Thursday Afternoon on the RanchThursday Afternoon on the Ranch


It was Thursday afternoon on a cattle ranch in an obscure corner of Southeastern Oregon. The ranch was at the end of a gravel road 20 miles from the nearest paved road, which isn’t hard in Malheur County since there are damned few paved roads, and it is larger than a number of small eastern states. Of course, there are city blocks in New York City that have higher populations than all of Malheur County. Really. Look it up. Some people also claim that it has more cows than people. That is undoubtedly true, given that there are only 31,000 people in the county.

Lisa was standing at the kitchen sink cleaning up the dishes and looking out the window. She could see for miles. The view included the barn and other outbuildings of their home ranch, 200 acres of bottom land where irrigation from a creek allowed them to grow hay to feed their cattle in the winter, low sage-covered hills beyond the bottom land, and finally a range of mountains probably 30 miles away. Aside from a couple of struggling apple trees in their front yard, there wasn’t a tree to be seen in the entire panorama. It was a view she had never gotten tired of in the 25 years since Luke had brought her from Virginia, where she had grown up. Her first reaction had been, “My god, Luke has brought me home to the middle of nowhere,” which was more or less true, but her love for Luke had kept her there long enough to acquire a taste for the high desert of Eastern Oregon.

Now she would be dragged kicking and screaming away from the remote ranch Luke had inherited from his family. His great-grandfather had started the ranch in the 1870s, homesteading 160 acres that he and his descendants had grown to over a thousand acres on three different ranches scattered across Malheur and Harney counties, plus another 20,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management grazing allotments they controlled.

Right now she had something else on her mind—and that was sex with Luke. She had met him 28 years ago at the Ivy League college their parents had sent them to, and they had enjoyed an amazing sex life ever since, notwithstanding the challenges of dormitory rules, raising two children who were now grown and moved on with their own lives, running the family ranches, and most recently, his trips to Salem as a legislative representative for this remote corner of Oregon.

She could see him on the far side of the bottom land, a couple of miles away, mending fence, a chore he badly wanted to get done this June day before he had to go back to Salem for committee hearings beginning next Monday. His horse was tied to a fence post. She could also see a thunderstorm brewing behind the ridge of the mountains, and she knew that the storm would drive him from his chores within the next hour. It looked like an intense one. It was going to come over the mountain and sweep down across the sage-covered hills and the ranch, flickering its fingers of lightning, and ultimately raining like there was no tomorrow.

Luke wouldn’t stay out working in that. She knew he would come back to the house, just a bit behind the leading edge of the storm, wet but not quite soaked, and smelling of wet horse, wet sage, and, oh yes, smelling of Luke, that indefinable aroma that had always entranced her from the first day they had met. He would be grumbling about not getting his fence mending done, and she would seduce him, just as she had always done when a storm drove him out of the fields and they had the house to themselves.

She knew just how she was going to do it, and thinking about it was making her wet. They had done it enough times so that it was really almost a ritual for them, and it was different than the rest of their lovemaking. Normally Luke initiated their lovemaking and defined where and how they were going to fuck. Not that he was an aggressive, dominant personality, but that was just the way they did things. Luke took the lead, and she had been fine with that.

But on those occasions when a storm drove him cursing from the fields, frustrated about his inability to accomplish what he had set out to do, their pattern was reversed. On these occasions Lisa was the dominant member of the couple, and somehow it always came as a surprise to Luke that his normally submissive wife was telling him exactly where and how he was going to fuck her. But he always went along, and the result for 25 years had been great sex, normally followed by a cup of coffee, curled up naked under a blanket on the front porch swing.

“Funny,” she thought with a smile. “You’d think he would be expecting me to seduce him when he comes in like this, but he has never figured it out. He is always so pissed off about not being able to finish whatever it was he was doing that sex is the farthest thing from his mind. He’ll come in grumbling and complaining and I’ll stop him cold, . . . and then we’ll fuck. He just never figures it out. Mmm, I love a good thunderstorm.”

