Tomas Goes to AmericaTomas Goes to America


Tomas was going to spend his senior year of High School on exchange. He had decided to go to America to work on his English and he had always wanted to visit there. His friends assured him that American girls are easy, the school work is easy and he would have a great time. Tomas ignored them, for the most part. He knew that girls are pretty much the same in Spain or England or Japan. He was not interested in an easy girl, but instead thought it would be nice to find a really cool American girl.

He flew into Seattle, and was picked up by his host family. He would be staying with a family that had a high school aged son and a couple younger kids. They took him home and went over “the rules.” No smoking or drinking. Curfew in 10:00PM weeknights and midnight on the weekends unless arranged ahead of time. Keep your studies up and if your break the rules you might be sent home early.

The high school boy, Eric, was a freshman so was years younger and would not be a social peer. Tomas slept that first night, excited to start school the following Monday. The family planned a dinner tomorrow, Sunday after church. He could go to church if he wanted but they did not require it. He stayed home.

About 11:00AM there was a knock at the door. Tomas decided to see who it was, and start on his English practice. When he opened the door two very pretty girls in cheerleader outfits were at the door. They were raising money for new uniforms and for a trip to a competition. Tomas was stunned silent, at the sight of them. One was an Asian girl, tall and really cute and the other was a medium height redhead with deep green eyes and freckles on her light skin. Tomas was in love.

“Oh, hi. We were looking for Mr or Mrs Paulson.” The Asian girl, Melinda, asked looking wary. She had lived across the street from the Paulson house her whole life. The red headed girl, Mary Jane, just stared at Tomas.

“Oh, sorry.” Tomas said, his accent making him feel embarrassed. “I am Tomas. I am exchange student from Spain. I start at the High School tomorrow. He looked at Mary Jane, thinking he had never seen a girl so stunning. Mary Jane smiled at him, but the Asian girl did the talking.

“Oh yeah. I heard you were starting Monday. This is Mary Jane and I’m Melinda. Can you tell the Paulson’s we stopped by. We are having a fundraiser.”

The girls left, Mary Jane taking looks at Tomas as they walked away. Tomas stared as they left and slowly shut the door. His heart was pounding and he suddenly was VERY happy to be in America.

“Oh my god he is sooooo cute. I think I’m going to die. Do you think he noticed me staring at him? Do you think he thinks I’m a dork? You know about European boys. They are really experienced and mature. Do you think he thought I was cute?” Mary Jane rambled on nervously.

“Well I think you’re a dork.” Melinda said. “He’s cute I guess. Don’t worry, if you like him just talk to him. I think He was checking you out.”

“Shut up! Really, you think he likes me?”

“You shut up. Lets get back to work. Just talk to him tomorrow. Tell him you think he’s beautiful and you want to lick every inch of his body. I am sure that will get his attention.” Melinda looked disapprovingly at Mary Jane.

“You can be such a bitch sometimes.” But Mary Jane hoped she was right and that Tomas had noticed her. She would talk to him, but would hold off on the licking part for a while.

Mary Jane was popular, smart, very pretty and a cheerleader. But she was inexperienced and nervous with boys. She had one boyfriend, and had never had sex before. They had dated for a few months and kissed, he had pawed at her breasts and pinched her butt so hard she got bruised, but no more. She dumped him like a bad habit. His constant pawing at her like a dog, grabbing her and clumsily sticking his tongue in her mouth was not cool. She dreamed of a gentleman type boyfriend. A boyfriend to hold her hand, run his fingers through her hair and kiss her gently. Eventually, if the time was right, making sweet gentle love to her like a lady should be treated.

Tomas went back to the couch and sat in silence in the living room of his host family. He could not remember what those girls were called, something leaders, but he could not forget the short skirts, tight sweaters and Mary Janes face.

Tomas was also pretty inexperienced with girls. He had a few girlfriends but had not done much with them. He lost his virginity the year before, but it was not much fun for either of them. Awkward and lacking in passion, Tomas promised to do better next time.

The Paulson’s came back and Tomas told them the girls came by. “Oh, the cheerleaders fundraiser, yes.” They obviously knew all about it.

