Three Become One Ch. 18Three Become One Ch. 18


*All characters are 18 years of age or older*


On one particular day I only had one appointment after lunch, so I had my secretary push it back and I took the rest of the work day off. I got home and changed into some gym shorts and an old t-shirt. The plan was to finally rearrange the basement the way I had mentioned to the twins, but when I got downstairs I noticed some changes.

The girls had moved some of the equipment already.

I knew the twins had been behind this because I found more of their own belongings down in the basement than I did the other girls’. There were yoga pants, yoga mats, sports bras, half empty water bottles, and brightly colored weights that I did not own. There was something else I found that was rather intriguing: a bowl of lollipops.

In recent weeks I had noticed that there was a bowl of lollipops in nearly every room of my home. I hadn’t said anything…yet…because the girls of Fuck Club had a way of teasing me with them. When I watched one of my girls sucking on one it put ideas into my head. They often did this with other phallus shaped objects — a banana here, a hot dog there, etc. But the lollipops were different for me because I knew Skaycee really enjoyed them. There was something insanely erotic about watching her innocently licking and sucking away with absolutely no ulterior motive whatsoever.

That being said…

I found it strange that there were lollipops down in the basement. From what I could tell the only time any of the girls ever went down there was to work out, and they couldn’t very well be working out with suckers in their mouths, could they? I certainly hoped not. That was a surefire way to get themselves hurt. I tried to put the thought out of my mind as I got to work. There were a few machines which my parents had bought in pairs (such as the stationary bikes), and so I got to work finding places for those near the front of the basement because of how much space they took up. It took me nearly an hour to rearrange everything perfectly, and I had built up quite a sweat doing so. The billiard table was the only thing I didn’t move; I simply wasn’t strong enough to do so without damaging the floor. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was a little off centre, but it still made a decent centerpiece for the entire room.

Finally satisfied with the way I had set things up I decided to admire my work. As I had discussed with the twins all of my physical fitness equipment was situated near the front of the basement, while everything pertaining to the bar was in the back. It wasn’t exactly a suite at a luxury hotel, but then again my home wasn’t exactly a luxury hotel. It would have to do.

I went upstairs and drank some water before retiring to my bed for a nap. When I awoke I felt really rejuvenated; I had been asleep for a number of hours. After heading downstairs and turning on the TV I went into the kitchen and grabbed a salty snack. I finished it in a matter of minutes, and so I went back down into the basement to admire my own handiwork once more as well as to get a decent workout in. And work out I did. Before I knew it over an hour had gone by and I felt very heated. After a while I started to hear footsteps coming from the stairs, and I looked in that direction to see the twins descending.

They were wearing purple and hot pink leggings as well as matching hot pink sports bras. Their blonde hair was done up in ponytails, and everything about them was identical as per usual. They looked absolutely stunning, and my dick lurched in my pants just seeing them approach me in their tight workout clothes.

“Hello, Daddy!” the twins said.

“Hey girls.” I said, somewhat surprised that they were home. “Isn’t it kind of early?”

“Yes.” They said. “But practice didn’t last very long, and when we got here we kind of figured you were down here so we didn’t even bother to change out of our workout clothes.”

“I can see that…” I said, admiring their bodies without any hesitation.

The girls looked down at themselves, and then looked back to me.

“Oooo…Daddy!” they said, mockingly.

I did my best to drive any sexual thoughts out of my head.

“Did you two come down here to work out?” I asked of them.

At this the twins twirled their fingers through the loose strands of hair that framed their beautiful faces.

“Are you working out, Daddy?” they asked.

I nodded.

“Then we’re here to workout with you!” they said, cheerily.

“Okay…” I said. “But I prefer to do my work outs on my own. I mean, I don’t like working on the same machines and stuff.”

“Oh!” the twins said, matter-of-factly. “We won’t bother you, Daddy! You can do whatever you want and we’ll be sure to stay out of your way.”

“Fine.” I said. I then walked over to a weight bench and started loading up the bar.

The twins, meanwhile, took to exercising their glutes and abs. After doing one set I placed the bar back on its rack and sat up to see mamak escort one of the twins lying down on her back performing crunches, and my eyes soon found their way to a much different rack. Her twin sister was on her stomach next to her performing some leg curls. The way she grunted with each rep reminded me of how she moaned during sex, and before I knew it my mind was no longer focused on working out.