Her work at the sink was done, so she walked out of the kitchen, Esenyurt Escort through the front of the house, and onto the porch. The porch was covered and ran around two sides of the house, a classic ranch design of the early twentieth century. The decking, like the floors in the house, consisted of softwood planks cut from timber growing high in the mountains to the east in Idaho. After nearly a hundred years it was worn and weathered, but it had a feel she liked. She sat on the front porch swing, and watched Luke toiling to mend the fence on the far side of the hayfield as the storm approached.

The storm had reached over the high ridge of the range now and was sweeping down toward the sage-covered hills that started at the base of the range. She could see the lightning flickering in the clouds as it approached. It was too far away to hear yet, but she suspected it was audible by now where Luke was. She needed to go inside and get ready, but there wasn’t a lot of preparation required, so she just sat for a few more minutes watching the approaching storm and fantasizing about how she was going to seduce Luke in about half an hour. The power of the storm made her think of Luke’s power when he forced her legs apart and shoved his hard cock into her pussy.

Finally, she decided she needed to go in. The storm was approaching fast, and soon even her stubborn husband would decide it was time to seek shelter. She walked back into the house and upstairs to their bedroom. There she kicked off her shoes and stripped off her workday clothes—jeans, cotton blouse, serviceable bra, and cotton panties. Looking out the bedroom window again to check on the approach of the storm, she stood naked in front of the window, something she never would have done where she had grown up in Virginia. But here, twenty miles from the nearest paved road, you could stand naked before an open window. There was no one to see you. Their ranch hands were all up on the Sanderson place (another of their ranches) over in Harney County getting in the first cutting of hay from the bottom land on that ranch, and Luke was a long way off and fully occupied with mending the fencing damaged by winter snows.

Of course, if Luke could see her standing naked before the window, she wouldn’t have minded. She had always loved exposing herself to Luke. She knew that seeing her naked just lit a fire in Luke that always resulted in his wanting to fuck her until she begged for mercy. She had learned that when they were dating as sophomores in college, and it hadn’t changed. Truth be told, exposing herself to Luke lit a fire in her, too.

The storm really was coming on. Now she could hear the thunder, which was still not loud from her vantage point at the open window in the second story of the house, but a nearly continuous rolling crackle. “Come on Luke,” she said softly. “It’s time to get out of there, and I really want you to come back here and fuck me.” As she watched, she could see Luke gathering up his tools and putting them on the horse. Even her stubborn husband had decided to head for the barn.

She turned away from the window and walked naked across their bedroom to a closet. Stretching to her toes, she reached up to the top shelf and pulled down an old apron. It was worn and tired looking, but it was what she used for these occasions. Luke would know what was required of him as soon as he saw it. When she pulled it over her head and tied it in the back it would more or less cover her front, although as loose as she planned to tie it, it would be easy to lean just so and expose most of her tits. Of course, it covered nothing from behind.

She didn’t have big tits, but they were big enough to entrance Luke from the first day she met him. They were bigger now and not as firm as they had been in college, but she thought, as she looked in the mirror, “Not bad.” She surveyed the rest of her still naked body in the mirror—legs, still firm and attractive as they had been all those years ago; belly—well a bit plumper than it had been when she was 19 and first seduced Luke (yes, she seduced him the first time), but still not bad for someone in her mid-forties with three grown children. Ranch work had kept her slimmer than a lot of her friends from college that she stayed in touch with through Facebook.

She spun before the mirror, looking over her shoulder at her derriere (she preferred “derriere” to Luke’s term, which was “ass.” He could be crude sometimes, although she had to admit she liked it when they were fucking). Well, her derriere, or ass if you will, was not what it was when she had been in college. Like anyone in her forties, it had spread a bit, but Luke loved it, which was what really mattered to her. Sometimes he would get behind her and grab her hips and hold them as he pounded his cock into her pussy. He could reduce her to a quivering, crying wreck doing that. It was so good.

She heard a loud crack of thunder Beylikdüzü Escort that caused her to drop her self-appraisal and fantasizing and slip the apron over head and tie it behind her. That last thunder peel would bring Luke in soon, and she wanted to be in the kitchen when he came in. She could hear the first drops of rain bouncing off the tin roof of the old house.

