Time and PressureTime and Pressure


As customary he was naked and blindfolded. Naked save for his chastity device and the elastic vibrating cock ring behind it. The only difference to the other times he was prepared to worship her womanhood with his tongue was that this time he was kneeling in the living room and not in the not bedroom. His aching, caged cock tingled in anticipation, as it did every time. The soft, buzzing reverberated through his groin.

He hated the wait. Naked. Kneeling. Anticipating his wife’s arrival. Reflecting on his self-inflicted plight. The only thing it did was make him think about when she would unlock him and finally let him cum, but all this did was make him hornier than before.

The rustling of her robe and her feet on the carpet broke his concentration. She walked up to him and slowly circled him. His sense of smell had become very acute since she started blindfolding him while teasing him, arousing him or having him service her. He inhaled deeply as she passed in front of him. Floral, a bit fruity, but most of all feminine. Her scent was intoxicating. His cock tingled, as it always did when she did this, and soon his burning desires spread to his legs and up his body. It didn’t take long after she started blindfolding him that its effect carried over to his normal life. Anywhere he went his body went into sexual overdrive at the hint of any womanly scent and as his denial went on his sense of smell only grew stronger.

However, by his own doing, he was powerless to do anything about it.

She stopped in front of him and he felt her robe drop at her feet. “Today is a special day my dear. Do you know why?”

“I will be allowed the honor of pleasuring you with my tongue.”

She chuckled as she ran her hands through his hair. “Oh my frustrated lover, your tongue has become as pleasing to my ears as it is to the rest of my body, but no that is not the answer.” She circled behind him and rubbed his shoulders and neck as she continued. “No today, my horny hubby, today is our anniversary. . . The anniversary of you begging me to deny you. To lock you up and use you as I see fit. The anniversary of me finally experiencing sexual fulfillment.” She leaned down allowing her hair to spill across him.

“Six months.” she whispered. “Six months to the day you locked yourself up. Right here. Six months ago today you gave me the key. Do you remember what you told me?”

“Yes.” he choked out.

“Mmm, tell me again.”

“I asked you to keep me in chastity until you were satisfied that I was able to fulfill any and all of your sensual and sexual needs.” He longed to see her naked again. His cock ached as his mind wandered.

“And?” she chided him as she circled back in front of him.

“The decision was yours, and yours alone to make as to when I would be allowed the same pleasure I give to you when you demand it.”

“That’s right. And I must say your oral skills, which I have to say were utterly abysmal, have become quite exceptional.” Her foot found its way to the inside of his thigh and she herself tingled at his physical reaction. “Now your denial did not go as you expected, did it?”

“No dear.” He labored out in one of his tormented breaths.

“No I was much more innovative than you expected. Was I not?” Her toes brushed under his swollen testicles as she paused to gauge his predictable reaction.

“Yes, dear.” He prayed today was the day. Six months. Her torment dealt not in penal stimulation, but just the opposite. She denied his cock almost any stimulation what so ever, but she preyed on his other senses. Teasing them. Denying them. Building them up and leaving them to their own devices.

She quickly learned the art of tease and denial. Knowing exactly what he wanted, by his own admission, she set out to deny that from him also. Only the first night did she unlock him and stroke him to the edge over and over. Slowly and sensually.

Then when she was done and had him secured did she give him the bad news. “I hope you enjoyed that. Too bad that’s not going to happen ever again. Not at least until I feel your performance has improved.” She paused, leaned in and squeezed his balls. “And I don’t mean a little. I want an earth shattering orgasm each and every time. Until such time you stay caged.” She shook the cage for effect and left him there to reflect on his plight. “And don’t even think about asking me to unlock you or I’ll just put off your release date.”

True to her word she had him go down on her every night she asked, but in addition she blindfolded him. “You don’t deserve to see my body, not yet at least. My beauty is a privilege not a right.” she told him. As he improved she started putting vibrating cock rings over his cock and balls or just around his balls. The vibrations resonated tortuously through his cage. Compounding his anguish.

Soon he graduated to her next torment. Once blindfolded she would then give him a little blue pill and un-cage him. Then she would seductively tell him about the passionate Bostancı Esmer Escort sex they were going to have. After he got hard she would then apply some numbing cream, unknown to him, and two condoms. Lastly she would tell him that he was allowed to cum, but if she came first then he would be re-caged and have his time extended since he obviously wasn’t that horny. However, she only did this a few times, but just by allowing him to be unlocked had its desired effect.

