Three New FriendsThree New Friends


This is a piece from a longer novella – I thought it might fit here and I’m always interested in feedback. Hope it makes sense. Cheers!


Jenny sat across from them. The dinner and wine seemed to have dampened her enthusiasm for talking. She was eighteen years old and knew she looked cute in the candlelight. She watched the two of them now, her eyes moving from Lisa to Charlie, back and forth, back and forth. She could have been their daughter on a family holiday, Charlie thought. Ben returned from the kitchen only to say goodnight.

“You all know where everything is,” he said, yawning. “Charlie, Lisa will see to your needs.” He waved and took his time to walk slowly up the stairs to his bedroom.

Charlie thanked Ben for the wonderful dinner and tried to digest what the older man had just said. Lisa will see to my needs? Jenny carried her wine glass and stood by the large plate glass living room window. Gusts of wind pounded the house with rain. She turned to Charlie and Lisa, and then looked back out into the night. “It was a dark and stormy night,” she said, with a movie trailer voice that did not quite suit her. She laughed and ran some fingers through her long dark hair. “What a drag to be a bird on a night like this,” she said. “I guess they find shelter somewhere and wait for the wind to die down, eh?”

“I suppose that’s what they do,” Lisa said. She kissed the back of Charlie’s neck and moved her hands around to his chest. “I suppose finding shelter from a storm is what most intelligent creatures would do.”

Lisa gently pulled him from his chair and led him down the hall, past the bathroom to the doorway of a closed room. The first feeling to hit Charlie was one of fear, followed by a surge of excitement. He could feel the two fine French wines tickling his nerves. How much wine had they consumed . . .? Lisa pushed open the door and as they entered they heard Jenny’s voice from down the hall, saying goodnight. A girlish giggle accompanied her words. He wondered if she was even of legal drinking age. But for now, he really only had only one thing on his mind. The tastefully decorated, spacious room was like something from an erotic dream.

A huge four poster bed sat in the middle of the room, a massive, billowy comforter and pillows on top; a love seat was on one side of the bed and piles of puffy pastel blue cushions covered the cream coloured thick carpet on the opposite side. Charlie recognized the artwork of Gustav Klimt, 4 erotic semi-nudes were displayed on natural cedar walls. Soft light from a dozen large candles cast dancing shadows around the room. A fire glowed behind the glass doors of a black wood stove in the corner. The room was warm and welcoming.

Lisa pulled Charlie into the room. “I guess we’ll have to share this room,” she said, smiling.

Charlie fumbled for the right response but his mind was a hornets’ nest of thoughts and images. For a split second he saw his wife. He imagined her with another man, something he had tried to push from his mind in the past. This time, however, he consciously tried to pull that image to the forefront of his thoughts as if searching for a reason to justify his current craving for the beautiful Lisa. He knew he could not resist the urge that swelled up inside him now, yet again he imagined his wife laughing and flirting with other men. He imagined her lying naked on another man’s bed and for the first time ever he did not care. He wanted Lisa.

He took a deep breath. “I guess we do have to share this room,” he finally said. He knew he must have appeared slightly nervous or drunk or both. Slowly, he could feel his muscles relaxing with the wine and the cozy, erotic atmosphere.

“Ben always keeps extra everything in the bathroom across the hall so you’ll find a new toothbrush, towels and stuff in a drawer — feel free to poke around in there. Have a shower if you like. I’ll use the upstairs shower and meet you back here in 10 or 15 minutes. OK?” She kissed him on the cheek.

Charlie immediately imagined Lisa in the shower. “Sounds good to me,” said, hoping she would not notice the sudden bulge in his sweat pants.

Lisa kissed him again, spun on her heels and left the room, leaving Charlie alone to ponder the mystery of the day. He stood for a moment in front a full length mirror on the wall behind the bed, wondering again what Lisa saw in that middle aged, slightly pudgy body. While certainly not ugly, Charlie had never considered himself overly attractive. He met his own eyes in the reflection, sucked in his gut, smiled and decided to accept that whatever it was that Lisa saw was just fine by him. Maybe it was simply as Lisa had suggested, his karma unfolding — compensation for years of frustration at home. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and found his way to the bathroom across the hall.

