This Time I Flirted BackThis Time I Flirted Back


Elizabeth is an attractive lady from Cambridge, England, who spends her winters in a small village, a Pueblo Blanco as they call them, in Spain on the Mediterranean coast. There are many ex-pats living there and she has made many friends. She was divorced six months ago and now she thinks it time to get out and find another relationship. She misses the intimacy of being with a man but nervous about being with somebody new since she has only had sex with her ex-husband.

On Sunday’s her ex-pat group meets at a restaurant to gossip and drink wine. This week she was sitting beside Keith with whom she has had a secret crush. He’s older than her but very fit, intelligent and funny. This was the kind of man that Elizabeth was yearning to meet. He had been married three times and he’s constantly flirting with all the women, a real ladies’ man. Elizabeth like the other women, love his attention. He often said he must have a woman around his home or he’d go crazy. His wife had to fly back to Chicago on a family matter. Here is how their conversation unfolded after a few glasses of wine.

Keith said, “Elizabeth, how can you be living alone? I must be living with a woman. I’ve been married three times. It’s natural and a better way to live. You must get a man. You are very attractive. Go out there.”

Elizabeth replied, “There are not any really good men like you around.” That was flirt versus flirt in fun. “I heard your wife Ruth is out of town. You said you needed a woman around or you’d go crazy. How are you surviving?”

“Yes, very true, I’m going nuts without any female companionship. Why don’t you come over and be a wife to me, make me dinner and stay the night?” This was normal Keith flirting behavior. He had no idea that he had hit Elizabeth at exactly the time she was open for a naughty liaison.

“Where will I sleep?” She said looking guiltily around and with a much lower voice.

“On the side of the bed closest to the washroom. I know you ladies get up often in the night.” He whispered in jest, close to her ear,

“What time should I come over?” She bit her lip, looks around even more guiltily. She couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth.

“How about seven?” He suddenly realized she was serious.

“Okay, but never tell a soul.”

“My lips are sealed.”

They continued with small talk until Elizabeth left early to shop for the makings of a seafood paella to bring with her. She stopped at the lingerie shop for some sexy underthings. Her heart was beating fast the whole time as her naughty date filled her mind and stimulated her senses.

Elizabeth’s perspective;

I can’t believe I’m walking to Keith’s place with a seafood paella and sex on the menu. It feels good to be alive and ready to be touched by a man. After all, my divorce was six months ago, and we weren’t intimate quite a while before that. It’s been too long. I love the sensual intimacy of sex. That wasn’t the problem with my ex. Keith is many things my ex wasn’t like fit, funny and a gentleman. I had thought naughty things about him even before he propositioned me. I hope he likes my body. It’s similar to his wife’s. We both do yoga. I know I’m attractive. Men have been hitting on me all my life, but I was a faithful wife. I don’t have any experience of sex except within my marriage. Keith is the he-man type of guy that takes control. I’ll just go along with what he wants. Three wives can’t be wrong. I get a thrill just thinking about it. This will be a win-win not that his ego needs a boost.

I loved getting all dressed up for this evening, even going out to buy a sexy panty and bra set. Thank goodness, I brought a nice dress here to Spain. The dark long nylons also make me feel so sexy. I hope none of my friends see me. It’s obvious from my clothes that I’m out with sex as a mission. I don’t want to cause a scandal with all my ex-pat and Spanish friends.

Here I am at Keith’s place. Take a deep breath Elizabeth and knock on that door. It opens. My goodness, he is so handsome and tall. I step inside quickly. He looks me up and down. I feel a hot blush on my cheeks as his lusty, animal nature is so obvious on his face.

“You look incredible.”


We do a standard Spanish hug greeting awkwardly with the paella dish in both my hands.

“Show me to the kitchen, kind gentleman. I need to warm up this paella.”

“Right this way. I love to see my women happy in the kitchen.”

“I have an oven just like this. The paella will be ready in no time.”

The intensity of his gaze and the lust charged atmosphere make me turn away shyly and busy myself with the oven. I can feel him looking at me even with my back to him. I so hope he likes what he sees. My god, how will I feel when we are naked? The paella is in the oven, and I turn back towards him. He is so tall.

“I have your favorite white wine in the fridge. There you go, my secret is out. I’ve been watching you and admiring you. You are an attractive woman, Elizabeth.”

“Oh, güvenilir bahis Keith, you are such a flirt. But please don’t stop.”

“Let’s take the wine with a couple of glasses onto the balcony and look out at the Mediterranean while we chat.”

“Good idea, but let’s wait for the balcony until it’s dark. I don’t want anybody knowing I’m here and being naughty.”