To make up for the lack of genital contact and keep him aroused she wore provocative cloths and talked about her sexual satisfaction as much as she could. She also would put sexual audios of herself or porno on his smart phone. To ensure he listened to them she would also insert special instructions into them. Such as pick up six lemons from the store or kiss her feet when he got home from work. He never knew how many instructions there were or where in the clip he would find them so he had to listen to the whole clip.

He found that psychological stimulation was worse than stimulation itself. He longed to get hard. He wanted to be touched and stroked. More than ever.

He knelt there thinking of all the things she tortured him with and his poor cock tingled, but hardly struggled. He ached for relief more than release. The buzzing cock ring was more torturous than ever. His cum welling up inside him and pre-cum dripping freely from the tip of his cage.

“I have a treat for you today.” Her toes continuing to tease him. Would you like to know what it is?”

He nodded as a ‘please’ escaped his lips.

She stood up and walked up to him. His nose was just a short distance away from her crotch. “Lean in.”

He pushed his face out closer to her. Her fragrance overwhelmed him. The scent of flowers and fruit interwoven with her own was too much. His cock felt as if his cum was plugged up inside his dick and all that needed to be done was undo the stopper. ‘Six months.’ he thought.

“Closer.” she said. Her hand pushed his head until his nose touched her. “There. . . Now tell me. What don’t you feel?”

His mind was a blur as to what she was talking about. . . Then it hit him. His nose moved about on bare, smooth flesh. He inhaled deeply and his body grew flush and tingled. The bare smooth skin was once occupied by her well trimmed bush. He didn’t even realize he was moaning. His cock leaked more than ever.

“That’s right my dear. Nice and smooth. . . Just like you’ve begged me to do in the past. It’s too bad you can’t see it.”

He rubbed his nose back and forth and round and round. “Please.”

She chuckled. “Do you think that just because you pleasured me to a multiple orgasm last night that you should cum?”

“I would love come dear, but that is a decision only you can make.”

“Yes, I know, but in the interest of chastity, oops I meant charity,” she paused and chuckled as she rubbed his face in her crotch. “I’m going to make you a deal. . . Do you accept?”

“Accept? . . To what?”

“My deal! . . Yes or no? . . This could be your chance.” she ran her fingers through his hair. “What do you have to lose, right?”

“OK, I accept.”

“Good. Now I’m going to give you ten seconds for every month you’ve been locked up. I know you have been dying to see your wife’s sublime. . . and freshly shaved. . . body, but I also know that your cock is telling you that you should cum. You could even bank this time.”

He was fidgeting now. His whole body trembled with anticipation. His cock begging for relief.

“Now you can spend the time however you wish. . . All sixty seconds. You can admire the body you have been pleasuring but unable to see, you can stroke yourself till you cum, or time runs out. . . Now that would be terrible wouldn’t it?. . Perhaps you’d like to save your time, in which for every second you bank I’ll add it to your next special day. You can even split your time up between the three. . .” she paused for a second and sighed. “Decisions, decisions. Will you want to drink in the sight of my lovely body for one minute. That would make me very, very happy. Maybe you’ll be a selfish and greedy man by touching yourself for the whole minute. . . I doubt you’d be that callous. Perhaps you’ll save them all hoping to use the time to guarantee an orgasm next time.”

He tried to think, but his mind was in sensory overload. The sweet smell of her womanhood filled his nose. The vibrating cock ring had him feeling as if his cum was going to burst from his shaft. He wanted to cum so very bad, but he knew he needed, and he wanted to, see his wife’s body. It would also be nice to save some time for his next chance.

“I’ve decided I would like to split up my time equally. To see you first. Then to be unlocked and touch myself, with your permission of course. Then I wish to bank my remaining time.”

He swallowed hard. Waiting patiently in the darkness of the blindfold.

“Oh, my little diplomat. Mr. middle of the road, Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort play it safe vanilla man. Are you very horny?” she said coyly.


She knew he was. He was more than horny. He had been for a while. “Desperate to cum.”

“Oh, yes. Yes.”