Charlie had to chuckle at himself in the bathroom. He felt like a nervous schoolboy before the first big date. After a quick but thorough shower, he found that rus escort Ben had left satin pajamas and a blue cotton robe on a hook by the door. He also discovered a new toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and German aftershave in a fancy bottle. Ben, it seemed, was always prepared for ill equipped visitors. A final glance in the bathroom mirror and Charlie had to admit he was certainly not the most homely looking 47 year old man on the planet. In fact, he thought he looked pretty good. Happy Birthday, Charlie.


As he entered the bedroom, Charlie stopped and stared and breathed deep. Lisa sat cross legged on the bed, watching him closely. She wore a powder blue silk teddy that covered most of her blue lace panties. Her long legs were bare and beautiful. The frazzled nerves inside Charlie’s body disappeared with a sudden rush of adrenalin.

“Wow,” he said. He took 3 steps toward the bed, stopped and smiled. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are — always, but especially at this moment?”

She grinned and patted the bed, beckoning him to join her. “Why thank you kind sir,” she said, in a fake southern drawl. “And may I say what a pleasure it is to be with such an attractive man as yourself.” She laughed.

Charlie wondered if there was a hint of sarcasm in her voice, but as he sat beside her and breathed in her sweet fragrance, his only thoughts were of being close to Lisa. He put a hand on her shoulder and moments later their lips met in a long, passionate embrace. Lips and tongues danced for eternity and Charlie knew that nothing in the world mattered except for feeling the joy that swelled inside him now.

She pushed him down on the bed, straddling him, long soft, silky hair draping over his face. She kissed him again, quick little kisses on his neck and cheeks, finishing with a long, wet kiss on hungry lips. She was in control and Charlie was in heaven. His heart pounded as he felt her hands pushing down on his hands, spreading them out on the big bed. He felt and heard and smelled her breath as she nibbled gently on his ears, felt her tongue on his neck, then she kissed him again and again on the lips but stronger this time as if there were no tomorrow.

She sat upright over him, wavy ash blonde hair flowing over her shoulders across the lingerie that covered her breasts. Charlie gazed into her eyes, and then watched as she slowly, carefully nudged the strap of the teddy with a finger, forcing the garment to slide down her body. She repeated the process with the other strap until both breasts were fully exposed.

They were perfect, large and full with light brown nipples erect. He moved his hands up to her shoulders and slowly caressed with fingers and palms, gently sliding down . . . down . . . until he touched her breasts, causing her to sigh and breathe deep with pleasure. His fingers slowly touched the base of her nipples. She arched her back and groaned and he delighted in feeling her full weight on his stomach. He caressed both breasts, gently nudging them together then apart again and again as she sighed and moaned her approval. Ever so gently, he rolled her nipples between his fingers. He had rehearsed this scene a thousand times in his dreams.

“Oh God, Charlie that feels good,” she said between deep breaths.

He said nothing. He stared in awe at the gorgeous woman over him now; his hands moved down to her hips for a moment, and then returned to fondle the large breasts that slowly descended as she leaned over to feel his lips on her waiting nipples. He felt his body melting in ecstasy.

She rolled beside him on the bed and he felt her hand between his legs, spending only a second massaging a thigh before finding the erection that had formed a tent in the silk pajamas. Fingers floated over the silk, then found their way underneath to his quivering penis. He felt a warm hand wrap around his shaft, slowly pulling up and down, up and down . . .

Charlie heard himself groan, surprised at the volume but he was unable or unwilling to conceal his instinctive response to the touch of Lisa’s hands, both of them now fondling his erection and testicles. Their lips met again, then separated and he gazed into her soft blue eyes.

“That feels so very, very wonderful,” he said. He rolled on top of her, kissing her waiting lips, neck and breasts. His mind drifted to the edge of ecstasy and back. His entire being ached for Lisa’s touch and taste and smell. He closed his eyes and breathed in the moment as she lay on top of him again, pushing her big breasts to his face. Again and again he kissed and felt nipples on his cheeks and lips.

His eyes were still closed when he heard a female voice that he knew did not belong to Lisa.

“That is so incredibly erotic.”

Charlie shot upright in the bed and pulled the comforter over his erection. Panic ripped at his mind. Jenny sat on the love seat beside them, staring intently at the two lovers. She wore sincan escort pink cotton pajamas and was holding a full bottle of wine in one hand and an empty glass in the other.

“Jesus, how long have you been there?” Charlie asked.

