The YachtThe Yacht


It had been a great week at work. Marcia had been looking forward to the end of the month because she had to go to a seminar for all restaurant managers. The plane ride had been relatively short, but she had finally ended up in Miami at around 6 pm. Her friend, Cheryl had been on the flight with her and they had talked for the entire flight. When they finally left the airport, it took no time at all to get a ride to the hotel. At the hotel the two women registered in at the front desk. They noticed the bulletin board at the entrance to the dining hall and went over to have a look. There were four different activities for them to sign up for. Marcia’s eyes went immediately to the ride on the yacht that went on a tour of the coastline. The other activities were of no interest to her. She had no desire to go to the horror movie festival, or the rap concert. Pool volleyball had been dismissed almost as quickly. She signed her name on the list and noticed that hers was the only one. Marcia turned away from the counter and bumped into Cheryl. She automatically put her hand up to stop herself, and found her hand on Cheryl’s firm left breast. A thrill went through her body at the feel of that breast in her hand. She pulled her hand away, embarrassed. Cheryl gave her a mysterious smile. “Oh,” Cheryl said. “Excuse me.” It was said with sarcasm and Marcia blushed. Cheryl went to the desk to check in. A moment later she walked back up to Marcia. She lightly grabbed Marcia’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze. “What room did they give you?” Cheryl asked. “Uh, 214.” Marcia said as she looked kaçak iddaa down at her key. “Cool! Me too!” Cheryl said. She hugged Marcia spontaneously and once again a thrill went thorough Marcia’s body as she felt every curve of the beautiful Cheryl’s body. Marcia put her arms around the other woman’s strong shoulders and held on. Cheryl pulled back a little and looked straight into Marcia’s eyes. She grabbed Marcia’s hand and pulled her toward the elevator. “Let’s get up to the room and freshen up. We’re gonna hit every bar on the strip and then find a man, and then get laid!” Marcia smiled at the impulsive young woman and followed along. She had always liked Cheryl, ever since they had started working together a year ago. Cheryl was a natural athlete. She was tall and her short brown hair was set up with just a slight spike to it. Her blue eyes were very intense, and Marcia often found herself lost in Cheryl’s eyes when they were talking. Cheryl worked out about 5 times a week and her lithe muscles glistened with the light moisture of her sweat. They got into the elevator and went up to the second floor. Their room was right next to the elevator, so they were inside in minutes. Cheryl used her key and went through the door first. Marcia entered, and then turned to shut the door. She turned back to the room and was startled as Cheryl moved right into her. Her strong hands grabbed Marcia by the hips and Marcia felt her back pressed firmly into the door. Cheryl’s slender body pressed against Marcia’s. Cheryl’s hand reached up and grabbed a handful of Marcia’s hair. Cheryl’s lips tasted kaçak bahis sweet and Marcia melted into Cheryl’s strong arms. Marcia battled Cheryl with her tongue as their passionate kiss electrified every part of both their bodies. Cheryl grabbed Marcia’s hand and placed it down into her shorts. Marcia used her fingers and probed around Cheryl’s pussy. It was already well wet and lubricated. Marcia slowly slid her finger deep inside and held it there for a moment. She slowly pulled her finger out and brought it out to her mouth. Cheryl tasted salty and sweet. The musky scent sent Marcia almost into orgasm. Cheryl pulled away and stepped deeper into the room. “Let’s continue this tonight,” Cheryl said wickedly. “If we start now, we’ll be here all night. Let’s go have a few, and then see what happens.” She walked on into the small bathroom and shut the door. Marcia sighed with frustration. She slowly got herself together and put her stuff on the bed. Cheryl came out of the bathroom and walked up to Marcia. She gave a quick kiss and Marcia went off into the bathroom. Marcia freshened up and was quickly ready for an adventurous night on the town, and then on to the adventure in her room later that night. “I’m going to be a good girl, tonight.” Marcia thought to herself as she walked out of the bathroom. PART 2 The ocean waves beat on the side of the large yacht. Marcia and Cheryl awoke to find that they hadn’t gone to bed in their room. At some point during their bar run they had met the Captain of the yacht at the last bar they had hit. He was very generous and had quickly got both illegal bahis women thoroughly drunk. He had been so charming that they hadn’t even hesitated to go out on the boat that night. Both women were definitely feeling the effects of the booze. They were standing side by side with their arms around each others hips. The moon was bright and full, its light was like a million diamonds glittering on the gently rolling ocean. The large motor of the boat abruptly cut off and a splash indicated that the anchor had been dropped. The Captain slid down the rails of the deck and dropped lightly to the deck. It surprised both women at how such a large man could be so light on his feet. He stood about six foot- two and had to weigh two hundred fifty pounds. He had short black hair and the shadow on his face was dark with thick stubble. He wasn’t overly muscular, but definitely wasn’t fat either. He was wearing a white tank top and funny Bermuda shorts. He smoothly walked over to Marcia and Cheryl and slid in between them. He put his arms around the shoulders of both women and looked out to the ocean. Marcia began to pull away, but the atmosphere quickly relaxed her. Shyly, she put her arm around his broad body. She leaned her head into the crook of his shoulder and his musky scent sent shivers down her body. “Great night, tonight,” the Captain said in his deep, quiet voice. “Look at that moon. It’s as full as it gets. Almost gives us as much light as a sunny day.” It was true, Marcia saw. She could easily see both Cheryl and the Captain. The Captain turned his head to Cheryl and he bent down to her. Cheryl didn’t hesitate as she looked up into his rugged features. She closed her eyes and deeply kissed the Captain. Marcia felt a little awkward and started to pull away from the kissing couple.

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