The next day Tomas started school. He was starting 2 weeks late, but was confident he would get up to speed. He found out the first day that American girls, at least many of them, thought he and his accent were cute. But he only had eyes for Mary Jane. He had her in his English lit class and could hardly london escort keep his eyes off of her.

Fate smiled on Tomas, when he heard that Mary Jane took Spanish. He had hoped to get help with English and thought he would tell Mary Jane they could trade help. Her English for his Spanish. He tried to get the confidence up to talk to her, but it was tough. She always had people around her and he wanted to get her alone.

At lunch his opportunity came, without his effort. He sat alone at a table, feeling awkward and out of place. Mary Jane saw him, and decided to be friendly. She approached from the back, so he did not see her coming. “Tomas?” She asked.

He jumped a bit in surprise. “Hi.” He said breathlessly. “Mary Jane, right?”

“Yes that’s right. Do you want to sit with me and my friends? You seem lonely over here by yourself.” She had an angels voice he thought. She had on jeans and a blouse that made her look even better than the cheerleader outfit. Tomas followed her to a table where 4 girls and two guys were sitting talking and laughing and eating their lunch. Tomas small talked about where he was from and did his best to fit in. He actually enjoyed it, because Mary Jane sat across from him, smiling and laughing at his jokes and funny stories. As lunch ended, he asked Mary Jane if he could talk to her.

She was shocked, thinking, “Is he going to ask me out?” She hoped he would.

Tomas asked her if she could give him English help and he would let her use her Spanish on him. He said they could meet at her house or his house or even at a coffee shop or something. She said that would be great. He suggested going to coffee, and the first date was planned.

Wednesday after school Mary Jane had cheerleader practice in preparation for Friday nights foot ball game. After that, she had to go home for dinner but said she would meet him for their first lesson after that. At 6:30 they met at Starbucks.

They talked in English and Spanish for a couple hours. It was obvious this was not your normal tutoring session. Tomas spoke of his family, friends and dreams. Mary Jane listened, completely intoxicated by him. His smile, his voice and the exotic place where he lived made her really hot for him.

“So, Tomas, do you have a girlfriend back home? Waiting for you to come back?” Mary Jane asked, trying to sound casual while sipping her mocha.

“Oh no.” He said in Spanish. “I have not had a girlfriend for many months. What about you. You are so popular and pretty, you must have a boyfriend?” Tomas did not sound casual, but sounded sultry in his Spanish language.

“I do not have a boyfriend right now. I broke up with my last boyfriend over the summer.” Mary Jane though about how she would have never been able to sit and chat with her last boyfriend. He was a lump of dirt compared to Tomas.

“That is good.” Tomas said looking a her. “If you had a boyfriend it would be difficult for you to meet with me. Men do not like sharing their women with other men.” Tomas talked as if he were a real adult and so was Mary Jane. She was 18 and so was he, but she did not feel adult. But suddenly, she knew she was grown up and ready to live like a woman instead of like a girl. She suddenly felt a rush of desire that was very strong. She WANTED Tomas.

Tomas walked Mary Jane home, which was very close to his sponsors house, and gave her a kiss on the hand at the door. “I had a wonderful time and will be waiting for the next time we can meet.”

Mary Jane told him that the football game was Friday night and he should go. She said they could see each other afterwards. Tomas agreed and went inside. He asked his sponsor parents if he could attend the game and see friends after. They said sure, but he would be expected to be home by midnight and no drinking.

The football game was interesting. The sport was easy enough to follow, and watching Mary Jane and her cheerleader friends’ jump around was exhilarating. He got to see her bouncing around and having fun, which was far cooler than the game. After it was over, Mary Jane found him and said they were going to the pizza place, where the kids always go after the games. Tomas tagged along and he and Mary Jane chatted more. He grabbed her hand as they were walking behind a group of kids, and she did not pull away. She blushed in the moonlight and secretly hoped for more.

The first month of school was over for Tomas, and he had gone out on his dates with Mary Jane 5 times. After the football game on the 5th Friday he was there he asked Mary Jane if she would go out to get something to eat with him, instead of going to pizza with the gang. She agreed and they went to an all night place. Tomas said he likes football, but really only goes to watch her. Mary Jane felt warm and told him he was making fun of her. But he insisted.

