Triad Ch. 04Triad Ch. 04


“Mmm, you’re so good to me I’d love to return the favor.”

“Brie, you keep licking my clit like that and I’ll have to return the favor.”

“You mean like this?”

“Oh! Yes, I do mean like that … geez, that was a quick one. You’ve really gotten good at pussy lickin’ in the last two months.”

Brie chuckled; “But Aurora, I’ve only been doing what you showed me …”

“I don’t remember teaching that one. Come up here and cuddle with me.”

The lovers nestled together with Aurora gently caressing the younger woman’s breasts. They exchanged light kisses while whispering to each other. “You know you’re spoiling me. I meant it when I said I wanted to return the favor. You share me with Frank and Phil … I thought it only fair that I bring Ron and Jeremy over. They don’t have Phil’s fat cock, but they can still fuck and Ron loves eating pussy.”

“Thanks, but no. As strange as it may seem, I plan on staying true to my two guys. They aren’t seeing anyone else, and I love them for that. Well except you. And that’s a special circumstance since I introduced you.


“Damn, I’m glad you only have to clean this thing once a year.” This ‘thing’ was the bottom of Phil’s boat, and the men were dedicating a Saturday to scrubbing its bottom.

Most of the work was accomplished with pressure washers, but there were still stubborn spots and usually in the most difficult locations. “I’m just glad you’re willing to help. I’ve done it by myself, but it takes a lot longer.” Phil answered. “If this warm wind continues, I may be able to repaint her tomorrow. We’ll give her a couple days to dry and then have her hoisted back into the water. She’ll be ready for the future”

“Speaking of the future – Any thoughts on ours – specifically with Aurora?”

Phil thought for a while; “I don’t see one long term. We’ll fuck our brains out with her, then drift apart. No one will notice it at first – we’ll just slow down getting together until we won’t even bother with trying.”

“Man, that’s a pretty bleak picture. Usually it’s the lawyer that comes up with that. Are you speaking from personal experience or what?”

“That’s the way all my relationships have been. Sometimes I’ve been the one to drift away, other times not. You asked … you must have an idea of your own?”

Now Frank mulled. “Long term I see us living together – the three of us. Oh, and Brie visiting regularly, of course.”

“Well yeah.”

“I guess I’m optimistic. The way I see it … we’re suited to each other. Take you and me –we met by accident; you made a comment at the first game of the season and we had a conversation going. From there we became friends. We’ve never had any kind of real disagreement – we respect each other’s opinions and accept our differences. Even when it comes to Aurora we don’t argue. Why is that? I’ve asked myself many times why we don’t. The only answer I can come up with is that she meets our individual needs, and we – together – meet hers. And that’s why I’m optimistic; neither of us has to be everything for her. The pressure is off.”

“So, do you see us all living together or what? And if so, where? Your place?”

“Sure, why not?” Responded Frank. “Your place isn’t much more than a monk’s cell. I’m surprised you don’t live on the boat …”

“The marina won’t allow it!”

“… Because it’s larger than your apartment.”

The men scrubbed away at several barnacle growths low on the keel, Phil mentally noting the need for additional paint in the area.

“So what’s your plan?”

“I don’t know yet. I don’t think now is the time to bring this up with her. Let’s see how things shake out through Christmas. Who knows? You may have taken yourself out of the picture by then.”


“Fuck! Pound me! I love it like that!”

“You know there’s a song by that name.” Panted Frank.

“What? Pound me?”

‘No …’I Love it like that’, damn your ass looks nice in this light. Don’t move … I want to lick it.”

“Oh shit … that’s so nice. Mmm … oh! Damn you have a talented tongue. Ooo, yes lover, my butt loves you too. Oh! Do me a favor will you … the lube … on the table … I want you in there. Mmm, such talented finger … That’s the spot … you do know me don’t you … god, I’m melting … Mmm … yes … now the cock … How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“How is it you can slip your cock into my ass and it never hurts? Not that I’m complaining … damn that’s nice … that’s it … nice and slow … oh, wait …aahhh … that was a nice little one. Okay, now faster …yesss … more now, deeper, deeper, comeon now lover, pound me, Fill my ass! Fuck! Here I go again … oh shiiit! I’m … I’m … ah …ah…coming…coming…commmingggg.”

Pounding hard, Frank fucked her ass with every fiber of his body. Sweat ran down his face and off his chest; his legs burned and his arms quivered, but he was close to coming himself. As Aurora’s ass clamped around his pulsing cock the added pressure finished him and from deep in his body semen gushed forth.

