Tim TomTim Tom

Double Penetration

Tim TomTim TomBy: Londebaaz ChohanTim was lucky to have a well-paying job with a cable company even few months before he had finished his School and was told that the job shall be upgraded, if he continued after the high school. With both of his parents perished in a car accident, Tim had started living alone, enjoying his life style, the way he wanted to. What else but a gay life style. He was kind of excited when his elder brother, Tom; requested to come and stay with him for a while. He remembered Tom, as a lazy, sluggish person since his earliest memories. He still could recall, when they lived in a small 2-bedroom house with only one bathroom and he needed to sit on the commode. He knocked and asked for the permission and Tom did allow him to come in. Sitting there on the commode, he soon got aware of Tom, standing under the shower with water cascading over his adult, hairy chest. He sure looked very mature and sexy to Tim as he rubbed the soap over his dense pubic hair and extra ordinary looking size of his cock and balls. Tom’s dick was hard and stood far away from his body. Enough for Tim’s young gay cock to start rising. Feeling embarrassed he quickly pulled his shorts up to cover his own young but impressive cock and rushed out. Tom was heard asking him from behind, if he was done already and he only said, “Yes” before slamming the door behind him. Just as nature has set it up for men, he rushed to the bedroom. His shorts came off and then the shirt as well, before locking the door. Next he was jerking off wet and lubed with spit and pre cum in a fury and soon shot his load in one of the socks. He was still laying naked in the bed and enjoying the feeling of being naked because it was not safe in this small house and he had not been naked to enjoy the feeling, since long.Suddenly he had to jump out and throw the sock under the bed. He was not expecting but It was Tom’s voice outside, asking him, “why the door was locked”. Tim had to open the door with his throat dry as their eyes met. Thankfully, he had quickly pulled his shirt over his head, down to cover his still hard cock, as Tom came in. Standing couple of feet away from Tim, the towel around Tom’s waist got loose and fell to the floor. Tom stood there in all of his esteemed naked glory for Tim to see and enjoy; surely and obviously, Tim could not keep his eyes away. As it was not at all on purpose, Tom quickly bent over to pick up the towel but not before giving a chance to Tim for a glance at the growth of hair all over his body and particularly around his cock and balls; no less than his strong legs and thighs. They did not exchange a word but Tim was not sure if his eyes did not send an appreciating message. Soon Tom walked out and Tim had to jerk off and fill the other sock with his juices, this time dreaming about Tom’s sturdy strong hairy body in his grasp, making him cum relatively much sooner even for the second ejaculation. Those were Tim’s school years and he was conscious of being a gay boy. Just for being a show off, he did date a couple of girls but knew that it was not the pussy, that excited him but the other boy’s junk in their jeans was his utmost desire. In the school days, they lived in a small house of a tiny town and even trying to find gay sex was no option but Tim was extremely lucky that one guy, let him suck and also sucked Tim, whenever they could. He also had a memory of spending lots of time with the guy but did not cum or let the other partner ejaculate sooner and also that they both swallowed. That was the only gay sex he ever had so far and now he was a virtuoso on masturbation, still carrying the memory of his elder brother, Tom, who looked very sexy; when he saw him some years back. After school, the things turned altogether different and he quit his job because he got a nice opportunity to attend college. In his college days, Tim started and got to be an expert on hitting a lots of spots for giving and receiving the pleasure of gay sex but never forgot about the overwhelming sexuality of his brother Tom when he saw him; even when enjoying the steamy sex sessions with guys. After college, He found a much nicer job and decided to settle in life but unluckily every time, he tried to establish the long term gay relationships with a guy, he failed miserably; finally, to come to the healthy passion of being at work, come home, get naked and relax in his new house with some drinks. For all this time his brother Tom lived in that small house of their parents, only trying and failing in many different small ventures and jobs including marriage and divorce twice. It was one Saturday, Tom called and asked Tim for his permission to dispose that old house and move with Tim for a while. Honestly, it did not come to Tim’s mind but maybe, he was looking for