The Young Actor Likes… Ch. 03The Young Actor Likes… Ch. 03


My acting career was doing well. I had worked nonstop for six months and my checking and savings accounts were at their best level in my seven years in the acting industry.

As the sidekick to the hero of a Spanish soap, I had earned seventy eight thousand dollars in five months of work. This was followed –or sandwiched in- with two regional TV commercials, a small part in an independent film shot in Palm Beach and a few lines in a big budget film shot in Key West. I had earned over a hundred thousand in the first half of the year and I was contracted to the starring role in a thriller set in Miami. It was going to pay only thirty-five thousand –peanuts for a starring role- but it was a low budget project and provided me with my first opportunity as the main player.

I needed a vacation and I could count on at least two weeks of down time until the thriller started shooting. I decided to bake in the sun, inhale reefer smoke and wash it down with Chilean wine, eat some shrimp and steak and have sex with Gina or Lynn, or both, my two loving cougars.

Gina is a thirty six year old Puerto Rican with killer legs, a terrific ass, nice breasts and an amazing lack of inhibitions. Twice divorced with two kids, she is a video editor that often works on the soaps. At home she is a conservative well bred PTA mother. On more private moments she is into sex in public places, rough dirty talk and role playing.

Lynn is a very fit woman in her early forties with short, layered hair, a hard body and lots of energy. Lynne is also divorced, no kids and is a partner in a shoe boutique where a pair of designer shoes cost a small fortune. She –like Gina- swings both ways and the three of us have had magnificent sexual adventures together.

One of the most recent escapades took place in the Florida Keys. Lynne, the athletic type, owns an old, eighteen foot single sail boat which took the three of us away for a weekend, to an uninhabited key a few knots west of Big Pine.

Wisely, we did not go within mosquito season. The night air was pleasant and we were the only souls in this two acre clump of land in surrounded by dark water. It was cozy and we had good food –sandwiches, potato salad, cheeses, fruits, and most important, wine and weed.

It did not take long for us to shed our bathing suits, smoke a couple of bowls and finish of a bottle of Chilean wine. After that it did not take long either for Gina to be naked on the sand with Lynn above her, touching, probing, kissing, nibbling her ears and neck while I kneeled next to them, rubbing my cock on their flesh, my fingers fondling cunts, caressing ass, teasing nipples.

I screwed both of them and they both performed oral sex on me while I was flat on my back, looking at the stars above while two tongues licked my shaft and testicles. When I was ready to explode, Lynn’s mouth closed over my cock, her teeth nibbling my dick’s head. The orgasm into her mouth was intense, savage, totally amazing.

Later that night after more fine smoke and wine, I took Gina’s ass, pounding her rear as she laid face down on the beach blanket, her hips pushing back asking me for more. Gina is extremely vocal while Lynn is the opposite, her sexual conversation usually limited of moans and grunts.

We slept on blankets in the sand, went for an early morning nude swim and I fucked Lynn in the water, her legs curled around the back of mine, her cunt impaled by my cock as she clung to me and Gina stood next to us, her hands caressing my balls and Lynn’s tight ass.

It was a memorable weekend picnic on a clump of rock and grass surrounded by a green and pale blue Ocean.

Now, after weeks and weeks of non-stop work, I needed an adventure like that to charge up my erotic ego.

I made plans with both but my first day of vacation would start with a meeting with a friend named Manning, who had insisted on a face to face over breakfast at a restaurant on Ocean Drive.

Manning is an interesting character. I’ve seen many like him in my six years as a professional actor. Manning is a fringe member of the film industry, with a pinch of legitimacy to his alter ego claims.

In reality, he is a wealthy businessman in his late thirties or early forties with a small paunch and a carefully groomed appearance. Manning’s father owns twenty-four dry cleaners spread out over ten cities in the Miami Dade County area. Manning stumbled through college and from there went straight to the vice presidency of his old man’s company with a six figure salary, a Mercedes-Benz car and twenty per cent of the company stock, a graduation gift from his parents.

