Trans Secretary CONTINUEDTrans Secretary CONTINUED



Written by Stephanie Sarg

“Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company that his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! “Good morning, Mr. Drake,” she said in an upbeat voice, “anything special on the agenda for today?” Cord Drake took the coffee from her out stretched hand and replied, “Nothing on the horizon, Monica, but I am expecting a call from our man in Tokyo, so put it straight through when it comes in, okay?” “Certainly, Mr. Drake,” she replied, “and if there isn’t anything else, I have those letters from last evening to get out, so if you’ll excuse me!” Cord watched as the cute little ass of his secretary disappeared behind the closing door while he picked up his paper and started to read!

While maybe there hadn’t been anything special going on that day, there was still a lot to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all finished! Buy four o’clock Drake was just plain beat from the hours he spent on the phone talking with clients and the countless requests from his own staff to make a myriad of decisions that directly affected the direction of the company! After his last call, the intercom on Monica’s desk lit up and the familiar voice from the inner office ordered, “Come on in, Miss Barnes, and bring your pad!” She picked up her dictation pad and went directly to his office and knocked softly and waited for him to let her enter! “Come on in,” a voice from inside yelled, “It’s open!” Monica slipped inside and while still standing by the door asked softly, “Do you want me to lock it, Mr. Drake?” He gazed at her with almost glazed eyes and simply replied, “Lock it!”

Monica dropped her pad on his desk as she walked around to where he was seated, and asked, “Do you need a little tension reliever, boss?” “That would be just great, Monica,” he said with a sigh, “it’s been a long day!” “Would you like to be dominated,” she asked in barely a whisper? “I’ve been giving orders all day,” he replied, “why don’t you take over for a while, okay?” “That suits me just fine,” she answered quickly, as she began undoing her blouse, “first off, let’s get out of these clothes, shall we?” Cord Drake nearly tore his things off, leaving himself stark naked while Monica took a more leisurely pace in removing hers! When her bra slid from her shoulders exposing her perfectly formed 36C breasts, he moaned at their mere sight and immediately achieved a very hard erection! “Oh, dear,” she said softly, “does Monica’s breasts make Mr. Drake’s pecker all nice and hard?” “Jesus I love it when you talk like that,” he panted, “and you’re so gorgeous, you could give a statue a hard on!” She bowed slightly and replied, “I’ll take that as a compliment, what do you think of my new panties,” which matched her bra, white satin, embroidered with little pink roses, which showed off her perfect ass to its best advantage? “Where do you find this stuff,” he moaned, “my wife’s underwear looks like it came from a cheap discount house?” “So I can take it that you like it,” she said while twirling around so that he got a view of every side of her? “Like it,” he groaned out loud, “I love it, now get those panties off so I can see what you have hidden in there!”

She turned away from him, so that he had a perfect picture of her pert little butt as she slowly slid her panties down to her ankles before stepping out of them and asking sweetly, “Would the big important business man like his little secretary to turn around?” “Oh, please,” he begged, “t-turn around and show me what you’ve got!” “Ready or not, here it comes,” she exclaimed while spinning around to face him, “well,” she asked coyly, “daddy like it?” She was standing just out of his reach, so when he tried to grab her she only had to lean back a little to elude his frantic attempts to touch her! His eyes now ablaze with desire, stared intently at the crotch of the pretty young woman who at that moment was teasing him mercilessly and then begged, “Please, Monica, let me suck it, pretty please?” She laughed at his ineptitude and asked, “Tell me little boy, what do you want to suck, tell mama so she knows?” He stared a little longer, and with drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth replied, “Please let me suck your cock!”
A perfect woman, he always called her, tits, ass, and a dick, just what every man should have waiting for him at home! “Tell me,” she teased him some more, “whose dick is bigger, yours or mine?” “Jesus, Monica,” he said in a exasperated voice, “yours is, now please get over here and let me suck it!” Finally having a little pity on him, she moved up next to him and allowed him to take her eight inches into his hot warm mouth! “You love mama’s pussy on a pole,” don’t you little boy, ” she asked softly, as he gave her a nice easy blowjob, “you’re such a good little cock sucker, you make mama very happy,” while the room was filled with loud smacking noises of a hard cock being sucked for all it was worth? “You know the rules,” she continued Pangaltı Escort on, “once her little boy starts sucking her hard pecker, he has to suck until it shoots in his mouth, now don’t forget that, little one, you must suck mommy all the way to completion!” It was all a game they were playing, she didn’t have to remind him at all about any such rule, it would take dynamite to get him to release her cock before it filled his mouth with cum, it was just her having a little fun with him, that’s all! Mr. Drake feverishly worked her hardon in and out of his mouth until almost without warning, Monica’s cock spasmed and filled his mouth with a load of life giving cum to her cocksucker boss!

