Three Girls, a Truth, and a DareThree Girls, a Truth, and a Dare


Hey everyone, welcome to the latest story in my Bang Gang series. As always, my attempt has always been to make these stories as self-contained as possible, but I do encourage you to read my previous stories. They are all chronological, and some later parts will make more sense if you are familiar with the little world I am creating. Just start with the earliest release and work your way up.

Or don’t, whatever. I’m not here to tell you what to do.

Comments and constructive criticism is always welcome, and thank you to those who have sent your kind words. Or even pointed out grammatical errors I missed – I’m not perfect, people. With that out of the way, enjoy!


It was Monday afternoon, and our cheerleading squad’s first practice since coming back from the winter break had just finished up. All of us girls on the squad had streamed into the locker room, with the usual amount of laughing and carousing. It had been over a month since our last practice, and our coach had pushed us hard today to get us back into gear and to get ready for the spring season. Some of the girls headed straight for the shower, others were changing out of their uniform, and others were milling about in various states of undress.

As for myself, I was slightly anxious about being in the locker room again. It had been a month since I discovered my bi-side, and a part of me was worried about being in a room full of naked girls. I didn’t want to start ogling the other girls on the squad like a weirdo. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to check out the other girls before my little revelation, but now I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to help myself. So as a precaution against my silly brain I made sure to keep my eyes fixed forward at my locker and to not let my eyes wander.

I was just your average high school senior – though if I was being honest as I looked into my vanity mirror I was pretty damn cute. I had dark blonde hair that went to my shoulders, with bright blue eyes. I was in pretty good shape because of the squad, and I was fairly blessed in the breast department. I had a slightly crooked smile which seemed to imply that I was always up to no good. This is an exaggeration of course; I was only sometimes up to no good.

I peeled off my red sports top, freeing the ladies. Thankfully, my nipples were not standing at attention with all of the naked female flesh around me – maybe I didn’t have any accidental arousals to worry about after all. However, I wasn’t taking chances, so when a few lockers down Sofia Lee bent over to strip off her knit shorts, I quickly turned away like I received an electric shock. That girl’s ass was way too cute for her own good, or for mine.

I took my time at my locker, busying myself with my phone and generally moving slowly. My best friend Brooke stayed in the gymnasium after practice to help move some equipment, and I was hanging back waiting for her to join the rest of us in the locker room. I knew for sure that she was the one girl who wouldn’t mind if I ogled, and she would definitely reciprocate in turn. Brooke wasn’t simply my best friend – we had been secret lovers for over a month.

It was with Brooke that I had discovered my bi-side with during a trip with our respective boyfriends. She was the first girl I had ever been with sexually, and rather than ruining our friendship by adding sex,I truly felt that it enhanced it. I felt so much closer to Brooke now that we were regularly making love; in fact, we’d spent practically every weekend sleeping over and fucking each other non-stop. I don’t know if our parents wondered why we were suddenly having an unusually high amount of sleepovers, but it was still our little secret.

Well, a secret to everyone but our boyfriends of course, who loved watching Brooke and me go to town. The four of us had worked out a jealousy-free arrangement we nicknamed The Bang Gang; basically, it gave us carte blanche to fuck whomever we wanted, especially anyone in the group. Sadly, it was rare that we were able to hook up with our boyfriends properly, and rarer that all four of us were able to find time to play, but Brooke and I were able to spend the nights with each other without suspicion.

So really, if I was worried about getting worked up in the girl’s locker room, it was Brooke’s fault for lezzing out with me so much!

As my thoughts drifted to Brooke and the Bang Gang, I finally saw her waltz in from the gymnasium, still wearing her sports top and tight shorts. We made eye contact, and she smiled and made a beeline for me. The locker room had started to empty out while I was stalling at my locker, and she joined me at the locker next to mine. She was a little shorter than I was, and a little less buxom, though in as good of shape as I was. She had thick brown hair that usually fell to almost her elbows, though today she had it tied back in a ponytail. Her brown eyes were friendly, and her nose was slightly pronounced, which honestly made her pretty face even cuter.

I resisted the temptation escorts in london to give her a quick peck on the lips, since there were still a handful of girls about. “What took you so long, Brooke?” I asked.

Brooke shrugged. “Oh, I helped move the tumbling equipment and some ropes to the storage room for Alex.” Alex Brown was the captain of our squad, and a good friend of ours.

“Ah, okay. I figured I would wait for you so we could shower together.” I smiled at her. “I was just thinking of you, you know.”