“You are like amazing to me. Something beautiful and foreign, because we do not have women like you in my town. Our women are like me. I mean they are darker and look more Escort Dubai like me. They are beautiful, as are all women, but they are not beautiful like you are.” He reached across the table and held her hand. “We should go. I would like to walk with you and I would really like to kiss you.”

Tomas paid the bill and he and Mary Jane left. They walked to a park not far from the school and sat on a bench. Their first kiss was soft and sweet, and though the weather was cold, the two young people were very warm and satisfied. They only kissed for a while until Tomas walked Mary Jane home and kissed her once more before heading home himself. They arranged to meet the following day and go for a picnic. Or if the weather was too wet, a trip someplace fun inside.

Mary Jane picked him up and they went to the Space Needle and enjoyed the day together. They kissed a lot that day, allowing more passion and touching to enter into the fun. They found places to kiss and smile and laugh and talk throughout the day and as it turned from day to night, they started to feel more growing arousal.

Tomas could feel how Mary Jane wanted him and was painfully aware of how much he wanted her. He just needed to find the right time and the right place. The nice thing was that Mary Jane actually did it for him.

Thursday a few weeks later Mary Jane told Tomas that her mom was going to be out of town for 5 days, on a business trip to California. She was 18 years old and quite responsible, so she would be staying there alone. She said she wanted him to stay the night with her. He would need to find something to say to his host parents, so they did not worry.

He luckily had a taylor made story for the situation. He had a friend in Portland and he had the friend invite him to stay for the weekend with him. Tomas would just stay with her, and lay low so he was not seen still in the neighborhood. He told her that he would not be able to leave for the weekend, or he might be seen. She told him that he would not want to leave for the weekend. He would want to stay in with her the whole time. He knew that was completely true, and made his preparations.

He bought a 12 pack of condoms, being pretty sure that would be enough. He also bought lube, since he knew that Mary Jane was a virgin and might need some help with her first time. But Tomas knew he was no expert and that this was going to be a fun learning experience for both of them. He trimmed up his pubic hair to make his stuff look it’s best and then just waited.

Friday night came and Tomas got picked up by Mary Jane for the trip to the train station. The Paulson’s thought it was great that he had a girlfriend here, and told him they would see him back Sunday night. Mary Jane’s mom was gone until Tuesday, so Tomas had no fear of being caught. When they got to Mary Janes house he was nervous. They went in, and she asked him if they should order pizza or make dinner. He said pizza would be good. They sat on the couch, almost too nervous to talk. After a couple months of kissing and talking and getting to be friends, they were suddenly at a loss for words.

Tomas decided to be the gentleman and take the plunge. “I am very nervous.” He held her hand and kissed it. “I have very little experience with this and I hope I will be good for you.” Mary Jane could tell he was authentically nervous, and not just acting.

“Me too.” She said looking at him. “I have never done this. I don’t want to be bad.” She looked at him, her beautiful green eyes shining with tears. “I am falling in love with you Tomas.” And it began.

He kissed her and as his body laid across hers, he could feel her supple body soft against him. He was hard and more than ready. They just kissed and lightly touched until the doorbell shook them apart. The pizza had arrived.

Mary Jane paid for it, and the two ate while giggling and finding it hard to look at each other. When they were done, they made their way upstairs, Mary Jane leading Tomas by the hand. They went into her bedroom and she shut the door. She walked him to her bed and pushed him down on it. “You can put your bag on the floor there. Do you need to use the bathroom?” Tomas said he did and he went in and shut the door. He washed his face and made sure he was clean and ready to go.

When he came out, Mary Jane was still dressed and went into the bathroom past him. She nodded toward the bed, “Make yourself comfy. I’ll just be a minute.”

She went to the bathroom and washed herself thoroughly. She had shaved earlier and was trimmed and looking good. Her bright red pubic hair above her pussy just a small patch, and all the rest was gone. She hoped he would like it, and was pretty sure he would. All the girls say boys like shaved, not furry, and she was sure Tomas would not complain. She took off her clothes and put on her red bra and panties. Over that she put on a red silk robe she had just bought for the occasion.