bahis siteleri his sexy brother Tom to move in with him. Tim only asked him if he would be comfortable to live away from the only house, he was born in, lived in until he bought Tim out to own it until that day. Tom sounded very sad, when he said, “It was no longer a home to him”. He further added that he felt left all alone and wanted to be near Tim. Assured by Tim that he would love to see his brother happy, Tom asked him, if he could keep his truck for mobility instead of selling it too tagged with the house. Tim told him that he had 2 extra rooms and he could choose anyone to stay in and the garage was large enough to easily park 2 cars maybe even 3. The move was decided to happen in about a month. Tim had a huge hard on, for the next at least 2 weeks, whenever he thought of having spent all the naked time in his house while being alone and thinking, the changes he will have to make to his loving activity.They were in touch on the phone and Tom told him that he had a buyer already in less than 4 days and everything seemed on fast track. It was a wait of one month but the month flew very fast. Finally, the Friday came which was decided to be the move in day and Tom was expected at around 7:00 PM. Tim came back from work at around 5:00 PM and was about to take off his clothes to be naked but decided against the idea for not knowing Tom’s reaction and instead changed to a t-shirt and a nice gym shorts. The bell rang and Tim greeted Tom. First thing first, Tom was given a tour, showing him the large living room, cozy family room on the other side, big kitchen with attached spacious dining room. Going down the hall to the bedrooms, he was shown 2 bedrooms next to each other; one being slightly larger than the other, both with attached bathrooms but the larger bedroom had larger bathroom with both shower and the bath tub plus this had a Jacuzzi as well and Tom decided to take that. After hauling in his bags, Tim showed him the large wardrobes and multiple storage closets in the dressing area on one side of the bathroom. Tom began unpacking and Tim took off to see what he had in the fridge for the dinner.When Tom came to the kitchen, he thanked Tim and gave him a warm hug to help him at the time of need. Tim almost felt Tom’s fat cock take a solid jolt in his jeans before pulling away. Tom took a seat at the corner dinette table in the kitchen and Tim placed a plate in front of him and the salad platter he had made ready and told Tom that the steaks were getting grill sizzled and almost ready. After the dinner and getting done with the clearing of the table, they took a seat in the family room with the bottle of scotch. Tom took first to fill the glasses and suggested a toast, thanking Tim once again and also for the nice home and the sweet brotherly company. As they sat sipping and watching some ball game on the tube, Tom told Tim that he would feel more welcomed if Tim did not change any of his routines for him. He reminded Tim that it was his home and Tom was just a guest. Tim could not make anything different out of it but a sincere effort on Tom’s part to tell Tim for not doing anything lavish or out of routine to impress him. They both gave each other a promising grin and raised glasses to keep the promise. Somehow, Tim thought it the best time to inform Tom of him living alone for years and his routine of staying naked in the house after coming home from work and Tom surprised Tim with his cool attitude, telling Tim once again that it was his house. He also added that with being married twice, he could not have the luxury for such open mindedness of staying naked all the time in his home. Soon, Tom started flipping channels over and over announcing that watching the ball game after the dinner and sipping scotch, reminded him of both of his wives who were loving persons but cold as cucumber when it came to sex and that was the reason of his divorce both times. Tim knew; he should have stayed quiet in this tedious and personal issue of Tom’s life but the scotch had hit his brain, making him drunk already for the words to blur out of his lips, saying, “It must have been tough and rough for Tom”. Somehow Tom played strong and told Tim, that although he was single but he must know, how to take care of such problems and manage the things. Tim felt a lot of kink in his verbiage. The thought of Tom masturbating made Tim to remember the time seeing Tom naked years ago in the bathroom with a huge hard on behind the frosty shower glass door and he was sure, once he left the bathroom, Tom must have jerked off to empty his balls making Tim blush. When Tim reminded him of that day, Tom did not hesitate to say, “That was before his marriage”, but also confessed of taking care of himself in the canlı bahis siteleri shower many, many times and quite often. They kept sitting in the family room