Brooke smiled back. “That’s funny, I was just thinking about our weekend together. I swear you’re the reason I am so sleepy and exhausted all the time,” she smirked.

“Me?” I feigned mock outrage. “You’re the one who keeps me up all night!”

Brooke inspected my bare breasts. “I don’t see any bite marks. You’re fine!”

We both giggled, slyly peeked around to see if anyone was looking. Everyone had left our row, and it was just us. Seeing that the coast was clear, Brooke brought her hand up to my boob, pinching it softly, as I leaned in to give her a smooch. Her fingers rolled my nipple between them and my face was an inch away from hers.

“Hey Brooke! Are you in here?” a loud voice blasted.

A millisecond later a tall figure turned a corner and walked towards us. Brooke and I jumped, with Brooke quickly releasing my breast. The voice belonged to our captain, Alex Brown. She was a tall girl of Irish descent, with auburn hair that was tied back just like Brooke’s. She had gorgeous green eyes and pale skin, and was a bit more muscular and taller than me. She easily made captain because she seemed to command every room she was in, and was too straightforward to put up with any cattish behavior from the squad. This also made her a bit too candid for her own good, which was a little off-putting if you weren’t used to it.

“Hey, Alex,” chimed Brooke.

I didn’t know if Alex saw Brooke groping me, but if she did she didn’t let on. “Thanks for doing me a solid back there,” she said. “Those ropes were heavier than they look.”

“Not a problem, captain! Did you need something else from me?”

“Actually yes,” Alex started, “From you too, Beth! I wanted to see if you guys were busy this Friday.”

“It’s your birthday on Friday, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yep! My sweet 18. I’m finally old enough to star in a porno!” joked Alex.

Brooke and I chuckled, and Alex continued. “Anyway, I wanted to see if you two wanted to have a little slumber party at my house this weekend. It’s been a while since I got to hang out with you guys, so don’t you dare say no.”

“Who else is coming?” asked Brooke.

“I asked Sofia,” waved Alex, “but her aunt is having a funeral or something. Totally ruining my good time!”


She let out a flippant noise with her lips. “Whatever. It was a distant aunt, and Sofia didn’t even know her. Nevertheless, the three of us will have a crazy good time! Don’t say no!”

“Sure, Alex,” I said, “I’ll definitely be there.”

“Yeah, me too,” Brooke added.

“Awesome-sauce!” exclaimed Alex. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get out of this sweaty thing.”

In a flash, Alex whipped off her top, her breasts flopping out from their holsters. Immediately, she grabbed the waistband of her tight shorts and pushed them down to her ankles, she stepped out of them, clad only in her pale skin. Brooke and I wordlessly regarded her, as she stood there nude with her top and shorts crumbled in her hands. She suddenly had a perplexed look on her face.

“Oh yeah,” she realized, “my locker’s on the other side. Later, girls!” With that, she turned and bounded off, leaving Brooke and me in her wake.

“Crazy girl,” I said, shaking my head.

“She is indeed,” agreed Brooke. “C’mon, let’s hit the shower.”

We stripped off the rest of our clothes, and Brooke untied her hair with her long hair spilling past her shoulders. Even though most of the locker room had emptied out, we decided to not have any more overt physical displays as we walked to the communal shower area together. No hand-holding or bottom-pinching for now. We each stepped under a shower head, and as we worked up a lather, Brooke spoke up.

“You know, Beth, I have a wild thought.”

“We can’t have sex in the locker room, Brooke.”

“No, you doof,” she said, hitting me with her green luffa. “About Alex. Maybe Friday is the day we get her in on the Bang Gang.”

The two of us had discussed playing with other girls before. It’s not that sex with each other was getting boring – far from it! It was more that we wanted to make up for all the lost time that we hadn’t been fooling around with girls or with each other. Plus, I had told Brooke all about my three-way lesbian experience that I had over New Year’s, and I knew that she was anxious to have one of her own. And I was eager to help her get one.

“We totally should! ‘Happy birthday, Alex! We got you laid’!”

“Oh my god, I bet she’s insane in bed,” whispered Brooke, Escort in dubai her hand subconsciously going to her breast. “Rough and wild, maybe.”

“Wilder than you?” I smirked. “I’ve seen you get super-aggressive in the sack!”

“I only get aggressive like that with guys,” she explained. “You know I’m way more docile when I’m with another girl. I wonder what it would be like with a wild girl like Alex…”

“Oh, so I’m not wild enough for you?”

