Tres LechesTres Leches


Maria had the whole house to herself with her parents out of town. Spoiled and rich, she preferred being alone so she didn’t have to wear clothes. The secluded hacienda with a pool and garden allowed for total privacy.

Since she was a little girl she annoyed her parents shedding her clothes and playing naked. It wasn’t sexual, just what she preferred. She opened all the windows, the sliding glass doors to the pool area, let the cool breeze go through the house and lazily go about her day in the buff.

She also tanned much better. She didn’t want to be like the white girls with tan lines, and liked her darker skin uniform over her whole body. Even Hispanics could get tan lines, yuck!

Exercising, swimming, doing work around the house, gardening, was all so much cooler and more comfortable. Of course, she was nineteen now, and there was definitely a sexual tension in her. She could see her body in the mirror, and it was objectively quite lovely. Big boobs now, a firm, round ass, long legs, a round face, thick eyelashes and eyebrows she did not have to maintain, and now a shaved pussy. This was something new she tried, after watching porn. She liked touching herself a little too much now, and found herself masturbating out on the lawn chairs.

When the doorbell rang during one of these times, she was startled out of her wits, fingers wet with her own juices. Remembering father still had landscapers come over to keep the house tidy and neat, she had to go and check. Dang it, she would have to stay indoors if so! All of her clothes were dirty and she still hadn’t gotten around to washing any of them.

Cracking the door, keeping the rest of her nude body hidden, she saw it was some older white guy.

“Hello? How can I help you?”

He looked at her and smiled, and was about to say something, but stopped. He just stared for a moment.

“Sorry, um, I wasn’t expecting such a pretty young chica to be here. I was looking for Mr. Pohl.”

She never blushed, but for some reason this man made her blush a little. What the fuck? And pretty bold, too!

“Um, yeah, that’s my dad. He’s out of town right now.”

“That’s right, he told me he would be. But wanted me to check out his home computer and see why it would not connect to the VPN. Do you need to call him to verify?”

“No, that’s fine. So you’re like the IT guy from work?”

“Aaron Morgan,” he said, sticking his hand out. “And you must be Maria, your dad has a picture of you at work. I often stared at it while working on his computer these last several years. Nice to finally meet you.”

She awkwardly took his hand and shook it. Okay, get your shit together, Maria, and stop blushing! She hadn’t been able to finish maturbating, and now here was this very handsome older stranger.

She wondered … why not? She was no virgin, she was an adult, and she could do what she wanted. She grinned wickedly, wondering how much she could play with this guy’s ego and take his self-confidence down a notch.

“Well, you came at a bad time. I literally have no clean clothes and am, well, not wearing anything. So maybe you can schedule a better time?”

He smiled. “I’m sorry. But no, I’m going on vacation and this is the only day I’ll be able to do it. I’ll be gone when your father gets back, and he needs this done before then. Perhaps if you could just wrap a towel around yourself and show me to his office? I won’t wander about, I promise.”

“Mm,” she replied. “Well, as long as you don’t jump me because you’re not able to control yourself, I’m not shy or a prude.”

“With your beauty, I can make no promises,” he said, which was not at all the response she was expecting. But she was feeling saucy, and naughty, and adventurous. To have a total stranger have to see her naked.

“Ha, funny. Well I should make you come back later. But whatever. I’m not shy. Come on in.”

Aaron thought he would call her bluff, and was pleasantly surprised he was proven wrong. The daughter of his client opened the door wide and revealed she was indeed naked.

A petite, slender body, long legs, big tits for such a frame, and a shaved labia with a hint of her clitoris showing.

Dark skin, darker wide areolas, big nipples, and most importantly… a beautifully mischievous round face with light brown eyes and raven hair.

He was hard at once as he stepped in. He nearly apologized and said he’d have to come back. Which he could, because he had totally lied about vacation. But no reason to tell this beautiful naked girl that.

She turned to lead him into the house, a large, airy glass mansion, and saw her ass was even more amazing. Perfect, round, enticing, and her pink little anus was actually visible.

He followed her in growing discomfort of his hard-on. And it has been awhile since he’d fucked, too. That did not help! He had never thought about rape before. And he knew he never would force himself on anyone. But it came to mind as some primal instinct nonetheless. Interesting.