“I’m so glad, you decided to be naughty with me.”

He comes to me and we kiss a sweet exploratory kiss. I relax. He likes me. He wants me. It’s all good.

“Let’s go into the living room and get know each other better. The glasses are in that cupboard, and I’ll get the wine.” In the living room, he points. “The sofa is good.” We sit a formal distance apart. “Here’s to the good life in Spain.”

“To the good life.”

The wine is cold and delicious. It was so kind of him to remember this is my favorite. He is a real caring gentleman.

“Elizabeth, come closer. You are way too far away.” I shift myself near him. “I love your perfume. Very nice.” Words are caught in my throat. I’m too nervous to talk. “Elizabeth, you are so attractive. You must get back out there and live again.” Thank goodness he broke the ice.

“I’ve been thinking about that recently. It’s been long enough after my divorce. Your naughty offer hit me at the right time.”

“Lucky me.”

My goodness, he put his hand around my waist and onto my bottom. It’s starting. My god it’s really happening. I’m glad he is a horny guy that wants me.

“Your ass feels great.” My face feels so hot. “I love a nice womanly ass. That’s my favorite.”

“You naughty man.”

I want him to know he can touch me anywhere. I lean into his body and put my hand on his chest. I can feel his strong pecs under the shirt.

“You bet I’m a naughty man.”

“Keith, I’m a bit nervous. My ex was the only man I’ve been with. I hope I can be a good lover for you.”

“Don’t worry. It will be all good. Just do what I say, and things will be fine.”

Oh good, he will lead, and I will happily follow.

“The paella must be ready. I’ll go get it.” I walk to the kitchen. I hear him shout.

“Okay, I’ll set the table.”

I lean on the counter to get control of myself. My mind is in a tizzy. Elizabeth, you are acting like a teenager. Get a grip. You have had a lot of sex. It will be fine; just like riding a bike. Just relax. Okay, back out with the paella. The table is nicely set, and the candles are very romantic. Soft Spanish classical guitar music is playing in the background. What a guy.

“I love paella. That looks great, and it smells delicious.”

“I took a Spanish cooking course. Let me dish you out some.”

Oh my, he’s staring at my cleavage with a lusty, hungry look as I bend to serve him. I’ll dish out the paella slowly so he can take a good look. This is the naughty reason I wore my dress with the deepest cleavage. It feels good to have a virile, attractive man attracted to me. It’s been so long. I sit and we start eating. My god, he is so brazenly still staring at my chest. I feel a hot blush on my cheeks. I can’t look at him in the eyes. They are too intense. I’ll pull my shoulders back to lift my breasts for him. It feels good to be sexy.

“Elizabeth, truthfully, this is the best paella I’ve had. It’s amazing.”

“Thanks Keith, I appreciate that.”

We eat, drink another glass of wine and chat. He offers a second glass.

“I better not drink too much. You might take advantage of me.”

“Your damn right, I’m going to take advantage of you.” We laugh. “It’s dark now. Let’s go out onto the balcony. Let’s not worry about these dirty dishes.”

The fresh air off the ocean is so invigorating. I take in a big lungful and my spirit soars. Life is good here in Spain. Keith puts his hand around my shoulder, and I snuggle into his warm body. I’d almost forgotten how nice it feels to be in the embrace of a strong man. We look out to the town lights under the millions of stars in the clear sky. It is so peaceful. I reach my lips up to his and we kiss. My goodness I have missed kissing. Oh my, he is cupping my breast. Men are so predictable. Yes, that feels good.

“God, I’ve been wanting to hold your breasts since it seems like forever. They feel amazing.”

“Oh Keith, you make me blush. My goodness.”

He has slipped his hand inside my bra. Whew, he knows his way around a woman’s breast and nipple. Sweet Mary, that is so nice. I kiss his lips frantically as he pleasures my breasts. What’s this? He’s taking my hand to his crotch.

“Feel how you turn me on so much.”

Jesus, he is so big down there. It feels so wonderfully naughty to hold it and trace its length. My crotch is throbbing. My body needs a man. It’s been too long.

“Let’s go inside, Elizabeth. That’s a good idea, right?”

“Yes, that’s a good idea.” I surrender to him.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we have a slow, romantic dance?”

Keith is such a romantic. I hope I can find a man like him. He turns güvenilir bahis siteleri on some slow, romantic music and comes to me. Our bodies meld together. He smells like a man. I undo a couple of his shirt buttons and kiss his chest as our bodies move together with the slow music. I feel so sexy. My crotch is now very awake. My breasts against his chest feel so alive. I just had a naughty thought that I should reach down to his penis. He will think I’m a tart. Hell, I want him to think that. Here goes. Even when it’s not fully hard it is big. Jesus, I can’t wait for him to fill me.

