes a hasty retreat.

I hear the bathroom door close, I wait a few moments, when all is quiet I roll over and sit up as I clutch the sheet to my chest. My nipples are hard, achy. I take a deep breath and smile. Oh….my…goodness, did that just happen. I thought. I quickly jump off the table and get dressed. I shove my bra and panties behind one of the plants no way do I want to waste time with those. I smooth my tank top and skirt. I cross my arms over my chest to hide my continued arousal. What the hell am I going to say….I think….just act natural. That’s it, pretend everything is fine. I shift from foot to foot…Should I stay, go sit… I can’t believe I just allowed that to happen. It is so unlike me.

A small cough interrupts my musing. ” Um,” he stammers. I can see his flushed face. “Um…I don’t know what to say…” his soft voice trails off…..

More in control at his sudden shyness, I say, ” Yea, Well. That was not quite what I expected when my friend recommended you.” I giggle.

“I, I, I….” he studers. Finding his voice he says ” I have never done that before. Truly I …..” he stops and gestures with his hands. “I have never done this before. I….” speechless he just stands there.

I clear my throat, “Yes well, I won’t tell if you won’t.” I wink. I can see his whole gorgeous body relax.

“It’s our secret, ” He grins. “Umm….would it be to forward if I ask you to dinner tomorrow night?” His face flushes a bright red.

I laugh out loud. The awkwardness passes. ” Sure.”

” And just so you know I can’t be your therapist, so you’ll have to get another one. I can recommend my partner…SHE is really good, but not as good as me. He winks back.

“Let’s hope not,” I tease. “I’m just not into women.” we both laugh uncontrollably.

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