She turned to face him, completely confident in herself, hands Antep Escort on hips like a young Spanish matriarch in training, then pointed.

“Here’s his office. If you need anything, the kitchen is there. Bathroom is there. I’m going for a swim.”

She smiled, then turned to go. Then looked behind her, seeing he was already staring at her ass and not minding it, she added. “After you’re done doing whatever IT wizard stuff you geeks do, come join me in the pool.”

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to restrain myself for sure then,” he shot back. “You’re far more enticing naked and as a woman than in your photos.”

She turned as she went out the sliding glass door with raised eyebrows. “Well, if you must savage me, do try to allow me to enjoy it as much as you will.”

He was shocked. Was that an invitation? Or just her sparring with him? Two evenly matched, confident, attractive people who met their match?

It was difficult to concentrate on the work he needed to do, but the sooner he could get it done, the sooner he could shed his clothes and join her skinny-dipping. He watched as she dived into the pool, and then got to work.

Maria swam her laps, trying to exhaust herself to waste away her horniness. The sad fact was that if that gringo raped her, it wouldn’t be rape and she would love every moment of it.

She almost wanted to tease him to the point he would ravish her against both their wills. The thought made her so hot and bothered.

Getting out, disappointed he hadn’t come outside yet, she went to check on him and offer him refreshments. Finding him at her dad’s computer desk, he looked frustrated.

“How’s it going?” she asked.

He actually didn’t look at her naked body, exercising self-control. She was disappointed. This would not do!

“Not well. Your dad has the strangest computer issues at work. And now at home. I can’t figure this out yet.”

“Mm, maybe we need a more experienced tech to come out? Who’s your boss?”

She didn’t mean to provoke him, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Ha, I almost think you’re trying to distract me, and make me do something foolish,” then his eyes lifted to hers, a challenge in them. Daring her to provoke him further. “I am the IT boss.”

“Would you like a Coke or beer or something?”

“Coke Zero if you have some. Or anything sugar free. You’re sweet enough.”

It was a cheesy pickup line he somehow managed to put some sarcasm into.

“Coming right up, amigo,” she replied, going to get him a Coke Zero, which was really the only soda she drank at all, if she bothered.

Coming to him with a fizzy glass of the dark liquid, she found herself getting more aroused the closer she got to him. She set the glass on the table, leaning over.

And he reached out and brushed a nipple as she did so. She nearly spilled the glass, and a mix of anger and arousal and confusion swept through her. Had he just touched her fucking tit wihout permission?

She stood tall and angry, crossing her arms over her tits, but standing her ground even nude.

He took the glass and drank deeply, not looking one bit apologetic.

“Go sit on the couch, I’m going to eat you out,” he said, standing up and pulling his tight shirt off. “Unless you want me to leave, then I will.”

Revealing anything but a pale, geeky IT body, she moistened at the sight of his muscles, firmness, and tanned skin. Her jaw dropped as he got fully undressed in her father’s office, then stood naked and erect.

“I’ve been hard most of the time with you walking around nude.”

All of her resistance melted away at seeing the size of his cock. Shaved balls, huge melons of nutty goodness. Think, long dick that would obviously hurt, as well as promise intense orgasms.

He came right up to her, grabbed her shoulders, and kissed her deeply, his tongue diving between her lips, parting them, and assaulting her tongue.

It was like electric fire, and she melted before him. A whimper escaped her lips as he pushed her back to sit on the couch, and then got on his knees to worship her.

He could not believe he had done that. The desire to reach out to brush his thumb against her hanging nipple as she bent over to entice him with the beverage and herself was overwhelming.

Aaron wanted to apologize. But the sexual tension was too thick to ignore. The signals unmistakable. He might be in his early forties, and she half his age, but they were both obviously horny for each other.

He could tell she was fighting it, and was about to act as any woman fully clothed might have acted if a man without permission touched her breast.

But he pressed his advantage, and decided to be honest, and tell her what he’d like to do. And she gave her an out, in case he had totally misread everything and was a fucking idiot.

She didn’t move, so he balanced the playing field and got undressed. The pressure on his cock released from his jeans felt good. He sure hoped there was no one else in the house, but how could there be if this woman Antep Escort Bayan was naked the whole time?