“Take off your dress.”

“Could you please pull down the zipper? Do you want me to take off everything?”

“No love, that’s perfect. Leave your panties and bra on. Let’s just dance.”

His hands are all over me. His hand cups my breast. His hands on my bum are crazy-making. Is that me moaning? The touching is amazing but I’m a grown woman with adult appetites. I need his cock. I touch his manhood and it’s getting hard. I’m getting so horny, I can feel my breathing coming in pants.

“You are amazing down there. Keith, please be gentle with me.”

He turns me roughly away from him and wraps his strong arms around me. It takes my breath away. “Don’t think I’m going to make love with you. We are going to fuck and fuck harder than you have ever been fucked in your life.” His hand slips inside the front of my panties. “This pussy is going to be fucked until you have a mind-blowing orgasm. Now, let’s go to the bedroom.” I feel a playful slap on my bum.

Yes, oh yes. We go to the bedroom and I’m walking on air with my mind in a lust fog. Beside the bed, I eagerly strip off my bra and panties.

He says coolly, “Leave your nylons on. It’s a nice touch.”

Keith has his shirt off. I can’t wait and I undo his belt and pants in a frenzy. They are off and I pull down his underwear. Oh my god, it is fully erect. Holy shit. Down on my knees, I take off his socks. It makes me feel good to undress him and serve him. I kiss the head of his beautiful manhood as I stand and mount the bed, willing to do anything he wants. I give myself. The words, “Use me.” bounce around in my head.

He joins me on the bed. We kiss sweetly, laying facing each other naked. My heart is beating hard being so close to a man who lusts for me. He pushes me onto my back and looks down over my naked body hungrily. I feel so exposed. Does he like what he sees?

“I just want to look at your beautiful body, Elizabeth. I’ve been admiring it from afar. Now you are in my bed.”

I kiss his shoulder to signal I am happy to be here with him. His hand strokes my breast and now is sliding over my stomach to my crotch. Oh, dear. My sex is so aroused, I’ll die if he touches me there.

“Open your legs, Elizabeth. Further, dear. Very good, just like that.”

His fingers explore all the sensitive, naughty spots. What a lover. I can’t help moaning loudly as he pleasures my pussy. I must hold his cock. Oh, yes it’s so perfect. My god, it is so thick. I surge of panic and lust just went through my chest at the thought of it filling me.

“Just hold my balls, Elizabeth. I’m so horny and want to go slowly.”

“Whatever you say Keith.”

We kiss passionately as he probes my vagina with his fingers deep inside. Feeling his ball-sack is so erotic. My pussy is on fire. My hips hump his hand uncontrollably. I need his cock. I need it NOW.

“Sweet Mary, my god man, please, I need you now.”

He’s going down to my waist on his knees. I open my legs to invite him to mount me. I can’t take my eyes off his stiff cock.

“My god woman, you look fucking delicious.”

I open my legs wider, and he covers me with his body. I can feel the tip of his erection at the opening of my vagina. Yes, yes, yes. Oh lord, it’s too big. The head hesitates as my body strains to accommodate it. Oh yes, I feel my vagina opening stretch with pleasure mixed with pain. Oh, sweet Mary, he’s in.

“YES” I scream as he fills me.

He is fucking me like an animal. What lust, what power. Yes, oh yes. I wrap my hands around his back and hold on as he thrusts into my sex with total abandon. The thud of his hips against mine, rocks me. I love it. Holy shit, I feel a giant orgasm coming at me like a train. Oh my god, oh no, it is so bloody strong. I’ll die. I grip his muscular ass and feel his glutes flex with every powerful thrust. Oh my god, he is amazing. It’s here! My crotch and brain explode in a giant orgasm. I’m screaming half words and animal sounds as my legs hold the man tightly so he can’t get away. My pussy is exploding as he keeps plunging in and out with raw energy. My orgasm goes on and on.

Oh fuck, Keith is cumming too as my orgasm quells. I hold his bare ass cheeks as his stays deep inside my pussy as his erection convulses inside me. I kiss his shoulder in total gratitude for a wonderful fuck. Wow, I never knew sex could be this good. We are both panting and laughing as he rolls off. I feel a iddaa siteleri warm gush of semen spill out of my vagina. We lay in silence, enjoying the moment for many minutes until our breathing and heartbeats slow.