As soon as the apron was on she hustled down the stairs and busied herself in the kitchen making a pot of coffee that she planned to drink on the porch with Luke afterward.

It was really starting to rain by the time he got the horse back to the barn. Cloud lightning was crackling overhead almost continuously. He took time to take the saddle and bridle off the horse and put him in a stall in the barn. He would turn him out into the pasture once the storm had passed.

Much as he liked horses, he had to admit that a four-wheeler was a lot better for a chore like today’s. If he had been out there on a four-wheeler, he could have stayed a few minutes longer before he had to run for the barn, and there was always the risk that a horse would spook at the sound and flash of a nearby lightning bolt. A Yamaha might occasionally get stuck in the mud (or run out of gas, if you were sloppy), but it wouldn’t spook and throw you off at the sound of thunder.

After taking care of the horse, he walked quickly towards the house in the now heavy rain. “Damn, why did this storm have to blow in?” he muttered under his breath. “I really wanted to get that work done today. I have to go back to Salem next week and there are some folks down in Ontario (the largest town in the county) that I need to see tomorrow. Damn, it will take me most of the day tomorrow to drive to Ontario and back.”

She could hear him as he stomped his boots coming up the steps onto the porch. Then she heard the porch swing creak as he sat down to pull off his muddy work boots. It had taken her years, but she had eventually trained him not to come stomping into the house with muddy boots on. The coffee was dripping and she was ready, but she just stood in front of the sink facing away from the door into the kitchen. She wanted the first thing he saw when he walked into the kitchen to be her naked ass (Now she was using his term. That’s how horny she was). When he saw her and realized she was naked beneath the old apron, he would forget all the things that were frustrating him and focus on what she wanted—fucking.

He kicked off his boots and stepped through the screen door, letting it slam behind him. “Lisa,” he called out as he strode through the parlor (as his grandmother had called the living room that the front door opened into). “Lisa, you here? This goddam storm! Shit, I have to go to Ontario tomorrow and then to Salem next week. When the hell am I going to get those fences patched up?”

She could hear him raising hell in the parlor, but she ignored him. She knew he would find his way to the kitchen soon enough without her responding to him. “He is really wound up,” she thought. “I love it when he is like this. His energy will just carry right on through to the fucking, if I do it right.” She continued to look out the kitchen window so her naked ass was facing the door to the kitchen.

“Lisa, where the hell are . . .” Luke bellowed as he walked into the kitchen. Then he saw her, standing at the sink watching the storm out the window, naked except for the old apron, which did nothing to cover her back or her ass. His breath caught when he saw her. “Oh, fuck, she is beautiful,” he said silently to himself as all thoughts of his problems disappeared. They had been through this enough times that he knew what the old apron and her naked ass meant. It meant she wanted him to fuck her, and she was going to tell him exactly how he should do it, and he was going to forget everything else that was worrying him and fuck her just the way she wanted to be fucked. He could feel his prick starting to stir in his pants.

“I’m here, Luke,” she said softly, still facing away from him, so he could savor the view of her nearly naked body.

He said nothing in response. He just stood, staring at her like he had the first time she had exposed herself to him when they were in college all those years ago.

She turned, facing him, but she made sure that she turned just far enough to insure he could see most of one of her breasts through the side of the apron. God this was making her horny. “Really Luke, I don’t think you should be worrying about the storm right now,” she said as she looked at the tall, lean cowboy she was married to. He had tossed his baseball cap someplace as he came in, and his hair was damp and messed up, not from the rain, but from the work he had been doing before the storm struck. It was beginning to show a bit of gray, but it was still as thick as it had been when she first met him.

She waited for him to respond, but he was silent. Avcılar Escort He knew what she wanted, and he was waiting for her to tell him how she wanted it.