She shivered as he whispered, almost breathed out his response. Like a soft breeze tingling her pussy. A pussy already wet from the sight of his pent up desires; wet from thinking about the pleasure his kinky secret had brought her; wet from thinking about the night of his confession; wet from trusting her instincts and indulging his fantasy. Wetter still from what she has in store for him. “Explode at the slightest touch.”

“Yes. Please. Yes.”

“I like your plan, but it needs some refinements.” She continued to stroke his hair. ” I think you should start out stroking, then see my beautiful body and then if there is time left over you can bank it. Now, if it takes you a minute to cum then I guess you weren’t all that desperate and that tells me I did a horrible job and fulfilling your fantasy and I misjudged the length of your denial.”

“Please. Give me a chance. Let me try.”

“I’m sure you would like to, but what if you disappoint me? What then?”

“I can do it.” The buzz of the cock ring was more than he could bear. He was ready.

She chuckled. “Hollow words meant for me to take pity on you.”

“No, please. I promise.”

She rubbed his nose on her again. “You’ve been denied for six months. Do you know what failure could mean?”

“Yes.” He was sure it would be terrible, but he had to try.

“I doubt you do, but if you do fail; then you will find out.” she paused for effect. “Now your time will start as soon as you are unlocked. Next you will stop stroking as soon as you start to cum. You will be punished for every extra stroke. Then you will immediately re-cage yourself. For every second you waste from the time you stop stroking to the time you are re-locked you will be punished.”

She leaned down and let her hair spill across him as she drew close to his ear. “Remember time is your enemy. Are you ready?”


She took his hand and gave him the key. “Good. You have forty seconds.”

“Wait! Forty! I thought. . .”

“Surely you would not want me to deny you the privilege of seeing my body, would you?”

“No, I. . .”

“Well then you only have forty seconds now, don’t you?”

“Yes.” His heart was pounding. He had the key. This was it. He could do it if he hurried.

“I’ll start the clock as soon as you begin.”

He thought to himself quickly. He’d only have time to take the cage off. He’d have to leave the ring on to save time. He’d have to cum quick and try to get soft again as soon as possible. ‘Forty seconds!’ He had to try. His hand was shaking. He felt her move away from him. Probably only a few steps away to the couch he was in front of. The same couch she had him perfect his oral skills to the new height of a multiple orgasm just last night.

He took a deep breath and put the key to the lock. He tried to think of the last time he saw his wife naked. His thoughts turned to his wife’s cries of ecstasy during the times he serviced her. As soon as he turn the key his wife spoke up. “Tick-tock, tick-tock.”

He hurriedly fumbled with the lock. Dropping it and pulling off the cage. Wasting no further time he stroked his flaccid member as fast as he could. His mind laser focused on cumming. He felt it. Welling up fast. Sudden. The vibrations of the cock ring finally aided him instead of tormenting him.

They both were equally surprised at how quickly he started to climax.

“Oh, OH! Yes! Agh!!!” he cried out as his still soft dick sputtered the first drops of its load.


Her voice startled him out of his throws of relief. He grunted as he shook and bounced on his haunches like a child in a temper tantrum. His ruined orgasm clouding his thoughts. He ached to finish what he started. His hands quivered just away from his freed cock.

He fought for control as his hands began a desperate search for the cage and lock as now hardening shaft still dribbled out its pent up fluid.

“Hurry now! Times a wasting.” she snickered.

She watched as his hands blindly swept past the objects he sought again and again before finally finding them. She fought back a laugh as he struggled to contain his still hardening shaft.

Painfully he was just able to slip the lock back in place. His hands still held the cage as his head hung low.

She chuckled. “Now wasn’t that worth the wait? . . Well?”

“Thank you.” His cock was still fighting its cage. Something that hadn’t happened for months. He was hornier than before. He needed to cum. Really cum. ‘That had to be the reward.’ he thought. ‘A full orgasm.’ How he hoped.

“Poor baby. Six months is defiantly not long enough for you to earn a full. . . satisfying. . . ball draining orgasm.” Bostancı Evi Olan Escort He heard her moving around in front of him. “But the only way I could get you to start cleaning up your mess is to first make a mess and this was the best way I could think of while still keeping you horny.”