He has worked for his father since then, at least fifteen years, probably more. Manning owns an estate home in Miami Beach, a Jag, a Mercedes, a customized van, a stunning trophy wife named Denise and a sizable stock portfolio that holds its own even in a bad economy, for his investments are all in public utilities and carefully selected high technology shares. İnnovia Escort

That is Manning but there is also the other Manning, film and theatrical producer, a bon vivant showbiz man all the way.

It started a few years ago, when the socially active dry cleaner executive was asked by a friend to a fund raiser for a local community theatre. Manning liked show business and he donated a five thousand dollar tax deduction. He was thrilled when his name appeared in the program, acknowledging him –and a dozen others- as a producer of the performances.

Suddenly, producer sounded impressive, glamorous, a lot better than dry cleaning businessman.

Building up a resume for his new alter ego, Manning entered into his new fantasy life with determination. He financially backed a community play annually in which he picked up another hefty tax deduction and in the last five years he has been an investor in two local, low budgets independent films, in which I had modest feature roles. The movies were made cheap but they had fair plot and good directing. Still, they were shoddily marketed and Manning lost about forty grand in the first one and maybe broke even in the second.

Point is that Manning has been a film and theater producer for seven or eight years and has never made a dime in the industry and has in fact, lost tens of thousands in his investments, but he does not care; he is acting out a fantasy life, playing a role. Ask him what he does for a living and out will come a fancy engraved card proclaiming him a film and theatre entrepreneur, impressing the unknowing.

Manning is always talking film deals and projects that never happen. Although he is a tiny starving fish in a large ocean, he sees himself as a Swordfish, but he is harmless and has in fact helped a number of actors –myself among them- by sponsoring projects.

For a few weeks back about four years, we had whored together and hung out at bars before he started dating Denise and married her quickly.

One of our best adventures together had been with a woman named Lisa. She was in her late thirties and had been fairly cute but extremely insecure. In search of self esteem she redid her image with all those injections for cheekbones and lips, resulting in her looking like a cartoon drawing. She thought she looked glamorous but I thought it was pathetic.

Lisa was married but her husband traveled a lot, so she had time to screw around. She claimed that Manning had been her first cheating experience and I can’t say yes or no on that, but I can tell you she went nuts for him.

She had low self esteem and was a perfect target for Manning’s show bizz persona. She was living a bland marital relation and suddenly she is being courted by a film and theater producer who wears designer suits and owns an eighty-thousand dollar car. He takes her to his estate home in Miami Beach and she sees a wall full of plaques and photos. Mind you, there are no plaques from chambers of commerce or photos of his dry cleaning empire. Instead, every photo on the wall is related to his theatre and film activities: posters of his two movies, framed programs of theatrical productions, a gratitude plaque from a community theater, a second plaque from an acting troupe, photos of Manning on the sets, as well as photos with local celebrities, taken at charity dinners. After seeing all this, her only option was to be flattered and taken.

It wasn’t long before Manning talked her into a threesome, bringing me over to become the new addition to their sex life. He had shown her a video of one of his movies where I play a bartender in a mob bar and told her that if she wanted it, she could be fucked by a movie star, which was an exaggeration as to my status in the industry. To her, however, I was a bona fide movie star and she eagerly agreed to meet me. Despite her caricature face, she did have a nice body with a thick bush, also being most willing to participate. While her husband was off on a business trip to Alabama, I fucked Lisa in all three holes as did Manning.

She sucked cock better than most, willing to please, hoping for a compliment or a pat on the head for a shaft well blown. She fucked the same way, adapting to please, working with the dominant rhythm being imposed, opening up cunt and ass for easier penetration, pushing back against the meat that ravaged her, tightening her cunt to hold the cock inside her, moving with purpose, grinding, humping, pushing onto a savage climax.

Manning ordered Lisa around as a director does an actress. On one occasion he had her squatting on a coffee table, masturbating while she begged us to fuck her ass, saying her husband never did her that way, then on all fours on the table I took her rear hole, my cock impaled between her clenched ass cheeks. The orgasm was intense, my meat pulsing inside her, filling her ass with my warm cream.