“Elizabeth, I like it when the woman gets up and gets a warm washcloth to clean me up. Could you do that?”

“Of course, Keith.”

As I walk to the bathroom, I can feel his semen dripping down the inside of my thigh. I wet a facecloth with soap and warm water. I clean my sex and sit on the toilet. The loud tinkling of my peeing is embarrassing in the quiet. Keith has a wife and must be used to the sound of a woman peeing. I refresh the facecloth and go back out. I’m feeling less nervous about my nudity. It feels good to service his precious manhood.

“The balls too, love. Good. Just, toss the cloth on the floor over there. Take off the nylons and come in here and snuggle.”

I lay beside him just wanting to care for him and be a good woman for him. Being in his arms, I feel safe and surprisingly bonded. This experience has been so surprising in many ways. I need to express my thoughts to him.

“That was truly amazing Keith. I didn’t know sex could be that good. I thought I would come over for a roll in the hay to kick off the ending of my single status but you kind of blew my mind there.”

“It was my pleasure.”

“I could see that.” We laugh. “I’d just like to say that if you every want to get together again like this, please just call.” I kiss him under his ear. “Please Keith, promise me that. I won’t be a home wrecker. We will just have sex. Will you?”

“Thanks, Elizabeth, of course. It’s my honor. You are amazing.”

“Thanks Keith.”

We lay serenely in silence. I’m too stimulated to sleep. Keith runs his hand casually to my bum for a gentle squeeze. It makes me feel good that he is comfortable with me. He treats a woman like a woman. It feels good.

“You know Elizabeth, I’ve been envisioning your sweet lips wrapped around my cock since the first day I met you. It’s my go-to fantasy when I’m fucking my wife. You now know, I’m such a crude, lecherous guy under my gentlemanly façade. Why don’t you go down and suck my cock, or should I say your cock?”

“Of course, Keith, whatever you say.” I just want to please him.

“Lay with your pussy up this way. I want to get to know it better.” I do as he asks. “Spread your legs, sweetheart. Yes, good.” His fingers probe my sex as I look at his limp penis and smell the sexy, musky odor of his crotch. “My god woman, you have such a beautiful pussy.”

I haven’t done oral sex since university many years ago. My ex didn’t like it.

“Push your hair to the other side. I want to see everything. It is so erotic. Yes, good.” I kiss and lick the shaft. “Big, wide wet tongue. Lick it all over. Wow, that feels incredible. Now hold the shaft and just lick around the head.”

I love the feel of the hardening erection in my hand. I’ll stroke the shaft. I haven’t done this in forever, but I remember boys liked that in the back seat of cars in my younger days. I was such a naughty girl back then. Keith’s penis is now so amazingly hard. He likes me stroking it the way he’s moaning. This is so erotic my crotch is on fire again.

“Okay, now wrap your lips around the head.”

I stretch my lips over the big, engorged head and it slides over my tongue. He moans loudly. Did I do something wrong. His manhood falls out of my mouth, and I look up at him.

“No, no, Elizabeth. It’s all good. Keep going. Oh yes, just like that.”

I feel his hand on the top of my head pressing down and his erection slides over my tongue to the back of my throat. He releases and it slides back. I understand what he wants. I sucked many young men’s cocks in university. I was a naughty girl. Like riding a bike, I bob my head up and down. This is so horny.

“Ummm, that’s good. Oh yes, very good. Look up at me baby. Elizabeth, I just want you to know I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to keep your mouth around my erection as I orgasm. You can spit out or swallow after, but I need you to keep sucking until I tell you to stop. Is that clear?” I nod with my mouth full. “Great. Oh my god, seeing your gorgeous mouth around my cock is so fucking erotic.”

I bob my head and as my old tricks come back to me, I twirl my tongue around the head. Oh great, he’s playing with my pussy. He knows all the good spots. What a guy.

“Just lick my balls, love.”

Whew, that’s a new one. His sack is very hairy. Wow, very nasty. I hesitate. What the hell? He sighs as my tongue licks them all over. I grip his shaft as I pleasure his balls to give him maximum pleasure.

“Yes, just like that. Make them nice and wet.”

What’s this? He has pushed my hand off his erection and is gripping it himself.

“Wrap your beautiful lips around the head of my cock, sweetheart. YES, just like that. Remember what I said about keeping your mouth on my cock when I cum, right?”

I nod that I remember and wrap my mouth around the engorged head as he strokes his own erection in double time. The edge of his fist touches my lips gently on each upstroke. Oh my god, he’s going to masturbate until he cums in my mouth. His groaning is picking up.

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