“My name is not Jesus,” Jenny said, smiling. She laughed. “And I’ve only been here for a minute.”

Charlie glanced at Lisa. “Didn’t you see her come into our room?” He repeated the words “our room” while frowning at Jenny.

“I must have missed it,” Lisa said. “We were kind of preoccupied,” she added. She pulled the comforter over her breasts, leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. She seemed annoyed with Jenny.

“Listen,” Charlie said to Jenny, “this is really not OK. Do you always just barge into other people’s rooms like this?”

The expression on Jenny’s face changed from happy to sad in less than a second. Charlie wondered how many glasses of wine she had consumed since dinner. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to make anyone angry. I couldn’t sleep and it’s stormy as hell outside and your door was open and I kinda heard something happening in here and . . .” She paused and took a deep breath. Tears formed in her big brown eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said again. “I’m really stupid and really, really sorry.” She stood.

Charlie regretted the previous angry tone of his voice. “Hey,” he said. “It’s not the end of the world, Jenny.” He remembered the girl’s face as he’d seen it earlier that day on the beach — distant and sad. He felt sorry for her again. “I didn’t mean to sound angry,” he said. “It’s just that I was surprised and to be honest, this whole day has been one surprise after another.” A wave of mixed emotions flowed through his veins, complete with flashes of sudden guilt that he tried desperately to chase away. His erection disappeared.

Lisa kneeled on the bed and massaged his shoulders. “Birthdays are supposed to be full of surprises, Charlie,” she said. “Are you suggesting you have not enjoyed your birthday — so far?”

Charlie breathed deep and tried to smile. “Yes, it’s been wonderful. Interesting but wonderful,” he added, the anxiety slowly dissipating. He looked again at Jenny. A tear rolled down her cheek. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Jenny poured herself a glass of wine and forced a grin. “When I was in high school,” she said, “some of my teachers used to tell me I was born a few decades too late.” She sipped her wine. “I was told I would fit better in the sixties with all my ideas about life and happiness and nature and stuff. I hated to hear that, partly because I truly believe that things need fixing right now and partly because every time I hear that my concerns and passions are outdated, I feel very, very lonely.” She paused for a moment and looked at Charlie and Lisa. “Did you know my own parents tossed me out of the house when I got arrested at a peaceful protest last year?”

Charlie stared at the girl. Even her sadness had an attractive, cute quality. The image of her sitting on the log at the beach entered his mind — her soft skin, tiny shoulders, and pert little breasts. “Where do you live now?” Charlie asked.

“Here and there,” Jenny said, wiping away a tear. “Today, when you came rushing down to the beach to see if I was OK, I felt — I guess I felt like somebody cared. She smiled. “And then with the wonderful dinner and the conversation with you guys and Ben, I just felt so happy and less lonely.” She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “And then there I was all alone in my room listening to the wind and rain outside and I tried to write some poetry but I started feeling sad again and — ya, I know, stupid, stupid — I headed back to the kitchen to see if I could find more wine.” She stared at them both. “I’ll tell Ben in the morning. I promise I’ll pay for it. And as I walked past your room I could not help but hear things inside and the door was not totally closed and, well –“

Lisa interrupted the sentence. “Your curiosity drove you to have a peek?” She smiled but seemed a little annoyed.

“I’m so sorry,” Jenny said again. “And I’m not drunk. But it was as if I was drawn into the room like a moth to a light on a dark night. I watched from the door for a minute and then found myself being pulled in like I had no choice.” She started to slowly leave the room. “I’m sorry,” she said one more time. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Hold on a moment,” Charlie said.

Lisa glanced at him and as their eyes met something was said that needed no words. This would be his call. Neither of them would want to let Jenny return to her room alone with a bottle of wine — especially after the sad story she had just unveiled. She seemed depressed and needed company. Charlie knew he risked losing his precious time with Lisa but . . .

“You don’t have to leave just yet,” Charlie said. “Why don’t you sit back down for a while and we can talk.”

Lisa said nothing. Jenny hesitated and then sat sıhhiye escort back in the loveseat. “Listen,” she said, looking at Charlie, “I really don’t want to interfere with your — your plans.”

Charlie donned his gown, strolled over to the stove and added more wood to the fire. The room was already warm and smelled of bees wax candles and a hint of smoke from the glowing fireplace. He walked to the window, pulled back the bulky curtains and watched rain pelting the glass as gusts of winds swirled around the house.

