Tomorrow Pt. 01Tomorrow Pt. 01


As soon as she shut her eyes and began to drift, there he was. Shivers ran down her spine as she felt him. She was straddled upon his face. His fingers gently pulled her open, exposing all of her anticipation and his wet lips sucked her pussy lips into his mouth. She felt his fingers delve inside her. She let out a soft quiet moan of appreciation, wanting desperately not to show her affection. She felt his hot wet tongue slide deep inside of her, probing her, begging her to acknowledge the pleasure.

She quickly put her hands on her chest to calm herself and return to reason, but only succeeded in wrapping her fingers around her plump breasts. They seemed larger than she remembered…and a lot softer. With each flick of his tongue, she squeezed her nipples and pushed her breasts in slow circles.

His lips released hers and she let out a soft whimper. Her hand shot to her mouth. She closed her eyes again and tried not to make a noise. His tongue found her clit causing her to gasp. When had she stopped being so open? Why did she not feel this way with anyone but him? How could she restrain herself so eagerly for others, but yet with him, toss aside her restraint?

Her breath quickened. She felt him moan into her pussy before she heard him. Vibrations hummed along her clit and two fingers entered her. She couldn’t believe how good this felt. He dug deeply into her pussy, reaching for something, searching. She watched in great awe of his strong muscular arm flex as he entered her roughly. He withdrew and repeated his invasion. batıkent escort His beautiful dark skin contrasted her pale white thighs. His large right hand held onto her hip. She sat entranced by his touch. She saw crinkles appear at the edge of his eyes as he pulled away momentarily.

“Fuck my mouth.” He says huskily.

Her eyes darted away. She stared at the corner of the pillow case, his dark short hair, anywhere but his beautiful eyes. She couldn’t bear to look into those eyes or she might lose control. Not yet, too much of her confidence would be lost if she did. She heard him moan as he returned to her throbbing clit. Her blood raced through her body, her pelvis pulsed with want, with need, with desire. What was she doing? She shouldn’t be here. She shouldn’t be doing this. She shouldn’t listen to his voice but could not stop hearing those words repeated inside of her head. Reluctantly, she obeyed his command.

With her eyes shut, she ground down into one of the long strokes of his fingers. She swayed her hips from one side, then the other, enjoying each different sensation until finally she ground her pelvis in wide slow circles. He met her movements with eagerness until briefly stopping.

He flicked his tongue hard over her clit just once. Her eyes shot open. She looked down into his. She saw his passion, his desire. She saw his eyes watch her, no, delve into her. Suddenly she didn’t care what she looked like. The mirrors in his room caught the pale beşevler escort moon glow of the midnight hour as the clouds faded in the distance. Light glimmered across the dark room. For once they did nothing to shame her. She looked herself straight in the eye, then let her gaze glide down her body. Years of life leaving marks on her once youthful body. She watched herself, watched her thigh muscles flex and release with each grind. She saw the little jiggle that wasn’t there ten years ago. She saw the paunch in her stomach from her two children that she could never get rid of. She looked at her full breasts, her beautiful breasts that were once pert and small, now round globes of white milky flesh. She watched her ass flex in response to each of his lashings.

“Again.” Said his voice. She wasn’t sure if it was in her head or if he was saying it aloud.

She didn’t care.

She repeated circling her hips, watching as her back arched and her hips shook a bit in reaction to his tongue. Her breath caught in her throat. Sweat started to form on her back of her neck. Her thighs started to ache.

“Yes. More.” Said his coaxing voice.

Her mind was betraying her. Her body was betraying her. Her heart skipped. She met her eyes in the mirror, staring once more at the woman before her, a complete stranger. Instead of disgust at her actions, she saw passion, no, lust in them. Lust for herself. Lust for life. Lust for anything that was not the everyday grind.

“Yes. büyükesat ankara More.” came the sultry voice in her ear.

She followed his promptings. Her hips swirled down hard. Her mouth dropped open. One of her hands covered his. She held on tight. Each swirl of her hips was met by a tightening in her thighs, in her pussy, in her very core. She felt a surge of heat. Her heart skipped another beat. Her hand fell to his head. She grabbed a handful of hair. She pulled him into her.

“Again.” Her mind whispered. “Once more.”

Her heart flew. Her hips ground down onto his mouth until she could feel his jawbone digging into her. She felt his tongue lapping at her clit. She felt wave after wave of warmth as his fingers found what they had been digging for. His lips wrapped around her clit. Her toes curled. Her insides tightened. He flicked his tongue hard once, twice, three times. She clutched onto his head. Her body ached.

His fingers roughly pushed her button. His tongue slid along her clit. She bucked her hips. Her heart skipped again. She threw her head back. She gasped loudly as his arm wrapped around her waist. His right hand held her strongly to him. His left hand was buried deep inside her. He punished her with his fingers. His tongue never relented. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through her like a rampant fire, licking her very soul. The world went black. In the void of it all, she felt such pleasure. Tears fell down her face as she let go.

Fingers are withdrawn. Lips are removed. Her body settled back into the bed. She shouldn’t have come here. She knew he would be waiting for her. She knew that she needed to leave.

“Tomorrow.” He whispered in her ear with a soft kiss and wrapped her in his arms to drift off to sleep. She agreed silently and shut her eyes.

For now, she would let go. She drifted silently and blissfully in his arms.

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