To Dream Among The Stars – Chapter 12To Dream Among The Stars – Chapter 12


Day 7I dream of Akari, her delicate pussy, her tight ass, her firm breasts, her sumptuous smile. As much as we fucked three times last night, my dreams are filled with her, fucking in all positions, doing all kinds of crazy stuff, filling her with my desire and my cum. Although, my last dream with her is disturbing.As I was to penetrate her, she covers her pussy and tells me, “You can only fuck me if Bruce fucks you at the same time!”I turn around to discover Bruce is behind me, nude, dick in hand, glistening from lube and leaking precum. He tells me with a suave voice, “Let me in. You loved having a finger in your ass, I’ll make you feel even better.”Feeling like I’m being possessed and not in control, I hear myself say, “Yes.”As I feel the pressure of his dick on my asshole, I wake up.As reality takes over the dream, I feel that my nipples are wet and played with. I slowly open my eyes, the dim lights of the room allowing me to see Akari on my chest, sucking my left nipple. It feels good, I moan softly. She sees that I’m awake and lets me go.“Good morning. How are you feeling this morning?” she asks, a smile on her face.“I’m feeling good. With your mouth on me like this,” I tell her, putting my hand softly on her face, brushing it. “You?” I ask softly.“I’m super happy this morning, I feel so relax,” she says, kissing my hand on her face. “Although, you don’t seem down there,” she adds with a knowing smile. She grabs my dick with her hand and slowly strokes me.After letting a sigh of contentment from her enticing proposition, I warn her, “Careful, my dick is feeling raw this morning. It’s not every day I push myself like last night. By the way, it’s just my normal morning wood.”Even though I should ask her to stop, the slow-motion is making me lose all my objections. I let my head relax on the pillow and güvenilir bahis close my eyes, fully enjoying the young and sensual Japanese woman lying on me, pleasuring me.“Are you sure it’s your morning wood or was it a dream with Bruce?” she asks, a devilish intonation in her voice.I open my eyes in surprise and raise my head to look back at her. How does she know my last dream?“You know that you talk a little bit in your sleep? I woke, resting on your chest when you started saying ‘Bruce… In my ass… Yes.’ I decided that you needed to be saved from your dream,” she says, softly. Lowering her head, she kisses my nipple again while still stroking my dick slowly.I sigh and close my eyes. After a short internal debate, I decide to tell her what I was dreaming, “In my dream, I was with you. We were going to fuck but you stopped me, saying that you would only allow me in… If I let Bruce fuck me. I said yes,” I confess, opening my eyes as I finish telling her, blushing about the revelation. It feels good to trust her enough to talk about it, even though it is unnerving.“You know that I will never force you into anything, I hope that you understand that?” she tells me after leaving my nipple, worried by my recounting.“I do… But you would really like it if I do?” I reply, looking at her intensively.“I would,” she says, tensed.I think about it for few seconds. Although it is difficult to think, Akari is still stroking my dick, getting me aroused. But, there is more to it, I’m also getting excited that she is interested in seeing me with another man. I don’t know why I’m starting to have those feelings, but I do and it is so confusing.“Akari, I don’t know what it means, but I’m not going to ruin our day off together just because of a dream. If Bruce happens, it happens. If not, it’s not,” I tell her, forcing güvenilir bahis siteleri a smile on my face.She sighs in relief and tells me, “Good idea, let’s not torture ourselves with that.”“And what do you think you are doing with my dick? Isn’t it torture?” I ask her, smirking at her, starting to feel her magic working again on me.“This is just a consolation prize for all the days you had to wait for me,” she replies.As I was to respond, she moves down over me and engulfs my dick with her mouth. I let out a soft moan at her sudden move. She doesn’t suck hard, she just lightly lick me, bobbing her head on my erection, being gentle with it. I thoroughly enjoy her effort, groaning and moaning many times to encourage her. She also moans softly on me, making my dick vibrate, making me shiver with delight.It doesn’t take long for me to arrive at my breaking point. Warning her, I exhale deeply to tell her, “Akari, I’m cumming, don’t stop!”She doesn’t, she continues to bob her head, going faster until I climax. As I feel the full force of delight running through me, she sucks my cum avidly. As I start to relax from my orgasm, she slowly removes my dick from between her lips, keeping my sperm in her mouth. She looks at me with a devilish smile and a silent interrogation, showing what she collected. As I do not react, she moves over me and makes the offer more evident by bringing her mouth close to mine.I’m taken aback by her bold suggestion, but I can’t refuse her. Not only that, but her offer is tempting and excites me. “Oh… why not,” I tell her shyly.She comes closer, putting her lips on mine and letting my cum fills my mouth. As I explore this new experience, I marvel at the quantity I ejaculated and the peculiar taste, like salty tapioca. We exchange it between our mouths, playing with our efforts iddaa siteleri of the morning. We end up splitting it and parting, looking at each other as we swallow. Akari has some on the corner of her mouth, I get the glob with my finger and suck it.Laughing a little bit, she asks me, “Have you enjoyed it?”“I might have,” I say tentatively.Her face brightens, having some ideas in mind.I quickly add, “But, don’t push me. I need to do it on my own,” in an effort to restrain her wild ideas. At the same time, she still sees that I’m seriously considering the whole Bruce thing.“Okay, you let me know when you want to advance to the next level,” she says mysteriously.“And what would that be?” I ask, playing her game.“Let’s play with your butt.”Oh shit, quite literally.“Okay, time to talk about something else,” I say quickly, not feeling ready for that discussion.She laughs, enjoying my reaction.“Alright. Then shower, how’s that sound?” she asks with a soft smile.I nod at her, feeling better that she dropped the subject… At least for now.We find some towels laying around and go for the shower room. It’s past 1100, so it should be empty, but I lock the door anyway as I want the room for ourselves. Akari sees me, one eyebrow raised. I don’t say anything, I simply drop my towel, approach her and remove hers. I kiss her softly on the lips before getting our soap bottles and pushing her toward the showerheads.I only start the middle one, putting Akari in front of it. I take her soap and clean her whole body. From the back, I spend a lot of time on her shoulders, giving her a small massage, feeling her relax under my hands. Her arms are next, moving down slowly. I move to her back, making sure to cover everywhere, moving slowly toward her ass. I spend a lot of time cleaning her, including rubbing my fingers on her asshole. She lightly jumped at the touch, but she quickly groans softly as I circle her rim. I move to her legs, soaping them front and back. I raise and turn her toward me. She is enjoying this, her eyes are small, her face showing delight.

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