Tomas still had his pants and shirt on, but his shoes and socks were off. When independent escort girls she came out, he stood up. She looked stunning and she came to him, into his arms and pushed him onto the bed. They kissed as she laid on him and she just let her body do the rest. She had talked about sex, read erotic stories and had seen porn, so she knew what to do. She knew what men wanted in a woman, and knew Tomas would be no different. They obviously love a woman’s pussy, but they are obsessed with tits and ass and blow jobs. Basically, men want to penetrate every part of a woman. It makes them feel like a man. She moved down and pulled up on his shirt. He helped remove it and she then moved to his jeans. She undid the button and slowly took down the zipper. She helped pull the pants off, and now he was lying there in his boxers only, with a noticeable hard cock.

She now stood and took the robe off. She was there, looking gorgeous in her red bra and panties and Tomas sat up and grabbed her. She was standing between his legs, so beautiful he could barely believe it. His hands searched her body, touching her ass, which was firm and round and amazing. Her hands dropped to his chest and rubbed across it and around his nipples.

“Mary Jane you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am on fire for you.” She knelt down in front of him and put her hands on his waistband and removed his boxers. His hard cock was in front of her, looking big and manly. She knew it was not huge, like in the movies, but it seemed quite big to her. Her Sex Ed book said the average length is 5.5 inches long. She had looked at a ruler and figured, even if it is small it will be big enough, and if it is big, I will have to deal with it. She reached out and touched it. It was so hard, but also so soft. It felt hot and she could feel it pulsing with his heartbeat. Tomas unhooked her bra just as Mary Jane brought her mouth to the head of his cock.

“Oh it is so good.” Tomas was already ready to erupt with orgasm. She sucked at him tentatively, and made a sound like mmmmm. So long he waited to have her and to be there, naked with her and his cock in her mouth was more then he could take. “Oh my baby, I am going to come it is too good.” Mary Jane did not really know quite what to do when he came, as she had never done this, so she followed her instinct. She put as much as she could of it in hr mouth and held on as he came in her mouth. She kinda gagged and coughed a bit, but swallowed it. Tomas moaned and groaned in total ecstacy and held her face. “You are amazing my love, you make me feel alive.”

Mary Jane stood up and Tomas pulled her into him. She fell onto the bed laughing, and they kissed. She was amazed that he didn’t even care that he had just come in there. He pulled her underwear off and Held her butt and touched her pussy.

“Oh you are so smooth. I need to see you and taste you.” He rolled her on her back and moved toward her pussy. First he sucked at her nipples on her beautiful round breasts, then made his way down south. When he got there, it was intoxicating to him. She smelled like flowers and woman and he kissed her gently, as she spread open her legs. She felt self conscious, but let go. Tomas made her feel so relaxed. His mouth kissed and licked at her. He was not very good yet, but it did not matter. She had never experienced it and just knew it felt amazing. She had her first orgasm with a man, and as he sucked her clit she screamed his name.

“Oh Tomas, are you hard? I want you to make love to me. Please!” She almost begged and he came up to her with a condom in his hand. He tore the package open and told her to help him put it on. She did, which she found exhilarating, and then she laid back and waited for him. His cock was rock solid, even though he had come in Mary Jane’s sweet mouth just minutes before. He entered her slowly and respectfully saying, in Spanish, “I love you my queen.”

The feeling was not painful at all for Mary Jane. Tomas was gentle and she was soaking wet and ready for him. He stroked into her, kissing her intensely and completely. She did not have a chance to have an orgasm because Tomas came first. The tightness of her pussy and the beautiful flush to her pale skin was too much for him. He was taken over by an animal nature and his gentle strokes became harder and faster.

He held his mouth tight on hers and his tongue probed her as he pounded his cock into her sweet virgin pussy. In about 10 fast strokes he came and collapsed on her panting and softly repeating her name. He rolled off her, never stopping the kiss of her mouth and caressed her. His hands cupped her ass and touched her breasts. She told him she loved him and he knew it was true. They laid there for a few minutes and then Tomas could stand it no more. “I must kiss you down there again.” It was not a question but a bold statement.

He moved swiftly down and started to lick and suck at her. This time his tongue entered her pussy as he massaged her ass and held her into him. One of his fingers worked there way into her, and he massaged her and licked and sucked until she came screaming his name again. And then they rested. “Shower with me my love.” Tomas said and he pulled her naked sweaty body off the bed and into her bathroom.

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