“Beth, Alex is crazier than the two of us put together.” Brooke suddenly realized she was playing with her breast, and took her hand away quickly. She cleared her throat. “So, do you think she’d be down?”

I stroked my chin. “We’ll have to play it cool. Y’know, ease her into it.”

“I’d be shocked if she didn’t go for it. She’s so flirty.”

“Agreed. We’ll figure out something.” I looked at Brooke and drank her all in, her wet naked body covered with bubbles. “Geez, just talking about this is getting me hot.”

Brooke smiled. “Me too.” She quickly scanned around, making sure the coast was clear. “Quick, Beth, kiss me a little to tide me over.”

Without a thought, I stepped over to Brooke and we hugged our soapy bodies against the other, and we devoured each other’s mouths. I kept my eyes open to look over Brooke’s shoulder to make sure no one snuck up on us and I assume Brooke was doing the same to me. I know it was risky kissing like this so openly, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

Thoughts about having Brooke and Alex at the same time shot through my brain, as I am sure Brooke had the same thoughts going through hers as we kissed. It was a wretch when we inevitably dislodged and finished our showers. We managed to dress without any more playing, and went to our respective rides.

The rest of the week passed by uneventfully, if painfully slow. The anticipation was palpable, and it was all Brooke and I could talk about. I didn’t tell my boyfriend Rylan about our plans for Friday, mostly because if we were adding another girl to the Bang Gang I wanted her to be confirmed and vetted. Plus I think he was going to be up to his own brand of mischief with his friends Juan and Mark. But as hot as the three of those guys were, I strictly had girls on the brain for now.

Friday eventually came, and in the evening my dad dropped me off at Alex’s house. She lived in a rather large Victorian style house, with brown stonework and one of those turrets sticking out from the roof. Alex was the only girl of four siblings, so while her brothers shared rooms she got one all to herself. The biggest one too, since as the only girl she needed a bathroom all to herself. What Alex wanted, she got, otherwise she’d badger you until you said uncle.

I was the last to arrive, and when I was let upstairs Brooke and Alex were already in their pajamas with their hair tied up and gorging on a pizza. I joined them on the floor and grabbed a slice for myself, and soon we were laughing and chattering away. Once the pizza was polished off, Alex brought out a bunch of birthday cupcakes, to which Brooke and I clapped our hands and loudly sang Happy Birthday. We gave her our presents too; Brooke had gotten her a 3D printing pen, and I got her a stuffed giraffe, because Alex had a thing for giraffes.

The rest of the evening went by pretty nonchalantly. Since Alex’s room was on the opposite side of the house from the other bedrooms we blared music and danced. Eventually we settled down to watch cat videos on Alex’s laptop as we painted each other’s nails. I was surprised at how normal it had been so far, as we sat on the floor in a circle waiting for our toes to dry. It had gotten late, and though it seemed like the rest of the house had gone quiet we were still wide awake. During one of Brooke’s and my sleepovers, we would have stripped down and had about a dozen orgasms each by now. As fun as tonight was, I suppose part of me was getting antsy, and a quick glance to Brooke confirmed that she was as well.

Brooke gave me a small nod, as she peeled the foam toe divider from her feet. “So, you guys wanna play truth or dare?”

I smirked. “Sounds like fun!”

Alex agreed. “I can’t even remember the last time I played that! I’ll start. Beth, truth or dare?”

“Um, truth.”

“Ha, okay. So, how long is Rylan’s dick?”

Brooke fell back in laughter, and I grinned. “Starting right out the gate, aren’t we, Ms. Brown?”

“You know it. Now give us an answer!”

“I haven’t measured it, but I’d say six inches?” I mused.

“Not too bad,” grinned Alex.

“Yeah, and he’s pretty thick, too,” Brooke piped in.

Alex turned to Brooke. “How would you know that?”

Brooke went a little pink. Alex had no way of knowing that Brooke had taken my boyfriend’s dick several times, while I watched no less, but Brooke quickly collected herself.

“Well, Beth won’t shut up about how thick it is!”

Alex tilted her head thoughtfully. “I don’t blame her. Okay Brooke, you’re next!”

The three of us went for several Dubai Escorts rounds, and though we mostly kept it to truths, it did start to get racier as our giggles multiplied. Brooke and I played along, pretending that we didn’t already know all the sordid details of our sex lives. Alex gasped everytime, and we gasped as though we were hearing it for the first time.

“Alright, Alex,” I said, as it was my turn. “Truth or dare?”


