Time for a Change…Time for a Change…


You walk in the bedroom just as you toss your bag on the floor against the wall. You look up at me and sigh quietly to yourself before asking, “Tonight?” and smirking at me. I smile back, holding a length of rope in my hands. “You’ve been on Tumblr again, haven’t you?” you ask, smirking at me and rolling your eyes.

I stand from the bed, still holding the rope in my hands, before whispering, “Possibly…” I walked behind you and dropped the rope to the floor with a quiet thud. I gently wrap the tips of my fingers beneath the brim of your thin shirt and lift if over your head. I lean down and gently kiss the side and back of your neck. I softly caress the small of your back and slowly slide my hands around your sides to your stomach.

I reach down and unfasten your cut-off shorts, slowly sliding them down until they drop to the floor around your feet. I leave you standing in your black lace bra and panties as I walk back to the bed and sit down, looking back to you, then to the rope.

You catch the hint and turn around, bending over to grab the rope. My eyes catch the gap between your legs and the small lump between.

I held her tight against my side, feeling her small figure against my large profile. Her small hands held mine tight and I placed one of my hands on her thigh as it carefully rested on mine. She gave a small smile as she looked up as me, giving me a small kiss as my hand slid up between her thin tank top and brushed against her smooth stomach.

I gently lifted the thin fabric up and over her head before tossing it to the floor revealing her small chest and shoulders. I kissed her deeper before she made an effort to remove my shirt as well, causing me to lean forward so she could remove it and toss it to the floor as well, pairing nicely with her tank top. “Want to go to take it upstairs?” I asked in between a kiss. She slowly nodded her head before I stood and picked her up so her thin legs wrapped around my back.

I walked her up the stairs and into my room before gently dropping her onto my large bed with a creak. I reached down and smoothly unfastened her shorts, pulling them down swiftly and letting them drop to the floor beneath me. I unfastened mine as well and let them drop, leaving each of us only in our undergarments.

I bent down over her and kissed her deep again before unfastening her bra and tossing it aside, revealing her perky Antalya Escort breasts. I moved my gentle kisses to her neck and slowly tracked my way down her chest, stomach, and finally ending at the sensitive slit between her legs.

She spread her legs apart slightly allowing me to carefully wrap my fingers around the brim of her panties and slide them down her slim legs and small feet. Dropping them to the floor I leaned forward again and began to kiss gently around the sensitive slit between her thin thighs, driving up her excitement. I carefully flicked her two lips on either side with my tongue before giving it a kiss and moving back to her chest and neck.

“Your turn then, babe.” She said with a smile, a small bit of sweat glistening on her face. She turned around on the bed so she was facing me and pulled my boxer shorts to the floor. She took me in her small hand and caressed it slightly, I breathed heavily at her sensitive touch before she gave the head a small kiss and licked the length of me. She smiled up at me before popping the firm head between her soft lips and sucking on it carefully, licking the tip gently. She took it a little further into her mouth before she reached the back of her throat and gagged slightly.

She popped the head back out of her mouth and smiled back up at me, licking her lips slowly and sitting up on the bed. She returned to her previous position on her back and spread her legs slowly, gently playing with the wet lips between her legs, teasing and calling me to her. I leaned forward and she took a deep breath before I kissed her again, slowly pressing my shaft into the slit between her legs and pushing all the way to my thighs.

She let out a long breath in pleasure as I filled her inside, kissing me harder. Her breathing grew ragged and shallow as I slowly pulled myself out and thrusted back into her hard. I placed one of my large hands over her throat and squeezed gently, giving a small amount of pressure to each side of her neck and showing dominance. She smiled into the kiss as her eyes closed.

I continued thrusting into her as she lifted her arms and placed her hands on my back, holding me tight.

Her body grew weaker with each of my movements as her legs kicked slightly behind me from pleasure. Suddenly her breathing paused and her body shuddered. The lips between her thighs squeezed my shaft Antalya Escort Bayan tightly and her kiss grew deeper. For moments she was immobile, but soon loosened up again and her breathing grew heavy.

