TNT Pt. 01: Meeting Terri and TommyTNT Pt. 01: Meeting Terri and Tommy


Being single was tough. Especially when you’re as horny as I always was. I had a great group of friends and we hung out nearly every night either at my place or Tommy’s.

I met Tommy because his roommate was dating my roommate, and even though they didn’t continue dating, we all stayed friends. Tommy was awesome, so friendly and welcoming. I instantly felt like I had known him forever. He was sweet and acted like a protector. I liked being around him. It was easy. I needed guys in my life who didn’t complicate things.

I met Terri at Tommy’s one night. I thought Terri was cute. Not just awww cute, but shit he could be a model! I didn’t think I had a shot in hell with him but he flirted with me in the most adorable way. Of course I had no trouble flirting back. I assumed we were just party friends. I wasn’t really interested in finding a boyfriend. I knew all too well that love hurt, so it was best to keep it light. He was so easy to get along with though, that I found myself hanging out more with him. He was always happy and having fun, so I thought he would be a lot of fun. I was totally ready for some fun again. Terri had light short spiky hair, tan skin and a muscular build. Best of all he had the most kissable plump lips. He was also very laid back. So laid back I knew he wasn’t reading my subtle fuck me signals. Or maybe he just had no interest in me? I realized I would have to take the initiative if I was ever going to figure out if I had a chance. I was finally ready to take control.

One night our regular group of friends was hanging out at my place. We were playing cards and drinking. Terri brought me a drink from the kitchen.

“Here,” he said, sitting down so close to me. As he handed me the drink, our fingers touched. He didn’t let go of the drink even though I had a hold of it.

“Thank you,” I said looking him in the eyes. His face was so close to mine. I looked at his lips so very ripe for a juicy kiss. I couldn’t help myself so I leaned over and kissed him. His lips felt even better than I had imagined, so soft. Conscious of everyone around, I retreated from the kiss quickly though.

He smiled and said, “You’re welcome.” Whew, I thought. I didn’t want to mess up our friendship, but I had always wanted to explore more of him.

The next time Terri got up for a drink I followed him into the kitchen. He got two drinks and turned around to see me standing in front of him.

“Oh hey,” he said smiling, “I was just getting you a drink. Do you want one?”

“Yes,” I said, taking one out of his hand. Then I leaned up to thank him with a kiss again. This time I took my other hand and put it on his chest. I gently pushed him back one step against the refrigerator. When my lips met his he brought his hand up to my cheek. Our lips parted and our tongues met gently.

As I finally pulled away from the kiss I said, “Thank you.” I was already a little breathless.

“You’re so thankful tonight,” he said laughing and pulling me into another kiss. This time it was even longer with our tongues exploring with more urgency.

“Yes,” I breathed reluctantly, pulling away from his kiss, “I can think of lots of ways to thank you.”

He smiled and said, “That sounds fun.”

“It will be,” I said, turning and walking out of the kitchen. I had gotten his attention now. He followed me and we sat on the couch. So close. We continued to socialize with everyone but the electricity between us now was probably obvious to everyone.

Unfortunately, tonight we were all partying at my place so I had to wait for everyone to leave. Tommy was the last one, as usual. “Are you ready?” he said to Terri. They had come together in Tommy’s car.

Terri looked at me. I stood up and reached out for his hand. “Why don’t you stay?” I said, looking in his eyes hoping he’d say yes.

He nodded to me with a smile and said to Tommy, “I’m gonna hang here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smiled. It finally worked!

After Tommy left, Terri and I were standing in the living room. My roommate had long since gone to bed. I realized I was still holding his hand. I let go, suddenly nervous. I wanted to take control, but could I actually do that? I always handed over control to guys.

“Do you want to finish watching the movie?” he asked, taking my hand again. I hadn’t even been watching it. It was just on as background noise during the party.

“No,” I answered honestly. I took him by the hand, turned the tv off and led him to my bedroom.

“Good,” he said. Once inside my bedroom I put a small lamp on and he closed the door. I kissed him even more urgently this time. I lifted his shirt over his head. Oh, his bare chest was as I had always imagined it; smooth, cut and hard. I couldn’t stop smiling as I ran my fingers over each muscle. With his hand on my cheek again he pulled me back into his kiss. I loved kissing his lips. I probably could have done that all night.