Feeling beşevler escort his cock pulsing and jetting deep in her bowels sent Aurora into another climactic spasm; her ass squeezing the invading meat and wringing an agonized groan from her lover.


Laying together, both lost in a post fuck bliss, Frank quietly asked Aurora; “What would you like for Christmas? It’s only ten days away, and you haven’t given me any hints.”

“Haven’t you gotten me anything?” She asked coyly.

“I’ll take the Fifth on that. But isn’t there something special?”

Aurora lay quietly for the longest time. So long that Frank craned his head around to see her face. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, and when he wiped some away she broke into a sob. “”I miss Phil. You know I love you. But Phil is just as much a part of me, and I miss him.”

Wrapping her in his arms, he tried to will her unhappiness away. “Damn it Phil! You and your unwillingness to commit. ‘We just drift apart’ my ass. You didn’t want to put in the hard work.”

“We can’t force him to stay with us if he doesn’t want to. You’re smart. You understand that I’m sure. I’ve tried talking to him; he just says he’s too busy right now. I went by his apartment, but he wasn’t there. Maybe he’s hanging out on the boat. Any way, it doesn’t seem he wants to see us, and I guess we have to accept that.”

“Maybe, but not until he tells me face to face.”


Phil woke to the sound of rigorous pounding on the hatch. Rubbing sleep from his eyes and checking his watch he was surprised to see it was barely six in the morning. “Who the hell …”

He’d barely cracked the hatch open when it was forcibly pushed the rest of the way and he was greeted with a torrent of words from an angry Aurora. “… I’ve been worried sick about you and you’ve been hiding out down here. What the hell is going on? Do you think so little of me that you think you can just fade away and I won’t notice? …”

“Wait, please, let me wake up. I need coffee …”

“Here’s your damn coffee … I brought you some … and then we are going to talk. And Mister, you better believe I’m not leaving until I’m satisfied.”

“But … I have to go to work …”

“Call ’em. Tell them an ex-lover has you by the balls and is threatening to cut ’em off. I don’t care. We’re getting this settled.”


“Well, it’s nice to see you sleep in the nude. But what if I’d been some man? Or a cop? What then?”

“I’d have asked them to wait while I dressed. Which, by the way, I’d like to do now.”

“Don’t get dressed on my account. Besides, I’ve always admired your chest. Among other things. How’s your coffee? Did I get it right?”

“Yeah, thanks. Do you want to take off your coat?”
“No, not yet. First we talk. Where have you been? Is it something I’ve done? I’ve missed you and I don’t know what happened.”

“Nothing happened, I’ve just been busy. You know … work, stuff; I’ve just been too busy.”

Aurora studied his face and under her steady gaze his eyes faltered and then dropped to his hands.

“Phil, look at me. I came down here to find out what happened, and the closer I got, the angrier I became, but I’m not mad now. Well, I’m still mad but I’m putting that aside. I’ve missed you and I don’t … I don’t know what to do. Is it me? Is it Frank? Do you want me to choose between the two of you? Is that it?”

“NO! I don’t expect you to choose. You don’t have to; you have Frank already. You don’t need me. I just get in the way.”

“Wow. And here I’ve been thinking of you as this big, self-confident guy that can handle things. Do you feel threatened by Frank?”

“No, I just think you’ll be better with him than me.”

“Maybe you should let me make that call. You and Frank are complimentary for me – he meets some of my needs and wants, you meet others. There’s more here, isn’t there?”

“Meaning what?”

“Commitment. You are willing to work hard at the company, and you have dedicated yourself to the boat, but when it comes to the most personal of commitments – to me – you can’t do it. Why? You’ve shown you can; the boat and work are proof. What are you afraid of with me?”

“It’s not you.”

She studied his face. “If it’s not me … is it Frank?”


“Man, you’re not going to help me here are you? Is it women in general? Or serious relationships? Don’t you miss me?”

“Yes, I do miss you, but … (sigh) it’s hard.”

“What’s hard?”

“This. Us. The three of us. It’s hard doing it. It’s easier to just let it go. I stay busy and that’s all I need.”