I felt myself growing closer so I quickly pulled myself out from between her thighs and finished on her stomach and chest, her breathing still heavy, mine now shallow and broken.

I walked around the front of the car, looking at her through the front windshield before reaching her door and opening it for her. I took her small hand, feeling the thin gold band around her finger as I helped her out of the lowered seat. She stood beside me, dressed in only her clean white dress as she took a step towards me in my black and white suit. I reached around behind her and lifted her so she laid horizontally in my arms, her legs kicking freely to my side and her arms draped over my shoulders.

She smiled at me as I pushed the car door shut and turned to the house, walking to the door and setting her down. “I now enter my house, a small band around my finger showing my dedication to the woman I love. She wears one as well, showing her loyalty and love for me. Together forever, never dreaming about anyone else.” She smiled at me again before I opened the door and entered after her. She looked around the room before asking, “Now what? We’re married forever, what do we do now?” following with a sarcastic smirk.

I smiled back at her before approaching her and placing a long kiss on her lips. I held her close, placing a hand against her lower back and pulling her close to me until her waist met mine. She moaned quietly into the kiss as I gently caressed her neck with my fingers. I lifted her up and she swung her legs around my waist, holding herself against me. She wrapped her thin arms around my shoulders and held herself fast as I began to walk into the nearby bedroom. I broke the kiss momentarily before approaching the bed and setting her down, making sure she catches her stance before stepping back.

I step closer to her before unzipping the back of her tight dress. Letting it slide off her shoulders to the floor. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt. Letting it slide over my shoulders and fall to the floor with her dress. I gave her a gentle push on her shoulders, causing her to fall back into the bed with a creak. Before slowly crawling Escort Antalya over her giving her a kiss when my face met hers.

She laid back on the bed, smiling at me as I thought of what to do next. “Should I tease her? Should I give her control?” Multiple thoughts flew through my mind as I admired the beautiful woman lying beside me, her thin and slender figure sprawled across the bed. As I looked at her face, my question was answered, “I should tease her”.

I slowly grazed my hand along her side making her squirm from her previously relaxed position, making her roll closer to me. I carried my gentle touch along her side before tracing my path back down to her thigh. Kissing her deep, I repeated the pattern several times, slowing my travel each time. After teasing her for a few moments my path ended down at her panties. I slowly slid them down her thin thighs and over her small feet, tossing them to the floor. I carefully leaned over her, looking into her eyes but able to see the perfect slit teasing me between her slender legs.

I placed a quick kiss against her lips before moving to her neck and collarbone. She lifted her head slightly giving me room before I continued trailing kisses down her chest and stomach. My lips met the ones between her legs and I gave them a small kiss before looking back up at her. She left her head laid into the sheets, not looking back at me, but I expected so with the pleasure shooting through her.

I placed another quick kiss on the lips between her thighs before slipping my tongue against the sensitive slit against my lips. She moaned quietly waiting for me to continue, and arched her back slightly, lifting her hips in the air slightly at my touch. I pushed my arms under her legs and lifted them slightly so they rested on my shoulders before I continued my eager teasing on her. She moaned quietly with every touch from my tongue to her slit and I felt her thin legs quivering on my shoulders.

Her moans grew louder with excitement before I slowly put her legs back on the bed. I took my hand and gently touched the lips in front of me, teasing her before sitting up and smiling back at her. I removed my hand and she looked up at me with what seemed to be a look of both disappointment and pleasure mixing smoothly.

I crawled back over her, brushing my large hands along her hips and sides making her squirm slightly before placing another kiss on her neck, then moving to her soft lips. I gently bit her bottom lip, making her moan quietly and exhale heavily, arching her back and pressing her smooth stomach and hips into mine. I placed a hand under the small of her back and pulled her tighter into me as I kissed her again.

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