It took his brain a second or two to comprehend what she meant. “Wha. . .”

“Twenty six seconds, not bad.”

“I. . . I thought I came quicker.” he wanted to get back to what she had said, but knew better.

“Oh, you did. Ten seconds on the nose. Quite amusing actually. You were stroking so fast your poor little dick didn’t even have a chance to get hard before spurting.” she giggled. “No, twenty six seconds was the amount of time it took you to get your cage back on. Poor thing. Combine that with the two extra strokes you took and you’ve got quite awhile before you’re released again.”

He swallowed hard. “You said something about cleaning up? I was ju. . .”

“Of course you will. . . After all you are to fulfill all of my sensual and sexual desires and this is one of them. . . To have you taste the same cum that I’ve had to taste.” She ran her fingers across his back as she walked around him. “Do this. Do this and then you’ll get your twenty second peek at me. Then we can talk about what lies ahead.”

Her hands slipped the blindfold off of him. The brightly light room caused his eyes to flicker and strain to adjust. He looked down a the globs of opaque white goo between his legs. She gently pushed him forward. “Satisfy me.”

He moved himself down awkwardly and tried to lick up his mess, which only resulted in moving them around. Ultimately he just noisily slurped them it up off the floor. Letting the clammy texture and briny taste coat his mouth. She moved in front of him as he finished up and dropped her robe.

He stopped what he was doing a just stared at the robe for two seconds. Slowly his eyes pulled his body upwards. Following her shapely legs upwards his body reacted as she hoped. He released a sheepish groan from his cum soaked lips as his eyes glimpsed her bare pussy. His cock struggled and strained as he watched her run her hands over herself. Cupping and pushing her full breasts into each other before sliding their way down between her legs.

Then as quickly as it started it was over as she squatted down, scooped up her robe in a flash, covered up and stood back up. He tried to stifle a whimper.

“Aw. Poor baby. Twenty seconds goes quick, doesn’t it?” she sat down on the couch in front of him. “OK, ready for your reward?”

“Yes.” He tried to maintain eye contact, but her crossed legs sticking out of her robe was too much of a distraction.

“Mmm. All that nakedness. Right under this robe.” She chuckled. “Anyway. Cup your balls.”

Although he was confused by her request he complied.

“Stones. . . That’s slang for your balls, right?” He nodded. “What we need to do is make them into our family jewels. . . Do you know how these brilliant treasures are made?”

He shook his head.

“Time and pressure. . . Time and pressure.” She clasped her hands and squeezed them tightly. “Unrelenting pressure over a long period of time will turn ordinary minerals into precious gems. That is my reward.”

He swallowed hard. Nervously. The anticipation was nerve wracking. Yet his body tingled with an erotic energy. He feared what might be in store for him, but this was outweighed by the sound of her sultry and sensual voice. Like the song of the Siren; drawing him into his own sexual demise.

“I remember how you begged me to tease you and deny your sexual satisfaction. How you pleaded with me to do this for you. How you explained to me how I would also grow to love it; all the things you would do to satisfy me as your sexual frustration swelled. All the orgasms that I would have for both of us. . . Well, now we can begin that process. You see the first six months was just the beginning; an introduction if you will.”

She paused to gauge his reaction. A look of fear and apprehension was spread across his face, but cock told a different story. It strained and struggled in its tiny confines. She knew then that this was what he really wanted. What he craved.

“Now; I’ve allowed you ten seconds of freedom for every six months of service. So far, so good?”

He nodded. Wondering where this was going. The vibrating cock ring was so distracting.

“That is our baseline, our standard. Moments ago you took twenty-six seconds to re-lock your self. That earns you twenty six months of chastity. You also owe me ten months for each extra stroke you took. Forty six months; time. Of chastity; and pressure. That should turn your stones into family jewels and earn you 480 seconds of free time in your bank. That’s eight whole minutes. Just think Honey; you’ll even have time to get hard and drain all of the pent up sperms.” she grinned from ear to ear. “Perhaps I’ll even give a special treat.” She slide her hands between her legs, parting the robe just enough to get her fingers in, but not enough for him to see anything.

His dick fought against its cage as she spoke. His stomach churned. A mix of butterflies and knots. His emotions clashed. Lust, fear, apprehension and anticipation created a stew of mental confusion.

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