“Well it’s not all I need.” Aurora said as she finally undid the top two buttons of her jacket. “I wasn’t kidding that you are part of me,” Two more buttons pop open and cleavage is revealed; “I came down here determined to get you back.” The coat fell open. She was nude. “Yes, I know, naked under the coat is a cliché, but I want you back. WE want you back. But I want you back in my bed. Okay, so you büyükesat escort think it’ll be hard work. But how much more work is it for me? Trying to meet the needs of two men. Very different men. And I don’t mind. You guys are worth it. Now, open your legs. You need a reminder.”

She knelt before him and pushed his thighs apart; her hands traveling up in a firm caress. When she reached their juncture her hands cupped his balls and then extended up, drawing his half hard cock up and away from his body. “Mmm, I’ve been missing this. You are the only man that has completely filled my pussy. You didn’t know that, did you? When you’re in me … Frank is different, he’s a different kind of lover … but with you, it’s like everything in my world is complete.”

Her head dropped, tongue extended, taking a small swipe at the tip. A thin tendril of saliva held between tongue and cock and as it broke her head dropped and she engulfed him as far as she could. Phil groaned and his eyes rolled back as he slumped into the cushions behind him. Automatically his hands grasped her hair; fingers knotting into the blonde tresses as he guided her.

For several minutes she fellated him; getting him as hard as she had ever. When he was truly ready she stood before him, one hand on his cock the other opening her quim. Straddling his legs, she lowered until his cock tip was just at her lips. She brushed it back and forth, teasing herself. And then she stood back up, put her coat on, and buttoned it back up. In response to his stunned, questioning look she answered; “Phil honey, I don’t believe in cock teasing, and I’m sorry if you think that’s what this is about. It’s not, but I want you to remember what we have together. If I’m worth the effort, you’ll come to me. And the reward will be waiting. But if not … well … I guess I’ll have to accept that. I have to go – I’m expecting a shipment in an hour.” And with a light kiss on his cheek, she was gone.


That night Frank was over for dinner. The table was set for three. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Not yet. I could be wrong, but I’m hoping. Meanwhile why don’t you open a Cabernet while I finish the salad?”


A knock came just as she was serving the salad. “Will you get that?”

Phil stood at the open door; his hair wet from the light rain. “Hi. I, ah, I thought I’d come by, but if you’re busy …”

“Nonsense, come on in.”

“No!” Said Aurora. “Not with that attitude.”

“Phil Blussey, if you think I want you back like some kind of beaten dog – then you are surely mistaken. When you come to me I want the confident man of last fall. You know – the one that fucked me on the boat, with an audience. I want that man, because he’ll want to be with me and will put in the hard work I demand. Come back when you can be that man.”

Frank looked Phil in the eyes and saw the hurt, but knew this was necessary.

As he began closing the door something clicked in those same eyes; Phil’s back straightened and his head came up. “No dammit! I’m here now! Frank – do me a favor will you – go in another room? This won’t take long.”

Frank quickly checked with Aurora, and then stepped into the bedroom. He did stay close to the door however.

“You came down to the boat and accused me of not being willing to put in the hard work this thing needs …”

“Phil, I…”

“Quiet! You did all the talking before, now you hear me. And I mean listen. I don’t have a perfect history when it comes to relationships, not even when I was a kid.”

“Phil, honey, you don’t have to tell me this.”

“Yes I do. I didn’t go to work. I spent the day polishing chrome on the boat. And thinking. The pattern was set for me as a kid – my folks were so busy with their careers they didn’t have time for each other. Oh sure, they made time for me – but not each other. I grew up thinking that was normal. That once you had a child or two, you focused on other things. That’s how I’ve gone into everything since then; that the personal wasn’t important. Just do the career, the hobbies, if you get married – ok, but no big deal. Then you come into my life. But it’s not a ‘normal’ thing … no … you have to have another man too. Sure I’ve had fun, but I’ve gotten more and more confused. I can’t classify us. Frank and I aren’t lovers – but we’re both yours. He makes you happy, but I do too. You fuck my brains out, but his also. Frank says he can see us together for years, but how? Who do you marry? And what about the other guy? What’s his status? I’m a Business Major. I’m supposed to be good at analyzing situations. But I can’t here. Where do I fit in?”

“May I call Frank back in?” While they waited, she poured Phil a glass of wine and topped the other glasses.