Flopping back into the chair with cum dribbling out of his mouth, he just sat and stared at the still semi hard penis that hung just a few feet away from him and she said, “You just love mama’s cock, don’t you baby?” “Oh, yes,” he sighed while nonchalantly fisting his own hard piece of meat, “you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever sucked on!” “You know what comes next, don’t you,” she asked softly? “Y-you’re gonna fuck my asshole aren’t you,” he said almost groaning in anticipation?” “That’s right, little boy,” she said quickly, “now get up and bend over your chair and show me your asshole!” Her boss quickly complied with her request, Monica moved up behind him and pressed the big head of her pecker against his straining rectum, and said, “Mama’s gonna fuck her little boy’s ass with her big fucking pussy on a pole!” He knew it was coming, and that initially the pain would be intense, but he couldn’t help himself, he was a slave to the hard cock of his pretty little secretary, and getting fucked in the ass was just something she had to do to him! “Oooooooomph,” he gasped as she rammed her cock meat all the way home into his straining bung hole, “god that hurts so fucking good, harder, oh god, fuck me harder!” That’s what she liked about him, no matter how hard she gave it to him, he always wanted more, just like a good little boy should! Harder and harder she slammed her thick pecker deep inside of his rectum, even going so far as to tear his tender ass hole flesh to ribbons as he began to bleed under her vicious assault! The pain and the pleasure were now just a blur to him, intermixed and indistinguishable from each other, he reached underneath himself and fisted his own cock meat hard while Monica tore into him like a ravenous animal! They’d done it so often, these two, that it was just like clockwork when both of their nut bags tightened and the cum raced down the length of their peckers and jettisoned out of their one eyed snakes, hers into his asshole, and his all over the back of his chair!

After they were spent, she leaned over and gave him a big wet kiss and whispered, “You are such a cock happy little boy, do you feel better now that mama fucked your tight little ass?” “He smiled slyly and replied, “I feel just great, and it’s gonna be another hard day tomorrow!”

Trans Secretary
Part # 2
Written by TONYZ 🙂

Bravo came a voice out of nowhere, along with the sound of clapping. Cord and Monica looked around the office until they spotted Jennifer Drake standing in the doorway of the secret entrance. She had never used it before; Cord was the only one to ever use that door until now. Jennifer slowly walked over to her husband and his naked secretary whose cocks had now shriveled into nothing. She looked Monica over very slowly, she had never been interested in other woman before but this had its possibilities.

“So all those nights when you came home tired and didn’t want to fuck me, I guess I know the reason why now. Is she the reason that you always wanted to fuck me in my ass, Cord?”
“It’s not like that Jenn, let me explain.”

“NO. I am going to explain how it is going to be from now on or I won’t leave you with enough money to FEED A GOLDFISH!” She was nose to nose with Monica, “You my dear have cost me a lot of good sex, so you owe me and I intend to collect. So if you like your job and want to stay, you will do as I say and service me any way that I desire.”

“I would be happy to take care of your every need, Mrs. Drake.”

“Good.” Jennifer grabbed Monica’s cock and began to stroke it slowly. It was larger then Cord’s and very hairy. “Are there any razors around here? We need to do a little shaving before we get started. I like nice smooth skin,” she purred.

“We have some in the bathroom, I’ll go get it.” Monica volunteered. Jennifer released her cock and she headed of for the bathroom.

Jennifer then turned her attention to her husband. “You should have told me about this, we could have worked this out together.”

“I’m sorry Jenn, I just didn’t think…”

“YOUR RIGHT, YOU DIDN’T THINK and now your are going to take care of me until I feel that we are even, OR ELSE. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Jenn,” Cord said softly with his head hug low.

“Good, now sit down and do what you are told and don’t touch yourself. Understand?”

“Yes Jenn.” With that said, Cord sat on the couch Pangaltı Escort Bayan as Monica came back into the room with a razor, shaving cream, a pan of water, and a towel.

“Very good Monica. Would you sit on the desk for me please?”

Monica sat on the edge of the desk and waited to see what was going to happen next, although she had a pretty good idea.