couch for long and talking about many things. Finally, Tom asked his younger brother once again that if he wanted to shed his clothes, it was ok for him but Tim hesitated and Tom said, “If for any reason, you are afraid that you will get hard in front of me, well; we are both men and there is nothing new to hide, we have not seen before.Tim still hesitated and excused to go for taking a leak in the bathroom attached to his bedroom. After draining his bladder as he turned to come back, he thought, what the hell and decided to pull his shirt off his body and then the gym shorts as well, forcing all thoughts out of his mind to see Tom naked once again. Tim looked in the mirror to see lots of similarities with Tom as he still remembered. Tim’s chest was hairy too, his cock was also very thick and long with thick treasure trail going down to his cock. He did not remember if Tom had black pubes or brownish like him. Tim had considerably less hair on his arms and legs. “Hey Tim, are you coming back”. He heard Tom calling him and Tim reached for the towel to wrap around his mid-body and walked down the hall to join Tom in the family room. Then, smoothly he removed the towel to see a hint of surprise in Tom’s eyes and Tim flatly said that he told him already, this is how he always spent his evenings at home and Tom assured him for getting no complaints. Before settling back, Tim asked Tom, if he needed more scotch because he was going to make another glass for himself and made 2 glasses gestured by Tim for one more as well. They sat quietly sipping their drink for a few moments but Tim could not stop himself from asking Tom to join him if he wanted to and he will also have no problem with it like Tom did not have any with Tim being naked. Tim stressed, “It is not fair that only I feel comfortable in here”. Tom just put off his proposal saying that he will do that but it will take him time to adjust to the new way of life. They sat there for an hour or so and then Tim stood up to go for a shower before going to bed. Tom also stood up saying that he was a bit tired too and he will also go and take a shower and hit the sack as well. Tim locked his bedroom door and headed for the shower. Turning the spray, he quickly stepped underneath the water. As the needles began penetrating into his body, Tim gradually started feeling relaxed. Soon he shut the water off and stepped out to dry himself. He brushed his teeth and hit the bed. As he lay there, he had a thought that what if during the night Tom needed him. He got up and not only unlocked but also opened his bedroom door a little. As he crawled back in the bed, he thought if Tom also slept nude like him, down the hall. He tried to shut his brain and slowly drifted off dreaming to be on some quiet and peaceful island all alone. But soon, he heard someone call his name and realized that he was very much awake. He heard the voice again and a fading sketch standing at his door. The voice was positively Tom, calling his name. “Sorry Tim, it feels so strange in my room; you mind if I lay down with you a bit? Being in a strange place after so many years has left me unsettled”. Tim moved over a bit and patted the bed. “OK, come in”. He invited Tom and felt the bed move as his brother lay down next to him. Tim asked him once more if he was alright and Tom only replied that he felt spooky being alone at a new place and wanted to be near his younger brother, if it were fine with Tim. Tim told him, “No problem. It is a king size bed and he was welcome to spend the entire night here if need be”. Tom appreciated it very much and then they lay there in silence for a while. Tom had turned to the wall. After a while, the sound of his breathing was telling Tim that he had fallen asleep, and then Tim also dozed off. Sometime during the night, Tim started to dream again. He was back on the same island, lying on the beach. It was awesome because whoever was there with him was also naked and tightly snuggled into Tim. He could feel his cock slide along the crack and in his dream that naked body was pushing back hard into his cock. Tim could feel his bush and chest hair being tickled. His eyes opened up, he could not see much in the dark but he surely was not sleeping nor dreaming. There was indeed a naked body snuggled into Tim and his cock was grinding against the ass crack. Tim suddenly realized that Tom, during his sleep had pushed into Tom’s hard cock and now he was sliding along Tom’s ass crack. Tim tried to take control of his breathing, wondering if Tom was awake also. The sound of Tom’s breathing was telling that he was not asleep. Abruptly, Tim decided; canlı bahis WTF! If Tom could rub his ass against Tim’s cock and pretending to be asleep, why he could not do the same and enjoy rubbing his cock against Tom’s ass for enjoyment. He slowly pushed into Tom