“Do you want the light on?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said looking in his eyes escort izmir and taking off my top. I had small breasts and usually would have wanted to turn the lights off so I wouldn’t be able to tell if a guy was disappointed when he saw them. But I needed at least a small light on so I could look at his amazing body.

He didn’t seem at all disappointed in the size of my breasts. He leaned down to cup one and brought his lips to my nipple. I bit my lip to keep from moaning already. He took his mouth off of my now wet nipple and slid his thumb over it. My nipple hardened and my moan escaped.

“Ohhhh,” I said, reaching for his shorts. I pulled them down with his underwear even though that caused him to lose contact with my breast. I reached out for his cock. It felt hard but small. I stroked it a few times figuring it would grow but it didn’t. I figured I’d get myself completely naked to see if that made him more excited. As I stood before him, he looked me up and down smiling.

“I think you mentioned something about thanking me…” he said smiling.

“Yes,” I said, backing him up against my bed. I pushed his shoulders down so he would sit. I leaned over him so I could climb on top of him as he laid all the way back on the bed. I motioned for him to lay completely on the bed and I kissed him. My lips then trailed over his chest. Oh, I loved kissing it. My kisses continued down his ripped stomach to his rock hard cock. I was never great at giving head, but his cock seemed to be a good size for my mouth. I put my mouth just over the head and he moaned. I was happy he liked that. I slid my lips down and almost had the whole thing in. I held the base of his cock with my hand as I took my mouth off for a second. I licked my lips to get them wetter and my tongue slid across his head.

“Oh yes!” he screamed out, moving his hand to the back of my head. Not to push me but just to have something to hold.

“You like that?” I teased, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock.

“Yes,” Terri breathed, “Yes.” I could tell he was very much enjoying what I was doing, as his precum dripped out of his slit. I stroked him a few more times with my hand and then put my mouth back over his cock. This time I took him all the way in. I usually couldn’t fit cocks all the way in my mouth, but his seemed made for me. I probably could have made him cum just like that, but I wanted him inside me. I crawled my way back up to his face. I wanted to kiss him again but would he kiss me after my lips were all wet from his own dick? I had never kissed anyone after giving them head. His hand was still on the back of my head as he pulled me to him, kissing me hard. I loved that he didn’t mind tasting himself on my lips. We continued kissing, while I reached down to guide his cock into my very wet pussy. He slid in easily. I moved my body down engulfing him inside me in one thrust and started to ride him.

“Oh…” he moaned, moving his hands to my ass and pressing up harder into me.

“Terri….” I breathed. I felt him grab my ass and push up again into me.

“Yes!” he screamed and I knew he was cumming. I let him guide my rocking until he was spent. I laid down on top of him as his cock softened and slipped out.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing his neck.

“I like the way you thank me…” he said, kissing the top of my head.

“Yea, this works,” I said, getting sleepy and rolling off to his side. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Terri and I quickly settled into a comfortable rhythm. Nearly every night we hung out with our friends at my place or Tommy’s, which was Terri’s second home since he still lived at his parents house. He never asked me to be his girlfriend, which was good. I didn’t want to commit. I still needed my freedom. But Terri was so sweet and affectionate, and he treated me well for whatever it was we had between us. He let me take control whenever I wanted it, and I enjoyed how easy going he was.

I soon realized even though Terri was hot, that wasn’t the best thing about him. He was so real and honest, almost like he didn’t know he was supposed to lie.

One night after we were together for only a couple of weeks he said to me, “Why are you wearing that?”

I looked down at my baggy patterned pants, “They’re cute,” I replied.

“Nope, they’re old lady pants,” he said totally honestly.

“Oh,” I said feeling a little dejected, but also curious. “What would be better?” I asked.

“Let me show you,” he said, walking into my room and into my closet.

“Put this on,” he said holding out a short shirt, “This is so much better.” Most guys would be scared to criticize a woman’s outfit, but he didn’t even realize he was being critical; he was just telling me what he liked. He wasn’t even trying to be controlling. I loved that he wasn’t scared to tell me. He did what he wanted without fear, if not out of bravery, but just out of pure innocence. It was so fucking sexy, and I knew he couldn’t have even realized he was escort izmir working that angle.

Terri’s honesty was so refreshing that I found myself starting to really trust him. Things were comfortable, but still casual. Then things started to get really comfortable.