Seeing she did not stop him, and her mouth was open with muted surprise, he went to kiss her. It was like lightning, and thunder, the static in the room and his heart beating. Her tits against his bare chest, their tongues intertwined.

Fuck society. Fuck their empty American culture. This was natural selection and mutual intelligence conspiring together to assure beautiful, sexy, and intelligent people made babies.

He gently pushed her back to sit on the couch, and then got to his knees. She spread her legs, he did not have to force them open. Her ass on the edge, stomach flat, tits and head up, her eyes bore into him.

“Yes,” she whispered, finally voicing what her body already screamed to him. “Please.”

He opened his mouth and drank of her divine nectar, of Spanish cedars and wine and exotic fish. Of honeyed pussy, he had never tasted anything so lovely as her pussy. And he had sampled many in his older years.

She gasped, and then arched her back, as he ate her out, and all of her fantasies of some man taking her in her father’s house against her will … but not really against her will … came true.

The older man on his knees before her knew what he was doing. Experience mattered, and his tongue found her clitoris, and parted her labia, and intruded into her opening, with urgent need to match her own.

“Jesus,” she breathed, and it was not in vain, but a heart-felt thank you to the pleasure God had made possible, even if sinfully taken. She didn’t care.

She came almost at once, an orgasm that washed over her wet from the salt-water pool body in spasms. And still he ate her out, like a hungry vampire. Yes! Suck me dry! And she wanted to suck him dry, very soon. She needed to return the favor, to balance the scales, to reverse his enslavement of her.

Maria was his slave utterly, and would do anything he wanted to do to her at that moment. Anything!

He began to finger her as he sucked on her clit, and she whithed and whimpered, and another orgasm built up. Her fingers combed through his beautiful black peppered hair, and his green eyes locked with hers as the lower part of his face did its magic.

“Stop, too much,” she begged, while pulling his hair to drive her pussy into his face even more. “Oh my god.”

She came even harder than before, toes curling as her legs were raised into her air by his strong arms. Jelly. That’s what it felt like to be jelly. To melt into a blob due to unfettered orgasms.

“I need to suck your dick,” she begged. “Please, let me. No mas!”

He relented, and stood up, showing how hard and firm his enormous cock was. She took it into her mouth with desperate need, more of her fantasies coming true. She tried to deep-throat him, but it was too much.

He grabbed her hair and forced it down her throat, and she gagged. And she loved it. He held her head firmly and worked her mouth back and forth over his cock while she played with his balls.

Such big balls. Fresh from the shower she could tell, still smelling of soap mixed with man. The smell of a real man!

It was too fast, too urgent, but so satisfying as he pulled out and held his cock over her open, eager mouth, and came into it. Messy, rich, pearly white nectar. Why was she enjoying this so much?

Cum got all over her lower face, and spilled out and down her chest, but most of it was in her stomach. And it tasted strong, and healthy, and rich.

And he was not even done!

That she opened her mouth for his cum, and let him jizz into it and fill it, and she swallowed most of it with eyes locked on his, told him all he needed to know.

He could do whatever he pleased. She needed him as much as he needed her now. She was his to fuck. She came twice while he ate her out, the wetness of her pussy and how it clenched on his fingers that pierced her tightness proof of it.

After coming into her mouth, he knew he was not done. He was still hard, and still full of more. He got back to his knees and held one leg up while holding his cock against her pussy, rubbing it up and down her shaved, wet slit.

She gasped, and watched with wide eyes as he pushed himself into her, stretching out her tiny little pussy. Then her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she arched back and lost herself, moaning.

She felt perfect. Smooth, wet, yet so tight and resistant. He pushed into her, all the way, savoring the feeling of her pussy muscles taking his whole cock inside it.

He brushed his thumb against her clit as he fucked her. His eyes drank in every inch of naked skin before him.

“Oh my god,” he breathed, “you’re a dream.”

His balls slapped her anus, and he started pumping into her with renewed need. His balls tightened, his cock hardened even more, and he went to town on her pussy.

In and out, pumping, wet, hot, the sound of both of them grunting, toes curling then flexing, sweat gleaming on her dark skin, Escort Antep his hands sliding up and down her body touching every part of it like a precious jewel.

He leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth, and then the other, sucking hard and making her groan. She grabbed his hair and pulled it to her face, and they kissed.