“Come here Cord. Now I know that it has been a while so you may have forgotten but do you recall that I like smooth cocks?”

“Yes Jenn, I remember?”

“Good, now I am going to make myself comfy on the couch and I want you to shave Monica here nice and smooth for me, alright?” “And be careful, I wouldn’t want you to nick her.”

Cord lathered Monica up and began to shave his secretary’s cock. He took his time to be sure that he didn’t nick her. Monica’s cock was rock hard and that made it easier to shave. When he was finally done he washed her off and admired her cock. It was beautiful; he wondered why he hadn’t done this, months ago.

“Cord, go dump the water and get some fresh water and towels. Monica, I have something for you to do while Cord is busy.” Monica came and stood before Jenn so that she could inspect her husband’s handy work. Jenn ran her hand all over Monica’s cock and kissed the head. This sent a shiver through Monica. “This is how I want you to come to work every day, that is if you want to keep your job.”

“I will be happy to shave every day Mrs. Drake.”

“Now that’s a smart girl, ah here’s Cord. No it’s your turn dear. Monica, would you please? Oh, and Monica, don’t let him cum, he hasn’t earned that yet.”

“With a big smile she replied, “Yes Ma’am.” Monica lathered up Cord’s cock and proceeded to shave him. It took her about twenty minutes and by then both cocks were ready to explode. Monica gathered up all the stuff and headed for the bathroom. She dropped the stuff in the sink and came right back. When she returned, Cord was sitting in a chair in front of the couch that Jennifer was sitting on. She had her panties off and was rubbing her smooth pussy as she inspected his cock.

Seeing Monica return, Jennifer stood up and walked to the center of the room. “I want you two to undress me, slowly and sensually. I want you to make me come, BUT… the first one of you that comes before I allow it is fired. Understand?” They both nodded their heads and moved towards her. Hands began to roam all over her body and she loved it. She had never felt so alive as she did at this moment. She closed her eyes and was instantly lost in the sensation. Hands roamed all over her body, touching, rubbing, massaging, and pinching everywhere. Her clothes were being unbuttoned painfully slow and she loved it. With every inch of flesh that became exposed a pair of lips were there to kiss it. These two were good. They never removed more then a couple of inches of clothing from any one spot.

Jennifer found herself leaning on the two of them. Her legs had become so weak that she was unable to support herself. Her top and bra had finally been removed and when she felt two sets of teeth bite each nipple at the same time she collapsed against them. She found the desk and leaned against it for support. Then she felt a pair of lips on her pussy and she went wild. Who ever it was was an expert. A pair of lips wrapped around her clit and sucked her into pure ecstasy. Her body was shaking and vibrating as wave after wave of orgasmic fury exploded in her body, and then all was still.

Jennifer opened her eyes to see Cord and Monica standing before her with raging hard ons. “Well, I think that you two deserve a reward for that one.” “Monica, I want you to fuck me in my ass.” Cord, you get to sit and watch, and if you cum before I tell you to…” Cord just lowered his head. “Good boy, I think you understand who is in charge.” Jennifer laid down on the desk and motioned for Monica to approach. “For you young lady, I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to cum in my ass, and then if Cord has been a good boy I might let him suck your cum out of my ass while you fuck his. Do you thing that you can do that Monica?”

“Oh yes ma’am, I would be most happy to fulfill your wishes.”

“Good girl.”

With that Monica moved up to Jennifer and rubbed her cock up and down the crack of Jennifer’s ass. Monica slipped it into her pussy a couple of times to get a little extra lubricant on it and then began to work the head into Jennifer’s ass. Jennifer began to moan as soon as she felt Monica’s cock touch her hole. Monica eased it in ever so slowly. Jennifer was going crazy, it felt good but she wanted all of it in her now.

“Shove it in you bitch, Fuck my ass, fuck it hard.”

“As you wish.” With that Monica eased her cock almost out of Jennifer’s ass then slammed it back in. Jennifer screamed and started cumming immediately.

“Oh yes, that’s it, fuck my ass bitch. Fuck me good if you want to keep your job cunt.”

Monica attacked her ass as hard and as fast as she could. She could feel Jennifer shacking violently under her Escort Pangaltı as she had orgasm after orgasm. Jennifer was clawing at the desk, moaning and scream as the orgasms kept exploding through her body. She didn’t know how much she could take, but she wasn’t going to tell Monica to stop until she felt her hot come in her ass.
Monica was moving like a piston, slamming her hard cock into Jennifer’s ass. She felt her balls begin to tingle and her cock get harder.