He sat beside Lisa on the bed. “You alright?” he asked.

“Well now,” Lisa said, sounding very much like a teacher. “Here we are.” She looked at an antique brass clock on the wall. “It’s 10:47 PM on Charlie’s birthday and we were celebrating when Jenny was drawn into the room.” She looked at Jenny and smiled. “Like a moth to a light,” she continued, “and I can’t see any reason why we should feel obliged to interfere with what is certainly our collective karma.”

“Collective karma. I like the sound of that,” Charlie said. He looked at Jenny and was relieved to see a smile on her youthful face. Lisa kneeled behind Charlie again, and the two of them looked at Jenny. Lisa massaged his shoulders, and then kissed his neck. Her hands slid around to massage his chest, moving slowly under the silk robe as they both continued to look at Jenny on the loveseat in front of them. The girl sat motionless, silently watching . . . .

Charlie was not sure how he should feel — uncomfortable, excited or confused? Jenny seemed just fine now. He searched for something to say but came up empty. Lisa’s hands were moving down his abdomen now, pulling back the robe until his half erect penis was fully exposed. He shifted his body on the bed but he did not resist. He looked nervously around the room for a moment and then fixed his eyes back on Jenny. She was staring at his penis. Lisa worked it now with both hands and Jenny took it all in with her beautiful big hazelnut eyes.

Oh my god. Can this be happening? Perhaps they should simply sit and talk with Jenny? Can you trust that Lisa knows what she’s doing? Can you trust what you are allowing her to do now? How old is Jenny — she looks no older than late teens — maybe. Did you ever find out her actual age? Is this alright? My God, it’s such an intense turn-on with her watching us now. Is it the wine? Is it right or wrong or . . .?

As if reading his mind Lisa spoke again, her voice quiet and soothing. “Go with the flow, Charlie,” she said. “Jenny seems to need company and we need each other. Just go with the natural flow . . . .”

He felt both of her hands on his full erection now, slowly moving up and down, up and down. He breathed deep and sighed. Jenny looked up and as their eyes met, a flood of hot excitement flowed through him like wildfire. He smiled. She smiled. He watched her pour wine into her glass. She sat up, offered him the glass and sat back on the loveseat. He sipped and passed the glass back to Lisa. A hand came off his penis to accept the wine. She drank and placed the glass on a bedside table.

“Lovely,” Lisa said. She kissed the back of Charlie’s neck and stroked the inside of his thighs. A gust of wind rattled the window.

“I feel so relaxed now,” Jenny said. “I love the warm fire and all the candles.” She looked around the room and returned her eyes to the two of them on the bed. “And I must admit that watching you guys really turns me on.” She slowly undid a few buttons on her pajama top and slid a hand in to massage her breasts, her eyes never leaving Lisa and Charlie. Her other hand slid under the pajama bottom and made its way between her legs. She pushed her little body back into the loveseat, stretching her legs out to touch the base of the bed with her feet. She sighed.

Lisa pushed her breasts against the back of Charlie’s neck and sighed. “I’m very relaxed, too,” she said, still watching Jenny while fondling Charlie’s erection.

“When I was younger,” said Jenny, “I always hoped to have big boobs.” She undid the last few buttons of her top and showed them her breasts. “But I guess I’m happy with what I have now. They might still get bigger when I’m older.”

“They are beautiful,” Charlie said. He stared at the perky round breasts not 5 feet in front of him now. He was pleased that Lisa seemed content and that Jenny was feeling better, although he still felt uneasy knowing she was easily young enough to be his daughter. “How old are you, Jenny?” he asked. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I’m old enough to know what I like,” she replied. She fondled her breasts and cast her eyes to Charlie’s penis. “Your cock is huge,” she said. She rubbed herself through her pink pajamas.

Charlie always knew he had a large penis, but when he heard young Jenny’s comment, his cock throbbed with pleasure — as if it enjoyed the compliment.

Lisa lay beside Charlie on the big bed and held his erection toward Jenny. “Would you like to feel it?” She looked up at Charlie. “You don’t mind, do you Charlie?” she asked, smiling.

Charlie was far from minding anything. His body tingled with pleasure from head to toe. He was almost at the point of no return. “Fine by me,” he said. “I mean, that is every guy’s fantasy — two beautiful women in the same room. So very erotic.”

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