I’m under no delusions about what it is I really wanted. I had known I’d be pulling my dick out and getting off the moment I’d seen the twins in their tight workout clothes; I just thought that it would have been longer before I couldn’t contain myself. I watched for a moment longer as both twins now stood up and began stretching. I stood up now as well with my erection obviously at attention in my shorts. I walked behind one twin just as she spread her feet apart and bent down to touch the floor. My hands immediately went to her buns and I felt the sleek material of her tight pants on my fingertips as I squeezed. She moaned softly and then brought herself back up. She put her feet together again and her rear ballooned out into my palms.

I moved my hands to her tiny waist and pressed my bulge against her ass. She responded by rubbing on me sensually. She had her eyes closed in bliss as she felt my hand roaming her body and my cock on her ass.

“Your cock is so big and hard…” she breathed as I leaned down to kiss her neck.

“Yeah…” I said as my hands reached up to her gigantic tits and squeezed them over her sports bra. “Fuck yeah…”

I made a gesture for her twin sister to come over to me and she did not keep me waiting. As soon as she was within arm’s reach I had my hand on her ass and was pulling her into me. I felt her tight, youthful body hit mine and her own pair of gigantic tits pressed into me. I held both twins to me in a tight embrace as my lips found theirs and I began making out with both girls.

I was involuntarily humping away at the ass that was presented to me. I grabbed a tit from both girls and squeezed as I held them tight. Their flesh was so abundant that I could feel their big melons overflowing in my hands despite the fact that they had bras on.

“Mmm….!” The twins moaned.

I was getting harder by the second. They looked so fucking sexy with those tight clothes on, and I wanted to somehow fuck them while they were still wearing them.

“Make me cum.” I ordered them. “I want to shoot my load all over you two busty babes.”

“Yes, Daddy!” they answered, enthusiastically.

I felt their dainty hands underneath my shirt, and soon they were lifting it up my body for me. I threw my hands up in the air and the two girls took my shirt off and tossed it aside. They looked at my body as their hands roamed over my bare chest, biceps, and shoulders.

“Daddy you are so sexy.” They said. “We love your muscles. They’re so big…”

“Thanks, girls.” I said as I squeezed their asses simultaneously. I was absolutely loving this ego boost, and my cock was making sure the twins knew it. “Keep praising Daddy.”

“Mmm…” the twins cooed in my ears as their feminine hands rubbed all over me. “You’re so strong, Daddy! So manly!”

I leaned down and kissed one girl while the other continued to stroke my ego. I soon felt her stroking something else as her hand moved downward on my body.

“Daddy…” she breathed into me as I finally felt her hand on my bulge. “You have such a big, strong cock…it makes us so wet thinking about how strong and powerful it is…”

“Mmmm…” the other twin moaned into my other ear. “So powerful…”

Both girls now reached down to my bulge and began stroking it through my shorts. My hands were busy rubbing on their arched backs and lovely asses as I held them to me.

“So big…” the other twin moaned. I felt a small, soft hand slither into my shorts and before long I felt my shorts falling to the floor. My cock sprang out and the twins both let out moans of satisfaction simultaneously.

“Mmmmm!” the two blonde sisters enthused as they reached down to grab hold of my rigid member.

“Fuck yeah…” I moaned as I felt both girls delicately stroking my hard cock.

“God, Daddy…” one of them said as she gripped my cock hard. “Your cock is such a monster!”

Lust was filling my mind already, and I was beginning to lose myself to the moment. But then something happened that guaranteed my sexual surrender; something which, as I look back on it, might seem rather silly to anyone else. The twins leaned upward into my ears and whispered to me…

“You have the biggest cock in the world, Daddy…”

Hearing them say this and feeling their breathy words travel through me made my entire body shiver. For a moment my knees buckled. I, obviously, don’t have the biggest dick in the world. And I knew the twins knew this. But I had always suspected that their opinion of me was so highly exaggerated that ofise gelen escort it might even delve into the extreme. A good extreme. It was something that I secretly hoped for; a dirty little secret I was too ashamed to have and too embarrassed to ever admit out loud. Unlike all the other roleplays I had fallen victim to at the hands of the twins this was VERY easy for me to accept; I practically dived right in from the get-go.