“Okay,” I slid a look at Brooke, and right back to Alex. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Alex’s eyes opened a little wider. “Oh my,” she said, a little startled.

“I bet she has,” quipped Brooke, “you know how she’ll flirt with anyone!”

“Well, let’s see what she says,” I replied. “I bet it was Sofia.”

“Oh my gosh,” sighed Alex. “If you really must know…no. No, I have never kissed a girl.”

“Not even Sofia?” asked Brooke.

“No! Not even Sofia!”

“Have you ever wanted to?” I inquired.

“Hold on, Beth,” Alex held up her hand. “I answered your question, and now it’s your turn. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“You didn’t ask me the truth or dare.”

“You little bit–! Fine. Truth or dare?”

I smirked. “Dare!”

Alex gave me a mischievous grin. “Very well. I dare you to kiss Brooke!”

In my head, I laughed. Little did Alex know that I was practically glued to Brooke’s lips on a regular basis. I pretended to gawk, as Alex laughed at me.

“It’s okay, Beth,” said Brooke smoothly. “I bet Alex wants to see us kiss.”

Alex narrowed her eyes, but kept her tight mouthed grin. “Get to it, ladies!”

I shrugged, and crawled over to Brooke. I pretended to be shy, but I had kissed Brooke so many times at this point it was blasé. So when our lips met, it was in no time flat that it transformed from the chaste friendly kiss Alex expected to something much more impassioned. Our mouths went hard at each other, and it lingered for at least a minute. I stepped back, smiling at Brooke and sitting back at my place.

I glanced at Alex, and her jaw had dropped. “Wow,” she stammered, “I wasn’t expecting you two to kiss so…hard…”

“Well, you did dare us,” I responded nonchalantly. “Okay Brooke, your turn. Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she challenged.

“Okay. I dare you to give Alex her first kiss from a girl!”

Alex raised her eyebrows in alarm, though she had to figure that this was coming. Brooke smiled at her, and crawled over to Alex. Alex closed her eyes as Brooke planted a hot kiss on her open mouth. Just like I had with her, she slipped her tongue inside of Alex’s mouth, to which Alex reciprocated. I started to get turned on as I watched the two of them kiss, and Brooke was really going for it. After a couple of minutes of that, Brooke pulled off of Alex, whose eyes were still closed.

Brooke sat back down, her eyes still on Alex who still sat there, stunned. “Truth of dare, Alex.”

“Dare,” she whispered, in an uncharacteristically quiet voice.

“Kiss Beth,” Brooke said simply.

Alex blinked her eyes, and turned to me. I smiled, as Alex shuffled over to me. She took my chin into her hands, and lowered her lips to mine. Somehow, her kiss had been even more passionate than the one I had given Brooke, and she kissed me rather forcefully. Our tongues writhed against each other, and I think we went even longer than Brooke and she had. Finally, Alex pulled off of my lips, giving me the most winning smile I had ever seen.

“Well then, I guess we’ve all kissed a girl now! Damn, it’s getting warm in here.”

The three of us laughed, Alex took a moment to turn on her ceiling fan while Brooke mouthed “I told you!” to me. It had certainly gotten quite a bit warmer in the room. Alex sat back down, ready to go another round. The game kicked into overdrive, with the three of us going strictly dare. We dared each other to grab butts and boobs, to suck on a finger or two, and nibble an ear here and there. And yes, we went another round of kissing, which was just as hot as the first round. Soon, it was my turn, since Brooke had finished kissing Alex once again.

“Okay Beth,” said Alex once her post-kiss stupor ended. “Truth or dare.”

“Dare,” I said. It had been dare for the last dozen turns. I got my lips ready for another kiss, but Alex had other plans.

“I dare you to take all of your clothes off, and leave them off for the rest of the night!”

Brooke and I both gasped – I think we figured that it would have been either of us who would suggest a dare that forward. But this was Alex, after all. I got a little bashful though, this whole time I had been getting very wet, and I’m not sure Alex was ready to see my moist and aroused pussy. I know Brooke was. But more than anything, I was itching to get naked.

“Okaaaay,” I shrugged, as I stood up. I pulled off my white cami, exposing my nipples which were obviously erect and hard. No way Alex missed that. I pulled down my pajama bottoms, and threw them over to my bag.

“Panties too, Beth!” teased Brooke.

I took a breath, and pulled the waistband of my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I tossed them on top of my discarded sleepwear, and glanced at Alex, who was studying me wide-eyed. I sat back down, cross-legged.

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