“Oh fuck yes, cum in my as you bitch. Fill my ass with your cum so that my faggot husband can suck it out.”

That was more then Monica could take, her body went stiff and she froze. Pumping hot cream into Jennifer’s ass. Then she collapsed onto her onto her back.

Jennifer that the desk she was laying on because she no longer had control of any muscle in her body. Small tremors kept rippling through her body like aftershocks from a 9.0 earthquake. She felt Monica begin to move and her brain began to work again. “Monica, don’t you move. Cord; get your ass over here. When Monica pulls out I want you to suck my ass clean. If you miss one drop…” Cord just bowed his head and moved into position. “Good we understand each other. You may pull out now Monica. Monica pulled her still hard cock out of Jennifer’s ass and Cord moved right in. Jennifer began to moan as Cord’s tongue began to work.

Cord had never done this to her before or anything like it. She was enjoying the pleasure, the power, and the control. Another orgasm hit her body and she needed to rest a bit. “Cord, you may stop now.” Obediently he stopped and stood up. His cock was sticking straight out and throbbing. “Well Cord, I guess you have earned the right to cum. But first I am going to lay down a few ground rules. Your only job in life from this moment forward is to satisfy ME. You will do what I say and when. You will not play with Monica or anyone else without my permission, you will not cum without my permission. Do we understand each other?” Cord just bowed his head and nodded. “Good. Now get over here and fuck me, and you better make me cum before you do or else. Monica, you may fuck him in the ass while he fucks me.”

Jennifer moved to the desk and spread her legs; Cord moved between them and easily slid his aching cock into her pussy. Monica moved behind him and jammed her cock into his ass.
Jennifer felt Cord’s cock jump when Monica shoved her cock into his has. Jennifer and Monica staid motionless allowing Cord to do all the work. His in and out motion into Jennifer’s cunt made Monica’s cock slide in and out of his ass. Cord was trying not to come, but the sensation was pain full. He put his thumb on Jennifer’s clit in a hope that she would come quickly so that he could finally have some relief.

Jennifer felt Cord touch her clit and it felt like electricity touched it. Her entire body tensed up and she knew that the biggest orgasm of her life was on its way. She saw shooting stars in her eyes as her body began to shake. Every nerve in her body was on fire. Her legs were twitching and she couldn’t breathe.

First Jennifer came, then Monica exploded in his ass, and mercifully Cord finally came. Shooting hot sperm into his wife’s pussy for the first time today. The room spun and Cord collapsed on top of his wife’s shacking body. Monica staggered back, her cock pop out of his ass. Then all was still.

Cord tried to stand on very shaky legs but they didn’t work at the moment. Monica was the first one up and she helped Cord stand. Jennifer remained on the desk, her body still twitching as small orgasms rippled through her body.

Monica went to the sink to get a towel to clean Jennifer up. The cool cloth felt good on Jennifer’s body and helped her calm down. Monica and Cord helped Jennifer to the couch the sat next to her and waited.

After a few moments on the couch Jennifer was returning to her old self. She put an arm around Monica and Cord and hugged them. “That was very good, but I am going to lay down a few rules for you two. Now either one of you can say no to my rules, but if you do…” Jennifer looked each one in turn in the eye to see if they understood her meaning. She realized that they did and with a smile she continued. “Cord, you will not fuck Monica or anyone else unless I am present and/or give you permission. You will not come unless I give you permission. Is that understood?”

Cord dropped his head and nodded.

“Good, now Monica, I would like you to let your hair grow long, the longer the better if you don’t mind.”

Monica smiled and dipped her head in acknowledgement.

“I want both you and Cord to keep your cocks shaved for me. I love sucking smooth cocks. Monica, you of course will be receiving a pay raise along with your extra duties and you will be expected to stay at the house from time to time.” Monica had a big smile on her face. “From now on Monica, when you buy underwear for yourself you will buy a matching set for Cord, and I expect both of you to match at all times.” Cord and Monica looked at Jennifer and nodded.

“Good, Cord you are taking us out to diner and you had better learn how to take very good care your two mistress or else…” Jennifer said glaring at Cord.

Cord simply bowed his head and asked, “Were would you like to go for dinner dear?”

Jennifer smiled and patted his cheek, “That’s a good boy, maybe I’ll keep you.”

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