Tomorrow Is Another DayTomorrow Is Another Day


Out of my apartment window, all was grim and it looked frigid. The grip of winter was on the land and in my heart. The pandemic had been especially rough on people my age. Isolation had turned us into hermits living in solitary cells. With no companion or close relatives, for such as myself, it had been hell.The situation was exacerbated due to a major surgery just prior to the onset of the pandemic, which had had catastrophic consequences on my sexual urges. As a result, my sexual desires and abilities had vanished.I desperately needed a change of scene. I felt as if my life was drawing to a close and the news of a major conflict in foreign lands was depressing me further. So I decided to go south, where at least I would find sun and warmth and an escape from the constant bombardment of bad news on TV.One week later, I was on the beach in Cuba at a five-star hotel. As I looked around me at some incredible nubile young women cavorting in the surf in bikinis, I realized they were superbly decorative; however, they were out of my league. There was no way I could compete for their interest as they seemed mesmerized by the tight abs and tanned bodies of the young men they were doing their best to seduce. They were obviously succeeding.The women who were more age-appropriate for me were there with husbands. The few who weren’t, frankly, did not strike me either as attractive or my type. Supper that night was a disaster. The dining room was a cold and austere arrangement of tables in a dining room that looked more like a refectory than what I would have expected from a five-star resort. Being unaccompanied, I was shown to a table occupied by two of the unattractive older female specimens I had spotted on the beach.The conversation was in the nature of an interrogation as to who I was, the depth of my wallet, and whether I knew so and so and the like. The food was disgusting and the complimentary wine could have been used to tan leather. I could not wait to escape. When I finally extricated myself from the two of them, I headed to my room after telling them it had been a long day and I had a migraine.Just outside the dining room, a bar was being set up. It had not been there when I had entered the so-called dining room. After this thoroughly shitty start to this vacation, I decided I was entitled to reward myself with a decent drink.  Walking to the bar, I asked the young man who was doing the setup, “Are you open for business?”He turned to look at me bahis siteleri and said, “Sí, señor. What can I get for you?””Do you have any good rum?””The best I have here is Havana Club Selección de Maestros, a rum made for sipping without a mixer. Do you know of it, señor?””No. I don’t know much about rum. But, to be honest, usually, I am a single malt fan.””You will enjoy this, I think.”I took a sip and savored the smooth warmth of this nectar of the gods. “Marvelous,” I exclaimed, smiling at the young man.He smiled back at me and asked, “How are you enjoying your stay at our resort?””Not very much so far. I think it was a mistake for me to come here. It is not what I expected. This place is like a morgue.””You think so? What were you expecting? This is a place for tourists. This is not Cuba. My name is Raoul, señor.””Raoul, I arrived today, and I’m ready to leave tomorrow.””Maybe you should give Cuba another chance. I think I understand. I believe that you are alone, si?””Si.””If you want to see Cuba as it really is, you should go to Havana. That’s where you will find the real Cuba. Music, good food, pretty women and the charm that makes Cuba unique.””Tell me, how would I get there?””You could hire a car or take the bus. Give me a minute. I have an idea.”He rushed off into the reception area and returned a few minutes later, accompanied by a slender woman I recognized as the person who had welcomed me earlier at the reception desk.”Señor,” he said, “this is Mylene, my sister. She is going to Havana in an hour. She could drive you there and back here tomorrow morning.””And where would I sleep tonight?””I’m sure Mylene could find someplace for you to rest.”On that intriguing thought, Mylene returned. My eyes almost popped out at the sight of her. No longer was she dressed in the uniform-like outfit in which I had previously seen her. Instead, she was now in a pale pink ‘Guess’ t-shirt which exposed her well-tanned midriff and denim shorts that embraced her sumptuous curves. The cut of the shorts revealed her ass cheeks and long legs.”Señor Mike, are you ready to go?””When you are, Mylene.”She took my arm and as we walked out, I could feel the soft swell of her breast against my arm. I truly regretted that I was beyond the stage where I could be no more than an admirer of this truly gorgeous woman.     