On a weekday when her husband was away, we had Lisa perform a strip İnnovia Escort Bayan at an amateur night contest. This was not easy, because she was afraid someone might recognize her, so we drove to Naples, about eighty or ninety miles away from Miami, where no one knew her. She was nervous at first, but adapted quickly and enjoyed the situation. Afterwards, we stopped in a rest area of the Everglades and fucked her on a picnic table.

Manning shared Lisa with me several times until he met Denise, his party animal days coming to an end. Since marrying Denise he was only seen at local premieres and benefit dinners, hardly ever at a nightclub or activity event.

Denise is a sizzler of a woman. A few years older than me, in her mid thirties, she is of average size with milk white skin, red hair, brown eyes, generous wide lips, natural perfect breasts, a very desirable full ass and firm thighs. She is very sensuous, extremely desirable; Denise can make any man conjure up instant sexual fantasies.

Our breakfast was buffet style so I loaded a plate with grapes, slices of oranges and pears, square chunks of watermelon and some mini corn muffins. That and a tall glass of mango juice made up my breakfast while Manning enjoyed a plate of eggs, Spanish sausage and home fries washed down with a pitcher of water.

Manning talked about a possible film venture which did not sound promising, but I humored him because it’s always better to be nice than to be aloof.

The conversation came to a stop and we ate in silence for about a minute before he decided to start on another topic.

“Eduardo,” he said, “I really think highly of you. You are a fine actor and you treat all directors and producers with respect. I never heard you bad mouth anyone and based on our partying around days I have come to the conclusion that you are both uninhibited and discreet, which is a very rare combination.”

“Thanks. I appreciate that…”

“What I am about to propose is something you won’t turn down.”

“Good, but I must tell you I am under contract for a film that starts shooting in two weeks, so I won’t be available for at least a month.”

“No,” Manning said, “this is not about the industry. What I am offering is a sexual evening with my wife.”

“I did not expect that,” I answered, “Not at all. How does she feel about this?”

“Fine, she’s ready. Let me explain. For as hot as she looks, Denise is practically a novice in sex. She lost her cherry to her first college boyfriend and married the second one. Her marriage lasted six years and I came along and married her four years ago. Her first two lovers were very sexually orthodox and boring and she did not know any better.”

“So you have enlightened her.”

“She is very good at sex, multi-orgasmic but very straight…missionary position mostly, some oral, seldom anal and nothing else. The first two, almost three years were frustrating. I would try to spice things up but she was negative. She refused to watch porn, would not attend any kind of sex show, even in another city. Nothing worked. I was almost resigned to a life of vanilla sex until about a year and a half ago. Her old man fell ill and his medical plan did not cover all expenses. I took him to a specialist, covered anything the insurance did not pay and paid some of his groceries and bills for six months. I spent around eighty grand and now the old man is fine.”

“You know, Eduardo,” Manning said, “I did it because I love my wife and it was the right thing to do. Denise was very grateful and said she would do anything I wanted, so I told her that all I wanted was for her not to be so negative sexually. I told her I would never force her into anything but only asked that she have an open mind.”

“And she has, I gather.”

“It has taken a full year to get to this level. I started with watching porn films, the best quality I could find so she would not be turned off. She wanted to please but was very hesitant, until the grass and wine loosened her inhibitions and she came to enjoy the films. This was followed by toys, vibrators, sex garments, restraints and some public sex on a beach, a boat and in my office after hours. She was nervous but very excited and we had great sex.”

I nodded, feeling my meat twitch in my pants as I pictured Denise naked on a beach or leaning over a desk, exposing, offering her holes.

“After that came attendance of a sex show on a trip to New Orleans and a visit to a male strip joint in Palm Beach. The sex show and the male strip club really turned her on. She kept wondering aloud how could people perform sex or undress in front of others, but behind her questioning there was a sense of awe and sexual excitement. She even remarked about the different dancers and when I asked her which ones she liked the best she mentioned two, so that night while we were in bed I kept telling her that those men were with her, inside her, rubbing their cocks Escort İnnovia on her face and she had a climax that surpassed any she ever had before.”