At least mentally, anyway.

This was a moment that I think few of us ever truly experience; a moment where a dream or a fantasy comes true so gloriously that it stuns you while simultaneously making your mind and heart race. It was exactly what I wanted at the exact time I wanted it. That’s a satisfaction I had only experienced a few times before the twins had molded my life for me. They only furthered that satisfaction by prolonging the experience. Once again, I felt their breathy words warmly enveloping my very soul as they spoke.

“It’s so big, Daddy…” they whispered. “We talk about it all the time. It’s all we think about. We want your big, giant monstrous cock…all the time…”

I finally managed to calm my breathing to a level that was somewhat acceptable, and when I spoke I did so with a confidence that seems arrogant and ridiculous in retrospect.

“Do you like how big my cock is, girls?” I asked of them, already knowing what the answer would be.

“Yeah!” they responded as they gripped my cock and began to stroke it faster. “We love your big Daddy cock! The biggest cock in the whole wide world!”

They’re spurring finally pushed me over the edge. I took hold of the nearest twin by her buns, buried my face in her bra-covered tits, and before I knew it she was on her back atop my weight bench and I was on top of her idly and vigorously humping away at her. My dick slid over the fabric that encased her legs, between her legs, over her thighs, and just anywhere it happened to go as I thrusted without thinking.

“More…” I said, like a Neanderthal. “MORE!”

“I want to be FUCKED by your cock, Daddy! I want you to fuck me with your huge monster! I want to be fucked by the biggest cock in the world!”

I then felt the other twin press her body against mine. I felt that familiar and unmistakable feeling of her massive tits ballooning out against me. I had gotten to know their tits so well that I was certain I could pick them out of a crowd based on touch alone even if I were blindfolded. I reached down to the twin below me and took hold of her breasts in both my hands as her sister behind me reached around front and took hold of my cock.

“It’s just so BIG…” she said as she pumped my shaft through her palm. I was so horny with lust that precum was already beginning to leak out of me. She used it as lubricant as she continued to stroke both my shaft and my ego. “Sometimes we’re afraid that we won’t be able to take it all because of how huge it is!”

I took my hands off the twin globes below me and reached down between her legs. I began rubbing her pussy all over and teasing her with my hand; the tight and stretchy pants she had on providing a perfect obstacle. I took my cock in hand and guided the throbbing head down to where my hand had been previously. I began prodding at her teenage tunnel through her clothing, and she moaned back in both want and unrestrained sexual desire.

“Are you afraid of Daddy’s huge cock?” I asked of her. “Are you afraid of its length? It’s girth? Are you afraid of the immense strength and power behind it?”

She bit her lip and nodded as she looked up at me with pleading eyes.

“Yes, Daddy.” Her sister answered me. “It’s so veiny, and it’s so strong and muscular…we’re afraid of it because it’s such a huge monster and we’re so tiny. We’re powerless against it; just like we’re powerless against a superstud like you…”

The girl below me had grown noticeably wet; so much so that her moisture was seeping through the material of her pants and getting on to the padding of my workout bench.

“Are you afraid this big monster is going to wreck your tiny bodies?” I asked of her.

Once again she nodded her head and bit her bottom lip while her sister responded verbally.

“We are…” she said. I then watched as her small hand appeared over my cock and her fingertips rested atop her sister’s pussy as I continued to prod at her. With her middle finger and index finger she stretched out the fabric of her twin sister’s pants right over her lovely entrance; mimicking opening up her lips for me. “It paralyzes us with fear. That’s why you can do anything you want to us. Anything…”

Hearing all this talk, having my ego boosted this high, and watching as one twin practically presented her sister’s snatch to me on a silver platter was making my blood run hotter than I’d ever felt. I was so aroused that I couldn’t even see correctly anymore, as if I had some kind of tunnel vision. All I could otele gelen escort focus on was the tight, teenage body with big breasts below me and the words lofting through the air and into my ears.

“We’re so afraid you’re going to break us in half with that huge thing…” she continued. “But we don’t have a choice. We’re yours. We belong to you. Your big cock will do whatever it wants to because it’s so powerful that it can never be stopped. Your cock is un-fucking-stoppable, Daddy.”