She led me to her car, a pink vintage convertible Karman Ghia. We set off at breakneck speed down the highway from Varadero to Havana. I glanced canlı bahis siteleri at the speedometer and saw we were driving at 130kph.Mylene’s dirty blond hair streamed in the wind and her look of concentration as she drove was priceless. I kept silent as I did not want to break that concentration.She broke the silence by asking, “So, Mike, what do you want to do when we get to Havana?'”What do you suggest?”         “Well, that depends on you. Havana offers many pleasures. Do you like Cuban music and dance? I had planned to go dancing tonight and you would be welcome to join me if you wish. If not, I will leave you in old Havana, where you will find bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.”I thought about it before saying, “Mylene, it has been years since I’ve danced, and I don’t know any of the modern Latin dances.””But you used to dance?””Oh yes. Before she passed away, my wife and I used to often go dancing, but that was over twenty-five years ago. Before you were even born.””Flatterer. Yes, I was born then. How old do you think I am?””You seem to me to be in your early twenties.””Are you trying to seduce me?””I’d love to, but those days are over for me.””Well, I just turned thirty. Now, why are those days over?”I explained to her about my operation and the impotence which had resulted after the procedure.””Do you mean you no longer have desires?””Plenty of desires left; however, my performance is not equal to my desire.””OK. I’ll decide for you. You’re coming to dance with me. Let’s see if we can find you a hot Latina who will be able to arouse you. I’m stopping at my house to feed my pets, water the plants and then we’ll go.”We pulled up in front of a brightly colored house in shades of pink and blue and Mylene invited me inside with her. She proceeded to water plants and feed her dog while I sat in the kitchen watching her do her domestic chores. Suddenly she turned to me and said, Mike, do you find me attractive?””Attractive? Mylene, you are beyond attractive. You are a stunning woman.””Good! I find you very attractive also,” she said, running her fingers in a caress on the side of my face.She took my hand, pulled me to my feet, and wrapped her hands around my neck. “Prove it. Kiss me.”I looked into her dark eyes, startled by the request. She moved her face towards mine and her lips fastened to mine. I tasted her minty flavor as I responded. Soon our tongues were wrestling with each other and I was lost in the voluptuousness of the moment. canlı bahis I could feel my body respond, something which it had not done in ages.Her pelvis pressed against mine, and I lowered my hands to grab her hips to pull her in tighter to me.As my hands curved to caress her ass, she broke away and looked me in the eye. She ran her hand over the bulge, which now tented my jeans. “See, it’s not dead,” she giggled, “remember, tomorrow is another day. Now come, I want to go dancing.”I followed her to her car, wondering at her words as to whether they were an implied promise. She took my hand and placed it on her bare thigh as we drove off.We drove through crowded streets until we reached a parking lot in front of what looked like a factory.”We’re here,” Mylene said as she smiled at me before turning her face to mine for another kiss.I saw that there was a huge neon sign that read FAC. “FAC?” I asked.”Si. Fábrica de Arte Cubano. I decided to come here as there are fewer tourists on a weeknight and we can dance, eat, drink, and look at art all in one place. I think you will like it. If you are not tired later, we can go to some friend’s place for a house party to which I am invited.” She took my hand and we entered the building. The place was enormous and seemed to be a converted factory. However, few vestiges of the factory remained. We climbed up floor after floor, passed bars, art galleries, photo galleries, and dance floors. Finally, we ended up on the fifth-floor rooftop bar. I gazed out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the beauty of Havana.During this whole time, I was acutely aware of her by my side and the admiring glances she drew from both the men and women we passed by. I just hoped I was not being perceived as a dirty old man who had picked up a young woman on the street.We ordered a couple of mojitos, and Mylene suggested we wander about looking at some of the art exhibits. As we walked from room to room, viewing the artworks and decor, I learned more about Mylene. She had been married just after coming out from university and rapidly divorced as her husband had been very abusive. Much to my surprise, she was not only the receptionist at the hotel but also the co-owner of the property with her brother Raoul. Single by choice and multilingual.When I asked her why she was being so provocative to me, she simply answered, “I prefer older men, and you are extremely attractive to me.”We were in a secluded corner and she kissed me again. I started to get jittery. I was with this gorgeous female who obviously had designs on my body, and I already had performance anxiety. What if I could not meet her standards? Noticing the frown on my face, she asked me what was wrong.

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