She reached behind her back and untied the apron. It still hung from the strap around her neck but she pushed it aside so Luke could see one of her breasts fully, but not enough to expose her pussy. All of one thigh was exposed. She reached up and began to massage the exposed tit. “Sit down Luke,” she said, as she pushed the apron farther to the side, exposing most of her other breast and her sex. She used her fingers to push back the hair and spread her lips so he could see how aroused she was.

The storm was fully on them now. The rain was pounding on the tin roof, the wind howling, and a near continuous crackle of cloud lightning.

Luke seemed stuck standing so she repeated herself more firmly, “Sit down, I said.”

Luke heard her this time and pulled a chair from the kitchen table. He sat facing her as Lisa had commanded, leaning back in the chair with his long legs stretched out before him. He adjusted his trousers to accommodate his rapidly growing cock. Lisa pulled the apron over her head so she was completely naked and leaned back against the kitchen counter enjoying Luke’s stare. She spread her legs so her sex was fully exposed. “Oh, fuck!” she thought, “It makes me so horny to expose myself to him like this.” She massaged both of her tits as he watched.

Luke remained silent and started to release his belt. “No!” Lisa said. “I want to do that.”

He stopped immediately and simply sat and watched her as she walked towards him. His prick was fully erect beneath his Levis now. When she reached him, she stepped so that her feet were on either side of his legs, and then she sat naked in his fully-dressed lap and began to slowly release the buttons on his denim shirt. She could smell him now, just as she expected—a mixture of wet sage, wet horse, and that really unique smell that was, and always had been, Luke. God it was intoxicating.

Leaning forward she kissed him, a long sensuous kiss with both of them using their tongues to duel for space in each other’s mouth while her hands explored his naked chest beneath the mostly open denim shirt. The thunder continued to crackle, and the rain could be heard pounding on the tin roof above them, but they didn’t notice.

The kiss was going to go on forever, or so he thought, until she pulled back and grabbed his hands, placing one on each of her breasts. His hands were rough from physical labor, but his touch was tender, and he knew just how to massage her breasts and pull on her nipples to arouse her. He massaged her breasts for a long time and then pinched each nipple, which brought a gasp of pleasure from her.

Then she stood, backing away from him. “Spread your legs,” she commanded. “I want to be between them.”

He complied, and she dropped to her knees between his legs. Then she released his belt and the buttons on his Levis. Her hand snaked into his pants and massaged his cock through his jockey shorts. Luke pushed his hips towards her as she fondled his cotton-clad prick.

“Still! Be still!” she said.

He froze. He knew she was in charge.

“Now lift your hips off the chair,” she commanded as she grabbed his Levis and his jockey shorts at the waist. As he quickly complied she pulled them both down to below his knees. His newly freed cock jumped straight out at her. It was fully erect.

“God, I never get tired of looking at his cock,” she thought as she reached out and grabbed it with both hands. She stroked it for a moment and then backed away, telling him to pull his pants and jockey shorts all the way off. She sat before him with her knees pulled up and legs spread, her glistening sex fully exposed to him, as she stared at his fully erect prick. He finished pulling his shirt off so he was naked now, just like her.

He was so fucking horny. All thoughts of his problems were gone. All he wanted was to get his prick into this beautiful woman sitting before him with her legs spread to show him her cunt. She had always loved to expose herself to him, and it had always reduced him to a basket case. He knew she was going to call the shots in this encounter, so he just sat, staring at the naked, aroused woman sitting before him, waiting for her command. Finally he said, “What do you want me to do.”

“Shhhh,” she responded softly, holding a finger to her lips. Outside the storm continued to howl.

She sat silently staring at his erection. She knew that he was powerless to move forward with her sitting before him with her legs spread. Finally, she said, “I’m going to suck your cock.” There was no “please” or “mother may I.” She was telling him that she was going to suck his cock.

He reached down with his hand to stroke his cock in response to her statement.

“Don’t you dare!” she said. “That cock is mine, not yours. I’ll tell you when you can touch it.”

He quickly pulled his hand away. His cock twitched on its own without being touched by anyone as she reached down and began to masturbate her sex. She kept it up for two or three minutes, just to torture him. She knew he loved to stroke his cock, while she played with her pussy, but not now.

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