“Yes…” I said, lustily. I had been applying pressure to her sister’s crotch over the clothing she had on…hard pressure. And as her sister was saying this it almost felt like she was challenging me to break through the barrier of fabric and take what was rightfully mine.

“You have the cock of a stud…” she insisted. She was rubbing on me. I could feel her tits and hands all over me; it was almost like she was surrounding me, somehow, as her words turned the blood in my veins into pure, unfiltered lust. “A stud takes what he wants from a woman, and you are such a stud, Daddy. You’re the biggest fucking stud in the world. All other men are inferior to you. And their cocks are all inferior to your giant, unstoppable stud cock…”

She was reconditioning me; reprogramming my mind to think what she and her sister wanted me to think. The twins had been slowly planting these seeds in my head and that moment was the moment when they were going to reap the harvest. At this point I was no longer playing along with their roleplay of me being the ultimate alpha male…I was actually beginning to believe it.

“Yes…” was all I could say in response as I briefly closed my eyes in complete surrender.

“And you don’t want other men to have us…” she continued. She was no longer just making statements. Somehow the table had been slightly turned and now she was giving the orders and I was the one obeying. “They don’t deserve us. They aren’t worthy. The only one worthy of us is the biggest stud in the world with the biggest cock in the world!”

I nodded my head and gulped. For a quick moment I thought to myself that there was no way I could live up to the standards that the twins wanted me to have, but once again that passed as the overwhelming eroticism of the entire thing washed away that thought and with it any doubts that may have entered my head…or any doubts that ever would from here on out.

“Other men aren’t even men. Daddy…you’re a REAL man. And we NEED a real man! A man like you! A complete and total stud! A man with the cock of a stud and the cum of a stud! We want your hot, manly seed, Daddy! We want the cum of a REAL man! We want your stud cum all over us!”

I couldn’t take it anymore — the aching in my cock. I needed to feel their wet pussies around me, gripping me, surrendering to the ultimate power of my stud cock — the biggest cock in the world. I growled loudly and saliva dripped out of my mouth without me even realizing it as I reached down to my girl’s dripping went pants and clawed my fingernails into the moisture and fabric. I felt one nail penetrate the garment, and that was all I needed to break the dam. Before I knew it I was ripping the material apart and her wet, pink pussy was in my line of sight. Without any warning or foreplay whatsoever I dove in as quickly as I had dived into this new roleplay of theirs. I speared into her with the full force of my body and drove my cock in all the way to the base. I was balls-deep in her willing cunt in a matter of milliseconds.

“UUHHHH!” she moaned out, loudly. She shut her eyes tight and reveled in the sensation of my hard, veiny rod throbbing inside her relentlessly.

“Ahhhhhh…!” was all I could say as I finally had a small sliver of relief for my aching cock. I had needed her pussy squeezing tightly around me, and now I finally had it. “How does that feel you big-titted tease?? You like feeling my huge fucking cock inside your tight teenage pussy?”


“Yes…UH!…what?” I asked as I thrusted into her.


I gripped her at the waist and started holding her in place as I rammed into her over and over.

“Feel it, baby!” I said as I watched her big tits bouncing up and down in her sports bra all thanks to my thrusting. “Feel the sheer, unyielding power of my unstoppable cock! The biggest cock ever!”

“YES! YES! YES!” she cried out in lust.

I grabbed her sister by the waist and pulled her into me as she had stepped back to allow me to have my fun with her sister below me. But now her own pair of big tits was pressed up against me once more, and I was in charge again — just as things should be.

“Don’t you fucking stop talking…” I said as I pounded away at the busty slut underneath me. “You started this with your dirty commentary and now you have to finish it, slut!”

“Yes…Daddy…” she said, concealing a smile as well as the slightest hint of omnipotence in her voice. “Fuck her, Daddy! Fuck my twin sister with your fucking stud cock! Oh yeah!”

I held one twin to me and kissed her passionately as I fucked the other. I reached out to her big tits and squeezed them over her bra as I kissed her. Her massive, bare jugs belonged in my hands, but in that moment I was more aroused that she was wearing a bra for some reason.

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