“Honey … this is one of those situations that is better if you don’t over think it. Try this: most women settle for one man, and convince themselves he meets all their needs. I tried that. My husband was a kind person who tried, but ultimately çankaya escort he couldn’t do it. It wasn’t his fault; that’s just the way it was. I thought I’d go through life basically just picking up someone when the physical need got too great. Then I met Frank and things began looking a bit better. He was nice, and kind, and a good lover. But he wasn’t perfect. Then you and I hit it off, and you did somethings for me he couldn’t. Between the two of you, I’m a happy woman. And I thought I was keeping both of you satisfied also. But I guess I forgot to take some of your needs into account. And maybe I’ve missed some of Frank’s also. I’ll change that right now … if you’ll let me.”

Frank had been quietly listening; “Phil, as I see it you and I have mutual and complimentary roles; we’re her lovers. But we’re also her partners. So I have a proposition; let’s really become partners … legally. We can form a legal entity, a civil contract, vesting each of us with equal rights and responsibilities. We can even put a time span on it – say five years. If it’s working, we renew. If not, well we’ll know by then and we can just let it go.”

“Wait a minute,” interjected Aurora, “are you proposing a permanent, full time, living together arrangement, or that we just continue as we are now?”

“I would like us to be living in one house, full time. A true marriage except in name.”

“Your house, I suppose?” Asked Phil.

“At first, sure. If it works and we want more space, then we can look for something else.”

“Well, I’d want to keep my apartment, just in case.”

“Fine, sub-lease it.”

“And what about me and my place?”

“Obviously you’d keep it. It’s your business.”

“This contract – When can you have it ready?”

“Aurora dear, it’ll be ready for Christmas, if you both agree. We can work out the move after.”


Christmas Eve the three gathered at Frank’s house in the U District. He’d cleaned and decorated, had a full dinner catered, and carefully selected several choice wines. The men were in suits and ties, Aurora in a spaghetti strapped, knee length, charcoal grey dress. They were carefully groomed and clean shaven. She’d had her golden tresses shaped and coifed just so. Her makeup delicately applied and only a hint of perfume.

Frank greeted them at the door and led the way into the living room and its tree. On a small table sat a thin bundle of papers and three flutes. A bottle sat in an ice bucket next to it.

“I hope everyone is pleased with everything. I wanted tonight to be special. Let’s sign the contract, and then we can get on with the evening. Did you read the copies I sent?”

Aurora and Phil nodded. Oddly, Phil seemed relaxed and at ease with the evening. Aurora however, was nervous. “Wow … I’m getting my wish … I think! What am I getting myself into? Moving in with two men? Day and night? They’ll see me at my worst … how can I stay sexy all the time? But isn’t that what it’s all about – day to day, sexy and not? Take a deep breath dear, this is real, this is what we want.”

They had read drafts in the previous week, asked for changes, read revisions. Now all they had to do was sign the three copies, plus the Incorporation papers to be filed with the State.

With the last signature Frank popped the champagne and poured for his new partners. “To the Triad!”

“The Triad!”

Sitting at the table for dinner, Aurora noticed a jewelry box on her plate, and then saw similar boxes on the other plates as well. She looked over at Frank; “What is this?”

“Oh, that’s not me. You should ask your husband Phil.”

“Well your husband Frank had input.”

“Are you guys going to keep up this routine?”


“What routine? Aren’t we your husbands?”

She sighed; “Okay, but that makes you guys each other’s husband too. You know that don’t you?”

“Well, I’m fine with that as long as he doesn’t try to get physical.”

“Me? I’ve noticed you checking my ass.”

“What? No, not me!”

“Boys! Enough of that. What’s in the boxes?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Everyone open your box …”

Each contained a ring, composed of three interwoven strands of gold: yellow, white and red. “The rings symbolize the three of us and how our lives are intertwined.”

Dinner after that was a lively affair with several wines sparking conversation that accompanied the poached salmon and paella.


“Gentlemen, this has been nice, but let’s get down to the real business; take me to bed!”

Frank jumped up, and grabbing her hand led the way to the bedroom where his other surprise awaited; a new King sized bed! “I had this delivered yesterday.”

“That’s my husband! A new playground! Come on, fuck my brains out!” The men scrambled as a team; while one was shedding his clothes, the other began disrobing Aurora. The only catch was that she only wore the dress, shoes and thigh high hose. Everything else was bare, ready and excited.

Phil was the first undressed and laid his new wife on the bed, legs dangling. Immediately he lifted her legs open and dove for her pussy. Subtlety would come later, now was about lust. He pressed his face to her pussy and with his tongue opened her lips, he probed and he sucked, licked and nibbled. Aurora responded with an arching moan and then grabbed the now naked Frank; dragging is hips to her face so she could swallow his prick whole.

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