One time as we were laying naked and tangled after sex, when he looked at me and said, “That was fucking awesome babe.”

I called him out on it right away, “Babe? Did you just call me babe? Did you forget who you are fucking?” I challenged. I was ok with just being a fuck, but don’t confuse me with anyone else. Is that what he had called his old girlfriend? I didn’t know, and I had never asked about anyone else before me. It didn’t matter to me.

“No, I um,” he stammered, “I just like, um…”

“Awww,” I said now, understanding it was a term of endearment.

“Don’t awww,” he laughed, “I just like you,” he said. “I like this. Don’t you?”

“Yes, I like this and I like you too,” I said as his softening cock slid out of me. I laughed a little as I thought after all of the sex we’d already had we should probably be saying we loved each other, but I wasn’t ready to give him my whole heart and soul.

“Babe, just means I like you,” he clarified, kissing me.

“I like you too babe,” I confirmed, kissing him back. So we continued a casual, comfortable relationship.

Terri and Tommy were good friends and basically inseparable, except for the time Terri and I spent actually fucking. The three of us were always hanging out.

Tommy’s parents had a vacation house on the river that they rarely used. So one night Tommy decided to party there with all of our friends. It was a huge house with an amazing view of the river. Terri and I drove the hour out to the house. We were both excited to see the place. It was huge with large windows facing the river. I was happy to get away together. It felt like a couples vacation, which we had never done.

Tommy’s river house was huge, but the party was small. Not even a dozen of our friends had made the trek out there. Tommy was playing the guitar and singing all night with various people joining in at times. It was fun to have the huge place all to ourselves. Normally at Tommy’s parties we were all piled together in his small living room. But at this house the living room kitchen combination was bigger than Tommy’s whole other two bedroom house. And there were plenty of bedrooms at this house to escape to later. I had already made the plan with Terri.

“What room did Tommy say we could have tonight?” I asked him.

“The one right off the front hall,” he pointed across the room.

“I can’t wait,” I said, smiling and licking my lips.

Terri enjoyed touching me all night. It never crossed his mind to be embarrassed about public displays of affection. I loved that he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. I enjoyed touching him too. He was way sexier than he realized.

Most of our friends had to get back home, so they left early. Terri and I hung out with Tommy for a little while after everyone left. Tommy picked up his guitar to fiddle around a little bit. I loved listening to him play.

But eventually Terri got up and grabbed my hand to pull me to the bedroom. “Let’s go babe,” he said. I loved when he finally took charge. It didn’t happen often.

“Goodnight Tommy,” I yelled back, throwing him a kiss. I felt bad leaving him alone, but I was glad I’d finally have Terri all to myself. I heard Tommy still singing to no audience when we were in the bedroom.

The bedroom was big, but was sparsely decorated with only a futon. Terri flopped down on it and I crawled next to him. I reached down to see if he was excited as I was, but he wasn’t.

“What’s up?” I asked with a giggle, “Or should I say not up?” Too much drinking I figured.

Terri laughed, “Sorry babe, I am going to need a little help with that tonight.” I didn’t mind. His cock was small, even though his body was big and built. That wasn’t a negative for me. It actually made me want to suck him more because I knew I wouldn’t gag. I could be like a porn star and pretend I was deep throating him with no problem. I slipped his jeans and underwear off and grabbed his cock.

“Take your shirt off,” I told him. He was obedient as usual. I liked to look at his hot naked body while I sucked his cock. I got up on all fours and held his cock in my hand so I could start my licking at the base. As I started, I thought I heard the door open. My tongue reached the top of his cock, and I opened my eyes to see the light coming into the room from the door.

I looked up to see Tommy standing there. I didn’t stop what I was doing. My tongue tasted the precum at the tip of Terri’s cock. I locked eyes with Tommy as I swirled my tongue around the head of Terri’s cock and wrapped my lips around the tip to suck on it hard like a lollipop. I loved the pressure of that as his cock filled my mouth.

“Ohhhhhh” Terri moaned, oblivious to Tommy watching. Tommy continued looking at me as he slowly closed the door. I wanted him to keep watching. I didn’t hear the door latch but it was dark again. Maybe Tommy was still listening?

“You like that babe?” I asked Terri louder than necessary. Maybe Tommy would be able to enjoy listening knowing exactly what I was doing.