as if he was not trying to wake him up but wanted to feel more of his hot ass crack. Soon he could feel Tom’s ass rub further up against the thick base of his cock and inside of his legs. Being naked with Tom had made Tim very hard and pre cum had started to flow like a stream. His fingers wanted to play with Tom’s hairy chest and nipples and also wanted to wrap his hand around Tom’s hefty cock but he just did not want to do anything to spoil the moment. Suddenly, Tim heard almost a fake coughing sound, indicating that Tom was not asleep as well and Tim almost froze, afraid to breathe and move at all. Although this was the dumb question, but Tim heard Tom, asking if he was fine. Tim had no answer but soon, Tom pulled Tim tighter and he turned to face Tim. Tim’s hard cock was dripping as their cocks and balls met face to face. For the first time in life, it was a feeling out of this world, when Tim placed his hand on Tom’s chest over the thick and tangled hair tried to bring his finger over to the nipples. Tom’s cock was felt growing larger and harder between Tim’s thighs. Now it was Tim’s turn to pull him closer and his hands moved to Tim’s shoulders. As soon as either of them realized, what was happening, Tim’s lips found Tom’s lips and his tongue dipped deep inside Tom’s mouth. Mother fucking kiss was too damn hot and both of their dicks coaxed in a struggle to ward off the desire of cumming already.“Oh, Tim, for years, I had wanted this but did not know, how to but I am glad, we are here now and happening”. Tom was sighing and talking into Tim’s mouth. “I am glad too” reiterated Tim and assured Tim to do all and whatever, either one of them wanted to do. They both reminded the other about the times when they jerked off fantasizing about the other. They were both very hot. “I need to do something to satisfy my cock”, Tim told Tom and Tom told him to do whatever he wanted. Being encouraged, Tim decided to have a taste of Tom’s thick and stiff, lengthy cock and lowered his body to take Tom’s cock in his hand. Tom shuddered hard as Tim touched his most precious and private organ. Tim kept tracing the head of Tom’s cock, with his fingers and then soon with his tongue, slowly moving down his healthy shaft with warm and wet lips and mouth. Tom was breathing so rapidly that Tim thought, he was going to pass out. “Fuck, yeah”! moaned Tom as Tim started to work the huge mass of meat up and down, sucking and sending immense pressure down under to the balls. Every time Tim breathed in the delicious sweet smell from Tom’s balls, he felt that it was his turn to pass out. It took Tom, no more than 5 minutes and he was quivering strongly and shaking with a desire to edge and somehow let Tim suck and enjoy his cock but instead, he yelled; warning Tim and tried to pull out of the lovely mouth but Tim started going up and down the shaft with renewed pressure and force, making Tom to fuck Tim’s face harder and harder, each time his length was swallowed. Tom’s dick swelled up and got stiffer as well just as it got ready to shoot. Tom squirted, load after load to the back of Tim’s throat as he swallowed and moaned appreciating the tangy taste and thick texture of the manly drink. Tom kept shooting and Tim kept sucking until, Tom’s nuts were drained and he patted Tim indicating the extreme sensitivity of his cock. Now Tim was not sure if Tom would be comfortable with getting fucked, what he loved to do but decided to lay beside Tom and took his own very wet and stiff cock in his palm for masturbation. It was the most delicious and delectable scene to have Tom lay there next to him, naked. Tom’s cock had now started to limp and shrink, getting lost in the thick black bush between his legs. Then out of nowhere, Tom’s hand appeared and started to play with Tim’s chest and nipples as Tim masturbated and felt delighted with Tom’s touch. Soon, Tom’s hand slipped down and groped the balls, pushing them down and away from the body in the sac. As Tim jerked his length, Tom played with his balls to drive him over the edge. Tim’s first shot fell right on his nipples, followed by many more to soak all his chest. By the time he finished shooting, his thick and creamy fluid was trailed from his hairy nipples down to his brownish pubic bush. Tim could not remember, the last time, he gushed so forcefully and fucking that much for complete joy and satisfaction.As both lay there drained and serene, Tim felt Tom’s hand on his limping cock announcing that he did not imagine, the start of his visit would be this wild and necessary to make it permanent. Tim laughed saying, “Lock stock and everything, for sure”. They both turned to their sides and soon were snoring, leaning on each other.The end. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan January 24, 2020

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