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The door of my gym locker slammed shut with a metallic bang as I lashed out at it with my full force. “What’s wrong with me?” I sucked. I, Rin Taylor the rising star of the girl’s track team, sucked. The sports meet was in two days and I couldn’t even match my average much less set a new personal best. My locker door banged again as I hit my head against the navy blue panel trying to knock some focus back into me but my head just wouldn’t clear. I turned my gaze to the locker three spaces from mine where the name name Camelia had been scribbled on a piece of masking tape in big black letters. It was her fault, her fault my mind was in such a rut right now because without her energetic voice, bright smile and most importantly her gorgeous ass I really didn’t have the motivation to push myself to my full potential. I moved over to her locker to vent my anger but what was intended to be a punch came out as a gentle nudge. “What am I doing?” It wasn’t her fault. Every athlete suffers setbacks so when she sprained her ankle it was up to the team, it was up to me, to take her spot in the relay event. Getting picked for the high school relay team had always been my dream… no that was a lie; my dream was to be run alongside her, not instead of her. As I pulled back my fist the door opened slightly revealing it had been left unlocked. I slammed it shut but it just bounced back even further on the rebound. In frustration I raised my hand to slam it again but froze as my eyes laid sight on what was inside. Double checking none of my teammates had returned from the track I reached in and pulled out Camelia’s white t-shirt that she always wore to practice. Desire whelmed up inside me as my desire to be with her overcame my senses. I scrunched the t-shirt and pressed it against my nose taking in the smells of the girl I secretly admired. I knew what I was doing was disgusting and if it were any other girl’s shirt I’d be disgusted at the sheer notion of it but not Camelia. The faint smell of sweat mixed with the aroma of the detergent stirred my desire further. My hand slipped beneath the waistband of my gym shorts and rubbed against the fabric of my panties. I wanted her so bad; I wanted her hand to be the one rubbing my moistening panties as she blew on my neck and fondled my breasts whispering and telling me how dirty I was. “I should stop,” I whispered but my voice wasn’t enough to knock some reason into my head. What did however was the sound of the Çukurambar escort bayan changing room door opening; someone was mere seconds from spotting me. With only moments to spare I shoved the t-shirt back into the locker and jumped back just as a mature woman stepped around the corner. “Rin can I have a word?” She was Mrs Heathers. A piece of string around her neck supported a digital stopwatch and a silver whistle, two essential items for any sports coach. “What is it?” My words came out flustered and I prayed they didn’t give away what I just been doing. “I’ll be blunt, is something bothering you? Your times just aren’t what I was hoping for when I brought you forward to replace Camelia.” I knew that, even without a stopwatch to tell me I knew I had been pathetically slow today. “No, I’m fine,” I lied as my eyes darted to Camelia’s locker. I wasn’t fine, I wanted to see the girl I craved but that was impossible right now. “Listen Rin, I’ve been a sports coach for over twenty years now. I know when something is up. These veteran eyes of mine know that when you glance at someone’s locker when lying that they’re somehow involved.” Shit did she see that? “Did she say something to discourage you?” “That’s not it!” I couldn’t control my outburst. The thought Camelia getting in trouble because of me was unbearable. “Sorry I just have something on my mind.” My eyes dropped to the floor. I didn’t want to hide the truth but what could I say? That I had a massive crush on my senior and had lost my motivation because I couldn’t sneak glances at her during practice? They’d kick me off the team if I confessed to that. “Hello?” Mrs Heather’s suddenly said. I looked up with an open mouth to answer her but stopped for it wasn’t me she was speaking to. Her phone was pressed against her ear already engaged to someone on the other end. “No it’s fine… actually Camelia I have a tiny wee request for you.” Did she just say Camelia? She hadn’t phoned her right? Oh God she had. I listened carefully and my heart skipped a beat when I heard Camelia’s voice leak from the speaker. “Rin has been having some trouble so I thought that maybe I could give her your home address and she could come around later to visit.” A pause. I couldn’t speak. I wanted to knock the phone out of her hand but at the same time I wanted to hear Camelia’s response. A single word followed and I was certain she said ‘sure’. “Fantastic, Escort demetevler she’ll be around soon.” I didn’t even get a say in the matter. Mrs Heathers hung up and smiled at me. “Well you heard