Tasting each other’s cum, his own sperm, her own juices, only made it better. He fucked her harder, pumping faster.

“I’m going to come again,” he warned. “Where?”

She nodded. “Anywhere, I don’t care.”

They both orgasmed together, hard, writhing, intense orgasm, and he exploded into her pussy, not caring if he got her pregnant. As if the primal force of nature had overruled all reason, he saw visions of spending his life with her, the mother of his many children, a life together … all while he shuddered with orgasm.

Then he fell backwards, panting, his dick sliding out of her and sperm gushing from her pussy, and found himself sweaty and alive and loving every moment of this unexpected passionate encounter.

She got up, holding her pussy, his sperm oozing between her fingers, staggering slightly as she tried to walk, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. She grinned.

“I don’t want to get it all over my dad’s couch,” she explained.

Taking her hand away, he watched and smiled as her cum slipped down her inner thigh and all the way to her ankle, and the gold anklet around it. He noticed her tow ring, and very cute feet, and every detail of her perfect Latin body.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he said.

His cock stayed hard, and though he knew he could not come just yet, it seemed his long absence from sex had left his body ready for this moment. He knew he’d be ready again soon.

“I’m going to shower,” she said.

“Not yet. Tres leches,” he replied. “I’m not done yet with you, mijita. Where is the KY?”

“What? No, no, now way, gringo. You’re a pervert, I’ve let you have too much of me already.

“All three holes. Tres leches. My cum in your mouth, your pussy, and next your ass.”

Her eyes went wide.

Was he fucking serious? She could not believe how much she was letting him get away with already! But then again, she had never has sex like this!

Her ass? But she was no stranger to anal sex, either. To her shame, she had let her cousin try it on her, and it had hurt, but then felt good, and she had one hell of an orgasm.

It would be nice if that little shameful adventure of cousin-fucking was not the last time she would get her ass fucked.

She went and got the KY from her own bathroom, handing it to him. He got her on all fours, got behind her, and started fingering her ass with a lubed up finger.

It felt good. It felt wrong. It felt weird. She pushed her ass back against his finger, moaning.

“Oh, shit. That feels intense, but good. Hurry up before I change my mind. Don’t stop, even if I tell you to!”

She could not believe she just said that. What if it was too much? He had a big dick! Her pussy hurt! What about her ass?

But it was too late. She could feel his cock press against her anus. She couldn’t believe this old man was still that hard. Well, he wasn’t an old man, that’s why. He was handsome, fit, and in his prime. He was well-dressed, smelled good, and had no ring on his finger.

“Hey, wait, are you married? I don’t fuck married guys.”

“A little late now to ask, isn’t it?” he said as she looked back at him and he smiled.

Seeing him behind her aroused her all over again. A man, a beast, about to take her other hole.

“And no. Divorced, no kids. I wanted to adopt, but my wife decided she didn’t want kids. That was a couple of years ago. So you’re my first girl in quite a while. Now hush.”

He pushed his cock into her ass, and she pushed back, wanting it. Even if it hurt, she really, really wanted his cock deep in her ass.

She bit her arm and grunted as she felt her anus stretch for his girth, and was having second thoughts as she felt the tip go in. She stifled a scream as he pushed in deeper, and then pulled out, giving her a moment to recover.

He was not as hard as before, and that helped. But he was hard enough to pierce her resistant ass. He pushed in deeper, and she grunted in pain.

“Taking it like a champ,” he encouraged.

“What an asshole,” she shot back.

“I know.”

He worked it in slowly, and she kept her ass up in the air for him to use and abuse. She still felt his cum oozing out of her pussy, and she burped up his cum earlier. Damn, he came a lot!

Deeper and deeper his cock slid into her very small, tight anus. Her rectum stretched for him. She felt pain deep inside, or a dull ache. With one hand she pushed his thigh back to make him go slowly.

“Easy,” she begged. “Please, slow. But don’t stop. Please don’t stop until you come in my ass, gringo.”

He pulled out, letting her feel the sliding his his veiny cock against her sensitive anal tissue. Back and forth, then going deeper, and deeper, until the pain and dull aching went away.

Her rectum seemed to pop, to change its mind on the foreign object inside it, to embrace its new purpose of being a new cum-hole. It started feeling good. Really good. She groaned and pushed back against him, taking his whole shaft all the way into her.

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