“Mmmm,” Terri moaned, not seeming to notice why I was trying to be loud.

I stroked until he was as hard as I knew he could get. I took off my clothes and climbed on top of him. My pussy took him all in on the first push. I straddled him, giving him easy access to my clit. Terri had not quite mastered how to make me cum. He was gorgeous and sweet, but I couldn’t ask for everything. I didn’t mind helping myself out. I rocked back and forth on his cock as I reached down to rub my swollen clit.

When I leaned back, I noticed the door was open again and the room had light coming in again. With the extra light I could see now that Terri was watching me. I looked to the door to see if Tommy was watching us. He wasn’t. I was actually disappointed. I liked the idea of him watching me fuck Terri.

“Don’t worry babe,” Terri said, “It’s just us, keep going.” I wondered if he had any idea how much I wanted Tommy to see me fucking him. I didn’t stop my rocking or my stroking, but I got a little louder.

“Oh yes, fuck me! Harder!” I screamed. I wanted Tommy to hear at least, even if he couldn’t see.

“Yea, that’s it,” Terri moaned, not as loud as me. I imagined maybe Tommy was just beyond the door stroking his own cock to the image of me sucking Terri and the sounds of our fucking. I came quickly thinking about that. As soon as my pussy started contracting, Terri grabbed my ass, sinking his cock deeper into my pussy until he exploded. I rode out our orgasms until my pussy stopped spasming and I collapsed on top of him.

“Sorry babe,” Terri said, stroking my back with his hands. “You’re so damn hot, I don’t know why I wasn’t hard.”

“You’re right,” I said, “It was probably too many drinks.”

“Thanks for taking care of me,” he said, “And yourself.”

“No problem babe,” I said, slipping off to his side and kissing his shoulder.

“I know you were distracted,” he said. Oh he had noticed?

“I think I drank too much too!” I laughed it off. “I was hearing things and seeing things. Less drinks next time.”

“Yea,” he said sleepily. He kept his arms around me and we fell asleep naked.

As the morning light came in the room, I was sprawled naked laying on my back with Terri’s leg over mine and his arm across my chest just below my breasts. His limp sticky cock was laying on my hip. We were comfortable sleeping together. We had done it often.

But this morning my heart was racing when I noticed the door to our bedroom was wide open. Had Tommy come back to watch us sleeping naked? Just thinking about it got me wet. What would it be like having Tommy watch us? What would it be like having two men fuck me? I hadn’t ever thought about any of that before, but now I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Terri was still sleeping, but his cock was getting hard. Morning wood; gotta love it. I wouldn’t have to do much to get him ready. Just then I thought I heard noises in the kitchen. Maybe Tommy was awake. Maybe he would walk by the open door and watch. I started slowly stroking Terri’s cock and he moaned before he even opened his eyes.

When he did open his eyes, he said, “Look who is ready for more.” Yes, always. I slipped my finger into my wet pussy and rubbed my juices on my nipple. Terri leaned over to lick my nipple clean.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. I didn’t know if Terri noticed the door was open. I asked, “Should I close the door?” I didn’t want to.

“Don’t worry about it babe, it’s fine,” Terri replied. Was he just caught up in the moment? Being his laid back self? Or did he want Tommy to see us too? Then a funny thought crossed my mind. Did Terri and Tommy ever watch each other have sex? They were good friends and spent a lot of time together. My pussy started dripping as my imagination wandered. Did they ever share a girl? Would they like to have me at the same time? Or maybe Tommy would just want to watch. I enjoyed thinking about it.

Terri didn’t even notice my distraction, he was enjoying me stroking his cock. Normally I would have told him what to do, but this morning I wanted him to think he had control.

“How do you want to fuck me?” I asked getting up on all fours.

“Yea?” he said, “Turn around.” Looked like it was going to be doggy style this morning. I was facing the window so I couldn’t see the open door anymore. Was Tommy watching us? Was he looking at my naked ass getting ready to get fucked? Oh I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities. Then I felt Terri’s cock slide all the way into my wetness.

“Oh yes,” I screamed loudly. Hoping that if Tommy didn’t know what was happening that he soon would. “Mmmm, yes slide all the way in!” Terri slowly pumped in and out. I felt his hand caress my butt cheek.

“Spank me,” I said. Then I heard the slap.

“Like that?” Terri asked. I loved that he let me control him so easily.

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