me. Unless you plan on going like that get changed and meet me outside when you’re ready. Don’t worry it’s only a five minute drive so you’ll be back here before the end of practice.” I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to face her yet for some reason the moment Mrs Heather’s was gone I was stripping off and jumping in the showers to clean off the sweat. Now, changed back into my regular clothes and reeking of deodorant I was soon nervously sat in Mrs Heathers’s car. It was a Thursday afternoon and most students had already gone home. The only students on campus at this time were those in sports clubs or those in detention. There were other sports teams practicing so Mrs Heathers had put the track team under the supervision of another coach until she got back. It was too late for me to back out now, not that I had made a single attempt to back out before. I sat in nervous silence as we drove out of the school and onto the main road. I had never even seen Camelia’s house before, heck I had never seen her outside school or competitions. I could imagine her wearing stunning casual clothing that really complimented her tall body nicely. Those thoughts stirred my lust as I imagined stripping off her… shit I’m in a teacher’s car. Calm down Rin, calm down. There was a time and place for everything, that time and place being my bedroom tonight after my parents went out to do the Thursday night shopping. “And here we are.” Mrs Heather’s car came to a slow halt on the empty driveway of a semi-detached house. She got out and I nervously followed her lead as she strolled up to the front door like she was a regular guest. The doorbell sounded a little chime while I held my breath as I awaited the appearance of the girl whose face had been on my mind all day. The door opened and there she was. Shoulder length brunette curls, green eyes, a touch of natural make-up and a great ass. She was the one and only Camelia. “Hello,” Camelia greeted with a smile and welcoming voice. I loved that part of her more than anything. It was what caused me to fall for her in the first place. “Excuse the intrusion.” Mrs Heather’s showed no restraint walking onto the wooden floor of the hallway. I didn’t share her boldness and kept my head dikmen escort down as I intruded. My gaze landed on the cause of all this; an exposed foot bound in blue supports hovering a few inches from the ground. “Do you want me to make you something or…” “Sorry but I need to get back. I’ll come get you in half an hour Rin. Have fun.” Mrs Heathers made a quick getaway. With a wave she jumped into her car and sped away leaving me alone with the girl I admired. It was instantly awkward, very awkward. “Rin?” Camelia asked showing a little concern over my well-being. I couldn’t be like this; I had to greet her with a smile. “What’s up Camelia?” I raised my head and looked into her eyes. Why couldn’t I just declare how much I liked her and be happy with myself for at least trying? I kept telling myself I’d find the perfect moment but that moment just didn’t want to come or maybe I was just too blind to see it. “Just call me Cam. We are teammates so there is no need to be formal. So what’s up? Coach mentioned you were having some problems.” “Oh nothing.” I couldn’t tell her the truth. “It must be something. C’mon let’s sit down. My parents won’t be home for an hour or so giving us the run of the house.” She invited me into the living room and gestured towards the two seater sofa. Naturally I sat down and unexpectedly she sat down next to me. Suddenly her hand was on my knee and her face closer than it had ever been before. “So what’s going on?” She had me. This close to her I couldn’t lie so the truth slipped from my lips. “My times are shit,” I confessed. “I can’t focus right.” “Is it because of me?” She had a good nose for finding the truth. “Yes.” What else could I say? My heart was pounding and I couldn’t even think straight much less come up with a convincing lie. Her hand slipped away and she put some distance between us again. “So that’s it. Rin you don’t need to worry about me. I’ll be up and on my feet again in a few weeks. The key is to just relax, find somewhere you feel completely safe and let it all unwind.” Easy for her to say, she wasn’t about to represent the school as a last minute stand in. “How do you do it?” I had to ask. The question surprised her but she put her finger to her chin as she titled her head upwards in thought. “I’ll show you, provided you don’t mind me getting a little close.” “I don’t!” I practically blurted that out. Ah how obvious could I be? “Great,” she said clapping her hands together. Under her instruction I turned around crossing my legs so I was now sitting with my back to her. Her hands touched my shoulders and began rubbing them gently. It wasn’t really a massage rather just smooth caressing but this was the closest I’d ever gotten to Cam so I felt a little buzz although something felt a little odd.

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