“Last month we went to a swinger’s club and although she did not participate, seeing couples –including lesbians- performing sex a few feet away from her drove her wild. On our way back home she gave me a blow job in the car and we fucked right on the living room when we arrived home, because she wanted it so bad we never made it to the bedroom. Later she told me that she had seriously considered joining the orgy but she would feel more comfortable with someone we know. Your name came up and she liked the idea, so we fucked a second time and we used your name and she was calling out your name and asking you to fuck her deep and hard.”

“Manning,” I said, “your conversation is giving me a boner.”

“I take that as a yes, then? You will have my wife?”

“With eternal gratitude.”

“Eduardo,” he said as he finished his breakfast, “This is very important to me. For years, before I married, I was into threesomes, foursomes, anything interesting. I love my wife and I want her to enjoy sex as much as I do. If she does not like this, I’ll be back to square one, bland one-on-one sex for the rest of my life. If on the other hand, she really enjoys it, I will be a very happy camper.”

“I’ll do my best to please.”

“Eduardo, we have to script this well and stage it properly,” he said in his self portrayal of a theater and film producer.

“It’s your show, Manning.”

“It will be a role playing period piece,” he announced, “Denise likes TV shows like “Spartacus,” “Rome,” “The Tudors,” stuff like that.”

“So will it be Roman or Middle Ages?” I asked.

“Roman. They had better orgies.”

Manning had it all planned out and we talked another hour that morning and several times on the phone afterwards, agreeing on a time and place and explicit details of likes and dislikes. I added a couple of ideas, including adding Lynn and Gina who loved role playing- to the cast. Manning even made arrangements with a costume company for garments.

It happened five days later, on a Saturday night. During those days Manning prepared the show. On Friday, a delivery service brought me a box with three costumes. There were two pairs of tan leather sandals that tied to above the ankle, two cream colored short – three inches above the knees- togas for Lynn and Gina. As for myself, I also had the same type of sandals and a royal blue toga that came down to just above my ankles.

Manning’s home is a two million plus Spanish colonial style mansion in Miami Beach. The center courtyard has a custom pool with a grotto look and a white marble deck. When we arrived, Manning –dressed in a red toga- told us to make ourselves at home and wait for them by the pool.

He had set the stage well. The pool deck was light by candles which produced a reddish hue over the Roman orgy scenario. The house that wrapped around the pool, although new, had a rustic look, with stucco walls and balconies with highly polished wood railings. The pond like grotto pool with dark boulders and the white marble deck could almost be a decent shooting location for a period piece.

Manning had excelled in the furnishings. Obviously, he had been planning this event for weeks, for the furniture he had bought or rented was not common. The marble deck contained on one side of the pool a large exercise mat –ten by ten- covered with a burgundy blanket. On the other side, there were a half dozen curule style Roman chairs, a couple of love chair couches, a wooden massage table with a tray of oil bottles and a second sizable table covered with a tray of fresh fruit, several cheeses, a Serrano ham and a dozen bottles of Italian wines and sangria. Even the drinking goblets were stage props, more for a Centurion than for modern man.

The chairs were arranged in a circle and in the middle there was a large Turkish hookah pipe, with a half dozen sucking hoses and a bowl the size of a coffee cup, filled with red and green marihuana.

Gina, being into role playing, nodded respectfully.

“This guy really knows how to role play,” she said.

I agreed. The only modern technology in the set consisted of piped in music playing soft harp and flute sounds.

The Manning house went dark and the scene around us seemed even more of another time and place. As an actor I was enjoying myself.

Manning and Denise joined us at the candle lit deck. Denise wore a white toga that came down to her knees. She looked sensational, red hair well groomed; makeup well applied, her breasts pushing against the toga fabric, her milk white legs showing as porcelain under the candle glow.

I was in character. Manning and his wife wanted a role playing situation and I was an actor; I had done research on Rome in the internet and after the salutations and introductions, as we sat down to drink wine and puff on the hookah pipe, I began talking about Rome as though we were living in the era.

I talked about Roman art and foods while we drank a smooth wine and smoked a very strong weed. Denise had been fairly quiet, occasionally smiled nervously and I could not tell if she was afraid or anxiously willing, or perhaps both.

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